Proceedings of the ... Annual Meeting of the Michigan Gas Association ..., Թողարկում 13

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Էջ 14 - ... [Laughter.] Mr. STEWART. Mr. Chairman, I want next to introduce to the committee Mr. David A. Arnold, of West Virginia, who is a member of the state board of agriculture and is personally largely engaged in growing very fine fruit. Mr. ARNOLD. Mr. Chairman, I do not think I have anything to add to what has been said to-night. The CHAIRMAN. We would be very glad to have you say anything you care to. Is there anyone else? Mr. STEWART. Yes, sir; Mr. Frame, of Martinsburg, is much interested in the...
Էջ 51 - ... failing to accomplish, knows where to strengthen it and where to weaken it; who, considering the entire country as a whole, adapts his advertising to each locality, pushes his products where such products may be sold, and leaves uncultivated the places where no possible market may be made. He knows something of salesmanship, something of the law of supply and demand, a great deal of human nature and the best methods of appealing to it; has a vivid, instinctive sense of the power of repeated impression;...
Էջ 51 - In fact, the soliciting force and the advertising work of a company are so closely allied that it is difficult to see where one leaves off and the other begins, despite the apparently broad line dividing the two departments.
Էջ 85 - Considerable work has been done during the past year at the University of Michigan upon this point, both in small-scale distillations of coal in the laboratory and in experiments at various works.

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