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of Truth; and let it come through what in this, but in a dozen other Allegoriesmedium it may, it is always musical or Stories, as you choose to call themwhile it is True! Thus it is that Haw- can we point out Our Hawthorne" as thorne constantly writes Poems while he Noticeable !" We had intended to have only pretends to be writing Tales! Who particularized in quotation many of those of our Poets can point to a deeper Poet- finer traits of spiritual beauty which ry than is expressed in Rappaccini's have almost intruded themselves upon Daughter.” Where, out of Hell or By- us, but we are compelled here, for want ron, will you find anything to compass of space, to stop. We can only say, the cold, intellectual diabolicism of the that in the “ Mosses of an Old Manse,” it famous Doctor “Giacomo Rappaccini ? seems to us that his Life has deepened And where-certainly not in Byron ! since that which gave us “ The Twicewill you find a sublimer retribution visit told Tales,” and that we hope and pray he ed upon that presumptuous Thought, may not spare us a future volume, which dared the INEFFABLE and died I though they may be even the Thrice-told than he there quietly gives? Not only Tales of Hawthorne !


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Having devoted some space this month

do. in Bars and Bolts,

30 to the New Tariff, with the arguments for

do. if Rolled,

30 and against its passage, we have concluded to Anvils, Anchors, Sledges,

per lb.,

2 1-2 cts 30 publish the Act itself, for convenient reterence by our readers. It will be found

Castings, iron, 1 ct. pr. lb. to

2 1-2 cts.

30 below. The following comparison of the Hemp, pr. ton,

$10 30 Rates of Duty charged on the most im- Cables and Cordage, tarportant articles by the Tariff of 1842 and red, pr. Ib.,

5 cts.

25 that of 1816 respectively, will be accepta- Cables, if untarred,

25 ble to many :

do. Yarns, Twine, Pack-

6“ 25 "
Cotton Bagging, pr. sq. yd., 4.“
Duty by Tar. Do. of Tar.

25 Articles.

of '42.

of '46.

Books, English, bound, Cotton fabrics, plain, not

per pound,

30 “ 10 less per yd. than

6 cts. 25 pr ct. Books, in boards or sheets, 20 “ 10
Cotion fabrics, printed or

9 cts.

A BILL REDUCING THE DUTY ON IMPORTS, Woolen do, generally 40 pr. ct. 30

FOR OTHER PURPOSES ; PASSED Juo do. Blankets, costing

LY 29, 1946. 75 cts. or less,


20 Woolen Blankets costing

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of over 75 cts.,


20 Representatives of the United States of AmeriBaizes, Bockings, per sq.

ca in Congress assembled, That from and after yard,


25 the first day of December next, in lieu on the Carpeting, Wilton, Saxo.

duties heretofore imposed by law on the artiny, Aubusson, and tre

cles hereinafter mentioned, and on such as ple Ingrain, sq. yard,

65 cts.

30 may now be exempt from duty, there shall be Carpeting, Venetian and

levied, collected, and paid, on the goods, Ivgrain,

3065 30 wares, and merchandise herein enumerated Carpeting, Brussels and

and provided for, imported from foreign Turkey,

55 " 30 countries, the following rates of duty-that is Flannels, pr. sq. yd., 14 “ 25

to say: Wool, coarse, costing un

On goods, wares, and merchandise mender 7 cts. per lb.,

5 pr. ct. 30 tioned in schedule A, a duty of one hundred Wool, and costing over

per centum ad valorem. 7 cts. pr. Ib.


On goods, wares, and merchandise men

tioned in schedule 1, a duty of forty per Silks, generally, pr. lb. $1,87 1-2,

cent. $2, $2,12 1-2 25

On goods, wares, and merchandise menRaw silk per lb.,


tioned in schedule B, a duty of thirty per Floss and other partially

centum ad valorem. prepared, 25 pr. ct. 15

On goods, wares, and merchandise menIron, old or scraps, pr. ton, $10

tioned in schedule C, a duty of twenty-five do.

