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scends. This is so well established a fact, that timber

felled at the increase is useless, rotting immediately. By the arrival of the steamer Acadia, we are in I have myself seen in the Cauca the great bamboo, receipt of our foreign journals up to November 4th.

called Guadua, whose joints supply the purest water Markets. - Ashes steady. Apples, the best New in the first quarter of tlie moon, perfectly dry after the town Pippins command from 30s. to 35s. per barrel, full moon. Does this singular fact lead us to suppose equal to $7,50 to $8,75. Cotton had fallen d. per that Nature intends it as a sort of repose for the 1b. The high price of provisions has an injurious vegetating process where winters are unknown? effect upon the article, and many of the manufacturers - Ibid. have resolved to work short time during the winter, To Hatch Eggs. It has been generally supposed that which it was anticipated would reduce the consump- heat is all that is necessary to incubation, and that tion of this great staple fully one-fourth. Stock on placing eggs in an oven which could be kept heated at hand at Liverpool on the 1st of November, 570,000 a moderate and even temperature, eggs might be bales, against 922,000 same time last year. Flour had hatched to any extent. This was the plan adopted at fallen 1s. per bbl. Indian Meal continued on the ad; the Eccaleobion, exhibited in London some few years vance, and was in great demand. It was considered since, but which, from the uncertainty of its opera. cheaper food for the poor than flour, and therefore tions, and the small per centage of chickens hatched preferred. Beef, a slight improvement. Pork dull, to the number of eggs destroyed, rendered the machine at a decline. Lard, 1s. to 25. above last quotations. useless, except as a mere exhibition. Many men of Cheese has fallen 4s. per cwt. The sales in this science and writers of books have also stated, for article were large. Naval Stores without change. years past, that they have succeeded in hatching by Rice in fair request. Tallow an advance. Tobacco no artificial means; but when the system is examined, change. Wool the same.

it will be found that all their attempts for practical Money continues easy and abundant.

purposes have been useless, and therefore aban. Provisions of all kinds were finding their way into doned.-Ib. Great Britain, France and Germany, in large quanti Bones Dissolved in Sulphuric Acid.— I applied them as ties

. This has quieted the fears of any want on the manure to strawberry plants in pots for forcing, and part of the people of these countries, and put an end from the appearance of the plants I am satisfied it is to further speculations. The markets were gradually one of the very best manures for this fruit, and worthy coming to å settled state, and although the demand of extensive írial. I have tried the effect of various for American produce promises to be large, it will not manures on the strawberry, but never had plants near be greater than we can easily supply; we need, there so good as I have them this season. fore, expect no further advance in our products, but

Salt a Manure for Potatoes. I have heard of several rather a slight depression in their prices during the instances of sound potatoes being grown where the winter months.

land was previously dressed with salt, and one very Paulownia Imperialis. - This is a highly ornamental striking instance has come within my own knowledge. tree, which has not been

fully estimated in this country: I am satisfied that all light soils that have borne disIt appears that for the first year or two, when planted eased potatoes this year, or that are intended for plantin congenial soil, it grows most vigorously, and con- ing potatoes next spring, should be dressed with from tinues its growth late in autumn. The shoots, from 10 to 15 cwt. to the acre, applied half now, and half in their extraordinary grossness, are not properly ripened, the spring. This application is simple and cheap, and, and consequently get killed back to the harder parts in at all events, can do no harm.-Ib. winter. I have plants at this moment with leaves 20 Salt a Preventive of the Potato Disease.—A very in.

