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Editor's Table.

flowers, and a lithograph of the lilium candium, with all its parts. It is got up in beautiful style, and it is in

tended that it shall comprise engravings of the most The NATIONAL Press:--A new family paper is to valuable native and exotic plants, with their history, be started by Geo. P. Morris, Esq., well known as one medicinal properties, &c. This is a highly valuable of our most beantiful song writers, and the editor of publication, and we wish it success--the ladies will the Mirror. It is to be a Journal for home; a reposi- | particularly admire it. tory for letters; a record of art; and a mirror of pass LIFE IN CALIFORNIA, during a Residence of several ing events. To be published every Saturday, at $2 a years in that Territory; comprising a description of year in advance. We presume the brilliant Willis, the the country and the Missionary Establishments ; with fidus Achates of the gallant Brigadier, will be associated observations, &c. Illustrated with numerous Engrav. in some way with the above journal. Of course it is ings. By an American. To this is annexed a Hisbound to be fashionable, racy, witty, and all that sort torical Account of the Origin, Customs, and Tradiof thing.

tions of the Indians of California, translated from the The CommerCIAL Times:- This is a daily and original Spanish manuscripts. Wiley & Putnam, 161 semi-weekly paper recently published in New Orleans. Broadway. California has now become a place of It is neutral in politics, and aims to make itself useful emigration for our countrymen, large numbers of to the commercial and agricultural class. It has a whom are rapidly wending their way thither, with a strong corps of editors, and is conducted with ability. view of permanent settlement. The publication of Thomas Affleck, Esq., of Washington, Miss., so favor- this book, therefore, is highly opportune. We have no ably known as a contributor to this periodical, has the doubt that California will be one of the Territories of control of the Agricultural Department. The Times the United States within ten years, and have a Repre. is of large sized paper and neatly printed. It has every sentative in Congress at Washington. We do not care promise of a good circulation, and our best wishes for how rapidly the Anglo American race people this its success.

continent, fór they are the most worthy. Their supe. British Magazines and Reviews:-( Office, 112rior intelligence, morality, and enterprise, will soon Fulton Street

, New York.)-Leonard Scott & Co. have ensure them the whole of America, from the Isthmus been recently issuing their elegant reprints of the of Darien to the North Pole. January numbers of the best periodicals published PHRENOLOGY EXAMINED, by P. Flourens : transin Great Britain, and we would recommend all our lated by Charles D. Meigs. Published by Hogan & readers who may be inclined to subscribe, to lose no Thompson, Philadelphia, is a valuable little work of time in doing so. The forthcoining numbers will, 144 pages, in which the general principles of Gall's we have little doubt, be peculiarly valuable to the doctrine of phrenology are combated with vigor and farmer, as they will in all probability contain the most ability. authentic expositions of the opinions of the leading EUROPEAN AGRICULTURE. By Henry Colman. parties in England on the most absorbing topic of Part V. of Vol. 1 has been issued the past month by A. the day—the Corn-Law Question; and this is a mat- D. Phelps, of Boston. Saxton & Miles, agents, New ter in which not England alone, but the whole world York. The portion of the present number of Mr. is interested. Price for the four Reviews and Black Colman's work which has most interested us, comwood's Magazine, when taken together, $10 per an- mences at the “ Plowing Match at Saffron Walden,"

Single Reviews $3 per annum-Blackwood, and so continues to the end. His observations on $3. The four Reviews comprising the series are English plowing deserve the attention of our farmers, the London Quarterly, the Edinburgh, the Foreign and we are confident that they cannot but peruse them Quarterly, and the Westminster.

with interest and instruction. He goes pretty thor. LIBRARY Of Choice READING.– Forcign Series. oughly into the subjects of surface soil, subsoil, subUnder this title, Wiley & Putnam, 101 Broadway, are turf, and treneh plowing. He also takes up harrowing, issuing a series of classic foreign works, at the low scarifying, and grubbing, subjects nearly as important price of 50 cents per volume, which do honor to them as plowing, giving the beneficial results of these ope. as publishers. They have just sent us Two Parts of rations in English farming. Upon the whole, we like Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, translated by Fairfax, the latter part of this number better than anything with a Memoir of the author and translator, and a preli- which has yet appeared in Mr. Colman's work. minary critique by Leigh Hunt. Of the unhappy Tasso Mr. Valk's COUNTRY Seat.-We call attention to and his immortal poem, the literary world has been the advertisement of Jacob R. Valk, Esq., in this No. enamored for more than two centuries and a half, and of our paper. We have often visited his beautiful as time advances, they gain rather than lose in interest country-seat, and can say that it is all it is represented and reputation.

