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REMARKS.- Ashes in fair demand. Cotton has receded a shade

since the arrival of the Britannia. Flour in moderate request, PRICES CURRENT IN NEW YORK, MAY 25, 1846.

with a very large stock on hand. Grain of all kinds dull. ASHES, Pots, ................... per 100 lbs. $375 to 83 88 lasses firm. Naral Stores little doing. Provisions generally

Pearls, ........................... du. 4 08 4 12 in fair demand. Cheese quite brisk. Rice dull. Sugar firm, and BALE ROPE, ...................... Ib. 5


in demand. Tobacco in fair requ-st. Wool quiet. BARK, Quercitron,...................... ton, 24 00 25 00 Money is much easier. BEANS, White,

........... bush. 1 12 1 25 Stocks have become quite firm. BEESWAX, Am. Yellow, ............... Ib.

33 The Weather has been very rainy through May, and rather OLT ROPE, 12

13 warm. At the south we hear complaints of the backwardness of BONES, ground,........................ bush. 40

55 the Cotton. Sugar, Rice, and Tobacco, are remarkably promisBRISTLES, American, .................. Ib.

65 ing. Wheat generally

is looking well, a few fields have been BUTTER, Table,

25 ravaged by the fly. The crops at the North, shongh ratber Shipping,... 9

13 backward, are promising-grass and hay never more so. Upon CANDLES, Mould, Tallow, 9

11 the whole the prospects thus far are quite favorable.



To CORRESPONDENTS.-L. T. Talbot, S., M. W. Philips, Prof. CHEESE,


10 COAL, Anthracite, .................2000 lbs.

Gale, and Solon Robinson, are received.

5 00 6 00 CORDAGE, American,

........ lb. 11

12 COTTON,..


11 COTTON BAGGING, Amer. hemp,.

the Executive Committee at Auburn, the past month, on moton -yard, 13

14 Kentucky...

of Mr. Stevens, it was 12


Resolved, That no Premium be hereafter given on fine-woolled .................... lb. 26

34 FLAX, American, 7

sheep, except they shall have been shorn at the last preceding

8 FLOUR, Northern and Western,

shearing season; that the date of the shearing and the age of the ........ bbl.

4 50

4 75 Fancy....

fleece be given; that on the sheep and fleece jointly the

5 25 5 38

mlum be awarded; that the Committee consist of five, two of Southern, ............ do. 4 38 u

4 62 Richmond City Mills,...

whom at least shall be staplers at the original Constitution of the .............. do.

600 6 25 Rye,.....

Committee, and if practicable shall be so at the time of their final

3 00 3 12 GRAIN-Wheat, Western,............ bush.

action; that satisfactory evklence of the age and identity of the 93

1 11

fleeces; the time of shearing and age of the fleece be furnished 90

1 00 Rye,....

to the Committee, or there shall no Premium be awarded. 66

Corn, Northern,
......... do. 67


AMERICAN HERD Book.-Mr. L. F. Allen informs us that the Southern, 60

65 Barley.........

printed sheets of his Herd Book are in the hands of the binder, ................... do. 52

53 Oats, Northern,

and that they will be ready for delivery by the 10th or 15th of this 42

43 Southern,

month, at the latest. Subscribers in this vicinity can have their .................. do. 35

37 GUANO 2 00

volumes by calling at our office.

3 00 HAY, in bales......................100 lbs. 65

80 HEMP, Russia, clean,

IMPORTED BAXON SHEEP.-Four Baxon bucks and four erres 205 00 € 210 00 American, water-rotted, .......... ton, 105 00 185 00

arrived at this port, to our consignment, on the 21st ult., on board American, dew-rotted, 75 00

125 00

ship Atlantic from Bremen. They were selected from the ElecHIDES, Dry Southern, 8 "

toral flocks in Germany, by Mr. John A. Taintor, of Hartford,

10 HOPS,

Conn., one of the best judges of sheep and wool in this country. 20


He was assisted in his choice by Baron de Spreck, one of the ............................... 100. 1 00

7 00 LEAD, pig............................... do. 4 12 "

most celebrated wool-growers in Europe. In consequence of

4 25 Sheet and bar ..................... lb.

their being still in their cages while we are writing this pars.

