A Topographical and Historical Description of the County of Salop: Containing an Account of Its Towns, Castles, Antiquities, Churches, Monuments ... Scenery ... &c

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Sheerwood, Neely, and Jones, 1813 - 338 էջ

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Էջ 248 - He that has light within his own clear breast, May sit i' th' centre, and enjoy bright day : But he that hides a dark soul, and foul thoughts, Benighted walks under the mid-day sun ; Himself is his own dungeon.
Էջ 248 - ... Sweet Echo, sweetest nymph, that livest unseen Within thy aery shell, By slow Meander's margent green, And in the violet-embroidered vale, Where the love-lorn nightingale Nightly to thee her sad song mourneth well ; Canst thou not tell me of a gentle pair That likest thy Narcissus are ? O, if thou have Hid them in some flowery cave, Tell me but where, Sweet queen of parly, daughter of the sphere ! So mayst thou be translated to the skies, And give resounding grace to all Heaven's harmonies.
Էջ 107 - Twas not for want of skill; Or courage to perform the task, he fell ; No, no, a faulty cord being drawn too tight Hurried his soul on high to take her flight, Which bid the body here beneath, good night.
Էջ 88 - I desire most earnestly that I may not be buried in any church or churchyard, or within a mile of any Presbyterian or Anabaptist meeting-house; for, since I have resided in this country, I have kept so much bad company while living that I do not choose to continue it when dead.
Էջ 326 - The church is built in the form of a cross, with a tower in the centre. The...
Էջ 80 - The approach from the town is by a handsome street, which has a slight ascent. The present buildings are of red stone, and consist of the keep, the walls of the inner court, and the great arch of the interior gate. The keep is now converted into a...
Էջ 338 - Divine grace makes the rebellious will obedient, but does not make the will to be no will. * By the illumination of the mind, the will is inclined to obedience, according to the words of our Saviour, All that have heard, and learned of the Father, come unto me.
Էջ 84 - And they who, to be sure of Paradise, Dying put on the weeds of Dominic, Or in Franciscan think to pass disguised.
Էջ 326 - Bishop of Bath and Wells, treasurer, and afterwards chancellor of England, who, in 1292, was sent to the Marches of Scotland, where he was employed to demand of the Scots what they had to object against the claim of his master to the right and exercise of the superiority and direct dominion over their kingdom...
Էջ 215 - Severn witli great swiftness and uncommon noise, which Samuel Wilcocks compared to a large flock of sheep running swiftly by him. • • . •• It was then chiefly that desolation expanded her wings over , the devoted spot, and the Birches saw a momentary representation of a partial chaos : — Then Nature seemed to have forgotten her laws...

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