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New York, N. Y., June 19 to JULY 22, 1946

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Letter of Transmittal

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I have the honor to transmit to you my report on the International Health Conference which met in New York City from June 19 to July 22, 1946. This, the first conference to be convened by the United Nations, was the largest and most representative international health conference ever held. The results achieved fully measured up to the importance of the occasion.

The Constitution of the World Health Organization was adopted and signed by representatives of 61 nations, providing for a broader scope of activity and a potentially more fruitful program than any hitherto attempted in the field of world health.

The Conference made provision for continuing the work of exist

ing international health agencies pending their absorption by or + integration with the World Health Organization, thus assuring the

development of a single international health organization which, it is hoped, will shortly become universal in scope.

An Interim Commission, consisting of the representatives of 18 governments, was established to carry on necessary international health work pending the ratification of the Constitution by a sufficient number of the United Nations to bring the World Health Organization into being.

An Executive Secretary was appointed by the Interim Commission, temporary headquarters were set up in New York, and arrangements made for obtaining funds from the United Nations, so that the Interim Commission and its staff could begin to function immediately.

In view of the measures taken there need be no interruption of essential international health services, the protection to health which such services afford being of the greatest importance in this period when the world is being slowly restored to peacetime conditions.

The Conference was unique in that representatives of 64 nations, Allies, former enemies and Axis satellites, and neutrals-worked together harmoniously to produce a magna carta for health, the Constitution of the World Health Organization.

The Constitution is in advance of all similar documents in that it defines health not merely as the absence of disease and infirmity but as a state of physical, mental, and social well-being, the attainment of


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