4 MEAL, Corn,..........................bbl. 3 25 3 38

graph, we cannot examine these sheep as well as we could Corn,... ........., hhd. 15 75

wish; but they strike us as being by far the largest and best

16 00 MOLASSES, New Orleans,.............


formed Saxons we ever saw-rully equal in size to the largest MUSTARD, American, .................. lb. 16

Merinos. In fact most superb animals, with a noble presence,


........... bbl.
1 50 1 75

and showing constitution equal to their size. The fleeces as
Pitch, 1 00

well as we can judge are very soft and fine, covering the sheep

1 06 Rosin............................. do. 58


clear down to their toes, and on their forehead and aronnd their Turpentine,....

........ do.

3 50

4 00

eyes. They will shear heavy. These sheep are for Mr. Samd. Spirits Turpentine, Southern,



C. Scoville, Salisbury, Conn., who has a large flock of native OIL, Linseed, American, ................ do. 64

Saxons. He designs them for his own use. We shall endeard

65 Castor, 60


to give the public full particulars of this importation hereafter. Lard,

.do. 67


We consider it a very important one to the country, and have to OIL CAKE

doubt Mr. 8. will be well paid for his enterprise. ........... 100 lbs. 1 75

1 88 PEAS, Field, ............. bush. 1 50

2 09 PLASTER OF PARIS,................. ton. 2 87 3 00

AYRSHIRE BULLS. Ground, in bbls. ..........of 300 lbs. 1 12 1 25 The Subscriber has one three-year old Ayrshire ball for sale, PROVISIONS--Beef, Mess,.............bbl. 7 00 9 00 price $100; also, one three months old, price $30. They are Prime,

4 50

5 50 bred from stock imported by himself, from the best breeds in Smoked, ...........Jb. 6

9 Scotland. It is believed that they have no superiors in the Rounds, in pickle, 4 6 United States.

Pork, Mess,
....bbl. 10 50 13 00

Lyme, Conn.

8 75 4

10 00 Lard, ..................... Ib. 6



187 WATER STREET. In pickle,.; 3 Hams, Smoked,

The Subscriber has just received a large assortment of 6


son's snaths, and Tower's hoes. Pickled,

Pope's, Partridge's, aad 4

7 Shoulders, Smoked, 5 "


Hopkins' celebrated Hay forks.

Also, a large assortment of Stevens', Sinclair's, and Thorn's


3 75 ..................100 lbs.

Cutters, for cutting Hay, Straw, and Stalks.

4 56 SALT, ........................ sack, 1 224 1 35

Common, ...................... bush. 20

35 Made up by Patented Machinery, at the lowest prices, SEEDS Clover,........................ Ib. 64" 9

No. 3, M. & Co.
Timothy, ..................7 bush. 10 00 15 00
Flax, 10 00

194 Miner & Horton.
11 00

rough, 9 00 " 10 00

21 BODA, Ash, contg 80 per cent. soda,... .lb. 3

3 Sulphate Soda, ground, .

Langdon's Horse Hoe. 1 SUGAR, New Orleans,


8 OUTIERN PLOWS. SUMAC, American,.................... ton, 35 00 " 37 50

No. 104 TALLOW, 7 «





21 WOOLS, Saxon y,...................... Ib.



Half blood,

The subscriber has just received a lot of the above 25

35 manufactured by B.
Common do.........................

yer, Newark, N. S.
Á. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N.Y

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Skinner on the Dog. Price 75 cents.

Mills' Sportsman's Library. $1.
BOOKSELLERS, PUBLISHERS, AND STATIONERS, Pastoral Life of the Ancients. $3.

Winter on the Horse, in press.
No. 205 Broadway, New York,

Ives' New England Fruit Book. 62 cents.
Would particularly call attention to their assortment of works American Sylva;

a Description of Forest Trees in America. pertaining to Agriculture and Rural Economy, a few of which Gray's Botanical Text Books. $1.50. are enumerated, with the retail prices, from which a liberal dis Gardner's Farmer's Dictionary. $1.50. count will be made when nuinber of works are ordered at one Fruit Culturist, by J.J. Thomas, 62 cents, tiine, viz. :

Treatise on Milch Cows. 25 cents. Townley on the Honey Bee. 50 cents.