to be. The conservatory is the most magnificent STORIES FROM THE Italian Poets, in Three Parts, thing of the kind in the United States, and few in by Leigh Hunt, is a summary in prose, of the poems of Europe equal it. Dante, Pulci, Boiardo, Ariosto, and Tasso; with com AGRICULTURAL School.-By reference to our ad ments throughout, occasional passages versified, and vertising columns, it will be seen that Mr. Wilkinson critical notices of the lives and geniuses of the authors. has opened an Agricultural School, near Poughkeepsie. This is a most delightful book, and highly useful to the His location is healthy and pleasant, and we undere student of Italian literature. Mr. Hunt seems to have stand he is well prepared for the reception of scholars. written it con amore, and in his most agreeable style. IMPORTANT DISCOVERY.- The St. Louis Missourian

LETTERS FROM ITALY, by J. T. Headley, is a charm- says that wild hemp has been found in the State of ing work, and fresh almost as if nothing had been writ. Missouri

. A farmer from St. Louis county, being in ten for the past ten years from the land of clear skies å hemp warehouse, accidentally saw some Manilla and fine arts. He gives several interesting letters on its hemp, made inquiry what it was, and upon being in. agriculture, extracts from which we intend to make formed, said he had produced something exactly like hereafter.

it from a weed upon his farm, and that he would send THE ILLUSTRATED BOTANY.-Edited by John B. in a sample, which he did, and it proves to be a vari. Newman, M.D. Published by J. K. Wellman, 118 ety of the Manilla hemp, resembling almost the New Nassau Street. Price $3 a year. This is a monthly Zealand hemp; but it is said to belong to the saine publication, the first No. of which contains four beau- genus as the New Zealand, Sisal, and St. Domingo tiful colored engravings, after nature, of various choice | hemp, from which all our heavy cordage is made.


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At Market, 1000 Beef Cattle (500 from tho South), 80 Cows aad PRICES CURRENT IN NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 23, 1846. Calves, and 1500 Sheep and Lambs.

PRICES.-Beef Cattle-The market, notwithstanding the recent ASHES, Pots,

.......... per 100 lbs. 83 87! to $4 00 Pearls,

heavy snow storms, was well stocked last week. Buyers have ...............du. 4 19 4 25 BALE ROPE,

operated liberally, and not more than 100 head were left unsold .......... Ib.


7 BARK, Quercitron,.....

at the close of the week's business. Prices remain firm. ......tun, 25 00 26 00

We BEANS, White,

quote $5a5.50a $5.75 for middling and inferior sorts, and $6.50a37, ........ bush. 1 12

1 25 BEESWAX, Am. Yellow, .. ............ b.

for superior and prime. small number of extra brought $7 30. 28


Cows AND CALVES.- All at market were taken at prices 12

13 BONES, ground,

ing, as in quality, from $17 to $35—a considerable improvement ......... bush. 40


on the rates of last week. BRISTLES, American, ................... 25

65 BUTTER, Table,......

SHEEP AND LAMBS.—The offerings were large, and a good 16

25 Shipping, ...



quest prevailed through the week. We quote $2a84 as the erCANDLES, Mould, Tallow, ............. do.

tremes of the market. All sold. 9

11 Sperm,

Hay.-The market is well supplied, and though there has been 25

38 Stearine................

an active demand for the article, prices, since our last report, bare ........... do. 20 CUEESE,


not materially improved. 5

10 COAL, Anthracite, ................2000 lbs. 5 50 6 50 CORDAGE, American,

REMARK3.-Ashes steady, but little doing. 11

Cotton a slight re................... lb.


duction in some qualities. COTTON, 6

Export since 1st September last, COTTON BAGGING, Amer. hemp,.... yard,

548,783 bales; same time last year, 755,709; same time year be13

14 Kentucky.

fore, 392,058. Flour a trifle lower. 12

Corn Meal the same. Greis


of all kinds in good demand. Hay dull and unsettled. Molasses ........................ Ib.

FLAX, American,
........ do.

in fair request. Naral Stores a decline.

