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taken to establish a national bank, sented to the internal organization and a general college, have been of the provinces almost insurmoun. the first steps towards the regula table difficulties, still however it tion of the interior. After the pub.

was effected. Primates, their ad. licationfof these edicts, the national juncts in ordinary, and provisional cabinet obtained from the bank a governors were appointed. Laza. loan of 2,034,660,03 piastres. rettos, ports, a civil police ,and cus.

The Archipelago has been freed tom houses, were established. At from the pirates who infested, it and this time, the very moment when who cast unmerited infamy on the our treasury was at the lowest ebb, Greek navy. Our valiant soldiers, Divine Providence sent us consola. having re-assembled at Træzen and tion. Megara, are again united under Their majesties, the king of their standards; those very men, I France and the emperor of Russia, say, who, dejected by the vicissi. in the kindest manner furnished us tudes of fortune, and exhausted by with pecuniary supplies : those of fatigue and sufferings, amid the France being accompanied by a confusion, might naturally have for. minister plenipotentiary to the gotten every feeling of duty. One Greek government. Thus, every division under the command of Ad. hope that we had fondly entertain. miral Miaulis insured the free na. ed whilst presenting the prayers of vigation of the Archipelago, and Greece to the allied sovereigns, conveyed to our distressed brethern

every hope, I repeat, began to be in Chios, every consolation which realized. it was in our power to offer.

The accomplishment of our excond division under vice-admiral pectations was no less due to the Sachtouri was destined for the magnanimous efforts of admiral blockade which the admirals of Codrington. This noble friend of the allied powers compelled us to Grecian liberty had resolved, in abandon.

Alexandria, on the expulsion of the Scarcely were these measures Egyptian force from Peloponnesus; taken, scarcely had we begun gra. when the French exhibition, having dually to spread over all the pro

made a descent on Chersonesus, vinces of the country, the renova. effected the complete deliverance ting influence of a moderate and of our country. well regulated administration, when The Mussulmans having in effect every arrangement was destroyed evacuated the fortresses of Mesene by an evil of a new and dreadful and Achaia, the inhabitants of species. The soldiery of Ibrahim those places-those, at least, who Pacha brought the plague among us, had survived their protracted misspreading it over the islands of Hy- fortunes—have at length taken dra and Spezzia, even to Argos and possession of the ruined mansions other provinces of Peloponnesus. and desolated fields of their beloved The nation supported this novel ca. country ; all that the enemy has lamity with characteristic fortitude left of their once flourishishing cities and admirable resignation, strug. and thriving towns, of their fertile gling even with this invincible and cultivated plains. enemy.

Thanks to the French troops; to Although the sanitary cordon pre. their valour, to their deeds, to the

A se

abundant relief which was expe. here. All the unfortunate men rienced wherever they spread their who had been carried slaves into tents!

Egypt, by his interposition re. The fortresses of Coron, of Mo. gained the blessings of liberty, and don, of Mio-castro, and of Patras, returned to the embrace of their have risen as it were by magic from country, their ruins, and are even now pos- A body of learned men of the sessed of all their former strength. French Institute, and of distin

In November the plague again guished artists, are commissioned visited the province of Calavrita, to explore the classic grounds of and threatened Chersonesus with Greece; and while they will be new calamities. But the French engaged in the discovery of all that soldiers, at the first summons of relates to archæology, to geogra. their generous , leader, abandoned phy, and to the arts and sciences, their tents, and having established Greece will reap the whole fruit of a sanitary cordon, over which Ge. the precious labours. neral Hygonet presided in person, The representatives of the allied in the midst of dangers and suffer. sovereigns arrived at Poros in Sep. ings of every description, afforded tember,

and requested us to furnish food and clothing to thousands of them with the information which unhappy people, and in a short time they deemed suitable to answer wholly destroyed the germ of this the claims which the mediating frightful epidemic. The French powers should make, in conform. army halted in Chersonesus. The ity with the articles of the treaty Greeks of the continent, watching of London. incessantly! to see the borders of This duty we performed, keepPeloponnesus passed, manifested ing always in view the instructions their wishes in this regard. We which the congress of Epidaurus ourselves hoped to see them ac. delivered to the diplomatic com. complished, for we were far from mittee, and acting, as far as was apprehending the diplomatic act possible, in pursuance of those in. which decided it otherwise.

