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A Convention of friendship, com. sels, may be also imported in ves.

merce, and navigation, between sels of the said free Hanseatic Re. the United States of America, and publics of Lubeck, Bremen, and the free Hanseatic Republics of Hamburg, and that no higher or Lubeck, Bremen, and Hamburg other duties upon the tonnage or

The United States of America, cargo of the vessel, shall be levied on the one part, and the Republic tion be made in vessels of the Uni

or collected, whether the importaand Free Hanseatic City of Lu. beck, the Republic and Free Han. ted States, or of either of the said seatic City of Bremen, and the Hanseatic Republics. And, in like Republic and Free Hanseatic City

manner, that whatever kind of proof Hamburg, (each state for itseit duce, manufacture, or merchandise, separately,) on the other part, time to time, lawfuily imported into

of any foreign countrycan be, from being desirous to give greater fa.

either of the said Hanseatic Re. cility to their commercial inter. course, and to place the privileges publics, in its own vessels, may be of their navigation on a basis of also imported in vessels of the the most extended liberality, have

United States; and that no higher resolved to fix, in a manner clear,

or other duties upon the tonnage or distinct, and positive, the rules cargo of the vessel, shall be levied which shall be observed between

or collected, whether the importathe one and the other, by means of tion be made in vessels of the one a convention of friendship, com.

party, or of the other. And they merce, and navigation.

further agree, that, whatever may For the attainment of this most

be lawfuliy exported, or re-expordesirable object, the President of ted, by one party, in its own ves: the United States of America has sels, to any foreign country, may, conferred full powers on Henry

in like manner, be exported or re. Clay, their Secretary of State; exported in the vessels of the other and the senate of the Republic and party. And the same bounties, free Hanseatic City of Lubeck, duties, and drawbacks, shall be al the senate of the Republic and free lowed and collected, whether such Hanseatic City of Bremen, and the exportation or re-exportation be senate of the Republic and free made in vessels of the one party, Hanseatic City of Hamburg, have

or of the other. Nor shall higher, conferred full powers on Vincent

or other charges, of any kind, be Rumpff, their Minister Plenipoten. imposed in the ports of the one tiary near the United State of Ame. party, on vessels of the other, than rica, who, after having exchanged are, or shall be, payable in the their said full powers, found in due

same ports by national vessels. and proper form, have agreed to the following articles :

No higher or other duties shall

be imposed on the importation, into The contracting parties agree, the United States, of any article, that, whatever kind of produce, the produce or manufacture of the manufacture, or merchandise, of free Hanseatic Republics of Lu. any foreign country, can be, from beck, Bremen, and Hamburg; and time to time, lawfully imported into no higher or other duties shall be the United States, in their own ves- imposed on the importation, into




either of the said republics, of any Hamburg, and of the intimate conarticle, the produce or manufac. nexion of trade and navigation ture of the United States, than are, subsisting between these repub. or shall be, payable on the like ar- lics, it is hereby stipulated and ticle, being the produce or manu. agreed, that any vessel which shall facture of any other foreign coun. be owned exclusively by a citizen try; nor shall any other, or higher or citizens of any or either of them, . duties or charges, be imposed by and of which the master shall also either party on the exportation of be a citizen of any or either of any articles to the United States, them, and provided three fourths of or to the free Hanseatic Republics the crew shall be citizens or sub. of Lubeck, Bremen, or Hamburg, jects of any or either of the said re. respectively, than such as are, or publics, or of any or either of the shall be, payable on the exporta. states of the confederation of Ger. tion of the like articles to any other many, such vessel, so owned and foreign country; nor shall any pro. navigated, shall, for all the purhibition be imposed on the impor. poses of this Convention, be taken tation or exportation of any article, to be, and considered as, a vessel the produce or manufacture of the belonging to Lubeck, Bremen, or United States, or of the free Han. Hamburg. seatic Republics of Lubeck, Bre. men, or Hamburg, to, or from, the Any vessel, together with her ports of the United States, or to, or cargo, belonging to either of the from, the ports of the other party, free Hanseatic Republics of Luwhich shall not equally extend to beck, Bremen, or Hamburg, and all other nations.

