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inform the Insant of it, observing On the part of England. - The that, for the interest of Portugal, it British Ambassador. was undoubtedly desirable that the On the part of his royal high. Infant should not scruple to take, in ness the Infant Don Miguel.-M. conformity with the intentions of the le Baron de Villa-Secca, M. le emperor Don Pedro, his brother, Comte de Villa-Real. the title of regent of the kingdom. The Portuguese plenipotentiaMM. de Villa-Secca and Villa Real ries having requested prince Metadded, that they had received the ternich to have the goodness to as. order of the Infant to declare, that semble a second conference to re. filled with gratitude for the pater. ceive the communication of the nal kindness, which his majesty the letters which his royal highness the emperor of Austria has constantly Infant had written and signed on shown to him since his first arrival the preceding evening, for his maat Vienna, and still more particu. jesty the emperor Don Pedro, his larly on this last occasion, his high- august brother, for his majesty the ness would consider it his duty to king of England, and for her royal express personally to his imperial highness the Infanta Donna Maria majesty the deep and respectful Isabella, regent of Portugal; in gratitude which he feels, and that which letters the Infant, in conhe relied upon his sentiments being formity with the opinion of the made known to him by means of Cabinet of Vienna, assumes the the conference.

double character of lieutenant and Prince Metternich undertook with regent of the kingdom; and prince eagerness, in the mean time, to be. Metternich being desirous to re-as. come the channel of his royal high. semble the conference at his house ness's sentiments to the emperor,

on the 20th of October, according his august master, adding, that his to the desire of the Portuguese imperial majesty would receive the plenipotentiaries, those gentlemen expression of them with the most read the three letters above-mensincere satisfaction.

tioned, and annexed to the Protocol (Signed)

copies and translations of them. A METTERNICH.

just eulogium was generally paid to LEBZELTERN.

the wisdom, uprightness, and recti. NEUMANN.

tude of the principles manifested in H. DE BOMBELLES.

their composition. It was also ob. H. WELLESLEY.

served, that the letter of the Infant CONDE DE VILLA-REAL.

to the emperor Don Pedro did not BARAO DE VILLA-SECCA. contain any reservation of his per

sonal rights, but that at London, PROTOCOL.

however, such a reservation was Vienna, Oct. 20, 1827. considered as desirable. But prince PRESENT.

Metternich replied, that the Infant On the part of Austria.-M. having already explicitly reserved le Prince de Metternich, M. le all his rights in the letter which he Comte de Lebzeltern, M. le Che. has written to the emperor Don valier de Neumann, M. le Comte Pedro his brother, in sending to Henri de Bombelles.

him his oath to the Portuguese 34


charter, a second reservation would gave a positive assurance that these at present be superfluous; that it two expeditions should set out with was, notwithstanding, very natural the least possible delay, and he, in that in Portugal a high value should consequence, engaged MM. de be attached to that question, which Villa Secca and de Villa-Real is necessarily connected with those to send to him, in the of the confirmation of the act of of to-morrow, the letters of his abdication of the emperor Don royal highness, as well as the de. Pedro, of the sending the young spatches which those gentlemen queen Maria de Gloria to Portugal, may desire should accompany them. and of the total and definitive se. The Portuguese plenipotentiaries paration of the two crowns; that observed, lastly, that the frank and they might remain perfectly tran- loyal support which they have conquil on that head, seeing that Aus. stantly met with from M. the mar. tria and England were convinced quis de Rezende, in regard to all of the importance of not suffering the questions, relative as well to a longer time to elapse, without the departure of the Infant as to deciding upon questions of so high the direction and acceleration of an interest for the interior tran. the journey of that prince, has in. quillity of Portugal, and that those duced them to keep him generally two powers were determined to acquainted with the course of their unite their efforts to urge and ob. transactions, and to inquire of him tain their decision at Rio de Ja. respecting the desire which he neiro.

might perhaps have to assist at the The explanations furnished on conferences destined to sanction this subject by prince Metternich the result; but that the envoy of having been found fully satisfac. Brazil had answered, that he had tory, it was acknowledged that the fulfilled the instructions of the em. reservation in question would be peror, his master, in causing the useless.