Provisions quite dall FLOUR, Northern and Western, ........bbl. 5 50 5 87

Rice without change. Seeds a firmer market. Sugar brisk. To
6 00

bacco quiet. Wool in increased demand.

6 50
Southern, 5 50

Money has become quite plenty again.
5 87

Stocks are on the advance.
Richmond City Mills, 6 62 6 75
4 00

Business Generally is opening well.

4 12 GRAIN-Wheat, Western............. bush.

The Weather. The ground is covered with a deep snow, yet the

1 15 1 25
Southern.............. do.

weather is olear and mild.
1 12
1 20

The snow we think favorable for a

quick spring, as it keeps the ground warm and moist, and, 80 Corn, Northern,

abounding in ammonia, enriches the land. As soon as it thaws, ................ do. 68

Southern, 67

the grass and crops will spring up quick, and have a rapid growth

....... do. 62


......... do.


46 We did not get a proof of this list till the 22d ult., of course too Southern, 38

40 late for this number. We shall give it in our bext We do not GUANO 2 00

know why it did not come to hand sooner, as we believe this was HAY, in bales..

.......100 lbs


90 nine days after the Executive Meeting. HEMP, Russia, clean, 195 00

" 200 00 American, water-rotted, ..........ton, 105 00 185 00 To CORRESPONDENTS.-S. Y., A Subacriber, T., L. D. Clift, w. Ainerican, dew-rotted, .......... do. 75 00 125 00

P. Cleaveland, L. G. Bingham, L. T. Talbot, S. B. Parsons, and HUDES, Dry Southern,..


10 Andrew Stone, are received. HOPS, ........... .lb. 20

35 HORNS, ................................ 100. 1 00 7 00

PRINCE'S LINNÆAN BOTANIC GARDEN AND LEAD.... .................... Ib. 4 50

4 56

Sheet and bar ................... do

54 MEAL, Corn,....


3 50 3 75
.. hhd. 16 00 17 00

Wm. R. Prince & Co. offer for sale their unrivalled collection of MOLASSES, New Orleans, .

gal. 23


Fruit and Ornamental Trees, &c. The entire fruit department is MUSTARD, American,.

.......... Ib. 16


carefully scrutinized by them personally, and ingrafted from the NAVAL STORES-Tar,.. .......... bbl. 2 25 2 38

largest collection of bearing speciinen trees in the Union ; and Pitch, 1 25 1 38 they challenge a comparison in accuracy with any establishment Rosin 85


in America or Europe. Purchasors are solicited to inspect their Turpentine,.... 4 50 5 00

trees, and witness their superiority in size and vigor. Spirits Turpentine, Southern, . .gal. 63


eminence claimed can be readily tested by sending duplicate OIL, Linseed, American,


65 orders to them and to any other nursery. They have 3,000 extraCastor,

.do. 57


sized pears (on pear and quince), 8 to 12 feet with heads, very Lard, 70


strong, and suitable for immediate bearing; and 10,000 pears, 5 to OIL CAKE,

.. 100 lbs. 1 75 1 88

8 fto, and 2,000 for dwarfs or en quenouille. Also plums, and apriPEAS, Field,

.bush. 1 50 2 00

cots on plums, of the same sizes, and a large stock of Baldwin and PLASTER OF PARIS, ................ ton. 2 50

2 60

other apples, cherries, and peaches, the latter very low, by the Gronnd, in bbls., .....of 300 lbs. 1 12 44

1 23

hundred and thousand. 10,000 quinces, 3 to 6 feet ; 5,000 LanPROVISIONS--Beef, Mess,.............bbl. 7 00 9 00

cashire gooseberries, assorted ; Victoria and other currants ; Pas-
.......... do. 4 50 5 50

tolf, Franconia, and other raspberries, at low rates.
........... Ib. 6

the assortment comprisos the most celebrated and carefully seRounds, in pickle, 4


lected foreign varieties for the table, and all the American varie Pork, Mess,

...bbl. 10 50 13 00

ties. The collection of roses is the largest in the Union, and Prime,..... 9 00 10 00

comprises 70,000 plants of 1,300 splendid varieties, embracing Lard, .......... b. 6 "


every novelty that could be selected from ten of the largest colBacon sides, Smoked, .


lections in Europe, and the plants are much larger than are usu. In pickle, :
3 4

ally sold. 10,000 magnolias, 3 to 10 feet. 20,000 Evergreen trees,

4 Hams, Smoked, 6


of every class and size. 50,000 Hawthorns and privets, for Pickled, 4

hedges. 50,000 large Dutch asparagus, and 5,000 Tobolsk, Victe Shoulders, Smoked, 5


ria, and leviathan rhubarb. Of ornamental trees they have above Pickled,


200,000 of every size and class, including 1,000 splendid Paulownia RICE, ........... 100 lbs. 3 75 4 50

Imperialis, 6 to 8 feet. The purchaser may save two years by SALT, ............ sack, 1 35 1 45

the superior size of their trees and shrubbery. Cominon, ...................... bush.