Stable Talk. $1. The American Flower Garden Directory. Price $1.25.

Eaton's and Wright's Manual of Botany. $3. The American Shepherd. Price $1.

First Lessons in Botany. 25 cents. Vols. 1, 2, 3, and 4, American Agriculturist. Price $1.25. Orders promptly attended to, for all kinds of Books in every Johnson's Agricultural Chemistry. Price $1.5.

department of Literature. Ruschenberger's Horsemanship. Price $1.

SAXTON & MILE:3 are Agents for all the Publications of the Stock Raiser's Manual. Price $3.

day, which will be furnished at publisher's prices. American Farmer's Encyclopædia. Price $4.

Also, on hand, a complete assortment of School, Classical, Treatise on Cattle. Price $3.

Medical, and Miscellaneous Books, which they offer at wholePrince's Pomological Manual. Price $1.50.

sale and retail, at the lowest prices for Cash. McMahon's American Gardener. Price $3.50. Hoare on the Vine. Price 63 cents.

AGENTS FOR THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST. The American Florist. Price 38 cents. Parnell's Applied Chemistry. Price $1.

New Haven, Cl...............

.........F. Trowbridge. Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, &c. Price 86.

Newark, N.J..........

..B. Myers. Dana's Prize Essay on Manures. Price 12 cents.

Philadelphia........J. M. Campbell and David Landreth. Fessenden's American Gardener. Price 80 cents.

Washington, Pa............. ........Dr. R. R. Reed. Knowlson's Cattle Doctor or Cow Doctor. Price 25 cents.

Albany, N. Y.........


............E. H. Pease. Complete Gardener and Florist. Price 37 cents.

Syracuse, N. Y....Stoddard & Babcock and L. W. Hall. Buist on the Rose. Price 75 cents.

Auburn, N. Y..................... Alden & Markham. Prince on the Rose, in press.

Rochester, N.Y.........................C.F. Crossman. Downing's Fruit and Forest Trees. Price $1.50.

Buffalo, N. Y................ ......J. H. Butler & Co. Landscape Gardening. Price $3.50.

Boston, Mass..........................Saxton & Kelt. Cottage Residences. Price $2.

Milwaukie, Wis. Ter................. Hale & Hopkins. Lang's Highland Cottages. Price $1.50.

Chicago, Ill....... ...............S. F. Gale & Co. Every Lady her own Flower Gardener. Price 38 cents.

Columbus, Ga., and Montgomery, Ala..... Hall & Moses. Mason's Farriery. Price $1.

St. Louis, Mo......

Halsall & Collet. Hind's Ditto. Price 75 cents.

Morton & Griswold. Every Man his own Gardener. Price 12 cents.

Louisville, Ky...

George Lapping & Co. The Horse, its Habits and Management. Price 124 cents.

A. G. Munn. Boussingault's Organic Nature. Price 50 cents.

Nero Orleans............D. Baker & Co. and N. Steele. Draper's Treatise on Plants. Price $2.50.

Cincinnati, Ohio....................W. H. Moore & Co. Agricultural Almanac. Price 6 cents

Charleston, S. C. .........................J. Thompson. The American Poulterer's Companion ; a practical Treatise on

Athens, Geo.........................

.J.J. Richards. the Breeding, Rearing, Fattening, and General Management of

Savannah, Ga.................... Denslow & Webster. the Various Species of Domestic Ponltry, with Illustrations

Norfolk, Va.............................J. Vickery, Jr. (fifty or sixty) and Portraits of Fowls taken from Life. By C:

Richmond, Va...........................Wm. Palmer. N. Bement. Price $1.25.

Natchez, Miss............................G S. Tainter. Clater and Youatt's Cattle Doctor, containing the Causes,

Woodland, La., East Feiciana........ Rev. A. W. Pool. Symptoms, and Treatment of all the Diseases incident to Oxen, General Travelling Agents, {

SOLON ROBINSON, Sheep, and Swine. 50 cents.

