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FOREIGN AGRICULTURAL NEWS. be used, and light sprinklings repeated will prevent By the arrival of the steamer Caledonia, we are in the soil from becoming puddled.- Gard. Chron. receipt of our foreign journals to June 4th.

Manures. Don't add lime to soot; it ruins it. MARKETS.- Ashes were in limited request. Cotton Add soot to chamber ley, and you will do well, but not firm. There were 780,500 bales on hand in Liverpool on

lime.- Ibid. the 1st of June, against 865,190 same period last year.

Drying Plants. In drying plants for a herbarium, Flour dull, Pork and Lard dull. Beef and Cheese of care must be taken not to press them so much as to superior qualities much wanted. Naval Stores quiet. crush them. Succulents, and kinds that drop their Rice in good demand. Tobacco steady. Wool a triding leaves, such as heaths, should be dipped in hot water decline.

before they are pressed. Each specimen should be Money is again tight.

placed between a sheet of brown paper, and between The Weather has been very fine for the past month, each filled sheet several empty ones should be placed; and the crops were looking uncommonly well, promis. for the first day or two the pressure should be only ing an early and abundant harvest.

just sufficient to prevent the leaves and flowers from Last Year's Cotton Crop.-By the report of the shrivelling. When the papers are damp, the plants Board of Trade, it is proved that, in 1845, 1,069,320 should be shifted to dry ones, increasing the pressure cwt. of cotton were imported into Great Britain ; after every change till the specimens are perfectly dry. during the present year, 1,019,738 cwts. The differ - Ibid. ence in weight is thus reduced to a trifle less than Dissolving Bones in Sulphuric Acid for the Purposes 50,000 cwts.,

or about 14,000 bales. In other words, of Manure. On the publication of the first experithe falling off in weight this year, as compared with ments by the Duke of Richmond, Mr. Geddes, Dr. last year, is under 4 per cent., but the falling off in Monson, and Mr. M'William, in the Journal of the number of bags is above 30 per cent! The result is, Royal Agricultural Society, and by Mr. Hannam, in that the manufacturers have little faith in the short his Prize Report on Special Effects of Manures to ness of the crop, and are of opinion that there is abun. the Highland Agricultural Society of Scotland, Mr dance of cotton in the country to meet any demand Pusey expressed his opinion that they afforded “good that is likely to arise. All idea of speculation, there hope” that the discovery would enable us to realize fore, in this article, based upon the shortness of the the most important saving ever yet held out in the crop of last year, may be considered at an end. use of manure. For this opinion, treason as it was to

Fatal Flowers. Recently in London, a young lady the existing order of affairs, Mr. Pusey could not hope went to bed in good health, and was found the next to escape the ridicule and the indignation of the premorning dead ! The physicians who were called in, judiced and the interested. The theory of Liebig was declared that the sole cause of this catastrophe was the declared to be “ far-fetched and unworthy of credit," poisoning of the air by the exhalations of a quantity and the experiments "evidently unfair;" and thus die of lilies found in two large vases on a low table in the vested alike of theoretical and practical evidence, his room. Roses, tuberoses, jasmines, and, in fact, most suggestion was freely offered to be “taken for what it flowers, may, in the same way, produce effects, if not was worthmortal, at least very injurious." Their influence acts

* A pin, a nut, a cherry-stone.'” most powerfully on nervous persons.

Mr. Pusey, however, afterwards laid before the A New Fuchsia.-At a late meeting of the London Council of the Royal Agricultural Society, some exHorticultural Society, the report states, that of new tracts from Mr. Hannam's unpublished Essay on the plants, perhaps that which excited the most interest Theory of the Action of Bones on the Turnip Crop, was a fuchsia, from Messrs. Veitch & Son, of Exeter, having reference to what he termed the "great discowhich had been discovered by Mr. W. Lobb, near very of the economical employment of dissolved Lima, in Peru, for which was awarded a large silver bones ;" and stated that it contained, in his opinion, medal. It proves to be a curious and rather handsome" not only a detailed account of the best experiment species, entirely new to gardens, producing an abun. ever made in agriculture, but some points of so much dance of long rosy pink tubes, of about four inches importance, that he felt anxious that not a moment in length. It is entirely destitute of petals, and there should be lost in communicating the facts to the memfore the beauty of the flower is confined to the calyx bers.” And this is the mode in which his cause was alone.