Priced Catalogues sent to all post-paid applicants. SEEDS-Clover, ......................

.. Ib.


February, 1846. Timothy,

............7 bush. 16 50 21 00
Flax, 10 75 11 00

9 50 10 00 Price $1.50 per handred plants, and $10

per thousand. BODA, Ash, cont'g 80 per cent. soda, ... .lb. 3


A. B. ALLEN, 187* Water Street, N.Y. Sulphate Soda, ground, . 1 SUGAR, New Orleans, 5



........ ton, 35 00

37 50 Pour very fine pups raised from an imported English dog and TALLOW, ............................. lb. 7


Scotch slut. Apply by letter, post paid, to Bn. Gates, 200

7 way, N. Y. Or may be seen at the above place after 6 P. M. WHISKEY, American,.. WOOLS, Saxony, ........ lb.


A few barrels of those superior oats can be had of the sub .............. do.

scriber. Price $4 per barrel, or 1.50 per bushel.
Common. 20

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Streot, N.Y.

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By C.


SAXTON & MILES are Agents for all the Publications of the

day, which will be furnished at publisher's prices. BOOKSELLERS, PUBLISHERS, AND STATIONERS, Also, on hand, a complete assortment of School, Classical, No. 205 Broadway, New York,

Medical, and Miscellaneous Books, which they offer at wholesale

and retail, at the lowest prices for Cash. Would particularly call attention to their assortment of works pertaining to Agriculture and Rural Economy, a few of which LAWRENCE'S TONGUELESS BUCKLE. are enumerated, with the retail prices, from which a liberal dis

The Subscriber offers for sale the above patent buckle in any count will be made when a number of works are ordered at one quantity, in all parts of the United States, except Wisconsin, time, viz.

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and so much of Townley on the Honey Bee. 50 cents.

New York as lies west of the fludson river. The right to make The American Flower Garden Directory. Price $1.25.

the buckles for all Pennsylvania and New York belongs soldly The American Shepherd Price $1.

to the subscriber, and he will furnish buckles to all who own Vols. 1, 2, 3, and 4, American Agriculturist. Price $1.25.

rights to sell and use in those two States; and they must procure Johnson's Agricultural Chemistry. Price $1.25.

them of the subscriber. Persons in those two States, who wish Ruschenberger's Horsemanship, Price $1.

buckles, must furnish to the subscriber a certificate of the pa. Stock Raiser's Manual. Price $3. American Farmer's Encyclopædí. Price $1.

tentee, that they own the right to sell or usc. For an account in Treatise on Cattle. Price $3.

full of this buckle, which is superior to all others, see the Ameri

cau Agriculturist for Sept., 1815. The buckle being without a Prince's Ponological Manual. Price 81.50. McMahon's American Gardener. Price $3.50.

tongue, the trace is not werkened by cutting holes in it; it is a Hoare on the Vine. Price 63 cents.

compound lever, and holds the trace by pressure, and as the presThe American Florist. Price 38 cents.

suure condenses the trace it makes the trace stronger, just where

the buckle having a tongue makes it weakest; and the greater Parnell's Applied Chemistry. Price $1. Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, &c. Price $6.

the draught the greater the pressure of the buckle on the trace. Dana's Prize Essay on Manures. Price 12, cents.

For buckics apply to Cornell, Brothers, 269 Pearl Street, New

Fessenden's American Gardener. Price 80 cents.
Knowlson's Cattle Doctor or Cow Doctor. Price 25 cents. LINNAAN BOTANIC GARDEN AND NURSERY,
Complete Gardener and Florist. Price 37 cents.
Buist on the Rose. Price 75 cents.

(LATE OF WILLIAM PRINCE, Deceased) Prince on the Rose, in press.

FLUSHING, LONG ISLAND, NEAR NEW YORK. Downing's Fruit and Forest Trees. Price $1.50.