ALONZO SHERMAN.! Essays on Practical Agriculture, by Adam Beatty, of Kentucky.

Bound volumes can be obtained of any of our Agents at $1.25 Price 81.

per volume. The American Turf Register and Stud Book. By P. N. Edgar.

Just Published,
Price $2.
Liebig's Agricultural and Animal Chemistry. Price 25 cts. each.

Familiar Letters on Chemistry. Price 124 cents.

Whereby the quality and quantity of milk which any cow will Loudon's Encyclopædia of Agriculture (English). Price $10. give may be accurately determined by observing Natural Marks Encyclopædia of Gardening. Price $10.

or External Indications alone; the length of time she will conEncyclopædia of Architecture. Price $14.

tinue to give milk, &C., &c. By M. Francis Guenon, of Liborne, Bridgeman's Young Gardener's Assistant, new edition, much France. Translated for the Farmers' Library from the French, enlarged. Price $2.

by N. P. Trist, Esq., late U. 8. Consul at Havana. With IntroBridgeman's Fruit Cultivator's Manual. Price 62 cents. ductory Remarks and Observations on the Cow AND THE DAIRY. Kitchen Gardener. Price 62 cents.

By John S. Skinner, Editor of the Farmers' Library. Illustrated Florist's Guide. Price 62 cents.

with numerous engravings. The Farmer's Mine, being the most complete work on Manures

Price for single copies, neatly done up in paper covers, 37 1.2 ever published. Price 75 cents.

cents. Full bound in cloth and lettered, 62 1-2 cents. The usual The Vegetable Kingdom, or Hand Book of Plants. Price 81.25. discount to booksellers, agents, country merchants and

peddlers. Youаtt on the Horse ; a new edition. Price $1.75.

Farmers throughout the United States may receive ihe work Rural Economy. By Boussingault. Price $1.50.

through the mails. The postage on each copy will be about 7 Stable Economy, by Stewart. Revised by A. B. Allen. Price 81. cents. By remitting $2 free of postage we will send seven copies Johnston's Catechism of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology of the work done up in paper covers; or Country Merchants visit25 cents.

ing any of the cities will procure the work for those who may The Complete Farmer and Rural Economist, by Thomas G. wish to obtain it. Please send on your orders. Address Fessenden. Price 75 cents.

GREELEY & McELRATH, The New American Orchardist, by Wm. Kenrick. Price 87} cts.


Tribune Buildings, New York. The Honey Bee, its Natural History, &c., with 35 engravings. Price 31 cents.

PERUVIAN GUANO AT REDUCED PRICES. Bees, Pigeons, Rabbits, and the Canary Bird, familiarly de The subscriber keeps this superior fertilizer constantly on scribed. Price 37d cents.

hand for sale, in bags, barrels, half barrels, and kegs. It comes The American Poultry Book; being a practical Treatise on the direct from the Agent of the Peruvian Company, and is warranted Management of Dome siic Poultry Price 37 cents.

genuine and of a first rate quality. A Treatise on Sheep, with the best means for their General Five tons and over...

........2 cents per lb. Management, Improvement, &c., by A. Blacklock. Price 50 cents. One ton and under five tons..........2 1-8 do.

The Theory of Horticulture; or, an attempt to explain the Half a ton and under one ton.........2 1-4 principal operations of Gardening upon Physiological Principles, Under half a ton..

...2 1-2 do. by J. Lindley. Price $1.25.

This Guano is packed in bags weighing from 120 to 150 lbs.; Gardening for Ladies, and Companion to the Flower Garden, barrels, from 220 to 250 lbs.; half barrels from 115 to 130 lbs.; by Mrs. Loudon. Price $1.50.

kegs about 60 lbs. each. When a larger quantity than one American Husbandry. Price $1.

ton is taken, it is expected it will be in bags. No allowance The Farmer's Instructor ; consisting of Essays, Directions, and for tare, and no charge for packages. Cartage extra. Hints for the Management of the Farin and the Garden. By J.