then spoken of "The day of Chartist regeneration, Honor to the Introducer of Madder into France. The of Johanna Southcote, of flying machines, of South city of Avignon has erected a statue to John Althen, Sea schemes, nay of Cæsarian Čow Cabbage, is gone, a Persian, who, a century ago, first introduced madder and the lion of 1845 is · bones dissolved in acid. into France. It now yields the nation about twenty- Every season has its lions. The world of politics, of five millions of francs per annum.

religion, of science, of speculation, and even of poor Watering out of Doors.—Some persons are for morn- agriculture, has now and then bubbles cast upon its ing watering, and others for evening; all, however, surface-so varied, so resplendent with glittering emwill agree in the propriety or even necessity of a bellishments, that the eager hand grasps the bubble, timely application of this most important element. and it bursts and dissipates in nothing but' thin air.'' For my own part, I like the morning as a general And then came the application of the figurative ima. rule; more especially for such things as have been gery, of the oracle—the practical morale of the recently planted out, such as bedded plants in the prophecy—“ Will any one be found who will risk flower garden, and young vegetables transplanted from a crop upon the evidence ?" In less than twelve the seed-beds in the kitchen garden. To saturate the months from the issuing of this oracular denunciation, soil in such cases is, in my opinion, highly improper, we find the theory which was to " dissolve and dissias leading to a considerable waste of the accumulated pate into thin air," recognized as a thing clearly esta. ground heat, and also as tending to exclude the genial blished-supported by the evidence of scores of crops influence of the atmosphere. With regard to young risked in its trial, and recorded in every agricultural stock of this kind, frequent sprinklings are all that is periodical in the kingdom. This result, we say, is required ; in fact, a kind of cutting treatment, chiefly agreeable to us, and to every lover of true progress, in order to prevent undue perspiration in the leaf. if not merely because of its practical usefulness, but also this waste is prevented through the day by early morn. because it thoroughly justifies those who have labored ing watering, the plants may safely be left to the dews through such difficulties, in the search of what has now during the night' Fine-rosed dots should at all times proved a scientific and practical truth.-Lond. Ag. Gaz.

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0. Colt, of Paterson, New Jersey, has just imported

from Scotland, per ship Europe, one Ayrshire bull, CONTEMPLATED MISSION TO THE East.-From four years old, and three Ayrshire cows, three years a letter to Hon. Charles J. Ingersoll, by Aaron H. old. These animals were selected for him by Mr Palmer, Esq., of this city, it appears that a memorial John Tenant, of Shields, Ayrshire, who selected 'those is about to be submitted to the Senate of the United imported last fall by the Massachusetts Agricultural States, in favor of a Special Mission to be sent by our Society. They are said to be among the best that Government to the Comoro Islands, Abyssinia, Persia, could be procured, and were chosen with special reBurmah, Cochin-China, the Indian Archipelago, and ference to their dairy qualities. The bull is a prize Japan, for the purpose of making treaties, and to open animal, and cost £40 in Ayrshire. The cows cost £20 and extend our commercial intercourse with those each. Two bull calves were dropped on the voyage. countries. Mr. Palmer is favorably known to the Every one of these animals was in fine condition on public as Director of the American and Foreign landing-indeed, we never saw any brought out so Agency, at New York, and for several years has devot. well before--they have scarcely a scratch or bruise ed much attention to the resources of Japan and other about them. These animals are of medium size, and countries of the East, and we trust that if Congress very fine for the breed. The bull is the most perfect should carry out the views of the memorialists referred Ayrshire we ever saw, and in his general points would to above, no better man can be found to take charge of do credit to a Short-Horn. We trust that they will be that Mission. In speaking of the products of Abys. an improvement to the dairy stock of the country. sinia in his letter to Mr. Ingersoll, he says, that CATTLE FOR THE Boston MARKET.-Ten magnilate scientific English traveller in that country states, ficent fat cattle passed through this city on Saturday, that the Gondar cotton, indigenous to the elevated re- for the Boston market. They were from the farm of gions of Ethiopia, is of a fine long silky staple, of a James S. Wadsworth, of Geneseo. All who saw quality equal, if not superior, to the American Sea-them agree in the opinion that they were the finest island. The Southern Islands of Japan teem with specimens of beef cattle ever seen in this city. They most of the productions of the tropics, whilst the went east on the cars this morning. The Bostonians Northern yield those of the temperate zones. The will hold themselves in readiness for Western New mountains abound in mineral wealth of every descrip- York beef. tion, and the volcanic regions in sulphur. In agricul.

The following are their weights : ture, they are very diligent and successful. The One ox seven years old..

