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List of Premiums,

Stallions.-1st, Benj. Pettit, Bridgwater, $10; 20, S. F. Selle.,

Lansing, $5; 30, W. Colquhoun, Cornell, Canada, Diploma. Awarded at the N. Y. State Fair, Auburn, Sept., 1816.

Mares.-Jos. Mabbet, Skaneateles, $10; 21, for a grey mare, owner unknown to the colomittee, $5; 34, B. F. Bonney, Hamil ton, Diploma.

BULLS.- 1st, J. M. Sherwood, Auburn, Symmetry, $15: 2d,
Wm. K. Grinnell, Ledyard, Albion, $10; 34, C. S. Button, New-

Stallions.-Ist, Edward Long. Cambridge, Sir Henry, $10; 21, ark, Osceola, Diploma.

8. W. Holmes, Chatauque co., $i; 3d, Nelson Little, Lodi, CniTwo year-old Bulls.--Ist, H. N. Cary, Marcy, Oregon, $10; 2d, pepper, Diploma; 4th, Mr. Ferguson, Oswego, Kentucky Hunter,

Vol. Trans.
J. B. Packer, Saratoya, Tecumseh, Colman's Tour.
Yearling 'Bulls. — 1st, z. B. 'Wakeman, Herkiner, Young

Discretionary Premiums.--John H. Gardner, Young Emperor, Meteor, $io ; 2d, A. G. Percy, Lyons, Mayflower, Colman's Tour; two years old, $10; Iru McGonegal, Virginia, Diploma. 3d, J. W. Brcon, Waterloo, Waterloo, Diploma.

Mares.--Ist, Joel B. Nott, Albany, $10; 21, Isaac Fairchild, Bull Calves.- 1st, Gen. Vuil, 'Troy, Oscar, Col. Tour; 2d, J. W. Cortland, $5; 311, G. Howland, Diploma; 4th,'J. W. Coatman, Bacon, Waterloo, Diploma.

Aurelius, Vol. Trans. Cows.-1st, Geo. Vail, Troy, Lady Barrington, $15 ; 21, Elw.

Three-year old Stallions.-Ist, Wm. R. Grinnell, Champion, Wells, Johnstown, Venus, $ 10'; 31, J. W. Bacon, Waterloo, Red $10: 20, Henry Tully, Tyre, $5; 31, Isaac Fairchild, Cortland Lily, Diploma.

county, Diploma ; 4th, J. C. Burdict, l'ruxton, Vol. Trans. Troo-year-old Heifers.-1st, H. N. Cary, Marcy, Rose, $10; 2d,

Discretionary Premiuins.--Jumes Black, Bath, Matched Colts,

Vol. Trans.
J. M. Sherwood, Lalla Rookh, Col. Tour.
Yearling Heifers.--Ist, Z. B. Wakeman, Herkimer, Sylvia, unknown to the committee, Vol. Trans.

Geldings.--Ist, A. Merrill, Rome, $5; 2d, to No. 518, owner $10; 2d, Edward Wells, Johnstown, Cleopatra, Col. Tour. Heifer Calves.--Ist, Geo. Vail , Troy, Willie 5th, Col. Tour ; Dutcher, Milo, Diploma'; 3d, Olney Gould, Gaines, 2 Vols. Trans.

Matched Horses.-1st, Anos Lewis, Dryden, $10; 20, W. A. 2d, J. W. Bacon, Waterloo, Lady Jane, Diploma.

SHEEP. - Long-Woolled. Bulls.— Ist, T. H. Hyatt, Rochester, $15.

Bucks.--Ist, Wm. Van Heusen, Champion, $3; 21, W. H. Young Bulls.—1st and 2d, Corning & Sotham, Albany, $10, Sotham, Albany, Col. Tour; 34, L. F. Alien, Buffalo, Diploma. and Diploma.

Eves.-Ist, W. H. Sotham, Albany, $8; 2d, Lewis Taylor, Cows.- 1st and 20, Corning & Sotham, Albany, $15, and $10. Skaneateles, Col. Tour; 3d, Wm. Buell, Rochester, Diploma

Heifers.-T. H. Hyatt, Rochester, $10; 2u, Edward Wells, Lambs.-L. F. Allen, Buffalo, $j. Johnstown, Diploma.

MIDDLE-WOOLLED. - South Dorons. Bulls.—1st, L. F. Allen, Buffalo, $15; 20, R. M. Remington, Sherwood, Auburn, Col. Tour and Diploma.

Bucks.--Ist, Z. B. Wakeman, Herkimer, $8; 20 and 3d, J. M. $10. Young Bulls.-Geo. A. Mason, Jordan, $10; 2d, S. M. Brown, Herkiner, Col. Tour.

Exes.-1st, J. M. Sherwood, Auburn, $8; 2d, Z. B. Wakeman, Elbridge, Diploma.

Lambs.--Z. B. Wakeman, Herkimer, $5. Cows.-Ist and 21, H. N. Washbon, Butternutts, $15, avd $10.

Heifers.-195, H. N. Washbon, Butternutts, $10; 2d, L. F. Allen, Buffalo, Diplona.

Bucks:-- 1st, Joseph Blakeslee, North Salem, $8; 21, J. L. AYRSHIRES. (None offered.)

Randall, Col. Tour; 3d, Wm. Howard, Diploma.

Exes.--Ist, J. M. Sherwood, Auburn, $8; 2, J. L. Randall,

Col. Tour; 31, Wm. Howard, Diploma.
Cows.- Ist (not awarded); 2d, H. N. Washbon, Batternutts, Lambs.-Reed Burriti, Burdett, $5.
$10; 3d, J, W. Bacon, Waterloo, Vol. Trans.

Troo-year old Heifers.- Ist (not awarded); 2d, Enos T.
Throop, Owasco, $10.

Bucks.-Ist, S. B. Crocker, Vernon, $8; 2d and 30, S. H.
Yearling Heifers.-1st, C. T. Baldwin, Owasco, 85; 21, Geo. A. Church, Vernon, Col. Tour, and Diploma.
Mason, Jordan, Col. Tour; 3d, 8. M. Brown, Elbridge, Vol. Tr. Ewes.- 1st, S. H. Crocker, Vernon, $8; 2d and 3d, S. B.