inches across, and shoots of the current year's growth telligent laboring man, who cultivates about 4 acres “6 feet long. I was informed that when first planted in of land, informs me that he this year tried the effect of the Garden of Plants at Paris, it grew away in the soot and of salt on small portions of his potato crop. same robust manner. This is not, however, now the The potatoes were planted in drills, and manure from case; the original tree which first flowered there is 30 the pigsties was laid over the sets. In two of the rows feet high, the branches are about 20 feet in diameter, soot was sprinkled, in small quantities, over the sets, with a clean stem 3 feet in circumference. The leaves before the manure was laid on. In three other rows now upon this tree are about the size of those of the salt was similarly applied. When the potatoes were Catalpa, and the shoots scarcely exceeding a foot in got up, a short time since, only two or three were length, which of course ripen perfectly. This is found diseased where the soot had been applied, and (October) covered with a complete mass of incipient none at all where the salt had been used. Those to blossoms, which do not expand until next spring, which nothing had been applied, except the manure, when the tree exhibits an inconceivable picture of contained a large proportion of diseased potatoes. The beauty. It is a remarkable fact that this tree only soil on which this experiment was tried was light and flowers in alternate years, when it ripens an abun- gravelly.-1b. dance of seed. What an admirable subject this is for Professor Schonbein's Gun Cotto.- A short time shrubberies and general ornamental planting, both as since, an experimental trial took place in the proof regards its foliage and flowers, and may well be point- square of the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, with the ed as an object deserving the attention of planters. newly-invented gun cotton of Professor Schonbein, of -Gardener's Chronicle. [This splendid tree is per- Basle. The result of the experiment was highly satisfectly hardy in the neighborhood of New York, and it factory, and has led to an order for the Professor to is said that there is a specimen somewhere on the manufacture a larger quantity, with which experiHudson that has made shoots the present year eighteen ments will take place with heavy ordnance, in the feet in length!! This species was first introduced presence of the select committee.' Those who wit. into the United States in 1842, by Messrs. Parsons & nessed the firing of a rifle in the proof square, which Co., of Flushing, who have a tree containing flower was fired with a minimum charge of the cotton by buds in an incipient state, which may be expected to Lieut-Colonel Dundas, state that there was no report, put forth some time next May]

no smoke, no recoil, and scarcely any residuum in the Influence of the Moon on Vegetation in Columbia.—In breech of the gun, in fact they were not aware of the this country trees and plants during the increase of gun having been fired till the effects of the ball were the moon are full of sap, at the decrease the sap de- seen.- 1b.

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Editor's Table.

According to experiments made on a surface of 25 hectares (614 acres), the rice plant promises a pientiful

yield of about 50 per cent. In the sitting of the ETCHINGS OF A WHALING Cruise. With Notes Scientific Congress, at Marseilles, on the 9th ult, a of a Sojourn on the Island of Zanzibar; to which is calculation was presented, according to which, above appended a Brief History of the Whale Fishery. By 20,000 hectares (49,422 acres) of the salt lands at the J. Ross Browne. Illustrated by Numerous Engrav-mouths of the Rhone, and which is capable of being ings on steel and wood. New York: Harper & flooded, could be turned into rice fields. The whole Brothers. Pp 580. Large octavo. Price $2.00. The area, at an average of 50f. per hectare, is now scarcely author of this work appears to be endowed with worth 2,000,000f.; while if rice were grown upon it, it respectable talents, and a refined education ; and, like would be worth 3,000. per hectare (the hectare is a many other young men, with an inherent desire to see trifle less than 24 acres); and thus the landed prothe world, was induced to undertake a cruise in a perty of the department would be increased in value whale-ship. In submitting his narrative to the public, by 120,000,000r., and even 300,000,000f., if this branch he says that he was actuated mainly by a desire to of agriculture were also introduced into the neighbormake his experience as useful to others as it has been ing departments. to himself; and, by a faithful account of the service in

AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS OF NEW YORK.-The which he spent so eventful a period of life, to show in following statistics of agriculture are furnished by the what manner the degraded condition of a portion of Marshals employed to take the census of 1845:our fellow-creatures can be ameliorated. The startling Acres of improved land in the State....11,767,276 increase of crime in the whale.fishery demands a

barley under cultivation. 192,503 remedy. Scarcely a whaler arrives in port that does Bushels of barley raised...

3,108,704 not bring intelligence of mutiny. Are ihe murderous Acres of peas under cultivation:

117,379 wrongs which compel men to rise up and throw off Bushels of peas raised.

1,761,503 oppression, unworthy.of notice? Will none make the Acres of rye sown..