2,465 lbs. whole country is highly cultivated, producing rice,

Two ditto six years...

4,865 esteemed the best in Asia, wheat, barley, beans of all

Two steers, three years old. 3,965 sorts, culinary vegetables, a great variety of fruits, and

Two ditto four years.

flowers of the most brilliant hues and exquisite fra One single steer.

grance. The mulberry is reared solely for the silk One ditto, white.
worm. The principal object of cultivation next to

One cow
rice, is the tea plant; tea being the universal beverage
of all classes, as in China. Their gardeners possess


19,760 the skill of dwarfing and gigantifying trees and shrubs.

-Rochester Dem. The rivers, lakes, and seas, abound in a great variety The Book or GOOD EXAMPLES.-Drawn from of fish, which is the principal food of the inhabitants. authentic History and Biography; designed to illus

“ Mons. Isidore Hedde, an attaché of the late French trate the beneficial effects of virtuous conduct. By Mission to China, who was sent out to make re- John Frost. D. Appleton & Co., 200 Broadway. Pp. searches in the silk department regarding mulberries, 283, with engravings. Price $1. This is an excellent silkworms, and the manufacture of silks, has atten- work to be placed in families, abounding, as it does, tively observed the mode of cultivation, seeding, with exemplary matter, designed to exercise a salutary planting, and grafting those interesting trees; and ex. influence on all who may peruse its contents. amined at the different establishments the ingenious The Fruit CulturIST.-Adapted to the climate apparatus for avoiding double cocoons; the simple of the Northern States; containing directions for process for reeling the peculiar fine white silk, and raising young trees in the Nursery, and for the manihe well-known seven-cocoon thread; and the several agement of the Orchard and Fruit Garden. By John processes of dyeing silk, and weaving, painting, em. J. Thomas. Mark H. Newman, publisher, 199 Broadbroidery, and sewing, of the singularly woven figured way, N. Y. Pp. 220, 12mo. Price 62 cents. The silk, exhibiting figures of men, flowers, gardens, &c., author of the above little work has long been known peculiar to Sûchau, the Lyons of Eastern China. to the public as one of our best writers upon agricul. Mons. Hedde has also made a collection of silkworms' ture generally, and the culture of fruits more particueggs, mulberry trees, and the ma plant, from which larly. In the Culturist he has embodied the results of the fine grass cloth is made, together with drawings many years of practical experience in his own nursery and pictures, apparatus,and looms. He intends to pub- and garden; we can therefore recommend it with more lish an account of his interesting excursion, and give confidence than we should otherwise be disposed to translations of the different Chinese works on mul do. In running our eye over the contents, we noticed berry trees, the rearing of silkworms, and weaving of a few errors, but these are of so trivial a kind as not to silk, on his return to France.

detract from the general merits of the work. We keep " Robert Fortune, Esq., the English Naturalist, who the book on our shelves, and trust it may have an ex. was sent out to China about three years since, by the tensive sale. We should have noticed it earlier, but Horticultural Society of London, has been eminently have only just received a presentation copy. successful, and has already sent to the Society about BOOK-KEEPING BY SINGLE ENTRY. By James 90 cases of living plants, besides a large collection of Arlington Bennet.. For sale by Saxton & Miles, 205 dried specimens of plants and animals.”

Broadway. Price $1,50. This is a good system of book. STRAWBERRIES. -The editors of the Annapolis Re. keeping for the farmer, being more easily comprehendpublican have received some strawberries weighing ed than that by double entry. The work abounds 40 to the pound, from Mrs. Jefferson Dorsey, of Arun- with familiar examples, thus enabling every person del county Can any of our fair readers show larger to be his own teacher in this system of keeping ones ?


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EDITOR'S TABLE. JULY MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE graphic and picturesque than Mr. Headley in his OF THE N.Y. STATE AG. SOCIETY.-To the gentlemen descriptions. composing the Executive Committee of the New York Dick's Works.-Eight volumes in four, making State Agricultural Society :

3,035 pages.

Price $2.50 for the whole work. E. C. At the coming meeting on the second Thursday in & J. Biddle, Philadelphia. We hail with great pleaJuly, much important business will be brought before sure the reprint of these valuable works by one of the you, and I hope that every member of the Committee most eminent moral philosophers of the age. All the will make it convenient to attend at that time, for it subjects of these volumes are illustrated by science, is very desirable there should be as full an attendance and treated in a style so simple and familiar, as to as possible.