Heifer Caldés.-1st, H. N. Washbon, Butternutts, Col. Tour. Crocker, Col. Tour, and Diploma,
Discretionary preininum, John G. Wheeler, Senneis, Vol. Trans.








Cows.- 1st, Ira Hopkins, Auburn, $15; 2d, Charles W. Brown, J. W. Collins, E. Bloomfield, $10.
Sennett, $10.

Yearling Heifers.-Ist, Geo: A. Mason, Jordan, $5; 20, Wm.
J. Phelps, Owasco, Col. Tour.

Boars. -Ist, C. R. Nichols, Darien, $10; 2d, G. V. Sackett, Herfer Calves.-Nath. Lynch, Sennett, Col. Tour.

Seneca Falls, Col. Tour: 3d, H. Hubbard, Canandaigua, Diploma ;

4th, Geo. Carlisle, Bethany, Diploma. WORKING OXEN.

Sous.--Ist, Wm. Howard, Owasco, $10; 21, A. Shaw, Scipio, Best Ten Yoke.—1st, J. S. Wadsworth, Geneseo, $20; 2d, J. Col. Tour; 3d, E. T. Throop, Owasco, Diploma. M. Sherwood, Anburn, $10; 3d, Sheldon, Fellows, and others, Moses, skaneateles, Diploma; A. Shaw, Scipio, ditto ; C. R.

Pigs.-1st, Wm. Howard. Owasco, Col. Tour; 2d, Chester Senneit, Vol. 'Trans.

Best Single Yoke.—1st, E. Sheldon, Sennett, $15; 2d, J. S. Nichols, Darien, ditio.
Wadsworth, Geneseo, $10; 3d, J. M. Sherwood, Auburn,

VoL Trans.
Three year-old Steers.-Best yoke ; 1st, J. Boies, Homer, $10; Moses, Skuneateles, $3; Large Fowls-J. F. Osbom, Mentz. $3 ;

Dorkings.-L. F. Allen, Buffalo, $3 ; Polands-Franklin C. 20, J. S. Wadsworth, Geneseo, $5; 3d, Wm. Hayden, Mentz, Ducks-J. F. Osborn, $3 ; Türkeys–M. B. Converse, Mentz, $3; Diploma.

Greatest Variety Fowls-Sam. R. Osborn, Fleinning, $10.
Two-year-old Steers.-1st, E. Sheldon, Sennett, 810; 2d, J.
Boies, Homer, Col. Tour; 31, Amos Barnes, Sennett, Vol. Tr.

Yearling Sicers.-Ist, Herod Otis, $8; 2d, J. Boies, Homer,
Col. Tour.

1st, Howland Delano, Mottville, Certificate; 21, J. B Gaylord,

Auburn, Diploma; 3d, David Anthony, Springtield, Vol. Trans. Best Pair Oren.—1st and 2d, J. Boies, Homer, $15 and $10 ; 3d,

WAGONS, HARROWS, &c. A. Pine, Pittstown, Col. Tour.

0. Barton, Onondaga, Silver Medal. Ozen or Steers.--Ist, G. T. Oliphant, Mount Morris, $10; 2d, Best Cultivator.--D. B. Rogers, Seneca Falls, Silver Medal. Henry Willard, Cayuga, $5.

Best Fanning Mill.-Ist, E. Taylor, Rochester, Certificate Coros or Heifers.- 1st, 2d, and 3d, J. S. Wadsworth, Geneseo, (Grant's Patent); 2d, D. Clow, Mentz, Silver Medal; 3d, Joha $10, 85, and Voi. Trans.

Gilbert, Diploma: 4th, Orris Hetfron, Poplar Ridge, Vol. Tr.

Best Horse-Power.--Richard Montgomery, Onondaga, Silver HORSES-For all work.

Medal; 211, John A. Fitts, Rochester, Diploma; 3d, Buell & Ni Stallions.- 1st, E. Fuller, Canandaigua, $10; 2d, Caleb Jasper, chols, Cazenovia, Vol. Trans. Marcellus, $5; 30, Isaac Fairchild, Cortland, Diploma; 4th, Best Corn Stalk Cutter.--Ist, J.C. Rich, Monroe, Silver Medal; Joseph Morrison, Ledyard, Vol. Trans.

2d, C. Burnett, Lyons, Diploma; 3d, George Catchpole, Geneva, Brood Marcs.—1st, David A. Monroe, Camillus, $10; 20, E. A. Vol. Trans. Howland, Venice, $5; 3d, Jos. H. Stanley, Cazenovia, Diploma; Best Threshing Machine and Separator:- 1st, John A. Pirts 4th, J. Boies, Homer, Vol. Trans.

Rochester, Silver Medal; 2d, E. Hicks, Wyoming, Diploma ; 34, Discretionary Premiums.- Reuben Tift, Veteran, Black Prince, Buell & Nichols, Cazenovia, Vol. Trans. Vol. Trans. ; Cyrus Breed. Oswego, Golden Farmer, Vol. Trans.; Drill Barrow or Corn Planter.-A. M. Badger, Rochester, Geo. Fordon, Geneva, Perfection, Vol. Trans.



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SILKS, &c.

Best Straw Cutter.- Ist, E. Lockwood, Norwalk, Conn., Silver Quinces.-George Underwood, Auburn, Vol. 'I'rans. Medal; 2d, J. C. Rich, Monroe, Diploma ; 34, J. W. Webb, Led Native Grupes.-Edward Thomas, Geneva, Vol. Trans. yard, Vol. Trans.

Foreign Grapes. -Chester Parsons, Skaneateles Vol. Trans.
Best Corn and Cob Crusher.- John A. Pitts, Rochester

Horse Rakes.-L. M. Whitman, Pike, Diploma.
Hay and Manure Forks.-Barton & Belden, Rochester, Dip.

Best Peaches.- Bissell &Hoaker, Rochester, Vol. Trans. Ares.- Barton & Belden, Rochester, Diploma.