317,099 attempt to arrest the fearful progress? Such a state Bushels of rye harvested.

2,966,322 of things surely calls for investigation. The work in Acres of oats sown..

1,026,915 question is undoubtedly a faithful and graphic delinea

Bushels of oats harvested..

- 26,323,051 tion of the whaling service, and the thanks of every

Acres of beans under cultivation.

16,231 true philanthropist we think are due both to the pub

Bushels of beans raised..

162,187 lishers and to Mr. Browne, for their noble exertions in

Acres of buckwheat under cultivation. 255,495 behalf of the suffering and too often oppressed mariner.

Bushels of buckwheat raised...

3,634,679 NORMAN'S SOUTHERN AGRICULTURAL ALMANAC, Acres of turnips under cultivation. 15,322 for 1847. Edited by Thomas Affleck. DO ted Bushels of turnips raised...

1,350,332 exclusively to the interest of the South. New Or Acres of potatoes under cultivation... 255,762 leans: B. M. Norman. Pp. 86. An almanac is indis Bushels of potatoes raised... ·23,653,418 pensable to every one. But when, in addition to its

Acres of flax under cultivation.

46,089 calendar, eclipses, &c., it contains a large amount of

Pounds of fax raised...

2,897,062 information suited to the farmer, the planter, the mer

Acres of wheat sown..

1,013,635 chant, the manufacturer, and others, forming a work

wheat harvested.

958,233 of constant reference in the way of business, its value

Bushels of wheat raised.

13,391,770 and usefulness are greatly increased. Such we con

Acres of corn sown..

595,134 sider the present publication to be, a proof of which is

Bushels of corn harvested..

• 14,722,114 manifested by 48 of its pages being filled by the ad CHARCOAL A REMEDY FOR THE Potato DISEASE. vertisements of a large number of the business men of - Almost everything has been tried to cure the potato the South and West. The work is handsomely embel- rot, but with little or no success; and the impression lished, and is to be enlarged in future, and annually seems to be general that the murphy will rot, no matter continued.

what is done. A TREATISE ON ALGEBRA, containing the latest The application of charcoal has recently been reimprovements, adapted to the use of Schools and commended, and in a few instances a trial has been Colleges. By Charles W. Hackley. Harper & given it, that has been successful. The following Brothers. Pp. 503, octavo. Price $1.50. This is a facts would seem to show that it sometimes answers valuable addition to the many choice elementary as a remedy. works now in use among American students, embody Mr. N. Green, of Forestburgh, Sullivan county, ing the latest improvements in the arrangement and planted, last spring, three rows of potatoes side by side. classification of the science to the present time, from To one row he applied, at planting, charcoal ; to anothe best sources from abroad. Without atternpting ther, ashes; and to the third, lime. When the potatoes originality, the author has succeeded in incorporating were dug, there was not a rotlen potato in the hills in much that is new to the Ameriran student, from the which charcool had been put; while all the others 1cere French, German, and English works on this subject; more or less rotten. and he has thus given additional facilities for ac Mr. John M. Towner, of Monticello, last year apqạiring this important branch of a mathematical plied charcoal, and his potatoes were all sound, and of education. The work is well printed in clear type, a superior quality. This year he put it in but a few and upon good paper, an important consideration to hills, which were not affected, while there was hardly the student.

a sound potato in the others. The Tennessee FARMER AND HORTICULTURIST. Mr. Harvey Hamilton, of this town, has kept potaEdited by Charles Foster, Nashville, Tenn. We toes a whole year, with charcoal. They did not have received the third number of a Journal of the sprout nor wilt. above-named title, devoted to the improvement of Half-rotten potatoes have been put in powdered Agriculture, Horticulture, the Mechanic Arts, and the charcoal. In two weeks, the rotten part was found promotion of Domestic Industry. It contains 24 oc- black and dry. tavo pages, and is published monthly at $1 a year. These facts are interesting, and may lead to impori

INTRODUCTION OF THE CULTIVATION OF Rice ant results. They are published for what they are INTO FRANCE.— The design has been formed of intro- worth, the writer hoping that others may be induced ducing the culture of rice into the delta of the Rhone.' to give charcoal a trial. - Monticello (VI.) Watchman.