J. M. SHERWOOD, President. make them easily comprehended by the plainest un. Auburn, June 16th, 1846.

derstanding. The peculiar trait of Dr. Dick's mind is Show or The HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY OF Long benevolence, and this he shows to be the design of the ISLAND. — The first Show of flowers, fruits, and Deity in all his works; if anything runs contrary to vegetables, of this Society, for this year, was held at this, it is obviously the fault of the created, and not of Flushing, on the 11th and 12th of last month. Owing the Creator. to the lateness of the season, the exhibition was not THE STANDARD PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY OF so large and varied as last year; but such things as THE FRENCH AND ENGLISH LANGUAGES: in two were brought forward were choice of their kind, and Parts. Part I. French and English. Part II. English gave general satisfaction to the numerous visitors and French. The First Part comprehending Words present.

Messrs. Valk & Co. exhibited a choice col. in common use; Terms connected with Science; lection of green-house plants, roses, &c., and some Terms belonging to the Fine Arts; 4,000 Historical sweet-water grapes; Messrs. Parsons & Co., Winter Names; 4,000 Geographical Names; 11,000 Terms & Co., and Prince & Co., each, a large collection of lately published. With the Pronunciation of every roses, among which we noticed la Reine, and other Word, according to the French Academy and the most superb French varieties also other flowers in abun. Eminent Lexicographers and Grammarians; together dance; Mr. Joseph Bloodgood, Jr., a pretty assortment with 750 Critical Remarks, in which the various of fuchsias, mostly new varieties, also some early Methods of Pronouncing employed by Different vegetables; Messrs. Thorburn & Co., exotic plants; Authors are investigated, and compared with each Mr. Russel, seedling pelargoniums, roses, and cinera: other. The Second Part containing a Copious Vocarias; Mr. A. C. Smith, lemon trees, loaded with bulary of English Words and Expressions, with the fruit'; Mr. Huntsman, a varied and delicious assort- Pronunciation according to Walker. The whole prement of large strawberries į Judge Strong, choice ceded by a Practical and Comprehensive System of winter pears, &c.; Messrs, John A. King and Wm. H. French Pronunciation. By Gabriel Surenne, French Schermerhorn, sovereign potatoes of a superior early Teacher in Edinburgh ; Corresponding Member of kind, and other vegetables. Many other persons, the French Grammatical Society, &c., &c., &c. New whose names we did not learn, showed more or less York: D. Appleton & Co., 200 Broadway: Pp. 834, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

12mo. Price $1.30. No Dictionary of the French The next exhibition of the Society will take place Language has ever been issued from the American in Brooklyn early in September next. We shall look press, which will bear a comparison with this excel. for a superb show then, and have no doubt it will be lent, and we may truly say, classical work of M Su. numerously attended. We wish a New York Horti- renne. It appears to be well got up; and, as we under: cultural Society could be formed to hold three annual stand, is printed from the original stereotype plates. exhibitions in this city; one the last of March for Ohio WINE.- From an elaborate Report, presented green-house plants ; one in June for summer fruits to the Horticultural Society of Cincinnati by Dr. and flowers; and one early in September for such as Flagg, it appears that there are seventy-eight vineperfect in autumn. Such'a Society properly got up yards in Hamilton county, Ohio, of which more than and conducted, might be as instruine tal for good in Kfty are cultivated by Germans. About 200 acres are the Middle States, as the Massachusetts Society is to planted with the grape, of which 100 are in bearing those at the North.

order. The amount of wine made last year exceeded Tuk AMERICAN FLORA.-By A. B. Strong, M. D. | 22,000 gallons, notwithstanding more than one-hall Published by Strong & Bidwell, 162 Nassau Street, the crop was cut off by the frost and rot, and many of New York. Price $3 a year, or 25 cents a number. the vineyards are but just coming into fruit. The This is a monthly publication, the first four numbers average yield of wine per acre, for five years in sucof which have been issued, each containing five beau- cession, is estimated at 450 to 500 gallons, which sells tifully colored engravings, executed in a manner cre- quick at $1 to $1.50 per gallon. There will be at ditable to the author, and cannot fail in securing an least one hundred acres more put down to grapes this extensive circulation.