30 $9

per centum ad valorem.

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3 cts. and 30 pr, ct.,

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On goods, wares, and merchandise men. tured or produced, as the case may be ; and tioned in schedule D, a duty of twenty per to add thereto all costs and charges which, centum ad valorem.

under existing laws, would form part of the On goods, wares, and merchandise men- true value at ihe port where the same may be tioned in schedule E, a duty of fifteen per entered, upon which the duties shall be ascentum ad valorem.

sessed. And it shall be the duty of the colOn goods, wares, and merchandise men- lector within whose district the same may be tioned in schedule F, a duty of ten per centum imported or entered to cause the dutiable ad valorem.

value of such imports to be appraised, estiOn goods, wares, and merchandise men- mated, and ascertained in accordance with tioned in schedule G, a duiy of five per cen. the provisions of existing laws; and if the tum ad valorem,

appraised value thereof shall exceed by ten Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That per centum or more the value so declared on from and after the first day of December the entry, then, in addition to the duties imnext, the goods, wares, and merchandise posed by law on the same, there shall be mentioned in schedule H shall be cxeinpt levied, collected, and paid, a duty of twenty from duty.

per centum ad valorem, on such appraised Sec. 3, And be it further enacted, That, value. Provided nevertheless, That under no from and after the first day of December next, circumstances shall the duty be assessed there shall be levied, collected, and paid on upon an amount less than the invoice value; all goods, wares, and merchandise imported any law of Cougress to the contrary notfrom foreign countries, and not specially pro withstanding. vided for in this act, a duty of tuenty per Sec. 10 And be it further enacted, That centum ad valorem.

the deputies of any collector, naval officer, or Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That in surveyor, and the clerks employed by any all cases in which the invoice or entry shall collector, naval officer, surveyor, or appraisnot contain the weight or quantity, or mea- er, who are not by existing laws required to sure of goods, wares, or merchandise now be sworn, shall, before entering upon their weighed or measured or guaged, the same respective duties, or, if already employed, shall be weighed, guaged, or measured at before continuing in the discharge thereof, the expense of the owner or consignee. take and subscribe an oath or affirmation

SEC: 5. And be it further enacted, That, faithfully and diligently to perform such dufrom and after the first day of December ties, and to use their best endeavors to prenext, in lieu of the bounty heretofore au- vent and detect frauds upon the revenue of thorized by law to be paid on the exportation the United States; which oath or affirma: of pickled fish of the fisheries of the United tion shall be administered by the collector of States, there shall be allowed, on the exporta- the port or district where the said deputies tion thereof, if cured with foreign salt, a or clerks may be employed, and shall be of a drawback equal in amount to the duty paid form to be prescribed by the Secretary of the on the salt, and no more, to be ascertained

Treasury. under such regulations as may be prescribed Sec. il. And be it further enacted, That by the Secretary of the Treasury.

no officer or other person connected with the Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That all navy of the United States, shall under any goods, wares, and merchandise imported preience, import in any ship or vessel of the after the passage of this act, and which may United States any goods, wares, or merbe in the public stores on the second day of chandise liable to the payment of any duty. December next, shall be subject to no other Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That all duty upon the entry thereof ihan if the same acts and parts of acis repugnant to the prowere imported respectively after that day. visons of this act be, and the same are here

Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the by repealed. twelfth section of the act entitled, “ An act to provide revenue from imports, and to change and modify existing laws imposing duties on imports, and for other purposes,” approved Brandy and other spirits distilled from August thirty, eighteen hundred and forty- grain, or other materials; cordials, absynthe, two, shall be, and the same is hereby, so far arrack, curacoa, kirschenwasser, liqueurs, modified, that all goods imported from this marashino, ratafia, and all other spirituous side the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn beverages of a similar character. may remain in the public stores for the space of one year instead of the term of sixty days

