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tiaries shall take place within the the privileges granted to Moldavia space of six weeks, or earlier, if and Wallachia shall in no way be possible. In faith of which, violated by the neighbouring gover(Signed) Count Alexis ORLIF. nors, and that these shall in no

Count J. PAHLEN. way be allowed to interfere in the In virtue, &c.

affairs of those two provinces; also (Signed) Diebitsch ZABAL.

to prevent the inhabitants of the right bank of the Danube from making excursions upon the terri. tory of Moldavia and Wallachia.

All isles situated nearest to the left SEPARATE ACT, Relating to the principalities of Mol. bank of the Danube, are to be con

sidered as part of the territory of davia and Wallachia.

those provinces ; and from the point In the name of Almighty God! where it enters the Ottoman ierri. The two high contracting powers, tory, to the point of its confluence at the same time that they confirm with the Pruth, the channel of the all the stipulations of the separate Danube is to form the boundaries act of Ackermann, relative to the of the two principalities. forms to be observed on the election To provide the more securely for of the hospodars of Moldavia and the more inviolability of the MoldaWallachia, have recognised the vian and Wallachian territory, the necessity of giving to the adminis. Sublime Porte engages to retain tration of those provinces a more no fortified point upon the left bank durable basis, and one more in of the Danube, nor to permit any harmony with their true interests. settlement there of its Mahometan With this view, it has been, and is subjects. It is accordingly irrevo. definitively resolved, that the reign cably fixed, that no Mahometan of the hospodars shall not, as for. shall ever be allowed to have his merly, be limited to seven years, residence in Moldavia or Walla. but they shall be invested with the chia, and that only merchants, pro. dignity for life, except in the case vided with firmans, shall be admit. of a free and unconstrained abdica. ted for the purpose of buying, on tion, or of an expulsion in conse- their account, such articles as may quence of crimes committed as de. be required for the consumption of tailed in the said separate act. Constantinople.

The hospodars are to administer The Turkish cities, situated on the internal government of their the left bank of the Danube, are provinces, with the assistance of to be restored to Wallachia, to retheir divan, according to their own main incorporated with that prin. pleasure, but without permitting cipality; and the fortifications prethemselves any infraction of the viously existing on that bank, are rights guarantied to the two coun- never to be repaired. Mahometans tries by treaties or hatti sherifs, possessing landed property, either nor shall their administration be in those cities, or upon any point disturbed by any command tending left of the Danube, provided they to the violation of those rights. have not unfairly become possessed

The Sublime Porte obliges itself thereof, (non usurpes sur des particuconscientiously to keep watch, that liers,) shall be bound to sell such property to natives within eighteen seignorial treasury for the losses months.

which may be sustained by this re. The government of the princi. nunciation of rights, Moldavia and palities being entitled to all the Wallachia are bound, independentprivileges of independence in their ly of the yearly tribute paid under internal administration, it shall be the denomination of Kharadsh lawful for the same to draw sana. Idiye, and Rakiabiye, by virtue of tary cordons, and to establish qua- the hatti sherif of 1822, to pay rantine stations along the line of the Sublime Porte yearly, a pecu. the Danube, and wherever else it niary indemnity, the amount of may seem necessary; nor shall which is hereafter to be determined. any strangers, be they Christians Moreover, upon every fresh nomi. or Mahometans, have a right to nation of a hospodar, in consequence consider themselves above an exact of death, resignation, or deposition, compliance with such quarantine the principality where that event regulations. For the execution of occurs, shall be bound to pay to the quarantine duty, the protection the Sublime Porte, a sum equal to of the frontiers, the maintenance of the yearly tribute of the province. order in the cities and in the open With the exception of these sums, country, and for the purpose of no tribute or present of any kind obedience to their decrees, the go. shall, under any pretext whatever, vernment of each principality shall be demanded from the hospodars. be permitted to maintain a sufficient In consequence of the abolition military force. The numerical of the above ecial contributions, force of these troops is to be de. the inhabitants of the principalities termined by the hospodars and their are to enjoy an unlimited freedom respective divans, upon the basis of trade for all the productions of of former examples.

