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and give me a heart of flesh: a beart to melt at thy love, to mourn for my rebellion against thee :-a heart to love holiness, and to hunger and thirst after righteousness! O my God, it is a great work to change this sinful heart, and to create it anew in Christ Jesus; to crucify the old man, and to put on the new :-and I may have but little time for this great work, but O how many doubts must I have of my own sincerity ! But, o my God, the work is thine own! Thy Spirit can sanctify these corrupt affections, and the blood of sprinkling can cleanse me from all sin ! I will lie at tbe foot of the cross, and if I perish, I will perish there.



Page 54, line 6, for, “Fain would I sound it so loud,"

read, “ Fain would I sound it out so loud.?
Page 110, line 1, for, our days, read, the days.
Page 166, line 15, for, of fruits, read fruits of.
Page 204, line 6, for, house, read, courts.

bound in boundin

oli and lettered Ietered

CHEAP BOOKS, Edited by the Author of “ SEnnons to CHILDREN," and published at the following low prices, to enable the benevolent Friends of Religion to extend their circulation among the several Classes of Society.

sheep & SERMONS to CHILDREN, half bound 6d. 8. d. $. d. Ditto with Eight plates bound

10.17 The Pocket Prayer Book, a new Edition, with

a Meditation and Hymns added to each

2 6 3 4 Baxter's Dying Thoughts, with Meditations from Owen, a new Edition

1 2 1 10 Meditations from Watts and Howe ......... 1 8 2 5 Doddridge's Rise and Progress...

6 2 3 Sunday School Library

1 4 2 0 Pocket Sermons

1 6 2 3 Doddridge's Life (reprinting)...

2 02 9 Life of James Janeway (reprinting )......

1 17 Life of Allcin (reprinting )..


1 2 5 Life of Philip Henry (reprinting)

2012 9 TRACTS.

d Allein's Alarm to the Unconverted ...

..Each 2 The Gospel Invitation.....

2 On Prayer Preparation for Death Heavenly Paths

1 Child's First Sunday Book

le Instructions for Self-Examination

1 Best Way to Defend the Bible

1 Come and Welcome....

1 The Saint Indeed...

] Address to Soldiers and Sailors

0} Sloth, or the Great Time Waster

0 Printed and Sold by the PHILANTHROPIC SOCIETY, St. George's Fields ; sold also by HATCHARD, Piccadilly ; * NISBET, Oxford Street; SIMPKIN & Co. Stationers' Court;

SHERWOOD & Co. Paternoster Row; and SEELEY, Fleet Street.




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