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y. Buel. 2 vols. Price $1. A Muck Manual for Farmers, by Samuel L. Dana. Price 50 cts.

HOVEY'S SEEDLING STRAWBERRY. Chemistry Applied to Agriculture, by M. Le Comte Chaptal. Price $1.50 per hundred plants, and $10

per thousand. Price 50 cts.

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N.Y.





DURHAM BULL FOR SALE. Farmers, Planters, and Gardeners, will find the LARGEST AND Not having sufficient use for him, the subscriber offers for sale MOST COMPLETE assortment of Agricultural Implements of all his thorough bred imported bull, Prince Albert. His sire was the kinds, at this Establishment, ever offered in the New York Mar celebrated bull, Sir Thomas Fairfax, and his pedigree can be seen, ket. Most of these Implements are of new and highly improved in the British Herd book, Vol. 4, page 382. He is five years old, patterns, warranted to be made of the best materials, put together a red roan, of medium size, and of quiet temper. If not previously in the strongest manner, of a very superior finish, and offered at disposed of, he will be offered for sale at the next show of the the lowest cash prices.

New York State Agricultural Society. Among these implements are upwards of FIFTY different kinds Letters on the subject can be addressed to the subscriber at Red of Plows manufactured by Raggles, Noturse & Mason, of Worces. Hook, Dutchess County, New York, where the bull may be seen. ter, Mass., also in New York--- for the South as well as for the

"ROBERT DONALDSON. North; Harrows of different patterns and sizes ; Rollers of wood and cast-iron on a new principle; Seed Sowers for all kinds of seeds, a recent invention ; Cultivators, with different kinds of

THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST. teeth; Horse powers of wood or of cast-iron, very strong and su

Published Monthly, by SAXTON & Miles, 205 Broadway, New perior; Grain Threshers ; Fanning Mills; Mills for grinding York, containing 32 pages, royal octavo. cora, &c., a new invention; Corn Sheller for hand or horse TERMS-One Dollar per year in advance; three copies for Two power, the latter shelling 200 bushels of ears per hour ; Vegetable Dollars ; eight coples for Five Dollars. Calters, will cut a bushel of roots for cattle in two minutes ; Hay,

When Agricultural Societies order the work for distribution, Straw, and Corn-stalk Cutters ; Scythes, Rakes, Shovels, Spades, among the members, the price will be only FIFTY CENTS : Hoes-indeed, Field and Garden tools of all kinds.

year, for the Monthly Numbers, and SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS Castings for the various kind of Plows manufactured in Wor. per copy for bound volumes. 'It will be expected that these cester and New York.

orders come officially, and be signed by the President or Secretary Seeds for the Farmer and Gardener.-A choice assortment or of the Society. The object in putting our periodical at this very the various kinds, such as Improved Winter and Spring Wheat, I low rate is, to benefit the farming community more extensively Rye, Barley, Oats, Corn, Beans, Peas, Rutabaga, Turnip, Cabbage, than it could otherwise be done. We hope, henceforth, to see Beet, Carrot, Parsnip, Clover and Grass Seeds, and improved va- the Agriculturist in the hands of every Farmer and Planter in the rieties of Potatoes.

country. Wire-Cloths and Sieves.---Different kinds and sizes constantly is transported by mail under the same regulations as newspapers,

Each number of the Agriculturist contains but One sheet, and on hand.

Fertilizers.--Peruvian and African Guano, Bone-dust, Lime, viz.: free any distance not over 30 miles from its place of pablica Plaster of Paris, &c.

tion; over this and within 100 miles, or to any town in the State Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs.-Orders taken for of New York,

one cent postage on each number, and one and a half these, and executed from a choice of the best Nurseries, Gardens, cents if over 100 miles, without the State. and Conservatories in the United States.