The New Proprietors of this ancient and celebrated Nursery, Landscape Gardening. Price $3.50.

known as Prince's, and exclusively designated by the above Cottage Residences. Price $2.

title for nearly fifty years, offer for sale a more extensive variety Lang's Highland Cottages. Price $1.50.

of Fruit and Ornamental Troes, Shrubs, Vines, Plants, &c., than Every Lady her own Flower Gardener. Price 38 cents. can be found in any other nursery in the United States, and the Mason's Farriery. Price $1.

genuineness of which may be depended upon ; and they will un. Hind's Ditto. Price 75 cents.

remittingly endeavor to merit the confidence and patronage of the Every Man his own Gardener. Price 12) cents.

public, by integrity and libcrality in dealing, and moderation in The Horse, its Habits and Management. "Price 12 cents. charges. Boussingault's Organic Nature. Price 50 cents.

Descriptive Catalogues, with directions for Planting and CulDraper's Trentise on Plants. Price $2.50.

ture, furnished gratis, on application Post-PAID, and orders Agricultural Almanac. Price 6 cents.

promptly executed.

WINTER & CO., Proprietors. The American Poulterer's panion ; a practical Treatise on Flushing, L. 1., Feb., 1846. the Breeding, Rearing, Fattening, and General Management of the Various Species of Domestic Poultry, with Illustrations

COUNTRY RESIDENCE. (fifty or sixty) and Portraits of Fowls taken from Life.

The house, garden, and outbuildings of the late Mr. William N. Bement. Price $1.25.

Cleveland, are offered for sale at a great bargain. The situation Clater and Youatt's Cattle Doctor, containing the Causes, is a most desirable one for a person having children to educate, Symptoms, and Treatment of all the Diseases incident to Oxen, being within a few rods of an excellent high school, in the First Sheep, and Swine. Price 50 cents.

Society of the town of Norwich, Conn. The house will accomEssays on Practical Agriculture, by Adam Beatty, of Ken-modate a large family, or two small ones, having two kitchens, fucky. Price $1.

two gardens, &c., &c. The water is excellent both for drinking The American Turf Register and Stud Book. By P. N. Edgar. and washing. For particulars inquire of Henry Strong, Esq., or Price $2. Liebig's Agricultural and Animal Chemistry. Price 25 cts. each. George D. Fuller, of Norwich, Conn., or

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, New York.
Familiar Letters on Chemistry. Price 12 cents.
Loudon's Encyclopædia of Agriculture (English). Price $10.

Encyclopædia of Gardening. Price $10.

The Subscriber has just received a fresh supply of the above
Encyclopædia of Architecture. Price $14.

valuable Raspberry, esteemed in England superior to all other Bridgeman's Young Gardener's Assistant, new edition, much varieties. The fruit is very large, of rich flavor, and bears abun. enlarged. Price 82. The farmer's Mine, being the most complete work on Manures dantly. They are ready for delivery as follows:

Package containing 25 canes, $5. Containing 12 canes, $3. ever published. Price 75 cents.


canos, 30 cents. These are warranted true to name. The Vegetuble Kingdom, or Hand Book of Plants. Price 81.25.

Also for sale, a choice collection of green-house and stove plants. Youait on the Horse ; a new edition Price $1.75.

Orders addressed to the undersigned will receive attention, and Rural Economy. By Boussingault. Price $1.50.

from unknown applicants a remittance or satisfactory reference Stable Economy, by stewart. Revised by A. B. Allen. Price si. is required.

JACOB R. VALK. Johnston's Catechism of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology. Horticultural Gardens, Flushing, L. I., N.Y., January 1, 1846. Price 25 cents. The Complote Farmer and Rural Economist, by Thomas G.

IMPROVED STOCK FOR SALE. Tessenden. 'Price 75 cents.

The subscriber breeds on his farm for sale, the following antThe New American Orchardist, by Wm. Kenrick. Price 874 cts. mals of the choicest kind, viz. :The Honey Bee, its Natural History, &c., with 35 engravings.

Durham Cattle, Price 31 cents.

Devon do Bees, Pigeons, Rabbits, and the Canary Bird, familiarly Je

Cotswold Sheep, scribed. Price 37% cents.