SCHEDULE 1. "prescribed in the said section; and that all

goods imported from beyond the Cape of Alabaster and spar ornaments; almonds; Good Hope or Cape Horn may remain in the anchovies, sardines, and all other fish prepublic stores one year instead of the term of served in oil; camphor refined; cassia ; ninety days prescribed in the said section. cloves; composition tops for tables, or other

SEC. 8. And be it further enacted, That it articles of furniture ; comfits, sweetmeats, shall be lawful for the owner, consignee, or or fruit proserved in sugar, brandy, or moagent of imports which have been actually lasses; currants; dates; figs; ginger root, purchased, on entry of the same, to make dried or green; glass cut; mace; manufacsuch addition in the entry to the cost or tures of cedar wood, granadilla, ebony, mavalue given in the invoice, as in his opinion hogany, rosewood, and satin wood; nutmay raise the same to the true market value megs; pimento; prepared vegetables, meats, of such imports in the principal markets of poultry, and game sealed or enclosed in the country whence the importation shall cases, or otherwise; prunes; raisins; scag. have been made, or in which the goods im- liola tops for tables, or other articles of furniported shall have been originally manufac- ture; segars, snuff, paper segars, and all



hair is

other manufactures of tobacco; wines, Bur- of all kinds; epaulettes, galloons, laces, gundy, champagne, claret, Madeira, port, knots, stars, iassels, tresses, and wings of sherry, and all other wines and imitations of gold, silver, or other metal; fans, and fire wines.

screens of every description, of whatever material composed; feathers and flowers, artiticial or ornamental, and parts thereof, of

whatever material composed; frames and Argentine, alabatta, or German silver, sticks for umbrellas, parasols, and sunshades, manufactured or unmanufactured ; ale, beer, finished or unfinished ; furniture, cabinet and porter in casks or bottles; articles em- and household; ginger, ground; grapes; broidered with gold, silver, or other metal; gum benzoin or benjamin; hair pencils; articles worn by men, women, or children, hat bodies of cotton; hemp, unmanufacturof whatever material composed, made up, or ed; honey; human hair, cleansed or premade wholly or in part, by hand; asses' pared for use ; ink and ink powder; iron, skins; balsams, cosmetics, essences, ex- in bars, blooms, bolts, loops, pigs, rods, tracts, pastes, perfumes, and tinctures, used slabs, or other form, not otherwise provided either for the toilet, or for medicinal pur- for; castings of iron; old or scrap iron; vese poses; baskets, and all other articles com- sels of cast iron; japanned ware of all kinds, posed of grass, osier, palmleaf, straw, whale- not otherwise provided for; jewelry, real or bone, or willow, not otherwise provided for; imitation ; jet and manufactures of jet, and bay rum ; beads, of amber, composition, or imitations thereof; lead pencils ; maccaroni, wax, and all other beads; benzoates; bolog- vermicelli, gelatine, jellies, and all similar na sausages; bracelets, braids, chains, curls, preparations; manufactures of the bark of or ringlets composed of hair, or of which the cork tree, except corks ; manufactures of

component part; braces, suspend. bone, shell, horn, pearl, ivory, or vegetable ers, webbing, or other fabrics, composed ivory ; manufactures, articles, vessels, and wholly or in part of India rubber, not other- wares, not otherwise provided for, of brass, wise provided for; brooms and brushes of copper, gold, iron, lead, pewter, platina, sila all kinds ; cameos, real and imitation, and ver, tin, or other metal, or of which either of mosaics, real and imitation, when set in gold, those metals or any other metal shall be the or silver, or other metal; canes and sticks component material of chief value ; man ufor walking, finished or unfmished; capers, factures of cotton, linen, silk, wool, or pickles, and sauces of all kinds, not other worsted, if embroidered or tamboured in the wise provided for; corks; earthen, China, loom or otherwise, by machinery, or with and stone ware, and all other wares compos- the needle, or other process; manufactures, ed of earthy and mineral substances not oth- articles, vessels, and wares of glass, or of erwise provided for; fire crackers; flats, which glass shall be a component material, braids, plaits, sparteere, and willow squares, not otherwise provided for; colored, stainused for making hats or bonnets; glass tum- ed, or painted glass; glass crystals for blers, plain, moulded, or pressed, not cut or watches; glasses or pebbles for spectacles ; printed; hats and bonnets for men, women, paintings on glass, porcelain glass ; manuand children, composed of straw, satin straw, factures and articles of leather, or of which chip grass, palmleaf, willow, or any other leather shall be a component part, not other. vegetable substance, or of hair, whalebone, wise provided for; manufactures and antior other material, not otherwise provided cles of marble, marble paving tiles, and all for ;