Back Volumes of 'THE AMERICAN AGRICOLTURIST, with Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and Swine.-Orders executed for Stock of tables of contents complete, for sale at $1.00 each ; ele all kinds, to the best advantage.

gantly and uniformly bound in cloth, $1.25. These are handA Descriptive Catalogue.- This will be sent to any one gratis, some, tasteful books, and make very desirable premiums for disupon application, post-paid, to the subscriber. It comprises 80 tribution with Agricultural Societies, ard shonld also find place, pages, and is illustrated with a great variety of wood cuts.

in all our District School Libraries. They constitute the best and The American Agriculturist Almanac.-32 pages, with wood most complete treatise on American Farming, Stock-Breeding cuts. Price $15 per thousand.

and Horticulture, extant. When several copies are ordered, a Agricultural Books.-A general assortment of all kinds.

liberal discount will be made. A liberal discount made to dealers.

Editors of newspapers noticing the numbers of this work monthA. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N.Y.

ly, or advertising it, will be furnished a copy gratis, upon sending

such notice to this office. DURHAM STOCK FOR SALE. The Subscriber has on his farm near this city, more stock than

GUANO. he needs, and will sell two, two-year old, and two yearling the balance of the ship Shakspeare's cargo, the only

direct in

The Subscribers offer for sale, on very accommodating terms, heifers, one yearling bull, and four spring calves. The price of the latter will be from $50 to $75, when about 3 months old, and portation into this port from Ichaboe. Much guano from other the price of the yearlings and two-year olds, will be from $100 to parts of Africa has been sold

as Ichaboe, which on trial has pro 8125. This young stock was got by the bulls Duke of Wellington duced unfavorable results. To prevent the loss of ammonia, this and the prize bull Meteor, both possessing the blood of the herd cargo has been put in air-tight casks. Apply

to of the celebrated breeder, Thomas Bates, Esq., of Yorkshire,

Feb. 6, 1846. E. K. COLLINS & CO., 56 South St. England. This stock is out of first-rate milking Durham cows, and will carry its own recommendation.


Troy, June 1st, 1846. 20

Application of Lime; Iron Hurdle Fence...........
The Stable, No. 9.....

170 The Lodi Manufacturing Company offer Poudrette for sale at

Grass and Hay; Lactometer.........

171 New York Farmers' Club...

172 the following procesor k An bhe Frasi corey teper e Usheke and R. CS: The Cultivator ; L. I. Horticultural Society}

173 per barrel. Delivered in New York from 1 to 6.bbls. $200 per The Alpaca, No. 1.... bbl. ; 7 bbls, and over, $1.75 bbl. per

174 Apply to the office of the Mr. Randall's Merino Sheep, L............ Company, 51 Liberty Sireet, or to A. B. Allen, 187 Water Street, Gardening, No. 4, L. T. Talbot...

175 where printed directions and other information may be obtained.

175 May, 2t

Lessons from Experience, No. 2, Joseph H. Jenne...

Treatment of Orchards, Wm. Wickham Mills

Analyses of Swamp Muck ; Destruction of Sheep by Dogs

A Review of the March No. of the Agriculturist, Reviewer. 179 A full blooded Narragansett, entire horse. This breed has Rotation of Crops, 8. Y....

181 been in the family of the late Governor Jay, for the last century. Cultivation of Corn, M. W. Philips..

183 They

are rackers, and not pacers: He is 8 years old, and the Entrance Gate to a Villa ; Polled Cattle, only entire horse of the breed which is left. He is very fast, will Henry M. Waite, and An Old Grazier

184 rack his mile within 3 minutes. Horses of this breed are highly Merino Buck; Sheep Shearing, American Shepherd.. 185 esteemed as saddle horses for ladies and gentlemen, and bring a Cotton Plows, H...

188 very high price. Apply to James R. Dey, No. 51 Liberty Street, Superior Mode of Curing Hams, Wm. Stickney New York:

Colic in Nules, Gaston


Domestic Fish Ponds, No. 1, D'Jay Browne
The Subscriber has been so often requested to add Garden Agricultural Chemistry and Geology, No. 6........

Rambouillet Merinos, D. C. Collins and C. H. Hall..

.. 190 Seeds to his assortment of Field Seeds, that he has at length con. Sundry Items, E. J. Capell sented to do so, and now offers for sale a great variety, grown by Oyster-Shell Lime a Preventive of the Potato Disease responsible persons, and put up expressly for him. They are Agricultural Publications J. H. Dent. fresh, and he confidently thinks may be relied upon.

