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THE Tracts contained in the following volume have been collected and published, in conformity with the plan for some time adopted by The Delegates of the Clarendon Press, of assisting the Parochial Clergy, either by reprinting some of the more scarce or eminent treatises of our English divines, or by editing in a more convenient form such documents as, though necessary to be referred to by those in holy orders, were before accessible only in works of great magnitude and expense. And as what has hitherto been done with this view has received no inconsiderable approbation, not only from ecclesiastical persons, but from serious and learned men of all orders, it is hoped that the present republication of tracts calculated especially both to teach and to enforce the practical duties of ministers, will not be thought less useful than those which have preceded it, or a less serviceable endeavour to contribute to the advancement of true religion, and a due honouring of THE CHURCH as by law established in this realm.

OXFORD, July 6, 1807.



I. A Priest to the Temple, or the Country Parson, his
Character, and Rule of Holy Life, by Mr. George
Herbert, A. M. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge,
and sometime Public Orator of that University; to
which are prefixed a Preface by B. Oley, and a Pre-
fatory View of the Life and Virtues of the Author, and
Excellencies of this book
p. 1-92.

II. Rules and Advices to the Clergy of the Diocese of Down
and Connor, by Jeremy Taylor, D. D. Lord Bishop of
that Diocese
p. 93-109.

III. A Discourse of the Pastoral Care, by Gilbert Burnet,
Lord Bishop of Sarum
p. 111-235.

IV. A Discourse by Thomas Sprat, D. D. Lord Bishop of Rochester, to the Clergy of his Diocese, 1695.

p. 237-268.

V. A Companion for the Candidates of Holy Orders in two parts; the first being a Visitation Sermon, concerning the great difficulty and danger of the Priestly Office; and the second, a Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of St. David's, on the principal parts and branches of the Pastoral Office, with rules and directions for the due performance of each of them, by George Bull, D. D. Lord Bishop of St. David's p. 269-303.

VI. Directions given to the Clergy of the Diocese of London in the year 1724, by Edmund Gibson, D. D. Lord Bishop of London. To which is added his charge to the

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