Southdown do. The American Poultry Book; being a practical Treatise on the His farm is large, and his herd and flocks numerous, which enManagement of Domestic Poultry Price 374 cents.

ables him to give an excellent choice. He is paying particular A Treatise on Sheop, with the best means for their General attention to the milking qualities of his cattle, both among Dur. Management, Improvement, &c., by A. Blacklock. Price 50 cents. hams and Devons. His sheep also are not only bred for fine

The Theory of Horticulture ; or, an attempt to explain the forms and strong constitution, but heavy, thick fleeces of a good principal operations of Gardening upon Physiological Principles, quality of wool. His residence is two-and-a-half miles from by J. Lindley. Price $1.25. Gardening for Ladies, and Companion to the Flower Garden, Buffalo, and is reached in ten minutes by railroad.

Black Rock, Erie County, N.Y. LEWIS F. ALLEN. by Mrs. Loudon. Price $1.50. American Husbandry. Price $1.

FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. The Farmer's Instructor ; consisting of Essays, Directions, and I offer for sale my farm of 300 acres and upwards, near the vilHints for the Management of the farin and the Garden. By J.

lage of Balein. It produces well either grain or grass. The Buel. 2 vols, Price $1.

buildings are all that are necessary, and together with the land A Muck Manual for Farmers, by Samuel L. Dana. Price 50 cts itself and fences,

are all in good 'order. The garden is wel! Chemistry Applied to Agriculture, by M. Le Cointe Chaptal. stocked with small fruits and flowers. The situation is pleasant, Price 50 cents.

the country healthy and beautiful. Price $10,000. Skinvier on the Dog. Price 75 cents.

This property would be exchanged for real estate in any of the Orders promptly attended to, for all kinds of Books in every de.

Southern States, change of climate being desirable. partment of Literature.

Salem, Washington County, New York. JOHN SAVAGE






THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST. The undersigned, on the 1st of April next, will open at his Published Monthly, by Saxton & MIVES, 205 Broadway, New place of residence, known as the Wilkinson Premium Farm of York, containing 32 pages, royal octavo. Minor Vale, Dutchess Co., twelve miles east of the village or TERMS-One Dollar per year in advance; three copies for Two Poughkeepsie, a School, designed for the instruction of young Dollars, eight copies for Five Dollars. gentlemen in every departinent of practical and scientific Agricul When Agricultural Societies order the work for distribution, ture. The Farın contains 20 acres of land, embracing a great among the members, the price will be only FIFTY CENTS : variety of soil. The location is pleasant and healthful, and for year, for the Monthly Numbers, and SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS the supply of water, as well as for abundance and variety of per copy for bound volumes. It will be expected that these fruit, it is surpassed by few in the Union. Every provision and orders come officially, and be signed by the President or Secretary effort on the part of the Proprietor will be made for securing of the Society. The object in putting our periodical at this very ample means of acquiring a thorongh knowledge of Agriculture low rate is, to benefit the farming community more extensively in the most enlarged sense, by the use of the most modern im-than it could otherwise be done. We hope, henceforth, to see proved Farm Implements, a select Farmer's Library, numervas thc Agriculturist in the hands of every Farmer and Planter in the Agricultural periodicals, and instruction in all the Acadeinic stu- country. dies--lectures on the Natural Sciences--Also, all other reason Each number of the Agriculturist contains but One sheet, and able means of exciting in the minds of the pupils a desire for the is transported by mail under the same regulations as newspapers, acquisition of all knowledge pertaining thereto. To that end, all viz.: free any distance not over 30 miles from its place of publicalabor performed by the pupils will be under the immediate super. tion; 'over this and within 100 miles, or to any town in the State vision and direction of the Principal, who will, during the hours of New York, one cent postage on each number, and one and a half of labor, endeavor to instruct his pupils by example as well as cents if over 100 iniles, without the State. precept. A course of Lectures will be delivered on each of the Editors of newspapers noticing the numbers of this work month. domestic animals, commencing with the Horse, during which a ly, or advertising it, will be furnished a copy gratis, upon sending perfect Anatomy will be at hand, having been already obtained. such notice to this office. The pupils will be required to attend Divine Service on the Sabbath, There are within a short distance, Presbyterian, Baptist,

DURHAM BULL FOR SALE. Methodist, and Friends' Churches. A conveyance will ply, regularly to and from the steamboat landing, Poughkeepsie, on

Not having sufficient use for him, the subscriber offers for sale Wednesday and Saturday of every week, for the conveyance of his thorough bred imported bull, Prince Albert. His sire was the the mail and passengers, and the general convenience of the In celebrated bull, Sir Thomas Fairfax, and his pedigree can be seen stitute. Terms—$200 per annum, payable semi-annually, in in the British Herd book, Vol. 4, page 382. He is five years old, advance.

a red roan, of medium size, and of quiet temper. If not previousls Those desirous of availing themselves of the advantage of this disposed of he will be offered for sale at the next show of the Institution, are requested to make immediate application, as but a New York State Agricultural Society. limited number of pupils will be received for the first year.