Mr. Tudor's Garden; American Agricultural Association... 192 A. B. ALLEN, No. 187 Water Street, N.Y. Medicinal Springs and Climate of Florida ; The Check

or Bearing Rein; How to make a Horse carry a good 193 TO GARDENERS AND NURSERYMEN.

Tail; Bone Mills; Jerusalem Artichokes, R. L C. Cast-iron Tallies or Naming Sticks for Sale. This is a recent LADIES DEPARTMENT : Hints to Country Housekeepers, E. S. 194 invention, and is so constructed as to receive the name of any Boys' DEPARTMENT : Good Tools for Boys, Lert............ 195 seed, plant, or tree, under a glass cover, thus keeping it safe and Foreign Agricultural News.....

............. 198 always distinct to be soen. They will last half a century, and

Editor's Table.......

............ 197 are very cheap, costing only 50 cents to $1.50 per dozen.

Review of the Market..


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... 191





Agriculture is the most healthful, the most useful, and the most noble employment of man.-WASHINGTON.

A. B. ALLEN, Editor.

Saxton & Miles, Publishers, 205 Broadway.
ECONOMICAL MODE OF PRESERVING in. Of these there were an immense variety of

superb finish, and great utility. The number of
A FRIEND of ours, who was travelling through visitors at the Fair was estimated at over 30,000,
the county of Suffolk, on Long Island, a few and the receipts for sales of tickets went far to pay,
months ago, informs us that, in stopping at a public lits expenses. It was an experiment, and has been
house, he was surprised to find on the table a eminently successful. A goodly number of agri.
cherry pie, apparently as fresh and good as though cultural implements were exhibited, and attracted
the fruit had just been plucked from the tree. On much attention. We trust there will be a repetition
inquiring where the cherries had been obtained, he of this Fair. Few things are better calculated to
was told that they had been gathered nearly a year, bring the North and South together, and give the
and had been preserved agreeably to the following people of this mighty Union an idea of the immense
recipe :

value and great variety of its domestic fabrics.
Procure the cherries ripe and fresh from the tree, Washington, during the session of Congress, is just
and without any preparation, put them into a bottle the place for holding such a Fair; its natural posi.
or wide-mouthed jar, filling it about three-fourths tion makes it a sort of middle ground, and being the
full. Then pour in common molasses, fresh and seat of government, it will naturally attract more
cool from the cask, until the vessel is nearly filled ; visitors than any other place out of the city of
cork or seal it up air-tight, and set it aside in some New York.
cool dry place, occasionally shaking the vessel, in
order that its contents may be well mixed. A por-
tion of the molasses will be absorbed by the cher EVIDENCE OF THE SEXES IN THE
ries, which will render them sufficiently agreeable,

STRAWBERRY PLANT. when made into puddings or pies, without the ad Mr. S. S. JACKSON recently exhibited before the dition of any sugar or syrup. The liquid which Cincinnati Horticultural Society, the following remains in the jar after the cherries are taken out, strawberries, which show conclusively the influ. has an agreeable flavor, and, when mixed with ence staminate flowers (males) have over pistillate water, forms a wholesome and refreshing drink. ones (females):

1. Hovey's pistillate seedling, grown with stami. THE NATIONAL FAIR.

nates near; had 30 large perfect fruit, and every Tuis was opened at Washington, D. C., on the blossom a perfect fruit. 21st of May, and continued nearly three weeks. 2. The same strawberry grown by itself; 22 It was the first National Fair ever attempted in the blossoms, a few defective, but not a single fruit

. United States, and was held for the double purpose 3. The old genuine Hudson, grown with stamiof display and sale of the different kinds of domestic nates near ; 25 perfect fruit, and every blossom manufactures in wood, metals, silk, cotton, and produced a perfect berry. wool. The exhibition exceeded all expectation, 4. The same strawberry planted with the La and required two large halls about 400 feet in Grange Hautbois; 28 blossoms, with not a single length, to accommodate the different articles brought I perfect fruit, but some very small defective berries.