structions. Meanwhile, at a time when the Their majesties, the emperor of army was preparing to leave this Russia and the king of Great Bri. country, which it had saved from tain, also honoured Greece by send. destruction, we received new marks ing ministers plenipotentiary to her of generosity from Charles X. government. This monarch benevolently con. In the autumn of last year, the tinued to supply us with money, conferences of London resumed whilst the French soldiers provided their activity. The protocol of a garrison for the fortress of Me. the 16th November was signed. sene. To them also we are in. This act, however, was not officially debted for training our young sol. communicated to us. diers to military discipline, with You will be made acquainted which they were before entirely with the communications which unacquainted.

were sent to the Greek govern. The beneficence of his majesty ment on these great and interest. the king of France did not end ing matters, and I trust that you

also will approve of the considera- ed, as far as was possible, in an. tions which we have submitted to swering satisfactorily, the questions the allied kings.

which were frequently addressed You will perceive that we en. to us from the provinces. They deavoured to adhere to the princi. express their acknowledgments to ples which governed the national us in a manner which does honour assembly of Epidaurus, without, to the character of members of however, neglecting those which the Greek family. Many disputes are a necessary consequence of the have been settled to the satisfac. position of Greece relative to her. tion of contending parties, on self, to the mediating powers, and which the tribunals would otherto the Ottoman Porte. The treaty wise have been obliged to pro. of the 6th July contains distinctly nounce judgments. Some of all that applies to these relations; these call for particular regulathus the present negotiations tend tions. We have published one on to settle them for ever.

old debts; there are others which, I deem it useless to address you doubtless, you may deem equally concerning the causes which have necessary. prevented the complete execution The church has suffered a large of the laws of the assembly of Epi. share of the national evils ; and it daurus, of Astræa and of Træzen. should be a part of our duty to ac. We are of opinion that the same quire an accurate knowledge of causes will operate so long as for. its real condition.

For this purmal treaties do not determine the pose an ecclesiastical commission boundary of the Greek territory, has been appointed, and we wait and our relations with the media. for its report. ting powers, and with the Ottoman Since we arrived in Greece, our Porte. Until this is accomplished, attention has been occupied with a it appears to me that we can only number of children, whom them is. regulate provisionally the internal fortunes and losses of their coun. police; insure, by just and severe try have rendered idle and vicious. means, thuse rights which our citi. The hospital of Egina contains al. zens have purchased with their ready five hundred orphans; and blood, and occupy our attention in the schools of mutual instruction the revision of the fundamental which have been founded in seve. laws, by a conscientious improve. ral provinces, extend their bene. ment from the lessons of expe- fits to more than six thousand rience.

children. A normal school will be Such are the views which have established at Egina, in which pu. dictated all the provisional regula. pils will be rendered capable of tions forming the body of laws of teaching according to the Lancas. the present government.

terian system. The Secretary of State will lay We hope, with the favour of before you all the documents, as God, and the assistance of the ge. soon as you may desire it.

nerous friends of Greece, to extend The organization of the judicia. the benefits of elementary schools ry is scarcely commenced; and through every town and every prohaving, on our part great difficul. vince of the state. When this first ties to surmount, we have succeed. object shall be effected, it will be the duty of the government to found now waves in these provinces, central academies in the several Divine Providence, and the huma. provinces, in order that the pupils nity of the allied sovereigns, will leaving the elementary depart. doubtless never suffer them again ments may obtain in the former a to experience the dreadful evils of more extensive knowledge of ge. former times. neral literature, and of the arts and The account which the commit. sciences.

tee of finance will lay before you, A military school is already in will present to you details which operation, under the direction of an must increase your gratitude toable and zealous principal, which wards the benefactors of Greece, promises success. This establish- and towards the illustrious and ge. ment forms a part of the corps of nerous personages who displayed regular Greek troops. The report such zeal in her cause. which was recently addressed to Amount of the Receipts and Expenus by Colonel Heydeck, who had ditures of the state from January, hitherto superintended the school, 1828, to the 30th of April, will make you acquainted with all 1828. that has been and will be done, to

RECEIPTS. Turkish Piastres. give to our troops of the line, and Revenue of the state, 8,539,969 04 the branches of the military system

Funds of the National connected with the fortresses, the


2,034,660 03

Prizes unliquidated, 233,414 02 extent and consistency which are

Soveral state loans,

455,845 14 indispensable.