spring, making three hundred in all, in Hamilton WANDERINGS UNDER THE SHADOW of Mont county. There are also eight or ten vineyards in BLANC AND JUNGFRAU. - By, George B. Kentucky, within a dozen miles of this city. The Cheever, forming Nos. VI. and XI. of the Library of varieties of grape generally cultivated are the Catawba American books, published by Wiley & Putnam, 161 and the Cape; the latter is called at the East, the Broadway. Price 50 cents each. Anything from the Schuylkill Muscadel, and furnishes the red wine. pen of Mr. Cheever is sure to command attention, as That from the Catawba is white, and sells the highhe has a pleasing and original way of treating all sub- est. The Isabella, so popular at the East, is univerjects on which he writes. These delightful volumes sally thrown up here, as unsuited to the climate.have interested us more than any others we have yet Cincinnati Gazelte. seen, from his ready pen. Perhaps it was the subject PREVENTION OF THE Bee-Moth.—The bee-moth and the scenes which lent their charms throughout may be effectually destroyed by placing, during their the perusal.

active season, near the hives, a few basias of honey The ALPS AND THE RHINE.-By J. T. Headley, and water (made weak) after night-fall, and removing being No. X. of Wiley & Putnam's Library of Ameri- early in the morning. They are attracted to it and can Books. Price 50 cents.. Everything touched by drowned. this writer has so much spirit and life infused into it, THE ReroRT OF THE COMMISSIONER OF PA. that he is sure to carry the reader away with him. TENTS, POR 1845, has been received, and will be parwander where he will. No traveller can be more I ticularly considered in our next number.


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REMARKS.- Ashes steady. Collon fair sales. Flour dull.

(train of all kinds in good demand. Hay is plenty. Molasses PRICES CURRENT IN NEW YORK, JUNE 22, 1846. of a prime quality scarce. Naval Stores nominal. Provisions ASHES, Pots, ...................per 100 lbs. $3 50 to $3 56

little inquiry.

Seeds inactive. Sugar lower prices, rule. ToPearls, .......................... 4 06 4 12

bacco considerable sales. Wool little doing at this moment. BALE ROPE,. ....................... lb. 5


Money tolerably easy. BARK, Quercitron,...................... ton, 22 00 24 00

Slocks in fair demand. BEANS, White, .......... bush. 1 12

1 25

The Weather has been warm and fine mostly the past month, BEESWAX, Am. Yellow, ............... Ib.

33 and crops generally are looking extremely well. At the South BOLT ROPE, 12


the wheat harvest is over, and proves a good one. Corn there BONES, ground, .......... bush. 40

55 never promised better. Cotton is rather backward, but a good BRISTLËS, American, 25

65 stand generally shows itself. or other crops in that quarter we BUTTER, Table, 16

25 hear favorable accounts. The haying season has commenced at Shipping..... 9

13 the North, and the yield of grass has not been so heavy for years. CANDLES, Mould, Tallow, 9

11 Wheat is suffering par:ially froin the fly, but on the whole proSperm, 25


mises a good yield. The other crops here are looking well; Stearic, 20

25 though corn, owing to the abundant rains and cold weather late CHEESE,


in May and early in June, is rather backward. Fruit is fairly COAL, Anthracite, ................2000 lbs. 5 00 6 00

abundant. CORDAGE, American, .................. Ib. 11

12 COTTON, 6

11 COTTON BAGGING, Amer. hemp,.... yard, 13

To CORRESPONDENTS.- Jacob N. Blakeslee, E. L., Lert, 8.,

14 Kentucky,........... 12

Henry W. Edwards, B. Franklin Clark, A Young Farmer, and

13 FEATHERS, ...........................b. 25 " 34

Reviewer, are received.
FLAX, American, ..................... do. 8
PLOUR, Northern and Western, ........ bbl.

4 00

4 25

THE AMERICAN HERD BOOK.-Containing Pedigrees of ShortFancy, 4 87 5 12

Horn Caille. To which is prefixed a Concise History of English Southern,

3 50 4 25 Richmond City

and American Short-Horns, compiled from the best Authorities. 6 00 6 25

By Lewis F. Allen. Rye,....

From the press of Jewett, Thomas & Co., 2 50 2 75

Buffalo. GRAIN_Wheat, Western............. bush.

Pp. 240. Price $3.00. The late hour at which this 90

1 00

long-expected work came to hand, renders it impossible for us to Southern.............. do. 80


give more than a brief notice of it. It contains the pedigree of one Rye,.. 63

64 Corn, Northern,................... do.

hundred and thirty-seven bulls, and two hundred and forty cows, 55


and is prefaced with the best and most valuable history of the Southern, 50


Short-Horns ever yet published; correcting the egregious errors Barley, ................. do. 45

47 Oats, Northern,

of Mr. Youatt in his work on British Cattle, and all his followers. 34


This Herd Book being the first of the kind ever attempted to be Southern, 26

28 published in America, it has been a very laborious task to Mr. GUANO, ............................. do. 2 00 3 00 HAY, in bales,..

