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and City island, scale ,stri and the map of the mouth of the Conor tient riser, saier. He has nearly fuished the reduction of the dragraphy of Virtue tay lo. l, and lias also reduced and drawn act ticnsi hydr graphy in the following maps, viz: the general coast cha scale ristrisus side of Long Island No. 1, scale ris ; Chesapeau bay So. 1, scale aiuri ard eastron series No. 1, scale rist; besice Ir jacts and other il.indiaterus drawings.

A. Boschke, esc. has reduced and drawn the topography of the ma of Muskeget channel, scale riur; Charleston harbor, scale soos; nou: of the Comecu ut rirer, scate iss; and has commenced the map Key West harbor, scale soirr. He has also reduced and drawn the mouth of the Cenneticut nser and Hart and City islands (resurveys) a a scale of Trias: for the map of Long Island sound No. 1, and a sket of Nantucket shoals, scale si besides making projects, projection on copper, and some miscellaneous drawings and tracings.

A. Fomars, esq., has been engaged in preparing the annual rep sketches, making projections for the history maps of topography and I angulation, besides miscelaneous drawings and tracings. Mr. F. ha also copied the tables of L. J. Z. for the use of the survey.

J. Lambert, esq., joined the office in Jane, and has been engaged pria cipa!ly in drawing the top graphy of Wellfleet harbor map, scale on and reduciug and drawing additional topography to the general como chart, scale 11'57. He has also been engaged in making tracings, da grams, and other miscellaneous drawings.

Eugene Hesse, esq., was engaged until the beginning of April prepariez the annnal report sketches, making projections for the history maps, be sides miscellaneous drawings; at which time he left the survey.

J. C. Tennent, esq., joined the office in September; has reduced and drawn the plane-table sheets of sections IV and VIII on the assemblage maps, besides miscellaneeus drawings and tracings.

G. Farquhar, esq., joined the office in August; has reduced and draw the chart of Canaveral shoals, scale coisr; has also been engaged in re ducing the plane table sheets of section I on the assemblage map. a. plotting the triangulation in section IV on the diagram map. Mr. F. lek the office to join the hydrographic party of Lieutenant Commanding R Wainwright in October.

J. R. P. Mechlin, esq., joined the office in September, and has been ex gaged reducing the plane-table sheets of section I on the assemblage mar He has also plotted the hydrography of Hatteras shoals, scale otor:

Hydrography.- Passed Midshipman Somerville Nicholson, Unitei States navy, was engaged upon tidal reductions until he took the field i July last.

The drawings required by the hydrographie results of each season an made by the parties who executed the work afloat, and therefore do ne come into the details of office work.

3. ENGRAVING.-Assistant W.M. C. Fairfax has had charge of the er graving. The engraving of the maps of the lower sheet of Delaware ba and river, by F. Dankworth, 0. A. Lawson, J. Knight, and W. Smitle of New Bedford, (third electrotype copy, with important additions and im provements) by J. Knight, 0. A. Lawson; of Cawkin's and Sheffield's Island harbors, (electrotype copy No. 2, restored, much woru in printing, by J. Knight and S. T. Pettit; of Pasquotank, by 0. A. Lawson, ". Smith, and S. T. Pettit; of Cat and Ship Island harbors, by J. Knight W. Smith, (so far as regards completion of lettering;) Hyannis har(as to views, lettering, &c.,) by 0. A. Lawson, W. Smith, and S. T. it; and of New York harbor, (electrotype copy No. 1, with views atjed,) by 0. A. Lawson,-have been completed. The engraving of the map of the general chart of the coast, scale Goo, has been continued by F. Dankworth, 0. A. Lawson, J. Knight,