Funds administered by When you have attentively ex.

1,706,576 11 amined, in this report, all that the Subsidy from France, 8,265,000 00

Subsidy from Russia, 4,383,200 00 general college has addressed to us, as well as our own observa.

25,613,664 34 tions, you will be enabled to judge of the actual condition of the na. EXPENDITURES, Turkish Piastres. tional forces, and of the measures Army and Navy,

18,647,214 01 necessary to be taken, in order to Several establishments

for the Public use, insure a suitable rank to the citi.

684,335 22

Interest paid by the zens who may be engaged in the National Bank,

38,779 28 military service, both by land and Monthly pay to pubsea ; that the army and navy may

lic funtionaries and be organized in a manner corres.

to the internal go-

1,879,864 17 ponding to the resources and to the

Orphan Hospital, for position of Greece.

food and clothing; 666,508 21 Both have performed their duty Alms and food for the equally well, and the nation owes

356,880 00 to both acknowledgments for their

Urgent payments to
State creditors,

281,771 09 efficient services to the state in the

Unpaid rents of public complete conquest of the provinces lands,

658,948 03 still held by the Turks, who kept

Paid to Lord Cochrano, 159,510 00 Greece in a state of incessant dis.

Unliquidated prizes

paid to the Austrian quietude.

rear admiral DanThe sacred standard of the cross dolo,

115,831 08


poor, &c.

Ready money

the army of the west, is all that re. of the Trea

mains at our disposal. sury, 1,789,022 05 Money as

We shall present a more detailed

account to our benefactors, that yet unaccounted

they may see what uses we have for, 342,000 03---2,129,022 05 made of the funds with which they

so generously intrusted us. *25,618,664 34

You perceive, gentlemen, the

weak state of our revenue, and you It must here be observed, 1. That, in addition to the sup.

can, therefore, appreciate the im.

portance of the duty which is im. plies of money received from the King of France, his majesty has posed on you, of placing the go. benevolently granted to Greece, its pressing necessities, and to ful

vernment in a condition to satisfy since the first of April of this year, 100,000 francs monthly, to answer

fil the obligations which it has

contracted. the wants, and assist the organiza.

We have neglected nothing to tion of the regular troops; that the

raise funds. You will learn our French


has furnished us with horses, &c.; and, lastly, that M. proceedings with the allied courts, the Baron de Rouen has finally millions of francs, under their

in order to negotiate a loan of sixty announced to us, that he will place sovereign protection. When you at the disposal of the Greek go.

shall have read the communications vernment, 500,000 francs.

which have been addressed to us, 2. That, agreeably to the order of his majesty, the emperor of Rus.

on this subject, you will entertain sia, there have been assigned to

the same bopes with ourselves. us, within a few days past, bills of in the present highly important state

We desire, above all things, that exchange for the sum of 1,000,000 of affairs, you will attentively con. rubles. These bills have been sent to Naples for payment; so

sider the expectations of the counthat we may expect to receive the try, of the allied powers, and of the

civilized world at large. money in a few days. 3. That, of the sum of 1,706,576

By comparing the past with the

present, you will not find it difficult piastres, employed to build and de. fray the expenses of an orphan hos.

to put in practice those wise mea. pitál, and other public institutions, tion to that state of prosperity which

sures which should conduct the na. by means of which, thousands of is reserved for it by Divine Provi. unhappy people were supplied with dence. All that we can do towards daily sustenance, 900,000 piastres the attainment of it, is to declare were the gift of the generous friends of the Greeks. The balance, that

the deep feelings which the sanctity

of our cause excites in our bosom, is, 800,000 piastres, added to by adopting principles fraught with 212,000, which we sent, previously purity and moderation, and fit to to our arrival in Greece, to supply preserve the honour of this hallowed * A Turkish piastre is about 14 cents

Negotiations have been opened, of our currency; the amount will there- and if we are invited to participate fore be about $3,586,613.

in them, agreeably to the articles


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