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J W Frazer Raising Sunken Ships June 21
G Round and S Whitford Gunlocks
Explanation of Railway Mileage By Mr Christopher Davy Architect
On Signor Distruccis new method of Medalstriking By Mr W Baddeley
On Aerial Navigation By PhiloBaddeley 44 58 107
Description of Taylor and Daviess Patent Rotary Engine By Mr Christopher Davy
Tables of Work performed by Cornish Steamengines
Description of a simple Account File By Mr Henry Good
Description of an improved Gas Stove By Mr F J Wright
Description of Chanter and Co s Smokeconsuming Furnace
Description of Seawards Patent Steamsaver c By Nauticus
Description of Baron de Bodes Patent Cablestopper By Hawser
Account of the Blowingup of the Wreck of the brig William and of the Apparatus
Remarks on various Gas Stoves By Mr W Baddeley
On the construction of Steamvessels By George Bayley Esq
Description of an Oil Test By Mr John M Naught Engineer of Glasgow
Description of Sir James Andersons Steamcarriage Boiler
On Asphalte Pavements and Perkinss Heating Apparatus By Mr J Murray
Remarks on the Government Report on Railways in France
American Steamboat Races
Analysis of Milksupply of pure Milk
Slacks method of building an Obelisk without
Suggestion of Caoutchouc for Springs By J R 180 Remarks thereon by
Hague and Description of Loshs Hagues and Patons improved Wheels
Thames Tunnel WorksMr Walkers Report
Description of Mr James Hunters Patent Machine for chairing and boring Railway

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Էջ 252 - For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it ? Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish...
Էջ 398 - An act to amend an act entitled an act to provide for the better security of the lives of passengers on board of vessels propelled in whole or in part by steam...
Էջ 353 - Sir, — I am directed by Lord John Russell to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the...
Էջ 424 - The square of the hypothenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides ; as, 5033 402+302.
Էջ 399 - That every captain, engineer, pilot, or other person employed on board of any steamboat or vessel propelled in whole or in part by steam, by whose misconduct, negligence, or inattention to his or their respective duties, the life or lives of any person or persons on board said vessel may be destroyed, shall be deemed guilty of manslaughter...
Էջ 467 - ... act, shall, after a thorough examination of the same, make a certificate, in which he or they shall state his or their opinion whether said boilers are sound and fit for use, together with the age of...
Էջ 479 - Lancashire ; for improvements in the construction of looms for weaving various sorts of cloths, which looms may be set in motion by any adequate power.
Էջ 468 - He states that the cases of disease on the dark side of an extensive barrack at St. Petersburg have been uniformly for many years in the proportion of three to one to those on the side exposed to strong light.
Էջ 31 - Then, the 163d section enacts " that all persons shall have free liberty to pass along and upon, and to use and employ, the said railway, with carriages properly constructed as by this act directed, upon payment only of such rates and tolls as shall be demanded by the said company, not exceeding the respective rates or tolls by this act authorized, and subject to the...
Էջ 399 - October, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight; without having first obtained, from the proper officer, a license under the existing laws, and without having complied with the conditions imposed by this act; and for each and every violation of this section, the owner or owners of said vessel shall forfeit and pay to the United States the sum of...

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