Plums.-G. F. Prait, Buffalo, Vol. Trans.
Hoes.-R. M. Hine, Thrvopsville, Diploma.
Greatest Collection of Agricultural Implements.-F. Waters,

Chautauque, Silver Medal.
Corr Sheller.-T. D. Burrall, Geneva, Diploma.

Greutest Variety:- 1st, James Wilson, Albany, Silver Medal;

20, 1. W. Jackson, Schenectady, Diploma ; 3d, Elwanger & BUTTER.

Barry, Rochester, Vol. Trans.

Secdling Dahlius.-Ist, Edward Thomas, Geneva, Diploma ; From 5 Cows in 30 days.--Ist, E. R. Evans, Marcy, Oneida co., 2d, Ditto, Diploma. $25 ; 21, 0. C. Crocker, Union, Broome co., 615.

Best 25 varieties Dahlias.-Ist, James Wilson, Albany, Silver Best 25 pounds made in June.-1st, Joseph Baker, Otisco, Onon. Medal ; 24, Elwanger & Barry, Rochester, Diploma ; 3i, Isaac co., $10; 2d, Wm. Ottley, Phelps, Ontario, Col. Tour; 3d, Elisha W. Jackson, Schenectady, Vol. 'Trans. Sheldon, Homer, Cortland, Vol. Trans.

Foral Ornaments.-James Wilson, Albany, Silver Medal. Best 50 pounds made at any time.-1st, Joseph Baker, Otisco, Boquets.-Isl, James Wilson, Albany, Coi. Tour ; 2d, L. Me. $15; 2, 0. C. Crocker, Union, Col. Tour; 34, Abram Adams, nard, ditto, Diploma ; 3d, Ditto, ditto, Vol. Trans. Preble, Silver Medal; 4th, Elisha Sheldon, Homer, Diploma; 5th, Green-House Plants. -Ist, Mrs. M. Miller, Auburn, Diploma ; John G. Wheeler, Sennett, Vol. Trans.

20, Miss H.C. Moses, Skaneateles, Vol. Trans.

German Astor.-1. W. Jackson, Schenectady, Vol. Trans.

Best 12 Roses.-Ist, James Wilson, Albany, Diploma; 2d. Best 100 pounds, one year old and oper. - 1st, No award ; 2d, Elwanger & Barry, Rochester, Vol. Trans. ditto; 3d, Robert Eells, Oneida co., Silver Medal; 4th, William

FLORAL ORNAMENTS. Ottley, Ontario, Dip. ; 5th, H. N. Washburn, Otsego, Vol. Tr.

Best less than one year old.—1st, No award ; 2d, Robert Eelis, Discretionary Premiums.- Mrs. E T. Troop Martin, Willow Col. Tour ; 3d, Wm. Outley, Silver Medal ; 4ih, isaac Bucklin, Brook, Cayuga county, Diploma ; Elibu Tyler, Buffalo, ditto; Cayuga co., Diploma ; 5th, Anthony Shaw, Scipio, Vol. Trans. Elwanger & Barry, Rochester, ditto ; Professor Coppock, Horti

cultural Society, Buffalo, ditto; William Webb, Buffalo, ditto; SUGAR.

Benjamin Hodge, rare and beautiful roses, ditto; Henry Morgan Best Maple.--Ist, Benj. Gauss, Jr., Bloomfield, Ontario, $10; Aurora, ditto. 22, Moses Eames, Rútland, Jefferson co., $5; 3d, Erastus Bigelow,

Sangerfield, Diploma ; 4th, U. E. Talman, Tully, Onondaga,
Vol. Trans.

Water Melons.-H. N. Langworthy, Rochester, Col. Tour. Corn Stalk.-None offered.

Musk Melons.-George Cooper, Irondequoit, Monroe county Vol. Trans.

White Carrots.-C. F. Crossman, Rochester, Vol. Trans. Manufactured.--Clark Avery, Perryville, $15.

Field Carrots.-Joseph H. Osborn, Mentź, Cayuga county Sering:- 1st, Clark Avery, $10;

2d, Joseph Belcher, $5; 3d, Vol. Trans. David Irish, Diploma ; 4th. N. M. Coburn, Vol. Trans.

Beets (Long Blood).--C. F. Crossman, Vol. Trans Reeled.-1st, Joseph Belcher, 85; 20, N. M. Coburn, Diploma ; White Parsnips.--George Cooper, Vol. Trans. 3d, David Irish, Vol. Trans.

White Table Turnips. --George Cooper, ditto. Cocoons.-Ist, N. M. Coburn, $10; 2d, Joseph Belcher, Cabbages - George Cooper, Vol. Trans. Colman's Tour.

Tomatos.-C. F. Crossman, ditto.

Egg Plant.-C. F. Crossman, ditto.

Sweet Potuto.--H. G. Dickinson, ditto.
Woollen Blankets.--- Ist, Wm. Ottley, Phelps, $5; 20, F. P. Lima Beans.-Ira Hopkins, Auburn, ditto.
Brown, Elbridge, 84; 34, Geo. W. Henry, Martinsburgh, $3. Pursley, George Cooper, ditto.
, Albert L. White, $5; 24, Clark Avery, $1; 3d, Hiram Hubbard, Canandaigua, six from one seed weighed 574

Squashes.---H. G. Dickinson, one weighing 80 lbs. Vol. Trans. ; Wm. Ottley, $3.

Woollen Cloths.-Ist, M. W. Priest, Little Falls, $5; 2d, o. pounds, one of which weighed 146 3-4 pounds, Vol. Trans.
Kellogg, Skaneateles, $1; 3d, Ditto, $3.

Pumpkins.-C. Moses, Skaneateles, ditto.
Woollen Carpets.- 1st, Jonathan Conger, Groton, 85; 20, No. Seed Corn.-Chester Gridley, Sennett, Cayuga county, Vol.
474, Unknown, $1; 34, D. C. Monroe, Elbridge, Cayuga co., $3. Trans. ; Dr. John Thompson, Ledyard, ditto, ditto ; Joseph F
Tow Cloth. - A. Shaw, Scipio, Cayuga county, $3.

