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Agreements. See Treaties, conventions, Argentina-Continued.

Treaty of friendship, commerce and
Alien Property Custodian, proposed consular rights with United

disposition of property held by, XXI, States, proposed, attitude of

Argentina, 421-423
Austrian representations for release, U. S. proposal for conference for

limitation of naval armament,
Estimates of probable awards of transmittal to Argentina for

Tripartite Claims Commission information, 10; reply of Argen-
against Austria and Hungary, tina and U. S. attitude, 19-20,
304, 308

Statement of Secretary of State to Arms and munitions. See Preparatory

House Ways and Means Com- Commission for the Disarmament
mittee regarding return of Aus- Conference; Special Commission
trian and Hungarian property, for the Preparation of a Draft Con-

vention on the Private Manufac-
Aliens (see also Canada: Border-cross- ture of Arms, etc.; Three-Power
ing privileges), status of, 384

Conference at Geneva; and Wash-
American Institute of International ington Conference of 1922.

Law. See under International | Asylum, 370, 387
Commission of Jurists.

Australia, representations by Austral-

ian Government regarding entry of
Bolivia-Paraguay. See Arbitration Australian businessmen into United

under Boundary disputes: Boliv- States, 437–441

Austria (see also Alien Property Cus-
Dominican Republic-Haiti, possi- todian), 442-476

bility of arbitration of boundary Investment program, 443, 446–447,
question, 345–346, 350, 351, 352– 448,449, 450, 452
353, 353-354

Loans, 442-475
Ecuador--Peru, boundary litigation, Investment loan, proposed (see also
1924 agreement for U. S. arbitra-

Relief loans, infra):
tion, 340

Amount, term, and purpose, 442,
Proposals and discussions of Inter-

443, 445, 446,447, 450-451
national Commission of Jurists,

Attitude of Czechoslovakia and
367–368, 387-388, 388, 389–390,

the Netherlands, 461

Consent of
San Andrés Archipelago:

Committee of Control of the
Colombian unwillingness to arbi-

Guarantor States for the
trate question with Nicaragua,

Reconstruction of Aus-

tria, 442-443, 445, 448,
Keys claimed by United States,

451, 452-453, 469-470,
suggestions for arbitration of

ownership, 324–325, 328–329;

Relief Bonds Committee, In-
U. S. attitude, 325-326

ternational, 445, 455, 456–
Argentina (see also Boundary disputes:

457, 461, 462–463, 464,
Bolivia-Paraguay), 10, 19-20, 20n,

469, 470-471
203–204, 421-436

Reparation Commission, 442,
Attitude toward negotiations of Pre-

443, 445, 455, 460, 463
paratory Commission for the Dis-

United States. See Relief
armament Conference, 203–204

loans, infra.
Loan for naval construction, pro- Cooperation of League of Na-
posed, 427-428, 429, 432

tions, 442-443, 445-446
Naval construction, U. S. efforts to Morgan & Co., J. P., negotia-
secure for American firms equal

tions in connection with,
consideration with other foreign

445-446, 450-452, 457, 460,
companies in bids, 424-436

461, 465, 467, 473-474



Boundary disputes --Continued.

Reconstruction loan of 1923, 444, Good offices, etc. - Continued.
458, 461, 467

Suggestion for agreement, 321-
Relief loans (see also Investment

loan: Consent of Relief Bonds Submission of controversy to
Committec, supra):

United States, possibility of,
Austrian assets pledged for pay-

ment, request to United Colombia-Nicaragua, question of
States for subordination to

ownership of San Andrés Archi-
new investment loan (see

pelago, 322–331
also Joint Resolution, infra), Colombian proposal for settlement,
456-457, 459, 472–473; U. S.

negotiation of:
attitude, 474-475

Delay in negotiations, 329-331
Funding of, Austrian proposal, Formulas for settlement pro-
457, 458-459, 461-462, 463–

posed by Colombian Govern-
465, 466-469, 472-473

ment, 323, 325, 328–329; by
Joint Resolution of U. S. Con-

Colombian Minister, 324-
gress (1922) extending pay-

325, 326-328
ments 25 years, question of Nicaraguan indications of willing-
further extension of pay-

ness to enter upon negotis-
ments, 443, 444-445, 447--

tions, 322-323
448,450,451, 453–456,458,459 Keys claimed by United States,
Prepayments, Austrian proposal,