Allen to get the matejials together for it. The first step hav.................. 100 lbs. 45


ing now been taken, it is to be hoped succeeding volumes may be HEMP, Russia, clean,...

.........ton. 215 00

4 225 00

written with less difficulty. It is as handsomely got up as the American, water-rotted,. 105 00

185 00

English Herd Book, and does both the author and publishers American, dew-rotted, 75 00

# 125 00

much credit. HIDES, Dry Southern,....

Subscribers can have it by calling either at our 7

8 HOPS.....

office 187 Water Street, or at Saxton & Miles, 205 Broadway. It .......................... Ib. 18


may also be had at Saxton & Kelts, Boston; James M. Campbell, ...............................100. 1 00

7 00 LEAD, pig,....

Philadelphia; McCarter & Allen, Charleston, S. C.; D. Baker 4 12

4 25 Sheet and bar,..................... Ib.

& Co., New Orleans; Nafis, Cornish & Co., St. Louis ; Morton 5

& Griswold, Louisville ; W. H. Mnore, & Co., Cincinnau; MEAL, Corn,.......................... bbl. 3 00 3 25 Corn,.......

Whiting & Huntington, Columbus, Ohio; and .............. hhd. 15450 16 00 MOLASSES, New Orleans,

SAXTON & MILES, 205 Broadway, New York.

31 MUSTARD, American,.......

.......... Ib. 16

31 NAVAL STORES—Tar,............... bbl. 1 50

1 75

Pitch, 1 00 1 06

The subscriber_has just received a lot of the above Plows, ....................... do. 50

58 Turpentine,........
3 50

manufactured by B. Meyer, Newark, N. J.

4 00 Spirits Turpentine, Southern,


A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y: OIL, Linseed, American, ................ do. 60

62 Castor,

.do. GO

73 Lard,.. 60


PERUVIAN GUANO AT REDUCED PRICES. OIL CAKE, ........................ 100 lbs. 1 75 1 88 The subscriber keeps this superior fertilizer constantly on PEAS, Field, .......... bush. I 50

hand for sale, in bags, barrels, half barrels, and kegs. It comes PLASTER OF PARIS,................ ton. 2 38 3 00 direct from the Agent of the Peruvian Company, and is warranted

Ground, In bbls., ... .....of 300 lbs. 1 12 1 25 PROVISIONS-Beer, Mess,.............bbl.

genuine and of a first rate quality.
6 50 9 00

Five tons and over.......

.......2 cents per lb. 4 50 5 50

One ton and under five tons..... 2 1-8 do.
Smoked, 6


Half a ton and under one ton.........2 1-4 do.
Rounds, in pickle, 4

Under half a ton.......

....2 1-2 do. Pork, Mess,

..bbl. 10 00 13 00

This Guano is packed in bags weighing from 120 to 150 lbs.; Prime,........... 7 88 9 00

barrels, from 220 to 250 lbs.; half barrels from 115 to 130 lbs; Lard,

...]b. 6


kegs about 60 lbs. each. When a larger quantity than one Bacon sides, Smoked, . ......... do, 3

ton is taken, it is expected it will be in bags. No allowance In pickle, 3


for tare, and no charge for packages. Cartage extra. Hams, Smoked,


A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y. Pickled,

7 Shoulders, Smoked,..


..................100 lbs. 3 12 4 00

The Subscriber has one three-year old Ayrshire bull for sale, SALT, ......................... sack, 1 22 1 38 price $100; also, one three months old, price $30. They are Common, ...................... bush. 20


bred from stock imported by himself, from the best breeds in SEEDS—Clover,........................b.

9 Scotland. It is believed that they have no superiors in the Timothy, ...................7 bush. 10 00 16 00 United States.

R. 8. GRISWOLD. Flax, clean, 10 00

11 00

Lyne, Conn.
9 00 "

10 00 SODA, Ash, cont'g 80 per cent. soda,... Ib. 3

3 Sulphate Soda, ground, 1

FOR SALE. SUGAR, New Orleans,..

5 SUMAC, American,

A full blooded Narragansett, entire horse. This breed has ......... ton, 35 00 37 50 TALLOW,

7 "


been in the family of the late Governor Jay, for the last century. TOBACCO, 3


They are rackers, and not pacers. He is 8 years old, and the WHISKEY, American, 19

2i only entire horse of the breed which is left. He is very fast, will WOOLS, Saxon y,........................b.

rack his mile within 3 ininutes. llorses of this breed are highly

54 30

esteemed as saddle horses for ladies and gentlemen, and bring å Half blood, 25

very high price. Apply to James R. Dey, No. 51 Liberty Street, Common do......................... 20

New York.