coming from either of the said ports

to the United Siates, shall, for all No priority or preference shall purposes of this Convention, be be given, directly or indirectly, by deemed to have cleared from the any or either of the contracting republic to which such vessel be. parties, nor by any company, cor. longs ; although, in fact, it may poration, or agent, acting on their not have been the one from which behalf, or under their authority, in she departed; and any vessel of the purchase of any article, the the United States, and her cargo, growth, produce, or manufacture, trading to the ports of Lubeck, Bre. of their states, respectively, import. men, or Hamburg, directly, or in ed into the other, on account of, succession, shall, for the like pur. or in reference to, the character of poses, be on the footing of a Han the vessel, whether it be of the one seatic vessel, and party or the other, in which such making the same voyage. article was imported; it being the true intent and meaning of the con. It is likewise agreed that it shall tracting parties, that no distinction be wholly free for all merchants, or difference whatever shall be commanders of ships, and other made in this respect..

citizens of both parties, to manage,

themselves, their own business, in In consideration of the limited all the ports and places subject to extent of the territories of the Re. the jurisdiction of each other, as publics of Lubeck, Bremen, and well with respect to the consign


her " cargo,




ment and sale of their goods and persons and property of the citi. merchandise, by wholesale or re zens of each other, of all occupa. tail, as with respect to the loading, tions, who may be in the territories unloading, and sending off their subject to the jurisdiction of the one ships; submitting themselves to or the other, transient, or dwelling the laws, decrees and usages there therein, leaving open and free to established, to which native citi. them the tribunals of justice fo zens are subjected; they being, in their judicial recourse, on the same all these cases, to be treated as terms which are usual and custo. citizens of the republic in which mary with the natives or citizens they reside, or at least to be placed of the country in which they may on a footing with the citizens or be ; for which they may employ. subjects of the most favoured na. in defence of their rights, such ad. tion.

vocates, solicitors, notaries, agents

and factors, as they may judge The citizens of each of the con. proper, in all their trials at law tracting parties shall have power and such citizens or agents shal to dispose of their personal goods, have as free opportunity as native within the jurisdiction of the other, citizens to be present at the deci by sale, donation, testament, or sions and sentences of the tribu otherwise ; and their representa. nals, in all cases which may con tives, being citizens of the other cern them; and likewise at the party, shali succeed to their said taking of all examinations and evi. personal goods, whether by testa. dence which may be exhibited ir ment or ab intestato, and they may the said trials. take possession thereof, either by themselves or others acting for The contracting parties, desiring them, and dispose of the same at to live in peace and harmony with their will, paying such dues only all the other nations of the earth, as the inhabitants of the country by means of a policy, frank, and wherein said goods are, shall be equally friendly with all, engage subject to pay in like cases : and mutually not to grant any particu. if, in the case of real estate, the lar favour to other nations, in re. said heirs would be prevented from spect of commerce and navigation, entering into the possession of the which shall not immediately be. inheritance on account of their come common to the other party, character of aliens, there shall be who shall enjoy the same freely, if granted to them the term of three the concession was freely made, years to dispose of the same, as or on allowing the same compensathey may think proper, and to tion, if the concession was conwithdraw the proceeds without mo. ditional. lestation, and exempt from all du

ARTICLE x. ties of detraction on the part of The present Convention shall be the government of the respective in force for the term of twelve states.

years, from the date hereof; and,

further, until the end of twelve Both the contracting parties months after the government of the promise and engage, formally, to United States, on the one part, or give their special protection to the the free Hanseatic Republics of



Lubeck, Bremen, or Hamburg, or of our Lord one thousand eight either of them, on the other part, hundred and twenty-seven, in the shall have given notice of their in. fifty-second year of the Indepen. tention to terminate the same ; dence of the United States of Ame. each of the said contracting parties rica. (l. s.] H. CLAY. reserving to itself the right of giving

