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OF THE 80304
American Institute of Instruction.


Lectures, Discussions, and Proceedings.

COTTAGE CITY, MASS., July 7-10, 1884.

Published by order of the Board of Directors.



Press of W. F. Brown & Co., 218 Franklin St. PREFACE.

The Fifty-fifth Annual Convention of the AMERICAN INSTI: TUTE OF INSTRUCTION, which was held at Cottage City, Mass., was in many respects a highly successful meeting. Notwithstanding the rival attractions of the great meeting of the National Educational Association at Madison, which drew away many hundreds that would otherwise have been present, the attendance was large — about one thousand — the discussions were animated, and the addresses varied, and of a high order of excellence.

A feature of the meeting, which attracted a large number of Common School teachers, was the illustration of methods and devices for teaching subjects of practical interest. Language, Natural History, and Geography were presented by Supervisors Robert C. Metcalf and Miss Lucretia Crocker, and Mr. Charles F. King respectively, all of Boston. The other exercises were a discussion of the “Place and Relative Importance of Industrial Training," by Hon. J. W. Patterson; “ Training in Morals,” by Dr. William T. Harris; “School Preparation for Citizenship," by George H. Martin ; “Reform of the Tenure of Office,” by Hon. John D. Philbrick; “Reading for Teachers,” by Ray Greene Huling; “The Study of English in School and College,” by Prof. A. S. Hill; and “ The High School Question,” by Hon. J. W. Dickinson. Besides these exercises of the day sessions, and the interesting discussions which followed them, there were four evening lectures of great excellence: one by Prof. C. T. Winchester, of Wesleyan University, — subject, “An Old Castle ; ” one by Frank A. Hill, — subject, “New England Primer Days;” a third by Hon. Daniel H. Chamberlain, of New York,– subject, “Not a College Fetish," a reply to Charles Francis Adams, Jr.; and a fourth by Prof. John Fiske, subject, — "Manifest Destiny."

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