W. Smith. The engraving of the western sheet of Long Island nd has been continued by S. Siebert and J. Knight; of No. 1, Chesa ake bay, by F. Daukworth, O. A. Lawson, and W. Smith; of No. 1, tern series, by A. Rollé and J. Knight; of Boston harbor, by A. Rollé 1 J. Knight; of No. 1, south side of Long Island, (western sheet,) by A. Lawson and J. Knight; of Sachem's Head and City Island har's, by R. T. Knight and s. T. Pettit; and of No. 2, south side of ng Lland, by O. A. Lawson, W. Smith, S. T. Pettit, and R. T. Knight. le engraving of Muskeget channel has been commenced by S. T. Pettit d R.T. Knight; of Mobile entrance, by W. Smith, S T. Pettit, and

T. Knight; of Hell Gate, by A Rollé, J. Knight, and G. McCoy. The etch charts of Davis's south shoal, &c., Beaufort harbor, North Carolina; ndy Hook changes; St. Andrew's shoals; Cape Canaveral shoals; and the acoast of Delaware and Maryland, have been engraved in the office by T. Pettit, W. Smith, R. T'. Knight, and Henry M. Knight, apprentice. The sketches accompanying the annual report have also been engraved the office by W. Smith, 's. T. Pettit, R. T. Knight, H. M. Knight, E. Woodward, and J. V. N. Throop, (the latter by contract) 4. ELECTROTYPING.-Under the skilful direction of Mr. Mathiot, the llowing engraved plates have been reproduced, viz: 1. Part No. 1. Delvare bay and river; 2. No. 2. Delaware bay and river; 3. Sheffield's and awkin's island, (2 'niade;) 4. New Bedford, (2 made;) 5. Nantucket; 6. pper sheet of Delaware bay and river; 7. New York bay and harbor, i00; 8. No. 1. South side Long Island; 9. Alto of Patapsco; 10. Union elaware bay and river, (2 made;) 11. Pasquotank; 12. Hyannis; 13. Cat d Ship island; 14. Black Rock and Bridgeport; 15. Mouth of Chester ver; 16. Captain's islands, east and west; 17. Huntingdon bay; 18. Anapolis harbor; 19. Oyster bay; 20. Holmes's Hole and Tarpaulin cove; .. Edgartown harbor; 22. New London. In his report on the office, Major Stevens remarks as follows

upon Mr. lathiot's process: "His method has been very successful; it consists in ashing the plate with an alcoholic solution of iodine, and exposing it to le action of a strong light, before placing it on the battery. In no case as there any marked adhesion between the copper deposited by the eleco type process and the original plates. The lower plate of the Delaware, st by adhesion in 1848, and re-engraved in four parts, was in April reoduced with complete success.' The mode adopted was to secure the four parts by screws to a copper ate in their proper relative positions, and filling in with copper filings le intermediate spaces, made exceedingly small by a very careful and Ose filing of the edges of contact. The metal formed was equally good houghout, and there remained only some days' labor of an engraver to ute the parts. Two plates were made, only one of which lias been repared for the printer.' I consider this conclusive as to the practicaility of cutting up plates in the engraving, distributing the parts to several ngravers, and reproducing the whole in the electrotyping process. Mr. Mathiot has likewise directed a portion of his time to repairs of instruments; and, with the labor-saving facilities which have been in duced by him in the management of the electropying, it is hoped the suing year that he will devote one-half his time to making deep-sea tha mometers and to miscellaneous work.

5. PRINTING -Since the first of November, 1849, there have been prine 1,152 sheets of Delaware bay and river, (the map consists of three sheet 25 copies of the small map of New York bay and harbor, 775 ef harbe of Cat and Ship island, 600 of Pasquotank, 800 of Hyannis harbor, of the mouth of Chester river, 405 of the harbor of New Bedford, 195 oft harbor of Nantucket, 50 of New Haven harbor-making in all 4,702 shees

Besides these, there were 746 copies from finished and unfinished plase printed, 594 from the sketch plates, 300 copies of Hatteras inlet, 300 Cape Hatteras, 300 of Bull's bay, 300 of St. Andrew's shoals, 3006 Beaufort harbor, 300 of Nantucket shoals, 50 of Davis's south shoal, 50 circular protractors and diagrams, scales of shade, and proofs of the plata in the engravers' hands.