question of, 324-329
462, 473-474
Relief Bonds Committee, Interna-

Colombia-Peru, ratification by Peru

of boundary treaty of 1922, 331-
tional (see also Loans: Invest-

ment loan: Consent of Relief
Bonds Committee, supra): Meet-

Act of Peruvian Congress approv-
ings, 456-457, 461-463, 464, 466-

ing, 343, 343-344
469; U. S. representation, ques-

Delay in ratification, Colombian
tion of, 460, 464, 465, 473, 474

representations concerning, and
Vienna Palace of Justice riots, action

Peruvian explanations, 331-
of American Minister on occasion

332, 333-335, 336–337, 341
of, 475–476

U.S. good offices in obtaining, 332–
Aviation service to Latin America, re-

333, 334-336, 337-338, 340 341,
marks of President Coolidge, IX

342–343, 344

Appreciation of Colombia, 343
Berizzi Brothers Company, Appellant vs. Protest of Ecuador, 338-341

The Steamship Pesaro”, 418
Bethlehem Steel Corporation, efforts to

Dominican Republic-Haiti, negotia-
secure naval construction contracts

tions for settlement, 345–356
with Argentina, 425, 426-427, 429,

Arbitration, possibility of, 345–346,
429–431, 435, 436

351, 352-353, 353-354
Bolivia (see also under Boundary dis-

Conference at Santo Domingo, 354-
putes), treaty of friendship, com-

merce and consular rights with Good offices of United States, 346,
United States, proposed, 477–480;

348, 349–350, 356
Bolivian attitude, 479

Treaty of amity suggested by
Bolshevik aims and policies in Mexico

Haitian President, 347–348,
and Latin America, statement by

349, 350, 352-354; Dominican
Secretary of State, 356-363

attitude, 350-352
Boundary disputes:
Bolivia-Paraguay, 315-322

Visit of President Vasquez to
Arbitration: Provision for arbitral

Haiti, 345, 346-348
tribunal, 317; submission to Ecuador-Peru, agreement (1984) for
arbitration, possibility of, 315–

submission of question to arbi-
316, 319, 321, 322

tration, 340
Good offices of Argentina for settle-

Boundary treaties:
Acceptance of offer, 315-316,

Colombia-Ecuador (1916), cited, 339-

Conference for settlement: Ar-

Colombia - Nicaragua, 'proposed
rival at impasse, 319-320, boundary treaty, 324–325, 327,
321; meetings, 318-319, 320 328
321; personnel, 318; sus- Colombia-Peru. See Boundary dis-
pension, 321, 322

putes: Colombia-Peru.


Boundary treaties—Continued.

Carnegie Endowment for International
Ecuador-Peru, agreement (1924) for Peace, 399-400

submission of boundary dis-Chile, 9-10, 20, 203n, 205, 517-551
pute to arbitration of United

Attitude toward negotiations of Pre-
States, 340

paratory Commission for the
Brazil, U. S. proposal for conference for Disarmament Conference, 203n,
limitation of naval armament,

transmittal to Brazil for informa-
tion, and further correspondence,

Disagreement of Department of State

with decision of Chilean court
9n, 20n

that a diplomatic secretary does
Canada, XVIII, 481-516

not enjoy diplomatic immunity,

Border-crossing privileges between

Canada and United States, Treaty of friendship, commerce and
changes in procedure effected by consular rights with United
General Order No. 86 of U. S. States, proposed, 517-526

Department of Labor, 494-511 Chilean attitude, 519-520, 523
Canadian representations concern-

Instructions to U. S. Ambassador
ing changes, 496, 502-506, 508–

concerning draft and negotia-

tions, 517-519, 20-522, 523,
Conference for discussing effects of

order, and efforts of United U. S. proposal for conference for
States to meet difficulties con-

limitation of naval armament,
cerning foreign-born residents transmittal to Chile for informa-
of Canada, 496-502, 502, 510- tion, and further correspondence,

9-10, 20
Text of order, and questions and

U. S. representations regarding pro-
answers concerning interpreta-
tion, 494-496, 506-508

posed Chilean legislation con-

Establishment of direct diplomatic Coal, 537-541; signature of law,
relations with United States,


Insurance, 541-549
Great Lakes (see also St. Lawrence Mercantile marine, 526-537

Waterway, infra), continued pro- China: Japanese position with respect
tests by Canadian Government

to, 39, 50; protection of U. S.
against increased diversion of
waters, 484-487; publication of

citizens, xxiv; Washington Confer-
correspondence, question of, 484-

ence treaties and resolutions, status

of, 236-238
International Joint Commission: Claims. See Alien Property Custodian.
Roseau River, U. S. proposals for Colombia. See under Boundary dis-
referring to Commission prob-

lem of improving, 490-492,
493–494; Canadian attitude, Commercial and banking interests of