Infant to know distinctly the inten. The Portuguese plenipontentia. tions of his august brother relative ries afterwards announced to the to his departure and voyage ; but English ambassador, that the In. that not being specially authorized fant had anticipated the wishes of to take part in the affairs of Portu. his government, in deciding spon. gal, as he had announced in one of taneously to address a second con. their former confidential meetings, fidential and affoctionate letter to he had preferred not assisting at the Infanta, his sister, to tranquillize the conferences relative to them. her on the subject of her future In conformity with this declara. condition. Those gentlemen added, tion, it has been agreed not to in. that the Infant had also decided to vite the marquis de Rezende to write in duplicate to the Infanta, assist at the present meeting, but his sister; that all the letters were to conclude the protocol of it, and ready, signed and sealed ; that it to submit it, as well as that of the only remained for them, conse. preceding meeting, for the signa. quently, to request prince Metter. ture of the representatives of Aus. nich to have the goodness to hasten tria, England, and Portugal, to pretheir despatch by way of London serve the two original protocols in and Madrid. Prince Metternich the archives of the Chancery of

the Court and State at Vienna; THE INFANT DON MIGUEL. and to deliver legalized copies of it His Majesty the Emperor to the English ambassador, and the

of Brazil. Portuguese plenipotentiaries. (Signed)





Vienna, Oct. 19, 1827.

My dear Sister,- Although I CONDE DE VILLA-Real. have every reason to suppose that BARAO DE VILLA-Secca. you are already acquainted with

the resolution taken by our august His Royal HIGHNESS THE INFANT brother and king to nominate me

Don Miguel to His MAJESTY his lieutenant and regent of the THE EMPEROR OF BRAZIL. kingdoms of Portugal and the Al

Vienna, Oct. 19, 1827. garves, and their dependencies, to Sir-I have received the decree govern them conformably to what which your imperial, royal and is prescribed in the Constitutional most faithful majesty has deigned Charter given by our august bro. to address to me, dated the 3d of ther to the Portuguese nation, I July, by which your majesty has cannot, nevertheless, forbear an. been pleased to nominate me your nouncing to you that I have receiv. lieutenant and regent of the king ed the decree of the 3d of July of doms of Portugal, the Algarves, the present year, in virtue of which and their dependencies; and, con. I find myself fully authorized to formably with the sovereign deter take possession of the regency of minations of your majesty, I imme. the above-mentioned kingdoms. diately occupied myself in making Determined to maintain inviolate the necessary arrangements to pro. the laws of the kingdom, and the ceed to Lisbon, in order to fulfil institutions legally granted by our the wise and paternal views of august brother, and which we have your majesty, in governing and all sworn to maintain and to cause ruling the said kingdoms conforma. to be observed, and to rule by bly to the Constitutional Charter them the above-mentioned kingwhich your majesty has granted to doms, it is proper that I should so the Portuguese nation.

declare it, that you may have the All my efforts shall tend to the goodness, my dear sister, to give to maintenance of the institutions that solemn declaration the required which govern Portugal, and to con. publicity, and that you may make tribute, as much as lies in my pow. known, at the same time, the firm er, to the preservation of the public intention which I have to repress tranquillity in that country, to pre

the factions which, under whatever vent its being troubled by factions, pretext, tend to trouble the public whatever may be their origin,– tranquillity in Portugal; desiring factions which shall never have that past errors and faults which my support.

may have been committed may be May Heaven preserve the pre

buried in an entire oblivion, and cious days of your majesty.

that concord, and a perfect spirit of (Signed)

conciliation may succeed to the de.


plorable agitations, which have di. majesty, in the expectation of hav. vided a nation, celebrated in the ing the honour of making it to you annals of history for its virtues, personally, with the confidence in. valour, loyalty, and devotion to its spired by your great wisdom and princes.

the interest which you have always In order to execute the royal in. taken in every thing which regards tentions of our august brother, I my family and the welfare of Por. am preparing to return to Portu. tugal. gal; and I request you, my dear I pray your majesty to accept sister, without any loss of time, to the homage of my sentiments of cause a frigate and a brig to be pre. attachment and high consideration. pared, and to set out for the port of (Signed) Falmouth, in order that they may TIE Infant Don MIGUEL. serve to transport me to Lisbon. His Britannic Majesty.

May God, my doar sister, have you in his safe and holy keeping.


Vienna, Oct. 23, 1827. The Infanta Regent of Portugal.