CYLINDRICAL CHURN-AGRICULTURE IN CHINA, ETC. (The object of this experiment was to test the ques. ticle of commerce, in the shape of small cakes, tion whether the Scarlets could be impregnated with which are made by mixing with it a portion of the Hautbois.)

loamy earth, and then thoroughly drying them. 5. Hovey's Perfect (Blossom); 22 blossoms, but These cakes are never applied dry, but are diluted not a single perfect berry.

in as much animal water as can be procured. Old

plaster is esteemed so valuable a fertilizer as someCYLINDRICAL CHURN. obtimes to induce a farmer to re-plaster an old room

that he may fertilize his fields with it. Before ma-
This churn is nure is taken out of the receptacle, in the field, it is
the best in use, suffered to become half putrefied, in which state it
as it is simple in is put upon the plants. Some seeds are put into
its construction, manure until they have germinated, while others
and combines all are planted enveloped in their appropriate manure.
the good quali- After the plant has grown a few inches, it is again
ties of other manured with that which is much diluted. The
utensils of simi- effect is immediately apparent in an accelerated
lar construction, growth.-- Chinese Repository.
with this addi-
tional advantage
or agitator can

Fig. 52.

be taken out in a moment, any time it is required to be cleansed. This is important to be done after every churning, in order to keep it sweet, and from tainting the cream. Price from $2.00 to $4.00.


AGRICULTURE IN CHINA. The great requisites in the Chinese system of agriculture are manure and water; and, to obtain these, their whole energies are devoted. The soil is rarely allowed to lie fallow, and in most parts produces two crops annually. It is assiduously pulverized, and different soils are also mixed to gether to improve the quality of each. They will carry sand for a long distance, to mix with clayheavy soils, and loam, to put with that which appears too loose. During the few months of winter, in the southern provinces, the soil is sometimes thrown up into heaps, where it has been mixed

GRINDSTONE.—FIG. 53. with some vegetable matter, thus making a kind GRINDSTONES are now generally hung on friction of compost, and also presenting a greater surface rollers, and moved with a treadle, so that the perto the air ; after which, those lands which require son grinding can thus turn the stone himself withflooding, are covered with water, and hoed and out the assistance of another. turned over, until the whole surface is reduced to These rollers render the movement of the stone mud. This process has still a further fertilizing very easy, and are so constructed that they can tendency. Fora manure, the Chinese collect every- readily be applied to the stone without the aid of a thing of a vegetable or animal kind that can possi- mechanic. Price of rollers $2.50 to $4.00. bly be applied to such a purpose. Reservoirs, of brick or wood, are dug in the banks of the field, IMPORTED Saxon SHEEP.-- Under this head we near a canal, into which every refuse substance is had but a moment to give a hasty notice in our last put. The principal one has a roof over it, and is No., page 198, of four Saxon bucks and four ewes plastered, that the contents may not be absorbed just imported from Germany, by Mr. Scoville, of into the earth. Besides this principal one, large Connecticut. After our paper had gone to press, vases of stoneware are sunk in the ground, at con- we had an opportunity of examining these sheep venient places, for the use of passing travellers. fully, and found that they more than justified all The children and poor people are continually em- the encomiums we then passed upon them. The ployed in collecting refuse animal and vegetable staple of their wool is very fine, soft, and even ; maiter with which to fill up these receptacles; the the fleeces heavy, and so close as to be impervious sweeping of the streets, hair from barbers' shops, to rain. Their forms are quite superior, and they offal from the butchers, feathers, horns, and bones show such vigor, size, and constitution, as to give reduced to powder, soot, and the deposits of creeks us an entirely different opinion than we had before and rivers, are all industriously gathered up and entertained of Saxon sheep. We really think them thought sufficiently valuable to be carried a great a valuable importation, and well calculated to imdistance, especially if water carriage is convenient. prove American Saxons in size, constitution, and The dung of all animals is esteemed above any weight of fleece, and as such we earnestly recomother kind of manure; it often becomes an ar-mend them to the attention of our flock-masters

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