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economic and social improvement and stability within nations must remain dark indeed. Our Conference should examine every feasible method of aiding in the successful performance of this task-among ourselves as well as between each of us and the rest of the world. We seek to restore mutually profitable trade to the fullest practical extent both among the American nations and among all the nations of the world.

Our Conference must carry forward the work of providing wider and stronger foundations for international cultural relations and better understanding among nations-again, among ourselves as well as between each of us and the rest of the world. This work of moral disarmament, already far advanced on the American Continent, is indispensable for the creation and maintenance of a civilized world-order under law. It is an important vehicle for strengthening and developing those innumerable international relationships in every phase of human activity through which the lives of nations have already been vastly enriched.

The American nations, with the cooperation of some of the nations of the other hemisphere, are faithfully carrying forward the program of principles underlying world-order, peace, and economic restoration, which I have fully summarized. The success of this program is indispensable to the welfare and progress and civilization of the human race. For each and every nation the establishment of these principles throughout the world would bring immense benefit, as any alternative policy resting on force must bring each and every one disaster.

Each nation has a sincere standing invitation to join in approval and support of this program of principles. It would be an unspeakable calamity if any nation at this crucial and critical time in the affairs of men should further pursue the opposing course of force and military aggression. Here is presented the greatest single issue confronting all peaceful nations. We shall not lose sight of it for a moment as we grapple with the vital questions peculiar to this hemisphere.

The world's greatest need today is that there be created and maintained conditions which will give to nations and to individuals peace of mind and of spirit. Toward producing those conditions, we must strive with all our strength in every field-political, social, economic, and moral. Only as favorable conditions develop in all these fields, will the way be open for a reversal of the present-day trend in military armaments, which impose so crushing a burden upon the lives of nations and individuals and open before mankind the horrible vista of a marvelous civilization crashing into ruin under the impact of a period of all-destroying warfare.

We of the Americas are fortunate beyond words in being so situated that we can make our example and our influence a potent factor in promotion of conditions in which there may be peace with justice and with security. Nor do we stand alone. There are in other

parts of the world powerful forces, actual or latent, working toward the same end.

We must not bring the labors of this Conference to a conclusion without providing a renewed basis of hope and a renewed determination, not only for our own nations but for all other nations or groups within nations, which, at times against great odds and in the face of heart-breaking difficulties, are working for a better world.

Radio Address From Lima, December 13, 1938


SPEAK from Lima, the beautiful and his

torical capital of Peru. Here the Eighth

International Conference of American States is in session. It is difficult for us of the American delegation to find words that would adequately express our appreciation of the friendly and hospitable welcome which has been accorded us by the Government and people of Peru. We have been made to feel like old and trusted friends, and no action of friendship and courtesy has been omitted. The same grace of spirit which has shaped the beautiful architecture about us has entered into our reception.

We have been mingling with our colleagues of other delegations ever since our arrival. Many of us have been together at previous interAmerican conferences and with these we carry

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