6. PUBLISHING.–At the date of the last report, 26 sheets of coast sures maps had been published; since then, three sheets have been addedmaking the number now published 29. This is in addition to replacią the lower sheet of Delaware bay, lost in electrotyping.

Since November, 1849, there have been distributed, by direction of the Treasury Department, and for use in the survey, 360 sheets of the lar map of New York bay and harbor, 61 copies of the small map of Na York bay and harbor, 60 copies of New Bedford, 60 copies of Anu polis, 60 copies of New Haven, 60 copies of Little Egg harbor, 63c pies of New London harbor, 63 copies of Holmes's Hole and Tarpaulis cove, 63 copies of Oyster bay, 62 copies of the harbors of Black Rock ar Bridgeport, 63 copies of Edgartown harbor, 412 copies of Nantucket ha bor, 412 copies of the harbors of Cawkin's and Sheffield's islands, 54 copies of the mouth of Chester river, 543 copies of Huntington bay, 5! copies of Captain's island, east and west. The whole number of sheet distributed is 3,428.

There have been turned over to the disbursing officer of the coast se vey, to be placed with agents for sale, 911 sheets of Delaware bay an river, 180 copies of New Bedford, 90 of Fisher's Island sound, 63 of A napolis, 294 of New Haven, 43 of Little Egg harbor, 83 of Oyster bag 473 of Edgartown, 88 of Black Rock and Bridgeport, 200 of mouth Chester river, 214 of Pasquotank, 74 of Hyannis, 200 of Cat and Sh island-being in all 2,913 sheets of maps.

7. INSTRUMENT MAKING AND REPAIRS. –The alterations, repairs, diviä ing, and cleaning required by the instruments of the field and Office partie generally have been made, during the past year, under the direction Joseph Saxton, esq.

Besides these, alterations, &c., have been made to the zenith sector: 30-inch theodolite has been repaired and additions made to it; a telegrap register made; a 6-inch vertical circle altered into a theodolite, theodolite repaired and altered; metre chains made; heliotropes repaired and ad justed; drawing instruments repaired, and iron plummets made. Respectfully submitted by


Superintendent U. S. Coast Surrey. To the Hon. THOMAS CORWIN,

Secretary of the Treasury,


1. Distribution of the parties of the coast survey upon the coast of the

nited States, during the surveying season, in different parts of the coast,

om November, 1849, to November, 1850.

2. Report of the landmarks of the coast of Oregon from Point Adams

the boundary of Oregon and California, by Lieutenant W. A. Bartlett,

nited States navy, assistant in the coast survey.

2 bis. Letter of the superintendent of the coast survey, applying for the

etail of officers of the corps of Topographical Engineers, with the reply

f the Secretary of the Treasury, enclosing a copy of a letter from the

ecretary of War.

3. Correspondence in relation to surveys of portions of San Francisco

ay, required by the Engineer department for the joint commission.

4. Letter of the Secretary of War to the Secretary of the Treasury, de-

lining the detail of officers of the corps of Engineers for coast-survey

ervice, and enclosing a letter of the Chief Engineer, stating the reasons

vhy the detail cannot be made.

5. Letter of the Secretary of the Navy to the Secretary of the Treasury,

elating to the detail of officers for the hydrographic party, in section IX,

oast of Texas.

6. Extract from the report of W. C. Bond, esq., director of the Cam-

bridge Observatory, to the Superintendent of the coast survey, in rela-
ion to difference of longitude between Cambridge and Liverpool Ob.

7. Recommendation in reference to buoys in the Vineyard sound and

Massachusetts bay, by Lieutenant Commanding Charles H. McBlair,

United States navy, assistant in the coast survey.

8. Extracts from the report of Professor A. G. Pendleton, United

States navy, assistant in the coast survey, to the Superintendent, in

regard to the encroachment of the sea on the land on the south side of

Long Island.

