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THE venerable author of the following Instructions to the Clergy presented a copy of them, in manuscript, to every clergyman in his diocese; and as they are admirably adapted to the end for which they were designed, we may reasonably presume that this instance of his lordship's affectionate concern for his clergy and people was attended with the happiest effects.

The Instructions comprehend several of the most important branches. of the pastoral office; and as they are the fruit of long experience in the work of the ministry, and that too the experience of Bishop Wilson, they carry their own recommendation with them, and will, we doubt not, be favourably received by the reverend body, for whose use they are intended, and to whom they are most respectfully offered.

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LETTER to the clergy of the diocese of Sodor and Man

p. 379

Of Confirmation

p. 385 Of answering the ends of this apostolical institution ibid. Method of dealing with young Christians, in order to fit them for confirmation

p. 386

p. 389

p. 390

A prayer to be used daily during the time of instruction p. 394 Of the Lord's Supper

p. 392

p. 395 Method of instructing such as have been confirmed, in order to prepare them for this holy ordinance ibid.

Of renouncing the Devil

Of faith in God, in Jesus Christ, &c.

Of obedience to God's commands, &c.

in God's mercy through Christ

a thankful remembrance of his death

and whether he is in charity with all men

Concerning their repentance

Concerning a Christian's purposes of leading a new life p. 398 How a Christian should examine whether he has a lively faith

p. 397

p. 399 ibid.

p. 400

p. 402

p. 404

p. 406

Concerning Family Prayer

Admonition proper for parents
Instructions proper for young people

Of worldly-mindedness
Advice to men of estates

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Of Visiting the Sick

Examination of the sick person's faith


Concerning the poor
To persons in affliction
Exhortations proper for servants
Of dealing with formal Christians
Of dealing with habitual evil livers
Instructions for such as are under the censures of the church

p. 423

p. 426

p. 427

p. 408

p. 410

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p. 417

p. 418

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