; caps, hats, muffs, and tippets of fur, other marble more advanced in manufacture and all other manufactures of fur, or of which than in slabs or blocks in the rough; manufur shall be a component material; caps, factures of paper, or of which paper is a comgloves, leggins, mits, socks, stockings, wové ponent material, not otherwise provided for : shirts and drawers, and all similar articles manufactures, articles, and wares of papier made on frames, worn by men, women, or mache; manufactures of wood, or of which children, and not otherwise provided for; wood is a component part, not otherwise procard-cases, pocket-books, shell boxes, souv- vided for; manufactures of wool, or of which enirs, and all similar articles, of whatever wool shall be the component material of material composed; carpets, carpeting, chief value, not otherwise provided for; hearth-rugs, bedsides, and other portions of medicinal preparations, not otherwise procarpeting, being either of Aubusson, Brus- vided for; metallic pens; mineral waters; sels, ingrain, Saxony, Turkey, Venetian, molasses ; muskets, rifles, and other fire. Wilton, or any other similar fabric; car- arms ; nuts, not otherwise provided for; oilriages and parts of carriages; cayenne pep. cloth of every description, of whatever mateper; cheese ; cinnamon; clocks and paris of rial composed ; ochres, and ochry earths. clocks; clothing, ready made, and wearing used in the composition of painters' coloss, apparel of every description, of whatever whether dry or ground in oil; oils, volatile, material composed, made up or manufactur- essential, or expressed, and not otherwise ed wholly or in part by the tailor, sempstress, provided for; olive oil, in casks, other than or manufacturer; coach and harness furni- salad oil; olive salad oil, and all other olive ture of all kinds; coal;. coke and culm of oil, not otherwise provided for; olives; pacoal; combs of all kinds; compositions per, antiquarian, demi, drawing, elephant, of glass or paste, when set; confectionary of foolscap, imperial, letter, and all other paper all kinds, not otherwise provided for; coral, not otherwise provided for; paper boxes, cut or manufactured; cotton cords, gimps, and all other fancy boxes; paper envelopes; and galloons; court-plaster; crayons of all parasols and sunshades; parchment; pepper; kinds; cutlery of all kinds; diamonds, gems, plated and gilt ware of all kinds; playing pearls, rubies, and other precious stones, and cards; plums;, potatoes; red chalk pencils imitations of precious stones, when set in saddlery of all kinds, not otherwise provided gold, silver, or other metal; dolls and toys for; salmon, preserved; sewing silk, in the

gum or purified; shoes composed wholly of ing, or knitting; ozier or willow prepared India rubber; sealing, wax, silk twist and for basket-makers’ use ; paving stones; twist composed of silk and mohair; side. paving and roofing tiles and bricks; boucho arms of every description; silver plated leaves ; breccia; bronze powder; butter; metal, in sheets or other form; soap, Cas. cadmium; calamine ; cantharides; caps, tile, perfumed, Windsor, and all other kinds; gloves, leggins, mits, socks, stockings, wove sugar of all kinds; tobacco, unmanufactur- shirts and drawers, made on frames, comed; syrup of sugar; twines and pack thread, posed wholly of cotton, worn by men, woof whatever material composed; umbrellas; men, and children; cassia buds; castor oil vellum; vinegar; wafers; water colors; castorum;, chocolate; chromate of lead; fire-wood, and wood unmanufactured, not chromate, bichromate, hydriodate, and prusotherwise provided for; wool, unmanufac- siate of potash ; cobalt; cocoa nuts; coccutured.