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...... lb.

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REMARKS.- Ashes since our last have advanced 50 cends. PRICES CURRENT IN NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 23, 1846. Corn, Barley, and Oats, have advanced a trifle.

Coal $1. Four has fallen from 50 to 63 cents. W heat 10 cents. ASHES, Pots, ...................per 100 lbs. $5 00 to $5 12

Hay has fallen 5 cents.

Hops 1 to 3 cts. Whiskey 3 cts. Other things remain Pearls,

5 75 5 81 stationary, or so nearly so, as to require no notice. The fall in BAIE ROPE, ............b. 5

7 prices corresponds with those in Europe by our last advices, and BARK, Quercitron,.......

........... ton, 26 00 27 00 may be considered beneficial upon the whole, to the farmers of BEANS, White,

......... bush. 1 12 1 25 the United States, as it will enable them to export much more BEESWAX, Ain. Yellow,, 26

30 largely than if prices ruled high. BOLT ROPE, .. 12

Moncy is easy, but as Government is likely to want large sums, BONES, ground, ........ bnsh. 40

55 it is doubtful how long this state of things will continue. We BRISTLES, American, 25

65 advise the farmers to sell for cash, and buy for cash. Above all BUTTER, Table,. 16

25 things keep clear of debt. Indebtedness is a great evil, and makes Shipping, .... 9

13 one a serf rather than an independent landholder. CANDLES, Mould, Tal'ow,

.......... do. 9 Speim, 25

38 Stearic,...... 20

25 To CORRESPONDENTS.-M., T. B. Miner, M. W. Philips, CHEESE, 5

10 Winter & Co., John Parker, and Henry Ancrum, are received. A COAL, Anthracite, ........ 2000 lbs. 6 00

7 00

Young Farmer was anticipated by our CORDAGE, American,

own account of the .... lb. 11

12 Flushing Fair, which was in type previous to his article coming COTTON, 7

12 to hand, otherwise we should have been pleased to have given it COTTON BAGGING, Amer hemp,....yard,


14 an insertion. Kentucky,...


12 FEATHERS, ........................... Ib. 25

34 FLAX, American, 7


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS.-We are in receipt, and will notice in FLOUR, Northern and Western, ........bbl. 5 25 5 50

our next, of Chemical Essays relating to Agriculture, by Fancy,. 600 650

E. N. Horsford; also Transactions of the American Agricultural Southern,
5 25


5 50 Richmond City Mills,..

7 00 7 25 Rye,... 3 75 4 00 SAMPLES OF Wool. We are in receipt of some very choice GRAIN-Wheat, Western,............ bush. 1 05

1 20 samples of fine wool, from the excellent flock of Mr. Samuel 1 00 1 10 Whitman, of West Hartford, Conn. Rye,.. 75

80 Corn, Northern,..... 78


STOCK FOR THE SOUTH –We noticed some beautiful Devons, Southern, 73


Southdown sheep, and Dorking fowls, shipped from this port for Barley,.... 61

the Messrs. Jones, of Georgia. They were purchased of Mr. L. Oats, Northern,

....... do. 35

37 F. Allen, of Buffalo. Southern,

........ do.


33 GUANO, 2 00 3 00 HAY, in bales, .......... 100 lbs. 40



.....ton, 200 00 210 00 American, water-rotted,

Just received a few of Bryan's celebrated Premium Fanning 105 00

1 185 00 American, dew-rotted,

Mills. Price from $21 to $26. ......... do. 75 00

« 125 00 HIDES, Dry Southern,..


Also a large supply of Sinclair's, Thorn's, Stevens', and HoHOPS,

vey's Stalk, Straw, and Hay Cutters. Price from $8 to $30. 9


Corn Shellers of all patterns, from $7 to $50. 100. 1 00

7 00 LEAD, pig, 4 45

Burr Stone Mills, of various patterns, from 12 to 36 inch stones.

4 50 Sheet and bar,...