On the part of Austria.-M. le His Royal HIGHNESS THE INFANT Prince de Metternich, M. le Comte

DUN MIGUEL to His BRITANNIC de Lebzeltern, M. le Chevalier de MAJESTY.

Neumann, M. le Comte H. de Vienna, Oct. 19, 1827. Bombelles. Sire,—The decree by which the On the part of England. The emperor and king, my brother, has British Ambassador. nominated me his lieutenant and On the part of his royal highness regent in the kingdoms of Portugal the Infant Don Miguel.-M. le and the Algarves, and its depen. Baron de Villa-Secca, M. le Comte dencies, having reached me, one of de Villa-Real. my first cares must be to convey The protocol of the conference of this noble resolution to the know. the 20th inst., was approved and ledge of your majesty. Convinced signed, when the British ambassa. of the interest which you will take dor announced that he had still a in it, on account of the ancient and confidential communication to make intimate alliance which has always to the members of the conference, subsisted between Portugal and and he read to them a letter which Great Britain, and which I sincere. he had that day received from Paris, ly desire to cultivate, I dare flatter in which he was informed that myself that you will have the good. some agents of the Portuguese reness to grant me your good will and fugees had been sent there to ob. support; the end which I propose tain access to the Infant. It apto myself being invariably to main. pears, according to this letter, that tain tranquillity and good order in these refugees are endeavouring to Portugal, by means of the insti. excite an insurrection in Portugal, tutions granted by the emperor and to destroy the constitution be- . and king, my brother,-institutions fore the arrival of Don Miguel. which I am firmly resolved to cause Prince Metternich observed, that to be respected.

this communication deserved the I address this request to your more serious attention, as the in

telligence which he had received Spain in the sense agreed upon; direct from Spain in the course of that they had it in command to de. the last week, and which he had liver to prince Metternich the let. hastened to communicate to the ter of the Infant to his Catholic ma. British Government on the 18th of jesty, with the request that it might of this month, gave him reason to be forwarded to its destination as believe in the existence of this cul. soon as possible, and to annex a pable project; that the Infant had copy of it to the present protocol. himself been the first to speak to The prince Metternich declared him of his fears with respect to this, that he took charge of it with the and had expressed a wish that greater pleasure inasmuch as he means should be thought of to pre- did not doubt but that a step so vent a movement, which, should it frank and loyal on the part of the break out before his arrival at Lis. Infant would produce all the effect bon, might place him in a very which it gave a right to expect. difficult and embarrassing situation. He then proposed to communicate Prince Metternich added, that, as the present protocol to the cabinets the Infant entertained views so fa. of London, Paris, Berlin, and Pe. vourable, the most effectual means tersburg, with the request that they to employ, would be a direct over. would transmit, without delay to ture from this prince to the king of their respective missions at Madrid, Spain. He proposed, therefore, to orders to support, with all their in. invite the Infant to write immedi. fluence, the step which the Infant ately to his Catholic majesty, to has just taken towards his Catho. inform him of the determination lic majesty. which he had come to, in conformi- This proposition having been ty with the decree of the emperor unanimously approved, it Don Pedro, his brother, of the 3d agreed that the despatches for of July, and to ask of him, at the Paris and London should be in con. same time, with confidence, to take sequence made up immediately, such measures as, in his wisdom, and that they should be intrusted to he should judge most effectual in M. de Neumann. preserving tranquillity in the Pe.

(Signed) ninsula, and to make known to the METTERNICH. aforesaid refugees that the Infant

LEBZELTERN, highly disapproved of such projects, NEUMA.VN. and was determined to repress


H. WELLESLEY. This proposal of prince Metter. CONDE DE VILLA-REAL. nich having heen unanimously ap- BARAO DE VILLA-SECCA. proved, the Portuguese plenipotentiaries having undertaken to His Royal HighnESS THE INFANT submit it to the Infant, and that Don MIGUEL to His MAJESTY prince having received it favourably, THE KING OF SPAIN. baron de Villa Secca, and the

Vienna, Oct. 21, 1827. count de Villa Real have announc. My very dear Uncle, I have ed to-day to the conference, that the honour to inform your majesty, his royal highness had willingly that I have received a decree, dated consented to write to the king of from Rio de Janeiro, by which my


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