lus indicus; copperas or green vitriol, or sulSCHEDULE C.

phate of iron; copper rods, bolts, nails, and

spikes; copper bottoms; plaster of Paris Buttons and button moulds, of all kinds; when ground ; quicksilver; saffron and safborax or tinctal ; Burgundy pitch ; calomel, fron cake; seppia ; steel, all than otherwise and all other mercurial preparations; cam- provided for; copper in sheets or plates, phor, crude ; feather beds, feathers for beds, called brazier's copper, and other sheets of and downs of all kinds ; floss silks ; grass copper not otherwise provided for; cubebs; cloth ; hair cloth, hair seating, and all other dried pulp;'emery; ether; felspar; fig blue; manufactures of hair not otherwise provided fish, foreign, whether fresh, smoked, salted, for; jute, Sisal grass, coir, and other vege- dried, or pickled, not otherwise provided table substances unmanufactured, not other for; fish glue or isinglass ; fish skins; flour wise provided for ; baizes, bockings, flan- of sulphur; Frankfort black; French chalk; nels, and floor-cloths, of whatever material fruit

, green or ripe, not otherwise provided composed, not otherwise provided for; ca- for; fulminates, or fulminating powders; bles and cordage, tarred or untarred ; cotton

furs dressed on the skin; gamboge; glue; laces, cotton insertings, cotton trimming gunpowder; hair, curled, moss, seaweed, laces, cotton laces and braids; manufactures and all other vegetable substances used for composed wholly of cotton not otherwise beds. or mattresses; hams; hats of wool; provided for; manufactures of goat's hair or hat bodies, made of wool, or of which wool mohair, or of which goat's hair or mohair shall be a component material of chief value; shall be a component material, not otherwise hatters' plush, composed of silk and cotton, provided for; matting, Chinese, and other but of which cotton is the component matefoor matting and mats made of flags, jute, rial of chief value; hemp-seed or linseed, or grass ; manufactures of silk, or of which and rape-seed oil, and all other oils used in silk shall be a component material, not painting; Indian corn and corn meal; ipeotherwise provided for; manufactures of cacuanha; iridium ; iris or orris root ; ivory worsted, or of which worsted shall be a or bone black ; jalap; juniper berries ; lac component material, not otherwise provided sulphur; lamp black ; lard ; leather, tanned, for; roofing slates, slates, other than roofing þend, or sole; leather, urper of all kinds; slates; woollen and worsted yarn.

lead, in pigs, bars, or sheets ; leaden pipes ; leaden shot; leeches; linens of all kinds;