9. Report of H. L. Whiting, esq., assistant United States coast survey,

to the superintendent, on the progress of Sandy Hook from 1848 to 1850.

10. Extracts from the report of Lieutenant Commanding Woodhull,

United States navy, to the superintendent, in relation to Prince's and

Diamond reefs, New York harbor.

11. Memorial of the Chamber of Commerce of New York to the

Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, in relation to

rocks in New York harbor, and to obstructions at Hell Gate.

12. Letter of Isaac Newton, esq., president of the People's Line of

steamboats, to the Superintendent coast survey, offering use of line for

party surveying Hudson river.

13. Extracts from the report of S. C. Walker, esq., assistant United

States coast survey, to the Superintendent, on the telegraphic operations

and computations under his charge.

14. Abstract of the report of Lieutenant Commanding S. P. Lee,

United States navy, assistant in the coast survey, to the Superintendent,

on lights. buoys, &e., in the Chesapeake, from the Potomae to the of the bay.

15. Report of the Superintendent of the coast survey to the Seca of tire Tirasury, on Hatteras skrais, with report of Lieutenant man :inz Tucraton A. Jenkins, United States basy, assistant, &c.

15 tis. Report of Lieutenant Commanding Thornton A. Jeakia Professe A. D. Bache, recommending a bell-beacon and buoy 1 placed on Hatteras shoals. ,16. Report of the Superintendent coast surrey to the Secretary of Treasury, in relation to changes in Hatteras inlei, North Carolina.

17. Report of Lieutenants Commanding Jaires Alden and Thor A. Jenkins, in regard to fitness of steamer Jefferson for hydrom party on western coast, &c.

1$. Let'er of Lieutenant Commanding J. X. Maffitt, United S navy, assistant coast survey, to the Superintendent, in relation to his amiua:ion in the vicinity of St. Helena sound, coast of South Carol

19. Report of the Superintendent United States coast survey to Secretary of the Treasury, on the reconnaissance of St. Andrew's sh coast of Georgia, by Lieutenant Commanding John Rodgers, Cu States navy, assistant coast survey.

20. Notice of surveying marks on the Florida reef, in a letter from Superintendent of the coast survey to the Secretary of the Treasury.

21. Extract from a letter from Lieutenant Commanding James All United States navy, assistant coast survey, to the Superintendent relation to a light house on Seahorse key, Florida.

22. Letters and reports relating to the stranding of the steamer He near Cape Canaveral, and her subsequent relief, &c.

23. Extract from the report of assistant F. H. Gerdes to the supe tendent coast survey, on the reconnaissance of the Florida keys.

24. Report of the Superintendent coast survey to the Secretary of Treasury, on the reconnaissance of Cape Canaveral shoals, Florida, Lieutenant Commanding John Rodgers, United States navy, assist coast survey.

25. Report by Lieutenant Commanding C. P. Patterson, United St navy, assistant coast survey, to the Superintendent, on beacons and bu in Mobile bay.

26. Report by Lieutenant Commanding C. P. Patterson, on but and beacons at the entrance to Mobile bay.

27. Report by Lieutenant Commanding C. P. Patterson, on buoys Cat and Ship Island harbors.

28. Extract from a letter of S. A. Gilbert, esq., sub assistant cat survey, to the Superintendent, communicating the decease of assist R. H. Fanptleroy, at Galveston, Texas.

29. Resolutions in relation to the decease of assistant R. H. Fauntler by the officers of the party of the Superintendent.

Letter of assistant F. H. Gerdes, transmitting to the Superintende the resolutions of the officers employed in Florida, in relation to the d cease of assistant R. H. Fauntleroy.

30. Report of Lieutenant Commanding W.P. McArthur, United Stat navy, assistant coast survey, to the Superintendent, enclosing a repo of Lieutenant Washington A. Bartlett, United States navy, on the light necessary for San Francisco bay and its approaches.

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