Osborn, Mentz, ditto, ditto. Linen.- Ist, A. Pine, Pittstown, $5; 20, F. P. Brown, Elbridge, Mangel Wurtzel. -James Rattle, Sennett, Cayuga co., ditto. $1; 3d, E. W. Bateman, Venice, $.3.

Sugar Beets.- Joseph F. Osborn, Cayuga county, ditto. DisLinen Diaper.-Ist, 'A. Pine, Pittstown, $5; 2, Margaret cretionary Premium for beets, carrots, and millet, Thomas Ogden, Jeffery, Truxton, $4; 3d, George W. Henry, Martinsburgh, $3. Vol. Trans. ; Ditto for sweet corn and red peppers, A. Custin, do.

Hearth Rugs. -Ist, Hotchkiss & Smith, Auburn, $3; 21, J. Wheat.-R. Harinon, Wheatland, three varieties Vol. Trans. ; Barber, ditto, 31; 3d, Miss A. R. Smith, Vernon, $3.

Martin Smith, white flint, $5. Double Carpet Coverlets.-Ist, Caroline C. Jones, Westmore. Best Table Potatoes.--1st, C. R. Nichols, Mercers, Genesee land, 84; 2d, C. R. Nichols, Darien, $3 ; 34, C. Dan, Perryville, county, $2; 2d, C. F. Croczman, Long Pink Eye, Monroe county, $; 4th, J. Conger, Groton, Vo!. Trans.

Vol. Trans. ; 3d, Joseph F. Osburn, ditto, Cayuga county,

ditto. Woollen Stockings.--Ist, Margaret Jeffrey, Truxton, $2; 2d, Seedling Potatoes.-N. S. Smith, Buffalo, Pink Eye, $5; Ditto, Mrs. Greenleaf, Watertown, Vol. Trans.; 3d, David Thomas, | 4 varieties, Colman's Tour. Aurora, Diploma.

Tea zles.-Richard Abbey, Seneca county, Vol. Tr. Wové Woollen Stockings.—Miss

L. C. Morris, Auburn, $2. Red Peppers.-Richard Abbey, five boxes, several varieties, Linen Thread.-R. S. Ransom, Perryville, $2.

Vol. Trans. Kersey.--Ist, C. Britt, Perryville, $3 ; 2d, R. S. Ransom, ditto,

BEL-HIVES. $2; 34, A. Pine, Pittstown, Vol. Trans. Linen Knit Stockings.-íst, Chester Gridley, Sennett, Cayuga

Aaron Colton, Pittsfield, Vermont, $5; Wm. R. Kelsey, Starcounty, $2; 24, E W. Bateman, Venice, Cayuga county, Vol. key, Yates county, Vol. Trans. Trans. ; 3, J. L. Eastman, Lodi, Diploma.

Knit Cotton Slockings.-Ist, L: C. Morris, Auburn, $2 ; 2d,
Ditto, Vol. Trans. ; 3d, Ditto, Diploina.

For Cooking.1st, Jackson & Phelps, Syracuse (Buck, No. 8), Bed Quilts.- Ist, Rebecca Johnson, Syracuse, 85; L. C. Mor- for Hotels, Diploma ; 20, D. E. Stafford (Telegraph), Silver Medal'; ris, Auburn, $3; 3d, B. F. Hawks, Phelps, $2.

3d, Anthony Davy & Co., Troy, six sizes (Washington Air-Tight) Rag Carpets.-1st, Williain Ranney, Elbridge, Onon., $3 ; 2d,

Diploma. George Hawley, Auburn, Cayuga, $2 ; 3d, Abram Adams,

Preble, 2d, Wager & Dater, Diploma ; 3d, J. S. & M. Peckham, Pip,

Parlor Air-Tight.- 1st, Atwood, Cole & Crane, Silver Medal ; Cortland, Vol. Trans. ; 4th, Jonathan Paddock, Aurelius, Cayuga, Vol. Trans.

Stove Hollow Wure.-- Hoag, Schenectady (5 pieces),

Vol. Trans.
YKUIT. Class I.

Table Apples.- 1st, Benjamin Houge, Buffalo, $5; 2d, A.
Bryant & Son, ditto, $3 ; 3d, C. Parvis, Greece, Monroe county, Miss Cox, ditto ; Crayon Drawing by Miss Conkling, ditto.

W. M. Beauchamp, Skaneateles, Diploma; Pencil Drawing by Vol. Trans.

Best twelve Sorts ditto.-J. C. Hastings, Clinton, $3.
Sealling Apple.- Isaac Hildreth, Geneva, 83.

Tuble Peurs, –1st. Elwanger & Barry, Rochester, $3 ; 211, Reaping Muchine.-C. H. McCormick, Rockbridge county
Benjamin Hodge, Butralo, Vcl. Trans.

Va., $5. Winter Pears.-Elwanger & Barry, Vol. Trans.

Stump Machine.--R. H. Hall, Owego, $10.

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Grain Planter and Ash-Sowing Machine.-P. Seymour, East

Bloomfield, Ontario county, $5.
Sowing Machine.-W. H. Jones, Bridgeport, Conn., Diploma.
Flar. Pulling Machine.-H. Hill, Diploma.
Bells.---A. J. Neneely, West Troy, Diploma.

Nineteenth Fair of the American Institute.
Door Locks and Bell Pulls.-Dana & Price, Utica, 85.
Rockaway Buggies.-Allen & Carpenter, Groton, Tompkins

NATIVE STOCK county, $i. Buggy Wugons and Sleighs. -James Gould & Co., Albany, Dip: Cap, $10; Second best, Le Grand Bradley, Hamden, Ct., Silver

For the best Native Cow, Whitson Jarvis, Brooklyn, Silver Double Acting Force Puinp.-lst, Phelps & Messenger, Oneida, $3 ; 21, H. G. Nautison, Syracuse, Diploma.

Medal, $5. Fire Engine.-Calvin Young ( 16 years old), Auburn, $5.

Best Native Heifer, Josiah Purdy, Jr., Rye, Westchester Co., Balance Slide Farm Gate.-Ist, H. White, Kirkland, Oneida

Silver Medal, $5.

IMPROVED STOCK. county, $3; 21, S. Benliam, Camillus, Onondaga county, Dip. Portable Bedstead.-- James Hazleit, Utica, $3.