liquorice paste, juice, or root; litharge ; malt; Acids, acetic, acetous benzoic, boracic, manganese ; manufactures of flax, not others chromic, citric, muriatic, white and yellow, wise provided for; manufactures of hemp nitric, pyroligneous and tartaric, and all not otherwise provided for; marine coral, other acids of every description, used for unmanufactured; medicinal drugs, roots, chemical or medicinal purposes, or for man- and leaves, in a crude state, not otherwise ufacturing, or in the fine arts, not otherwise provided for; metals, unmanufactured, not provided for; aloes; Angora, Thibet, and otherwise provided for; mineral and bituother goat's hair or mohair unmanufactured; minous substances, in a crude state, not cedar wood, ebony, granadilla, mahogany, otherwise provided for; musical instruments rosewood, and satin wood, unmanufactured; of all kinds, and strings for musical instrucream of tartar; extract of indigo; extracts ments of whip gut or catgut, and all other and decoctions of logwood and other dye- strings of the same material; nitrate of lead; woods not otherwise provided for; extracts oats and oatmeal; oils, neatsfoot, and other of madder; flax seed; green turtle ; gunny animal oil, spermaceti, whale, and other fish cloth; alum; amber; ambergris; anise oil, the produce of foreign fisheries ; opium ; seed; animal carbon; antimony; crude and oranges, lemons, and limes; orange and regulus of; arrow root; articles, not in a lemon peel; patent mordant; paints, dry or crude state, used in dyeing or tanning, not ground in oil, not otherwise provided for; otherwise provided for; assafætida; bacon; paper hangings and paper for screens or firebananas; barley ; beef; beeswax; berries, boards; pearl or hulled barley; periodicals vegetables, flowers and barks, not otherwise and other works in the course of printing and provided for; bismuth ; bitter apples; blank- republication in the United States; pine ets of all kinds ; blank books, bound or un- apples; pitch; plantains; plumbago ; pork ; bound; blue or Roman vitriol, or sulphate potassium; Prussian blue; pumpkins; putof copper; boards, planks, 'staves, lath, iy ; quills; red chalk; rhubarb ; rice or padscantling, spars, hewn and sawn timber, and dy; roll brimstone; Roman cement; rye timber to be used in building wharves; and rye flour; saddlery, common, tinned, or bronze liquor; iron liquor ; lac spirits; man- japanned; sago; sal soda, and all carbonates na; marble in the rough slab or block, un- of soda, by whatever names designated, not manufactured ; Dutch and bronze metal in otherwise provided for; salts, Epsom, Glauleaf; needles of all kinds for sewing, darn- ber, Rochelle, and all other salts and prepa




rations of salts, not otherwise provided for;

SCHEDULE G. sarsaparilla; shaddocks; sheathing paper;

Alcornoque, argol, or crude tartar; bells skins, tanned and dressed, of all kinds skins of all kinds, not otherwise provided ufactured'; brass in pigs or bars; Brazil

when old, or bell metal, fit only to be reman, for; slate pencils ; smalts; spermaceti can- wood, and all other dye-woods in sticks ; dles and tapers; spirits of turpentine ; brass when old, and fit only to be remanusponges; spunk; squills; starch; stearine factured ; bristles ; chalk, not otherwise procandles and tapers; stereotype plates; still vided for; clay, unwrought; copper, in pigs bottoms ; sulphate of barytes, crude or re

or bars; copper, when old, and fit only fined ; sulphate of quinine; tallow candles;

to be remanufactured; flints; grindstones, tapioca; tar; thread laces and insertings; wrought or unwrought; berries, nuts, and type metal; types, new, or old; vanilla vegetables used exclusively in dyeing, or in beans; verdigris; velvet, in the piece, com- composing dyes, but no article shall be posed wholly of cotton ; velvet, in the piece, classed as such that has undergone any composed of cotton and silk, but of which manufacture ; ivory, unmanufactured ; ivory cotton is the component material of chief value; vermilion ; wax candles and tapers; galls'; pearl, mother of; lastings, suitable for

nuts, or vegetable ivory; madder root; nutwhalebone the produce of foreign fisheries; shoes, boots, bootees, or buttons, exclusivewheat and wheat flour; white and red lead;

ly; manufactures of mohair cloth, silk twist, whiting, or Paris white; white vitriol, or sulphaie of zinc ; window glass, broad, the manufacture of shoes, boots, bootees, or

or other manufactures of cloth, suitable for crown, or cylinder; woollen listings; yams.