Price from $25 to $100. . Ib. 4

5 MEAL, Corn,


Improved Horse Powers, Ross's, Warren's, Trimble's, and

3 75 4 00 Corn,

hhd. 17 75

Taplin's—Also Wheeler's celebrated Railway Power.

18 00 MOLASSES, New Orleans,

Threshers of different patterns, with or without Separators. 28

32 MUSTARD, American,

Pitt's and Sinclair's Corn and Cob Crushers. Price $30. ...... lb.



Corn Shellers, with Mill attached for grinding. Price $12. .........bbl. 2 00

2 25 Pitch,

Clover and Sugar Mills, and Root Cutters. 1 00 1 Rosin,..

Ruggles, Nourse & Mason's celebrated Centre-draught Plows, ......... do. 55

65 Turpentine,....

....... do. 3 50

3 56

of all patterns and sizes. Spirits Turpentine, Southern,

New York cheap Southern Plows, made up by Patent Machi55

60 OIL, Linseed, American,

nery, of best White Oak timber, and first-rate quality of castings, 60

63 Castor, ......................... .do. 55

consisting of the following patterns :

70 Lard,.. 65


No. 104 OIL CAKE, ......... 100 lbs. 1 25

1 50 PEAS, Field,

......... bush. 1 25

1 50 PLASTER OF PARIS, ............. ton. 2 25

3 00

Corn. Ground, in bbls., ......of 300 lbs. 1 12 1 25

No. 2, M. & Co.

.........bbl. 7 00
9 00

3, M. & Co.
Prime, 5 75 6 75

4. M. & Co.
.. Ib. 6

:( } Dutcher's
Rounds, in pickle,. .do. 4


2 Ditto. Pork, Mess,

.bbl. 9 50
12 00

Nos. 18, 19, 20, 21, Miner & Horton's.

......... do.

7 88 9 25 Castings for all the above, at very low prices. Lard,

...... lb. 7


Also Meyer's Improved Premium Bergen Plows, made up in a Bacon sides, Smoked,


superior manner. In pickle,

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N.Y. 4

Hams, Smoked, 6



8 Shoulders, Smoked, ............ do. 5

6 A choice, rich tract of land, of 640 acres, part of which is rollPickled, 41“ 5 ing prairie, and part well timbered, within half a mile of Albion, RICE,

.......100 lbs. 3 75

4 75 the county town of Edwards couniy, Illinois, is offered for sale or SALT,

.. sack, 1 28 1 38 exchange for good property in this Suate. It is within ten miles Common, ......... bush. 20

35 ot' navigable waters, and a very healthy situation. For further SEEDS-Clover,. ............ lb. 6

9 particulars inquire (post-paid) of Timothy, .......7 bush. 11 00 20 00

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y. Flax, clean,... 10 25 11 25
... do. 9 25 9 50

SODA, Ash, cont'g 80 per cent. soda, .lb. 3

3 One pair of very fine dark bay horses, six years old, long tails, Sulphate Soda, ground,

... do. 1

15 hands high One pair light bayi seven years old, square SUGAR, New Orleans,...

9 tails, 16 hands high. One pair grey ponies, five years old, and SUMAC, American,.....

ton, 35 00

37 50 several young single horses. For sale cheap. TALLOW, 8 "

9 Address C. JOHNSON, care of A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water St. TOBACCO,
2 "

7 WHISKEY, American,..


IN PRESS, WOOLS, Saxony,......... ........... Ib. 35

60 Merino.,..

Barlow's Hasty-Pudding, a Poem, together with a Memoir 25

30 Half

on the History, Mythology, Properties and Uses of Maize or Common do...........

Indian Corn. By D. J. Browne. Price 12 cents.

W. 'H. GRAHAM, Tribune Buildings, New York.

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THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST. The Subscriber has just opened an Agricultural Warehouse at York, containing 32 pages, royal octavo.