Best Durham Bull, over 2 years old, Bell & Morris, WestchesRefrigerutor and a Shower Buth.-E. Taylor, Rochester, $5. ter county, Silver Cup, $15. Horse Yoke ---E. II. Danforth, Busti, Chautauque county, $3. Best Devon bull, 2 years old and over, Roswell L. Colt, Pater

Leather.Crcusing Muchine.-5. Wilson, Dansville, Livingston son, N. J., Silver Cnp, $15. county, $3.

Best Ayrshire bull, 2 years old and over, Roswell L. Colt, Silver Imitation Graining.-F. Van Doorn, Rochester, $3.

Cup, $15. Smut Machine.- Wilson & McCullogh, Syracuse, Diploma. Besi Durham bull calf, Bell & Morris, Silver Medal, $5. Buckwheat Cleaner.-- Daniel Pease. Jr., Diploma.

Best Ayrshire bull call, Roswell L. Colt, Silver Medal, $5.
Mill for Saving Siding.–Nelson Peck, Lyons, Wayne county, Best Durham cow, John A. Pool, New Brunswick, Silver

Cup, 815.
Portable Grist Mill.-J. H. Bristol (Fitzgerald's Patent), Dip. Best Devon cow, R. L. Colt, Paterson, Silver Cup, $15.
Hay Scales.-J. F. Keeler, Cazenovia, $5.

Best Ayrshire cow, Thomas Ellison, New Windsor, Silver
Or Yoke.-Elon Sheldon, Sennett, Cayuga county, Diploma. Cup, $15.
Buggy Wugons and Chariotees.- John W. Bates, Utica, Dip. Best Alderney cow, R. L. Colt, Silver Cup, $15.
Wagon Wheel.-J. S. Royce, Cuylerville, Livingston co., Dip. Best Durham heifer, over 1 year, Thomas Addis Emmet, New
Compound Carriage Wheel.-Norman Rúde, Onondaga, $3. York, Silver Cup, 88.

Self-Acting Cheese Press.-W. C. Pratt, Weedspori, Cayuga Best Devon heifer, over 1 year, J. N. Blakeslee, Watertown, county, Diploma.

Conn., Silver Cup, €8. Seraphines.--Upton & Miller, Rochester, Diploma.

Best Durham heitor calf (bred by George Vail, Troy), Samuel Whips.-W. R. Strong, Rochester, Diploma.

Allen, New York, Silver Medal, $5. Sofu’and Card Tables.--Charles Rust & Son, Syracuse, Dip. Best bull, over 1 year, Win. Whitney, Morristown, N. J., Silver

Portable Hunting and Fishing Case.-William Gardner, Ge- Cup, $8. neva, Diploma.

Best Devon bull, over 1 year, R. L. Colt, Silver Cup, $8. Stove Pallern Carving.-J. F. Seymour, Ulica, Diploma.

Best grade bull, over 2 years old, Lewis G. Morris, Fordham, Boot Crimping Machine.-J. H. Ladne, Cato, Cayaga county. Silver Cup, $10. Mustard and Paste Blacking:-D. Murdock & Co., Albany, Best grade bull, over 1 year old, Jas. Bathgate, Fordham, Diploma.

Silver Cup. $6. Sadullery Hardware.-Kasson Fraser, Syracuse, $3.

Best grade bull calf, James Weeden, Newtown, L. I., Silver Harness and Bridles.- 1st, P. Williamson, Skaneateles, Diplo. Medal, $5. ma ; 2d, F. A. Keeler, Albany, Diploma ; 3d, C. H. Wheaioa, Best grade cow, Charles Bathgate, Westchester county, Silver Homer, Cortland county.

Cup, $10. Butter Firkins.-Abram Sherman, Summer Hill, Cay. co. $2. Best grade heifer, over 1 year, Lewis G. Morris, Fordham, Model Steam Engine.-D. D. R. Ormsby, Homer, Cortland co., Silver Cur, $6. Diploma.

Best grade heifer call, James Bathgate, Fordham, Silv. Med. $5. Card Printing Press.-F. A. Marsh, Diploma. Hand-Power Planing Machine.--Andrew Parker, Auburn, Dip.

WORKING OXEN. Morticing Machine. Benjamin H. Otis, Syracuse, Dip.

Best yoke working cattle, Curtis Bacon, Middletown, Ct., Silver Revolving Bellows.- Jerome Darling, Adrian, Michigan, Dip.

Cup, $15; Second best ditio, John B. Davis, Derby, Ct, Silver Drill-Sawing Machine., Pennock & Pierce, Chester county, Medal, $5. Penn., Diploma.

FAT CATTLE. Sculpture in Wood (very interesting), and shoring grcat Best pair fat oxen, S. Strong, Milford, Ct., Silver Cup, $15. promise.-J. Fangster, Buffalo, a boy 14 years of age, $5.

Fat sieer, Joseph F. French, Silver Medal, $5.
Sash Lock.-James Jones, Rochester, Diploma.


Merino buck, J. N. Blakeslee, Watertown, Ct., Silver Cap, $e. Shell Work.-Miss L. C. Morris, Auburn, $3.

3 best Merino ewes, J. N. Blakeslee, Silver Cup, $8. Wax Work.-Miss L. C. Morris, Auburn, $5, and Diploma; Saxon Merino buck, Hiram Whitl Watertowa, Ct., Silver Miss Mary F. Snow, $3.

Cup, $8.
Needlework-Firé Screens.-Delia M. Colvin, Syracuse, $5 ; Saxon Merino ewes, the same, Silver Cup, $8.
Lydia 8. Russell, $5.

Best Leicester buck, Chas. Baihgate, Morrisania, Silv. Cap, se Ottoman Covers.--Delia M. Colvin, $3; F. E. Thornton, 3 best Leicester ewes, Benj. Florence, Mamaroneck, N. Y., Fleming, $3 ; Mrs. N. M. Stephens, Elbridge, $3, and Diplomna. Silver Cup, $8.

Table Covers.-Mrs. Geo. W. Patterson, Chautauque county, 3 Best Leicester lambs, Bell & Norris, Morrisania, Silver $4, and Diploma.