Letters on the subject can be addressed to the subscriber at ke A good common school education, and good moral character, Hook, Dutchess County, New York, where the bull may be seen. will be requisite in order that a young man inay be adınitted into

ROBERT DONALDSON. this Institution.

REFERENCES.-The Trustees of the American Institute, and PERUVIAN GUANO AT REDUCED PRICES. Jao. L. Mason, Esq., New York.

The subscriber keeps this superior fortilizer constantly oa JOHN WILKINSON, Principal. hand for sale, in bags, barrels, half barrels, and kegs. It comes Address Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County.

direct from the Agent of the Peruvian Company, and is warranted

genuine and of a first rate quality. COMMERCIAL GARDEN AND NURSERY

Price for ten tons or more.......... 2 cents per Ib.

five and under ten tons... 2) do. PARSONS & CO., FLUSHING, NEAR NEW YORK.


do. The Proprietors desire to call attention to this extensive


two........21 do Establishment, now one of the largest in the Union, covering an


one.........2 do area of more than fifty acres, and compactly planted with every

less than half a ton........3 do. desirable variety of Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs. This Guano is packed in bags weighing from 120 to 150 lbs.;

Their FRUIT 'TREES they can recommend as being straight and barrels, from 220 to 250 lbs.; half barrels from 115 to 130 lbs thrifty; of undoubted genuineness, as to variety, which they eu: kegs about 60 lbs. each. When a larger quantity than one sure by close personal attention to propagating from the most re ton is taken, it is expected it will be in bags. No allowance liable sources and from bearing trees; and also as being, from the for tare, and no charge for packages. Cartage extra. well-ripened state of the wood, peculiarly adapted to higher

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Screet, N. Y. latitudos.

To those who are in need of ORNAMENTAL TREES AND SHRUBS,
they can with confidence recommend their assortinent, as em CONTENTS OF MARCH NUMBER.
bracing, together with the old standard varieties, many new spe: To Agricu ral Societies; Early Plowing........

73 cies, selected personally

by the Proprietors, from the principal Culture of Parsnips ; The Stable, No. 8... Horticultural Establishments of Europe, whence they are receiv

Rules for the Application of Guano, its History and Value... 76 ing constant additions. Orders may be addressed to the Proprietors at Flushing, New American Agricultural Association ; The Eagle Plow

Importation of Alpacas York, and Catalogues can be obtained by application to them: Chittenden County Ag. Society, L. G. Bingham selves, or to A. B. Alen, 187 Water Street, or to Parsons and

Reduction of the British Tarifi Lawrence, 129 Pearl Street, New York.

Liebig's Patent Process of Manufacturing Manure Flushing, N.Y., 2 mo., 1846.

James Muspratt

A Southern Barn, John B. Miller; Fencing, No. 2, Coko..... 81 COUNTRY SEAT AND FARM.

Agricultural Chemistry and Geology, No. 5........ FOR SALE.-A Farm and beautiful Country Seat, at Flushing, Sheep on the Prairies, No. 3, Solon kobinson........... acres of land, under the best state

of cultivation, having a fine southern Crops and Culture, No. 1,4. W. Philips view of the bay and surrounding country. On the premises are A Drill Cultivator and Marker, Philetus Phillips..

86 a two story dwelling house (handsome interior), marble mantels Method of Fastening Horses, S. Y.......

87 and folding doors, containing ten rooms, large garret and cellar, Farm and Villa of Mr. Donaldson. with kitchen, washroom, and milkroom-attached, two large Scraps from my Note Book, No. 2, Solon Robinson...... wo dener's and farmer's cottages. The gardens are tastefully laid Analysis of Marl on the Hudson out with fruit and flowers, upwards of 100 peach trees, and over Experiments with Corn, I. 250 specimens of fruit trees of various kinds, large green house, Stingless Bees, Henry Watson hot-house, pots, &c., &c., and one of the most splendid vineries Growing Wool, G; Buckwheat Cakes of its kind, in this country or in Europe, 186 feet long, and 22 feet Castration of Culves, A. S. wide, with span roof, containing 102 superior foreign

Grape Vines, Annual Meeting of Oneida County Ag. Society, B. N.H. trees, on arched trellises in the centre, bearing large fruit.