Published Monthly, by SAXTON & MILES, 205 Broadway, New New Orleans, where he will constantly keep on hand a very

TERMS-One Dollar per year in advance; three copies for Two general assortment of piow's suitable for the Southern planter, Dollars ; eight copies for Five Dollars. together with harrows, rollers, cultivators, horse-powers, grain

When Agricultural Societies order the work for distribution, threshers, rice threshers and hulling inachines, fanning mills, among the members, the price will be only FIFTY CENTS a burr stone and cast iron grain mills, corn and cob crushers, corn

year, for the Monthly Numbers, and SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS shellers and huskers, vegetable cutters, straw cutters, seed sow

per copy for bound volumes. It will be expected that these ers, wheelbarrows, trucks, grain cradles, ox yokes, shovels, orders come officially, and be signed by the President or Secretary spades, forks, scythes, rakes, axes, hoes, picks, chains, churns, of the Society. The object in putting our periodical at this very grindstones, &c., &c. Among his plows are those from the celebrated factory of Rug. than it could otherwise be done.

low rate is, to benefit the farming community more extensively

We hope, henceforth, to see gles, Nourse & Mason, of Worcester ; from A. B. Allen of New the Agriculturist in the hands of every Farmer and Planter in the York; and R. Sinclair Jr., & Co. of Baltimore.

country. Castings of all kinds of patterns extra for the above.

Each number of the Agriculturist contains but One sheet, and Agricultural Books, a complete assortment.

is transported by mail under the same regulations as newspapers, Orders will be received for fruit trees and shrubbery, and any viz.: free any distance not over 30 miles from its place of publicaother articles planters may wish to order from the north.

tion; over this and within 100 miles, or to any town in the State R. L. ALLEN.

of New York, one cent postage on each number, and one and a half New Orleans, Dec. 1, 1846.

cents if over 100 miles, without the State.


tables of contents complete, for sale at $1.00 each ; eleRARE AND VALUABLE BOOKS

gantly and uniformly bound in cloth, $1.25. These are handsome, tasteful books, and make very desirable premiums for dis

tribution with Agricultural Societies, ard should also find place Natural History, Agriculture, $c., for Sale.

in all our District School Libraries. They constitute the best and Michaux's Flora Boreali-Americana, 2 vols. quarto, with most complete treatise on American Farming, Stock-Breeding, Plates. Price $14.

and Horticulture, extant. When several copies are ordered, a Burmann's Plantarum Americanarum, 1 vol. large folio, with liberal discount will be made. 262 Plates. Very rare. $18.

Editors of newspapers noticing the numbers of this work month. Browne's Natural History of Jamaica, 1 vol. folio, with, or advertising it, will be surnished a copy gratis upon sending rous plates. $7.50.

such notice to this office. Aublet's Histoire des Plantes de Guiane Françoise, 4 vols.

THE TREES OF AMERICA, quarto, with plates. $22. Humboldt's New Spain, Zoology, &c., 3 vols. folio, with plates and Scientifically

and Popularly Described ; being considered

NATIVE AND FOREIGN, Pictorially and Botanicalıy Delineated, $20.

Kalm's Travels into North America, in 1751, containing its principally with Reference to their Geography and History Natural History, &c., 3 vols. 8vo. $6.50.

Soil and situation ; Propagation and Culture Accidents and Bartram's Travels in Florida, 1 vol. 8vo. $4.50.

Diseases; Properties and Uses; Economy in the Arts ; IntroducGarcilasso's Description of Florida (in Spanish), 1 vol. folio.

tion into Commerce; and their Application in Useful and OrnaVery rare. $8.

mental Plantations; illustrated by Numerons Engravings. By Garcilasso's Royal Commentaries of Peru, Translated by Ry- D. J. BROWNE, Author of the “ Sylva Americana.". Large &vo. caut, 1 vol. folio, with plates. Rare. $10.

pp. 532. Price-Superbly bound in gilt morocco, $6-In inuslin Pliny's Natural History of the World, Translated by Holland, extra, $5. For sale by 1 vol. folio. Rare. 317.

SAXTON & MILES, 205 Broadway, N. Y. Tusser's 500 Points of Good Husbandry, quarto edition of 100. Printed in Red and Black. $6. Very rare and curious.