Medal, $5.
Group of Flowers in Worsted.-Mrs. John Porter, Auburn, $3. Best Southdown buck, R. Bolton, Jr., East Chester, Silver

Lamp Mats:-Mrs. W. G. Pierce, Auburn, 83; Mrs. Brockway, Cup, $8.
Brockport, Monroe county, for variety of Worsted work, Dip. Besi Southdown lambs, R. Bolton, Jr., Silver Cup, $8.

Worstal Rugs.-Mrs. Lucas, Auburn, $4; Mrs. Roxa na Cottle Improved Bakewell Sheep, Charles Blackbourne, Prospect
Hurston, Buffalo, $2, and Diploma; Mrs. Cornelius Walcott, Hill, $6.
Elbridge (unct), $3.

Fancy Chairs.--Mrs. Sarah Harbottle, Auburn, 81; Mrs. Joseph
Sabin, Syracuse, Diploma ; Ladies of Ulica Female Academy, $3 East Brooklyn, and the Farm of the Corporation of the city of

Gold Medals were awarded to the Farm of Gen. J. Johnson, and Diploma. Handkerchiefs, Caps, 8c.—Mrs. V: R. Voorhees, Amsterdam, Moses G. Leonard.

New York, on Blackwell's Island, under the Superintendence of $3 ; Miss Abby Allin, Camden, Oneida, $2; Miss Green (child's dress), Jordan, Cayuga county, $1.

Silver Cups were awarded for Farms, to Wm. J. Townsend, Fancy Painting and Needlework.—Mrs. Wm A. Dutcher, Milo, Astoria ; Samuel B. Townsend, Newtown; David S. Mills, New83, and Diploma

town; and Governeur Morris, Morrisania. Embroidered Shawls.-Mrs. Alanson Benson, Skanenteles, 83;

AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. Mrs. John G. Wheeler (Thibet cloth), Sennett, $3.

For the largest exhibition of Agricultural Implements, A. B. Allen, New York, Silver Medal.

AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIONS. 1st, David Cossit, Onondaga, $15; 2d, Azariah Letts, Ulysses, Tompkins, $12 ; 3d, Henry Willard, Cayuga, $10; 4th, L. c. Native Wine.-For a fine light wine, called Ladies' Wine, N. Pratt, Salina, Onondaga, Vol. Tr.; bih, J. B.Gaylord, Auburn, Longworth, Cincinnati, Ohio, Silver Cup, $10. Cayuga, county, Col. Tour.

For a sample of Wine, C. A. Peabody, Columbus, Geo.,

Silver Medal. Notice.-Persons entitled to Cash Premiums, can draw on J. For the best Native Grapes, Dr. R. T. Underhill, Croton Point, M. D. McIntyre, Esq., Treasurer, Albany, or apply personally; Silver Medal. and for Medals, Books, or Diplomas, on Joel B. Noit, Esq., Corre For the Best Foreign Variety of Grapes, R. L. Colt, Paterson, sponding Secretary, Albany.

N. J., Silver Medal.


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REMARKS.--On referenre to our Price Current it will be seen

that Ashes, Cotton, Flour, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Corn, Indian PRICES CURRENT IN NEW YORK, OCTOBER 24, 1846. Meal, Hay, Naval Stores, Lard, Provisions, and Tallow, have ad. ASHES, Pots, ....... per 100 lbs. $4 50 to $4 56

vanced, the late European advices per Caledonia being in favor Pearls,

of these articles. ..............du. 5 00 5 66

We almost regrei to see such advance, as it BALE ROPE,




may have a tendency to prevent shipments to that extent which BARK, Quercitron,.

would take place if prices were kept lower. ...... ton, 26 00 26 50

The United States BEANS, White, ..... ......... bush. 1 12

grow such large quantities of produce, it is a great object to sell

1 25 BEESWAX, Am. Yellow, .......... Ib. 26

at moderate rates, and thus prevent other nations competing


with us in the English market. 12

13 BONES, ground,

.bush. 40


Money continues abundant at legal rates, for all private par. BRISTLES, American, 25


poses. The Government is somewhat pinched for funds, which BUTTER, Table, 16

may ultimately affect private affairs, unless the people continue

25 Shipping,

very prudent in the conduct of their business. Credits should be 9

13 CANDLES, Mould, Tallow,

avoided as much as possible. ......... do. 9

11 Sperm,

38 Stearic,

To CORRESPONDENTS.-Cato, A Young Farmer, Wm. R. 20


... do.

Prince, Reviewer, M. W. Philips, L. T. Talbot, J. H. Beale, 5

10 COAL, Anthracite, ...............2000 lbs. 5 00

E. M. C., and Westehester, are received. 6 00

The last will be good CORDAGE, American,

... lb.

enough to send us samples of his African maize, as we suspect it 11


is Egyptian millet, such as has long been cultivated here.

7 “ 12 COTTON BAGGING, Amer. hemp,.... yard,


14 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS.-The Northern Galaxy, containing the Kentucky,



List of Premiums of the Addison County, Vt., Ag. Society Show

34 FLAX, American,

and Fair ; the same of the Cortland County Ag. Society.


8 FLOUR, Northern and Western, ........bbl. 5 88


6 00 650 Southern,

Located twelve miles east of the village of Poughkeepsie, on .......... do.

5 88 6 12 Richinond City Mills,.

the “ Wilkinson Premium Farm," in the Western Valley of

7 00 7 12 Rye,....

Union Vale, Dutchess County.
4 44

4 50 CRAIN-Wheat, Western,..

The Winter Session of this Institution commences the 1st Thurs. ........ bush.

1 15

1 30

day of October ; the Summer Session the first Thursday of April. Southern.. 1 05

1 15 Rye,..

The Course of Studies in this Institution is such as to give the 75

80 Corn, Northern,

student every facility for acquiring a most thorough knowledge of ... do. 73

75 Southern, .....

Scientific and Practical Agriculture, with the use of the best 71

72 Barley,..

modern improved Implements; a select Farmer's Library, with 61

63 Oats, Northern,

numerous Agricultural Periodicals, and instruction in all the 34


lateral branches.
Southern, 30

33 GUANO,.....

There will be Regular Lectures, of which the students will 2 00 3 00 HAY, in bales,..

make abstracts, to serve both as examinations and as exercises in .... 100 lbs 45

50 HEMP, Russia, clean,..

•••••Lon. 200 00

" 210 00

composition, delivered on American, water-rotted,..