Galile care am dem. Houston

The Indian Cakes; Mush vines commence bearing this summer. Further description is un. The Grass Lands of Western New York, R. H.. necessary, as persons disposed to purchase, will view the premi- Seedling Potatoes, Wm. B. Oddie..... ses. The facilities of communication between Flushing and the LADIES' DEPARTMENT : Insects, No. 2............. city, both by steamboat and stages, are too familiar to need The Garden ; Hints to Ladies.... description.

Boys' DEPARTMENT : Useful Amusements for Boys For terms of sale, which will be reasonable and accommodat.

Another Poultry Account, L. ing, apply (if by letter post-paid) to W. H. Franklin & Son, Broad Foreign Agricultural News...

100 Street, New York, or to the subscriber at Flushing.

Editor's Table........

101 JACOB R. VALK. Review of the Market...



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Agriculture is the most healthful, the most useful, and the most noble employment of man.- WASHINGTON.
NEW YORK, MAY, 1846.

NO. V.
A. B. ALLEN, Editor.

SAXTON & Miles, Publishers, 205 Broadway.

valent to a good top-dressing. The artichoke is a
The edition of our paper is so large now, that we delicious table vegetable, pared and cut up raw
are obliged to close our columns early in the pre- in thin slices with vinegar added to it. Many are
ceding month, in order to get it printed and sent off also fond of it boiled and mashed like turnips.
promptly at the time of its date. We wish our cor- Frost does not injure the roots, and after the first
respondents hereafter to bear this particularly in planting they will propagate themselves

. The roots
mind; and if their favors do not reach us at least three of the Jerusalem are ill-shaped, rather large, and of
weeks in advance of the first of the month, there is a pure white color. The kind of artichoke bearing
no certainty that they can be inserted in that num- a root with pink streaks or spots on the flesh part,
ber of the paper, but may lie over till the succeed is not as good as the Jerusalem. They grow well
ing month. Those unaccustomed to edit a periodical in the poorest land.
of this kind, cannot estimate the importance of an
editor's having his matter in hand, and all prepared,

at least one month in advance of publication. In The cabbage crop is a very important one in the
consequence of not getting articles in season, we vicinity of cities, and immense quantities are raised
are frequently obliged to let them lie over nearly a there; but we doubt whether as much attention is
year, much to our own regret and that of corres- paid to the culture of this vegetable on the farm as
pondents. Advertisements must be sent in as early there should be, considering its importance as food
as the 15th of the month in advance.

for both man and beast. It is true that in conse

quence of the severity of the weather of the North-

ern States (cabbage being a very watery vegetable),
This root is cultivated precisely like the potato, it is not as profitable to feed to stock as in the mild-
in hills or drills. At the South and West it is fed er winter climate of Great Britain; and, in addition
off by turning swine on to the fields, who root them to this, it is more difficult to keep with us, and more
up and consume them at pleasure. A winter's difficult to store. Nevertheless, for food for cattle,
supply of food is thus easily provided for their as the frost cuts off the grass in the autumn, and
hogs, and the crop fed off the land greatly enriches before the severity of the winter sets in, few vege-
it. The artichoke is considered one of the best of tables excel it. Then, such an immense quantity
fertilizers, as it derives a large amount of its carbon can be raised per acre where the ground is favorable
and nitrogen from the atmosphere. They should be for the crop, and it is so easily cultivated, it is quite
cultivated extensively in well grown orchards, as an inducement for those who have but a small
they do well in the shade, pulverize the soil with quantity of land to devote a few acres to it.
out exhausting it, and leave it in a good condition There are various methods of cultivating the
for growing trees. After the fruit is gathered turn cabbage; for the field, with the larger variety, how-
the swine on to feed them off

. Rooting them up is ever, we prefer planting them in hills two and a
nearly as beneficial as plowing; at the same time half to three feet apart each way, it is so much
the swine destroy nearly all the insects harboring easier using the cultivator among the plants, and
round the trees, and the manure they leave is equi-Ithus saves the tedious process of hand hoeing. It

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