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DURHAM BULL FOR SALE. Societies, or individuals, contributing funds for the inportation Not having sufficient ase for him, the subscriber offers for sale of the Alpaca from Peru into the United States, will be entitled his thorough bred imported bill, Prince Albert. His sire was the to such share of the animals on their arrival as will correspond celebrated ball, Sir Thomas Fairfax, and his pedigree can be seen, proportionately with the sums of money which shall or may in the British Herd book, Vol. 4, page 382. He is five years old, have been invested by them. In case such fractions shall exist a red roan, of medium size, and of quiet temper. If not previously as will not allow an equitable division of the Alpacas to be disposed of, he will be offered for sale at the next show of the made, a requisite number of the animals will be sold at public New York State Agricultural Society. auction, and the net proceeds be divided among the contributors Letters on the subject can be addressed to the subscriber at Red in proportion to the original amounts paid in.

Hook, Dutchess County, New York, where the bull may be seen. All persons disposed to encourage this onterprise, are invited

ROBERT DONALDSON. to forward the amount of their subscription to A. P. Halsey, Cashier of the Bank of New York, and 'I'reasurer of the Ameri. can Agricultural Association, at 48 Wall Street, N. Y.


Published Monthly, by Saxton & MILES, 205 Broad way, New June 22, 1846. Chairman of Committee for Importation. York, containing 32 pagos, royal octavo.

TERMS-One Dollar per year in advance; three copies for T'vo

Dollars ; eight copies for Five Dollars. PATENT SYRINGES AND GARDEN ENGINES.

When Agriculiural Societies order the work for distribution, Manufactured and improved by M. Pool, and sold at the New among the inembers, the price will be only FIFTY CENTS a York Agricultural Warehouse. Price of Syringes from $4 to $6. year, for the Monthly Numbers, and SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS Garden Engine from $25 to $30.

per copy for bound volunes. It will be expected that these A. B. ALLEN, No. 187 Water Street, N.Y. orders come officially, and be signed by the President or Secretary

of the Society. The object in putting our periodical at this very # NEW YORK AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE.

low rate is, to benefit the farming community more extensively

than it could otherwise be done. We hope, henceforth, to see Farmers, Planters, and Gardeners, will find the LARGEST AND the Agriculturist in the hands of every Farmer and Planter in the MOST COMPLETE assortment of Agricultural Implements of all country. kinds, at this Establishment, ever offered in the New York Mar Each number of the Agriculturist contains but One sheet, and ket. Most of these Implements are of new and highly improved is transported by mail under the same regulations as newspapers, patterns, warranted to be made of the best materials, put together viz.: free any distance not over 30 miles from its place of publica. in the strongest manner, of a very superior tinish, and offo red at tion; 'over this and within 100 miles, or to any town in the State the lowest cash prices.

of New York, one cent postage on each number, and one and a half Among these implements are upwards of FIFTY different kinds cents if over 100 miles, without the State. of Plows manufactured by Ruggles, Nourse & Mason, of Worces.

Back Volumes of 'THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST, with ter, Mass., also in New York-for the South as well as for the tables of contents complete, for sale at $1.00 each ; eleNorth ; Harrows of different patterns and sizes ; Rollers of wood ganty and uniformly bouind in cloth, $1.25. These are handand cast-iron on a new principle; Seed Sowers for all kinds of some, tasteful books, and make very desirable premiums for disseeds, a recent invention; Cultivators, with different kinds of tribution with Agricultural Societies, ard should also find place, teeth ; Horse powers of wood or of cast-iron, very strong and su- in all our District School Libraries. They constitute the best and perior; Graia Threshers; Fanning Mills; Mills for grinding most complete treatise on American Farming, Stock-Breeding corn, &c., a new inv tion; Corn Sheller for nd or horse and Horticulture, extant. When several copies are ordered, a power, the latter shelling 200 bushels of ears per hour; Vegetable liberal discount will be made. Cutters, will cut a bushel of roots for cattle in two minutes ; Hay, Editors of newspapers noticing the numbers of this work month. Straw, and Corn-stalk Cutters ; Scythes, Rakes, Shovels, Spades, ly, or advertising it, will be furnished a copy gratis, upon sending Hoos-indeed, Field and Garden tools of all kinds.

such notice to this office. Castings for the various kind of Plows manufactured in Worcester and New York.