Technical Mineralogy_applied to Rural Economy, Commerce, 105 00 185 00 American, dew-rotted.. 75 00 " 125 00

Chemistry, Mining, and Architecture-illustrated by Mineralogi

cal Cabinet and excursions for observation. HIDES, Dry Southern, 7 HOPS,..

Practical Botany--applied to Horticulture, Veterinary Medicine, 10


Rural and Domestic Economy--illustrated by living specimens ............... 100. 1 00

7 00 LEAD, pig,

and excursions for observation. ................ do. 4 25 4 31 Sheet and bar,

Zoology_applied to Rural Economy, Commerce, and Manu........... lb, 4

5 MEAL, Corn,......

factures-illustrated by living subjects, skeletons, &c. ......bbl. 3 50 3 75

Zoopic course will commence with the Horse. Corn,..

..hhd. 15 50 16 00 MOLASSES, New Orleans,...

Natural Philosophy and Agricultural Chemistry-illustrated by gal.

32 MUSTARD, American,

efficient Experiments, by Prof. S. E. Haskel, late of the Van . Ib. 16

31 NAVAL STORES-Tar,...........

Rennselaer Institute, or Troy. bbl. 2 00 2 25

Mathematics, in all their branches, are thoroughly taught. Pitch,

1 00 1 06 Rosin,

A practical knowledge of the Modern Languages is ensured by .......... do. 55

65 Turpentine,..

Weekly Lectures, Discussions, Orations, Essays, and 3 50

3 56

tions in them. Spirits Turpentine, Southern, 46

50 OIL, Linseed, American,

The soil of the Farın embraces a great variety, and is well 60

63 Castor,


adapted to Experimental Farming. Its location is pleasant and 55

70 Lard,


healthful--the building extensive and commodions. 65


100 lbs. 1 25

Fee for the Year $200, payable semi-annually, in advance

1 50 PEAS, Field,

which includes Tuition, Board, with beds and bedding, Toilet .... bush. 1 25


Furniture, Washing, Mending, Fuel, and Lights. ..ton. 2 25

3 00 Ground, in bbls., . ..of 300 lbs. 1 12

kr Farmers, Pupils from other Schools,

or other citizens de

1 25 PROVISIONS-Beef, Mess,.

sirous of attending each or any Course of Lectures, can obtain ........bbl.

7 90 9 00 Prime,

Admission Tickets by applying to the Principal ; for a Single ......... do. 6 00 6 75 Smoked,

Course $5, or $3 per Course where they attend two or more.... lb. 6

9 Rounds, in pickle,

payable in advance. Extensive accoinmodations for Horses are 4

6 Pork, Mess, ......bbl. 9 50


12 00 Prime,

This Institution is under the patronage of the Am. Ag. 7 88

9 25 Lard,

tion, the Farmers' Club of the American Institute, and the ..... lb.


8 Bacon sides, Smoked,

Duíchess Ag. Society. .do. 3

4 In pickle,..


JOHN WILKINSON, Principal Dutchess

3 Hams, Smoked,


Ag. Institute, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Pickled,

7 References. --Board of Ag. of the American Institute. Shoulders, Smoked,

6 Board of the American Agricultural Association, N. Y. Pickled,

5 Rev. L. M. Vincent, New York. RICE,

100 lbs. 3 75

4 75 Professor Cyrus Mason, SALT,

• sack, 1 28 1 38 Zebedee Cook, Esq., Common,

bush. 20

35 Dr. C. H. P. McLellan, Principal of the Poughkeepsie Female SEEDS-Clover,.

.... lb. 6

9 Academy. Timothy,

....7 bush. 11 00 20 00 Chas. Bartlett, A.M., Principal Collegiate School, Po'keepsie. Flax, clean, 10 25

11 25

Wm. A. Davies, Esq., President of the Farmers' and Manufacrough,

9 00 9 25 turers' Bank. SODA, Ash, contig 80 per cent. soda, .. .lb. 3

3 Matthew J. Myers, Esq., President of the Merchants' Bank. Sulphate Soda, ground,

Rev. Abm. Polhemus, Hopewell, Dutchess County.
SUGAR, New Orleans,.. 6


H. G. Ludlow, Poughkeepsie, SUMAC, American,. ................. ton, 35 00 37 50

S. Mandeville, La Grange, TALLOW,

................. lb. 71“ 81 John Van Wyck, Esq., New Hamburgk. TOBACCO, 2

7 WHISKEY, American,.................. 24



.b. 35


This machine is very simple in its construction, and easily kert

30 Half

in order. It will cut 100 lbs. of meat per hour, in the most perfect 20

25 Common do.........................

manner. It is operated by hand. Price $6. 18

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water St


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Published Monthly, by Saxton & Miles, 205 Broadway, New

York, containing 32 pages, royal octavo.
Natural History, Agriculture, 8c, for Sale.

TERMS-One Dollar per year in advance ; three copies for Two
Michaux's Flora Boreali-Americana, 2 vols. quarto, with Dollars ; eight copies for Five Dollars.
Plates. Price $14.

When Agricultural Societies order the work for distribution, Bormann's Plantarum Americanarum, 1 vol. large folio, with among the members, the price will be only FIFTY CENTS & 262 Plates. Very rare. $18.

year, for the Monthly Numbers, and SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS Browne's Natural History of Jamaica, 1 vol. folio, with nume- per copy for bound volumes. It will be expected that these rous plates. $7.50.

orders come officially, and be signed by the President or Secretary Aublet's Histoire des Plantes de Guiane Françoise, 4 vols. of the Society. The object in putting oor periodical at this very quarto, with plates. $22.

low rate is, to benefit the farming community more extensively Hamboldt's New Spain, Zoology, &c., 3 vols. folio, with plates. than it could otherwise be done. We hope, henceforth, to see $20.

the Agriculturist in the hands of every Farmer and Planter in the Kalm's Travels into North America, in 1751, containing its country. Natural History, &c., 3 vols. 8vo. $6.50.