(l. s.] V. RUMPFF. such notice to the other, at the end of the said term of twelve years : The said Convention, and the and it is hereby agreed between respective ratifications of the same, them, that, at the expiration of were exchanged at Washington on twelve months after such shall have the second day of June, one thou. been received by either of the par. sand eight hundred and twentyties from the other, this Convention, eight, by Henry Clay, Secretary and all the provisions thereof, shall,. of State of the United States, and altogether, cease and determine, Vincent Rumpff, Minister Plenipoas far as regards the States giving tentiary of the free Hanseatic Re. and receiving such notice ; it being publics of Lubeck, Bremen, and always understood and agreed, Hamburg, near the said United that, if one or more of the Hansea. States, on the part of their respec. tic Republics aforesaid, shall, at tive governments. the expiration of twelve years from the date hereof, give or receive

An additional Article to the Con. notice of the proposed termination of this Convention, it shall, never.

vention of the 20th December, 1827, theless, remain in full force and

between the United States of America, operation, as far as regards the re

and the Hanseatic Republics of maining Hanseatic Republics, or

Lubeck, Bremen, and Hamburg, Republic, which

concluded and signed, at Washington, may not have given or received such notice.

on the 4th day of June, 1828. ARTICLE XI.

The United States of America, The present Convention being and the Hanseatic Republics of Luapproved and ratified by the Presi. beck, Bremen, and Hamburg, wishdent of the United States, by and ing to favour their mutual commerce with the advice and consent of by affording, in their ports, every the Senate thereof; and by the necessary assistance to their resSenates of the Hanseatic Repub- pective vessels, the undersigned lics of Lubeck, Bremen, and Ham. Plenipotentiaries have further burg, the ratifications shall be agreed upon the following addiexchanged at Washington within tional article to the Convention of nine months from the date hereof, friendship, commerce, and naviga. or sooner, if possible.

tion, concluded at Washington on In faith whereof, we, the pleni. the twentieth day of December, potentiaries of the contracting par. 1827, between the contracting parties, have signed the present Con. ties. vention, and have thereto affixed The Consuls and Vice-Consuls our seals.

may cause to be arrested the sailors, Done, in quadruplicate, at the being part of the crews of the ves. city of Washington, on the twen. sels of their respective countries, tieth day of December, in the year who shall have deserted from the said vessels, in order to send them shall have the same force and value back and transport them out of the as if it were inserted, word for word, country. For which purpose, the in the Convention signed at Wash. said Consuls and Vice-Consuls shall ington on the twentieth day of De. address themselves to the courts, cember, 1827, and being approved judges, and officers competent, and and ratified by the President of the shall demand the said deserters, in United States, by and with the ad. writing, proving, by an exhibition of vice and consent of the Senate the registers of the said vessels, or thereof, and by the Senates of ship's roll, or other official docu. the Hanseatic Republics of Lubeck, ment, that those men were part of Bremen, and Hamburg, the ratifica. said crews; and on this demand tions shall be exchanged at Washbeing so proved, (saving, however, ington within nine months from the where the contrary is proved,) the date hereof, or sooner, if possible. delivery shall not be refused; and In faith whereof, we, the under. there shall be given all aid and assigned, by virtue of our respective sistance to the said Consuls and full powers, have signed the present Vice-Consuls, for the

the search, additional article, and have thereto seizure, and arrest of the said de. affixed our seals. serters, who shall even be detained Done, in quadruplicate, at the City and kept in the prisons of the coun. of Washington, on the fourth day try at their request and expense, of June, in the year of our Lord one until they shall have found opportu- thousand eight hundred and twentynity of sending them back. But, if eight. they be not sent back within two

(L. s.] H. Clay. months, to be counted from the day

(L. s.] V. RUMPFF. of their arrest, they shall be set at liberty, and shall be no more ar. The said additional article, and rested for the same cause.

the respective ratifications of the It is understood, however, that if same, have, this day, been exchang. the deserter should be found to have ed at Washington, by Henry Clay, committed

any crime or offence, his Secretary of State of the United surrender may be delayed until the States, and Anthony Charles Caze. tribunal before which the case shall nove, Consul of the Hanseatic Re. be depending shall have pronounced public of Bremen, and Vice-Consul its sentence, and such sentence of the Free Hanseatic Republic of shall have been carried into effect. Hamburg, on the part of their res.

The present additional article pective governments.

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