GUANO. Seeds for the Farmer and Gardener.--A choice assortment of the various kinds such as Improved Winter and Spring Wheat, the balance of the ship Shakspeare's cargo, the only direct im

The Subscribers offer for sale, on very accommodating terms, Rye, Barley, Oats, Corn, Beans, Peas, Rutabaga, Turnip, Cabbage, Beet, Carrot, Parsnip, Clover and Grass Seeds, and improved va- portation into this port from Ichaboe. Much guano from other

parts of Africa has been sold as Ichaboe, which on trial has proWire-Cloths and Sieves.—Different kinds and sizes constantly cargo has been put in air-tight casks. Apply to

duced unfavorable results. To prevent the loss of ammonia, this on hand. Fertilizers.--Peruvian and African Guano, Bone-dust, Lime,

Feb. 6, 1846. E. K. COLLINS & CO., 56 South St. Plaster of Paris, &c.

Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs.-Orders taken for these, and executed from a choice of the bcst Nurseries, Gardens,

CONTENTS OF JULY NUMBER. and Conservatories in the United States.

Economical Mode of Preserving Cherries Horses, Catile, Sheep, and Swine.-Orders executed for Stock of National Fair; Sexes in the dirawberry Plant


201 all kinds, to the best advantage.

Cylindrical Churn; Agriculture in China A Descriptive Catalogue.- This will be sent to any one gratis, Friction Rollers applied to Grindstones

.. 202 upon application, post-paid, to the subscriber. It comprises 80 Imported Saxon Sheep pages, and is illustrated with a great variety of wood cuis. New York Farmers' Club; The Revolving Hay-Rake.

The American Agriculturist Almanac. --32 pages, with wood Culture of Strawberries; Foreign Catlle..... cuts. Price $15 per thousand.

Lime Applied to Vegetable Matter... Agricultural Books.-A general assortment of all kinds. Canada Gypsum; Dissolving Bones in Sulphuric Acid...... 206 A liberal discount made to dealers.

Properties of Indian Corn, froin Dr. Jackson..

208 A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N.Y. Gardening, No. 5, L. T. Talbot ; Italian Mode

909 of Cooking Maize, An Old I'raveller Cherokee Rose Hedge, M. W. Philips...

810 DURHAM STOCK FOR SALE. The Subscriber has on his farm near this city, more stock than

3 he needs, and will sell two, two-year old, and two yearling Remedy for the Weevil in Wheat, X heifers, one yearling bull, and four spring calves. The price of Management of Honey Bees, no. 1, 1. B. Miner}

213 the latter will be from $50 to $75, when about 3 months old, and Domestic Fish Ponds, No. 2, D'Jay Browne....

214 the price of the yearlings and two-year olds will be from $100 to The Alpaca, No. 2...

216 and the prize bull Meteor, both possessing the blood of the herd


Burrweed, and spurry, Canadian Naturalist of the celebrated breeder, Thomas Bates, Esq., of Yorkshire, Colic in Mules; A Review of the March No, of England. This stock is out of first-rate milking Dnrham cows,



the Agriculturist, No. 3, Reviewer and will carry its own recommendation. GEO. VAIL. Important fact.... Troy, June 1st, 1846. 21

Transplanting and Grafting Trees, T. S. W. Mott...

Rambouillet Merinos, L. G. Bingham ; Items.............. 295 POUDRETTE FOR SALE.

LADIES' DEPARTMENT : Choice of Business The Lodi Manufacturing Company offer Poudrette for sale at Boys' DEPARTMENT : Agricultural Education, *W*........

Pursuits for Children, E. M. C.

} the following prices. At the Factory on the Hackensack River, 4 Foreign Agricultural News...; mlles from New York in bulk, 35 cents per bushel, and $1.63 cts. Editor's Table ; Contemplated Mission to Japan; Importa:) per barrel.

Delivered in New York from 1 to 6 bbls., $200 per bbl. ; 7 bbls. and over, $1.75 per bbl. Apply to the office of the

tion of Ayrshire Caille ; Executive Meeting for July of

the N. Y. State Ag. Boc.; Sho Company, 51 Liberty Street, or to A. B. Allen, 187 Water Street,

of the Long ad where printed directions and other information may be obtained. Review of the Market....

Horticultural Society ; Review of New Works, &c. May, 26

-... 203

.... 205

.. 211

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