Each number of the Agriculturist contains but One sheet, and Bartram's Travels in Florida, 1 vol. 8vo. $4.50.

is transported by mail under the same regulations as newspapers, Garcilasso's Description of Florida (in Spanish), 1 vol. folio. viz.: free any distance not over 30 miles from its place of publica Very rare. $8.

tion ; over this and within 100 miles, or to any town in the State Garcilasso's Royal Commentaries of Pern, Translated by Ry- of New York, one cent postage on each number, and one and a half caut, 1 vol. folio, with plates. Rase. $10.

cents if over 100 miles, without the State. Pliny's Natural History of the World, Translated by Holland, Back Volumes of 'THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST, with 1 vol. folio. Rare. $17.

tables of contents complete, for sale at $1.00 each; eleTusser's 500 Points of Good Husbandry, quarto edition of 100. gantly and uniformly bound in cloth, $1.35. These are handPrinted in Red and Black. $6. Very rare and curious. some, tasteful books, and make very desirable premiums for disInquire of A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y. tribution with Agricultural Societies, ard should also find place

in all our District School Libraries. They constitute the best and THE TREES OF AMERICA,

most complete treatise on American Farming, Stock-Breeding, NATIVE AND FOREIGN, Pictorially and Botanicaliy Delineated, I and Horticulture, extant. When several copies are ordered, a and Scientifically and Popularly Described ; being considered liberal discount will be made. principally with Reference to their Geography and History;

Editors of newspapers noticing the numbers of this work month. Boil and Situation ; Propagation and Culture; Accidents and ly, or advertising it, will be furnished a copy gratis upon sending Diseases; Properties and Uses; Economy in the Arts ; Introduc such notice to this office. tion into Commerce ; and their Application in Useful and Ornamental Plantations; illustrated by Numerous Engravings. By

FIELD AND GARDEN SEEDS. D. J. BROWNE, Author of the " Sylva Americana.". Large 8vo. pp. 532. Price-Superbly bound in gilt morocco, $6~In muslin The Subscriber has been so often requested to add Garden extra, $5. For sale by

Seeds to his assortment of Field Seeds, that he has at length conSAXTON & MILES, 205 Broadway, N. Y. sented to do so, and now offers for sale a great variety, grown by

responsible persons, and pnt up expressly for him. They are A FARM FOR SALE IN ILLINOIS.

fresh, and he confidently thinks may be relied upon. A choice, rich tract of land, of 640 acres, part of which is roll

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y. ing prairie, and part well timbered, within half a mile of Albion, the county town of Edwards county, Illinois, is offered for sale or exchange for good property in this State. It is within ten miles

TO GARDENERS AND NURSERYMEN. of navigable waters, and a very healthy situation. For further Cast-iron Tallies or Naming Sticks for Sale.--This is a recent particulars inquire (post-paid) of

invention, and is so constructed as to receive the name of any A B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y. seed, plant, or tree, under a glass cover, thus keeping it safe and

always distinct to be seen. They will last half a century, and are very cheap, costing only 50 cents to $1.50 per dozen.


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CONTENTS OF NOVEMBER NUMBER. Agricultural Warehouse in New Orleans

..... 329 American Agricultural Association Nineteenth Annual Fair of the American Institute

330 National Convention of Farmers, Gardeners, and SilkCulturists

331 Show of the Queens County Agricultural Society The Proper Time for Cutting Timber


333 The Alpaca, No. 6; Sausage Stuffer.........

334 AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE $ SEED STORE, British and Irish Flax Culture, No. 1.................. 335 F. TROWBRIDGE, The Moss Rose......

336 Preservation of Potatoes ; Burrall's Corn-Sheller..

337 138 CHAPEL STREET, NEW HAVEN, CT. Popular Errors, No. 2; Comparative Value of Irish and

338 Dealer in Agricultural Implements and Machines, Grass, Field Treatment of Males, M. W. Philips

Virginian Tobacco Grain, Herb, and Flower Seeds, Trees, Plants, &c.

Irish Mode of Boiling Potatoes


Gardening, No. 9, L. T. Talbot
How to Increase the Fruitfulness of Orchards..

340 Being a condensed Encyclopædia of Northern and Southern Destruction of the Cotton Crop by Insects, Thonias Affleck.. 341 Farming, embracing Soils, Madures, Draining, Irrigation, and all Management of Honey Bees, No: 5, T. B. Miner............. 343 staple productions, as the grasses, grain, roots, and miscellaneous Saxon Sheep.....

344 articles ; cattle, the dairy, horses, sheep, mules, swine, and Insects that prey upon Locust trees....

343 poultry; their treatment, food, diseases, &c., &c. Price $1 retail. Advantages of Cooking

Food for Animals; Experiments A liberal discount to the trade. For sale by

with Guano, E. K. Collins; Plowing in Green Crops, 346
SAXTON & MILES, 205 Broadway. A Traveller; Westphalia Plan of Smoking Hams
A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street. Review of August No. of the Agriculturist, Reviewer... 3:17

A Ready Rule for Farmers


Prevention of the Ravages of the Clothes Moth One pair of very fine dark bay horses, six years old, long tails, Proposed Safety Lamp, M. W. Philips 15 hands high. . One pair light bay, 'seven years old, square The Cotton Crop, J. W. Ruff & Co. lails, 16 hands high. One pair grey ponies, five years old, and American Wine, The Potato Disease.

351 several young single horses. "For sale cheap.

Entomology, No. 1, L. T. Talbot.....

352 Address C. JOHNSON, care of A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water St. LADIES' DEPARTMENT: Hints to Housekeepers, Old

Lady's Diary : Mode of Removing Sperm,


Tallow, &c., from Cloth Quito a variety of the above plows can be had at the New Foreign Agricultural News, A Leaf from Burritt's Journal.....354 York Agricultural Warehouse, together with the most complete List of Premiums awarded at the N.Y. State Fair of 1846... 356 assortment of all kinds to be found in the United States. A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y.

Review of the Market....

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