buttons exclusively; horns, horn-tips, bones,

bone-tips, and teeth, unmanufactured; Arsenic bark, Peruvian; bark Quilla; kermes; lac dye; lac spirits, madder, Brazil paste, brimstone, crude in bulk; cork ground, nickel ; pewter, when old, and fit tree bark, unmanufactured ; codilla, or tow only to be remanufactured ; rags, of what. of hemp or flax; diamonds, glaziers', set or ever material; raw hides and skins of all not set; dragon's blood ; fax, unmanufac- kinds, whether dried, salted, or pickled, not tured ; gold and silver leaf; mineral kermes; otherwise provided for; safflower; salıpetre, silk, raw, not more advanced in manufacture or nitrate of soda, or potash, when crude; than singles tram and thrown or organzine; seed lac; shellac; sumac; tin in pigs, bars, terne tin plates tin foil; tin in plates or or blocks; tortoise and other shells unmanusheets; tin plates galvanized, not otherwise factured ; turmeric; waste, or shoddy ; weld; provided for; steel in bars; cast, shear, or zinc, spelter, or tutenegue, unmanufactured, German; zinc, spelter, or tutenegue, in

not otherwise provided for. sheets.

SCHEDULE F. Ammonia; anatto, rancon Orleans; Animals imported for breed; bullion, gold barilla ; books printed, magazines, pamphlets, and silver; cabinets of coins, medals, and periodicals and illustra ted newspapers, bound other collections of antiquities; coffee and or unbound, not otherwise provided for ; tea when imported direct from the place of bleaching powders or chloride of lime; their growth or production, in American building stones; burr stones, wrought or un- vessels, or in foreign vessels entitled by rewrought; cameos and mosaics, and imita- ciprocal treaties to be exempt from discrimtions thereof, not set; chronometers, box or inating duties, tonnage, and other charges; ships', and parts thereof; cocoa, cochineal; coffee, the growth or production of the poscocoa shells, compositions of glass or paste, sessions of the Netherlands, imported from not set; cudbear; diamonds, gems, pearls, the Netherlands in the same manner; coins, rubies, and other precious stones, and imi- gold, silver, and copper; copper ore ; copper tations thereof, when not set; engravings or when imported for the United States Mint; plates, bound or unbound; hemp-seed, lin- cotton ; felt, adhesive, for sheathing ; garden seed, and rapeseed ; fullers' earth; furs, hat- seeds, and all other seeds not otherwise proters', dressed or undressed, not on the skin; vided for; goods, wares, and merchandise, furs, undressed when on the skin ; goldbeat- the growth, produce, or manufacture of the ers''skins; gum Arabic ; gum Senegal; gum

United Staies exported to a foreign country, Tragacanth;

; gum Barbary; gum East India; and brought back to the United States in gum Jedda; gum substitute or burnt starch; the same condition as when exported, upon indigo ; kelp; natron ; terra japonica or cate- which no drawback or bounty has been alchu; hair of all kinds, uncleaned and un- lowed : Provided, that all the regulations to manufactured; India rubber, in bottles, slabs, ascertain the identity thereof, prescribed or sheets, unmanufactured ; lemon and lime by existing laws, or which may be prejuice ; lime; maps and charts; music and scribed by the Secretary of the Treamusic paper, with lines, bound or unbound; sury, shall be complied with ; guano ; housenux vomica; oils, palm and cocoanut; orpi- hold effects, old and in use, of persons or ment; palm leaf, uimanufactured ; polishing families from foreign countries, if used stones ; pumice and pumice stone; rattans abroad by them, and not intended for any and reeds, unmanufactured; rotton stone; other person or persons, or for sale; junk, sal ammonia ; saltpetre, (or nitrate of soda, old; models of inventions and other imor potash,) refined or partially refined; soda provements in the arts; Provided, That no ash, sulphuric acid, or oil of vitriol; tallow, article or articles shall be deemed a model marrow, and all other grease and soap stuffs, or improvement which can be fitted for use not otherwise provided for; watches and oakum; oil, spermaceti, whale, and other parts of watches; watch materials of all fish, of American fisheries, and all other arkinds, not otherwise provided for; woad or ticles the produce of such fisheries ; paintings pastel.

and statuary, the production of American


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