United States (see also Chile: U. S.
St. Lawrence Waterway project,

representations, etc.; and Morgan
report and recommendations,

& Co., J. P.): Steel interests, press
487, 488, 489–490

reports concerning presence of rep-
Joint Board of Engineers, XVIII,

resentatives at Three-Power Con-

ference at Geneva, 96-97, 106;
484-485, 486, 488, 489–490

U. S. circular instruction to diplo-
Roseau River, problem of improving,

matic and certain consular officers
U. S. proposals for referring to

concerning questions arising from
International Joint Commis-

negotiation of foreign loans by

American bankers, 312–315; U. Š.
sion, 490–492, 493–494; Cana-
dian attitude, 492

efforts to secure for American firms
Seine fishing in Missisquoi Bay, dis-

equal consideration with other
inclination of Canada to au-

foreign companies in bids for
thorize discontinuance, 511-516

Argentine naval construction, 424-

St. Lawrence River Commission,

Commercial treaties and agreements.
St. Lawrence Waterway, project for See under Great Britain; also Treaty

improvement by joint action of of friendship, commerce and con-
the United States and Canada, sular rights under Argentina, Bo-
XVIII, 487-490

livia, and Chile.

Commissions, committees, etc.:

Conferences, international:
Commissions of conciliation, 387, 388 American-Canadian Fisheries Conter-
Commissions of inquiry: American, ence (1918), 511-512, 513, 514,
387-388, 389; proposal of Sub-

committee A of the Preparatory Committee of Experts_ on Double
Commission for the Disarma- Taxation and Tax Evasion, par-
ment Conference, observations of

ticipation of United States in
U. S. and other delegations, meeting, 286-288

Conferences of American states. See
Committee of Control of the Guaran-

International Commission of Jur-
tor States for the Reconstruction

ists: International conferences.
of Austria, consent to Austrian
investment loan, 442—443, 445,

Delegates at international confer-
448, 451, 452–453, 469–470, 471- ences, U. S., rules of precedence,

Committee of Experts for the Pro- Hague peace conferences of 1899 and

gressive Codification of Inter- 1907, and conferences on private
national Law, questionnaires,

international law, 372, 384-385,

387, 388
Committee of Experts on Double

Import and Export Prohibitions and
Taxation and Tax Evasion, par-

Restrictions, Conference for the
ticipation of United States in

Abolition of. See Import and
meeting, 286-288

Export Prohibitions and Re-
International Commission of Jurists.

strictions, etc.
See International Commission of International Commission of Jurists.

See International Commission of
International Joint Commission,

U.S.-Canada. See under Canada. Naval Armament Limitation, Three-
Joint Commission of the Preparatory

Power Conference for. See Three-
Commission for the Disarma-

Power Conference at Geneva.
ment Conference.

under Radiotelegraph Conference, Third In-
Preparatory Commission.

ternational, 288n
Permanent Advisory Commission of

Special Commission for the Prepara-
the League of Nations, 217

tion of a Draft Convention on the
Relief Bonds Committee, Interna- Private Manufacture of Arms
tional. See under Austria.

and Ammunition and Imple-
Reparation Commission, consent to ments of War. See Special Com-

Austrian investment loan, ques- mission, etc.
tion of, 442, 443, 445, 455, 460, World Economic Conference. See

World Economic Conference.
Security Committee of Preparatory

Commission for the Disarma- Conflict of laws. See International
ment Conference, question of

Commission of Jurists: Accom-
U. S. participation in work, plishments and recommendations

concerning private international
Special Commission for the Prepara-

tion of a Draft Convention on the Consular officers. See Diplomatic and
Private Manufacture of Arms consular officers.
and Ammunition and Imple- Conventions. See Treaties, conven-
ments of War. See Special Com- tions, etc.
mission, etc.

Coolidge, Calvin (President):
St. Lawrence River Commission, 487–

Executive order regarding rules of

precedence as between certain
Temporary Mixed Commission

officers of the United States,
Armaments, 217–218


Tripartite Claims Commission, U. S.-

Messages to Congress: Annual, v-XXY;
Austria and Hungary, 302–303, Feb. 5, recommending appro-
304, 305-308

priation for American represents-
Communism, statement by Secretary of tion at World Economic Confer-
State regarding Bolshevik aims and

ence, 238–239, 239-240; Feb. 10,
policies in Mexico and Latin Amer-

concerning invitation to confer-
ica, 356-363

ence for naval armament limits-
Conciliation, commissions of, 387, 388

tion, text, 6-8


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