their soil and industry, (as stipulated The Sublime Porte, animated by by the separate act of the treaty of an earnest wish to secure to the Ackermann,) the same not to be two principalities every species of liable to any other restraint, except prosperity which they are capable such as the hospodars, with the of enjoying, and being aware of the consent of their divans, may con. abuses and oppression occasioned sider necessary to the due proby the contributions for the supply visioning of the country; they shall of Constantinople, and the victual. be allowed to navigate the Danube ling of the fortresses of the Danube, with their own vessels, being pro. renounces, in the most complete vided with passports from their own and unconditional manner, its rights government; and it shall be law. in this respect. Moldavia and Wal. ful for them to proceed, for the lachia are accordingly for ever re. purpose of trade, to the other har. lieved of all those contributions of bours and ports of the Sublime Porte, corn, provisions, cattle, and timber, without suffering any persecution which they were formerly bound to from the collectors of the Kharadsh, furnish. Nor shall, in any case,

and without being exposed to any labourers be demanded from those other act of oppression whatever. provinces for any forced service Duly considering, moreover, all (corvee.) In order, however, in the burdens which it has been ne. some degree to indemnify the grand cessary for Moldavia and Walla, chia to support, the Sublime Porte, Manifesto of his majesty the Empe. animated by a proper feeling of

ror of Russia. humanity, consents to release the By the grace of God, we, Nicho. inhabitants from the yearly tribute las the First, emperor and autocrat payable to the treasury, for the of all the Russias, &c. space of two years, to be reckoned Thanks to the decrees of Divine from the day of the total evacuation Providence, the treaty of perpetual of the principalities by the Russian peace between Russia and the Ottroops.

toman Porte, was concluded and Finally, the Sublime Porte, ani. signed at Adrianople on the 2nd mated by the wish to secure, in eve. (14th) of September, by the rery possible way, the future pros. spective plenipotentiaries of the two perity of the two principalities, empiros. binds itself to confirm every ad. T'he whole world is sufficiently ministrative measure which, during acquainted with the irresistible ne. their occupation by the Russian cessity which alone could force us army, may have been decreed, in to have recourse to arms. In this conformity to a wish expressed in legitimate war, undertaken for the the assemblies of the principal in. defence of the rights of our empire, habitants of the country, such de- our faithful subjects, incessantly crees serving thenceforward as the animated by an ardent attachment basis of the internal administration to the throne and to the country, of those provinces : provided al have eagerly offered to us the tri. ways, that such decrees do not, in bute of their property to second us any way, infringe upon the rights with all their efforts, and God has ofsovereignty vested in the Sublime blessed our cause. Porte.

Our intrepid warriors have given, On this account, we, the under. both in Europe and Asia, by sea signed plenipotentiaries of his ma. and by land, new proofs of their he. jesty, the emperor and padishah of roic valour. They have triumphed all the Russias, have, conjointly at once over the obstacles present. with the plenipotentiaries of the ed by nature, and the desperate Sublime Ottoman Porte, regulated resistance of the

enemy. Hasten, and fixed the points respecting ing from victory to victory, they Moldavia and Wallachia, the same have crossed the chain of the Sa. being a continuation of article 5 of ganlouch mountains. They saw the treaty of peace concluded at the summit of the Balkan sink bo. Adrianople, between us and the Ot. fore them, and have stopped only toman plenipotentiaries.

at the very gates of Constantinople. Done at Adrianople, 2d (14th) Formidable only to the enemy in September, 1829.

arms, they have shown themselves (Signed)

to the peaceable inhabitants, full of Count ALEXIS ORLOFF, clemency, humanity, and mildness.

Count F. V. PAHLEN. In these days of combat and Confirmed in the original copy by glory, constantly free from all de. Count DIEBITSCR ZABALKANSKY, sire of conquest, we have never Commander-in-chief of the second ceased to invite the Porte to concur army.