PERUVIAN GUANO AT REDUCED PRICES. Inquire of A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y. The subscriber keeps this superior fertilizer constantly on

hand for sale, in bags, barrels, half barrels, and kegs. It comes

direct from the Agent of the Peruvian Company, and is warranted AGENTS FOR THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST. genuine and of a first rate quality.

Five tons and over....

.2 cents per lb Nero Haven, Ct........

.F. Trowbridge.

One ton and under five tons......... 21-8 do. Newark, N.J.....

.B. Myers.

Half a ion and under one ton.........2 1-4 do. Philadelphia.......J. M. Campbell and David Landreth.

Under half a ton...

...2 1-2 do. Washington, Pa.......

... Dr. R. R. Reed. This Guano is packed in bags weighing from 120 to 150 lbs.; Albany, N. Y...

..E. H. Pease. barrels, from 220 to 250 lbs.; half barrels from 115 to 130 lbs; Syracuse, N. Y.... Stoddard & Babcock and L. W. Hall. kegs about 60 lbs. each. When a larger quantity than one Auburn, N. Y......

.. Alden & Markham. ton is taken, it is expected it will be in bags. No allowance Rochester, N.Y......

...C.F. Crossman. for tare, and no charge for packages. Cartage extra. Buffalo, N. Y........ ....J. H. Butler & Co.

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y. Boston, Mass....

............ Saxton & Kelt. Milwaukie, Wis. Ter... .. Hale & Hopkins.


.S. F. Gale & Co. Columbus, Ga., and Montgomery, Ala..... Hall & Moses.

Quite a variety of the above plows can be had at the New St. Louis, Mo.

.. Halsall & Collet.

York Agricultural Warehouse, together with the most complete

assortinent of all kinds to be found in the United States.

Morton & Griswold.
Louisville, Ky..

A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street, N. Y.
George Lapping & Co.
A. G. Munn.

New Orleans.

..D. Baker & Co. and N. Steele.
Cincinnati, Ohio..............

W. H. Moore & Co.
To Our Subscribers

361 Charleston, S. C. ........................J. Thompson.

To Prepare Corn for Shipping to Europe Athens, Geo.......

..J. J. Richards. Letters from the South, No. 1, R. L. Allen.. Savannur, Ga......... .......... Denslow & Webster,

363 Present Crop of Corn in the United States.. Norfolk, Va.............................J. Vickery, Jr Mr. Norton's Letters...

364 Richmond, Va................ .......Wm. Palmer. Pigsties, J. M. C. , Superior Whitewash

365 Natchez, Miss..

GS. Tainter. Show of the Berkshire, Mass., Ag. Society, W. Bacon
Woodland, La., East Feliciana... .. Rev. A. W. Pool.

Importation of Pure-Bred Merino Sheep
The Late Epidemic among Horses

306 General Travelling Agents,


Transplanting Trees, An Inquirer

British and Irish Flax Culture, No. 2 Bound volumes can be obtained at any of our Agents at $1.25 The Alpaca, No 7.

367 per volume.

To Subscribers


} The Strawberry Question, Wm. R. Prince Entomology, No. 2, L. T. Talbot..


Review of September No. of the Agriculturist, Reviewer.... 374
The Corn Crop.....

379 Being a condensed Encyclopædia of Northern and Southern Ladies' DEPARTMENT: The Life of a Farmer's Daughter Farming, embracing Soils, Manures, Draining, Irrigation, and all alike Physically and Mentally Useful : E. M. C.; To staple productions, as the grasses, grain, roots, and miscellaneous


preserve the Green Color of Vegetables
articles ; cattle, the dairy, horses, sheep, mules, swine, and Polish Manner of Preserving Tomatos
poultry; their treatment, food, diseases, &c., &c. Price $1 retail. Foreign Agricultural News-Salt a Remedy for the
A liberal discount to the trade. For sale by

Potato Disease ; Paulownia Imperialis
SAXTON & MILES, 205 Broadway. Editor's Table-Agricultural Statistics of the State of N. Y.. 3R2
A. B. ALLEN, 187 Water Street. Review of the Market.........



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