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No. 1.



Follow Citizens of the Senate,

and House of Representatives:

This is the first occasion under our Constitution, on which it has become the duty of the Executive, at the close of his official term to give to the next Legislature, “information by message, of the condition of the State, and recommend such measures as he shall deem expedient."

In pursuance of that constitutional duty, I submit the following information and recommendations : The amount in the Treasury Nov. 30th, 1852, was,.. $116,407.23 Receipts into the Treasury for the fiscal year of 1853, were,


Total available means, .

772,075.09 Expenditures for the year 1853, were, .

396,449.39 Balance in the Treasury, Nov. 30th, 1853,-

375,625.70 The funded and fundable debt, not due, November 30th, 1853, was,

2,339,392.07 Amount due the trust funds at the same time,

466,956.26 The balance in the Treasury, Nov. 30th, 1853, was, ..... 375,625.70

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