in re-establishing harmony between


the two empires. The command. their welfare consolidated by new ers of our armies, after every advantages. The rights granted victory, hastened, by our order, to to the Servians by the treaiy of Bu. offer to it peace and friendshipcharest, and confirmed by the con. Nevertheless, our efforts were al. vention of Ackermann, were still ways fruitless. It was not till he suspended in their application.saw our standards displayed not far These stipulations will, hencefor. from hiş capitol, that the Sultan ward, be faithfully observed. The was at length sensible, from our political existence of Greece, de. conduct, that our object was not to termined by Russia, in concert with overturn his throne, but to obtain the allied courts of France and the execution of the treaties. Be England, has been formerly re. ing then convinced of the purity of cognised by the Ottoman Porte. our intentions, he held out his hand Such are the fundamental bases to receive that peace which had of a peace which has happily ter. been so often proposed to him. It minated a sanguinary and obstinate promises to Russia happy and pros. perous results. The blood of our In announcing to all our beloved warriors is redeemed by numerous subjects this happy event, a new advantages. The passage of the gift of the benedictions of heaven Dardanelles and the Bosphorus is bestowed upon Russia, we address, henceforward free and open to the ed, with them, the most ardent commerce of all the nations of the thanksgivings to the Almighty, who world. The security of our fron. has deigned, by his divine decrees, tiers, especially on the Asiatic to raise our dear country to such a side, is for ever guarantied by the high degree of glory. May the incorporation with the empire of fruits of this peace be developed the fortresses of Anapa, Poti, Ak. and multiplied more and more to haltzik, Atizkour, and Akhalkalaki. the advantage of our beloved sub,

Our preceding treaties with the jects, whose welfare will always be Porte are confirmed by it, and re the first object of our constant so. established in all their force ; just licitude. indemnities are secured for the ex Given at St. Petersburg, the 19th penses of the war, and the individu. September, (1st October,) the year al losses experienced by our sub. 1829, and the fourth of our reign. jects. The scourge of the plague, which has so often threatened the southern provinces of Russia, will, Address of the President of Greece

to the Fourth National Congress. in future, be checked by a double barrier, by means of the establish

July 23, 1829. ment of a line of quarantine on the

Let every heart glorify the Most High: banks of the Danube, agreed to on

Let us celebrate his holy name. both sides. Our solicitude has also Deputies of the Nation, been extended to the fate of the You have re-assembled in the nations professing our religion, who fourth national congress at a time are subjects to the Ottoman domi. when the fortunes of Greece en. nion. The ancient privileges of the gage the benevolent attention and principalities of Moldavia and Wal- constant favour of the allied sove. lachia have been sanctioned, and reigns of Europe.

Our circumstances are critical, nicated to me in June of the same but the sense of what they require year. I cannot better repay the being deep in all our breasts, God, confidence which the Greeks have we may be allowed to hope, will reposed in me, than by endeavour. not abandon us.

ing to be able to announce to His mercy has preserved Greece them, ere long, with certainty, that by miracles; and be most fully as. the allied courts will not refuse sured that these miracles have not their generous support, so soon as been wrought in vain.

Greece, by restoring order in her Greece, after bearing the yoke interior, can give to the sovereigns of slavery for four centuries, has at a guaranty that she will also relength shaken it off. Assisted by sume her national and political the peculiar favour of heaven, and standing. With the design there. by human wisdom and foresight, fore of seeking the opportunity and she has struggled against nume. the means of preserving and con. rous and terrible foes, and against solidating these expectations, I uo. incessant trials and disasters. Her dertook long journeys and distant courage, her perseverance, her embassies before touching the soil misfortunes, roused simultaneously of Greece. the Christians of both hemispheres: You are all aware, gentlemen, and at the moment when her accu. what was her condition at that pemulated distresses had brought her riod. You are not ignorant of the to the most awful crisis, she re. basis on which the provisional goceived from every quarter proofs of vernment of Greece was founded, generous protection; and when she with the approbation of her council was still enabled to defend those sa. and the kind feelings of her inha. cred interests which she had la bitants, boured to shield under the law of I shall now present you with an nations.

account of our proceedings, and it At the same time sad experience will be for you to judge of them. has proved to Greece that all her After having established the noble efforts, all her bloody sacrifi- council, we wished to gain that ces, were unattended with any real knowledge which would maintain in and permanent success, so long as trust the authorities to which the they were unaided by the august nation had once more confided its and powerful sanction of the Euro. peculiar interests. pean monarchs.

We wished likewise to convince The convention of April, 1826, Europe that Greece sighed for signed at St. Petersburg, the treaty order, and that the government to of London of the 6th of July, 1827, expedite the fulfilment of this wish and that ever memorable day the considered it indispensably neces. 8th (20th) of October, prove to sary to own no allegiance to any ar. Greece that Great Britain, France bitrary power, and to pay particu. and Russia, acknowledge the jus. lar regard to our army, to our navy, tice of her cause, and interpose and to our political economy. their powerful aid to terminate her The decree respecting the orlong continued sufferings.

ganization of the regiments, the The election of the congress of edict which relates to the marine Træzen of April, 1827, was commu- service, as well as the measures

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