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for the district of Colum'ia, and shall be Penitentiary, and see that the affairs exclusively appropriated to the confining thereof are conducted with economy and such persons as may be convicted of of integrity; they shall, in the month of fences which now are, or may hereafter January in every year, report to Congress be, punishable with imprisonment and a detailed account of the expenses and labour, under the laws of the United income of the Penitentiary, the number States, or of the district of Columbia. of convicts received, discharged, or de

Sect. 2. And be it further enacted, That ceased during the year, the rules and it shall be the duty of the President of by-laws passed, altered, or repcaled, withthe United States to appoint, annually, in such year, and such other matters refive respectable inhabitants of the district lating to the discipline and management of Columbia, to be inspectors of the said of the prison, ay inay be proper to mako Penitentiary, who shall severally hold known its state and condition; and it their offices for one year, from the date shall be their duty so to manage the afof their appointment.

fairs of the Penitentiary, if it be possible, Sect. 3. And be it further enacted, That that the proceeds of the labour of the the President.all also appoint one war. said convicts shall pay all the expenses of den of the said Penitentiary, who shall the said Penitentiary, and more; but hold his office during the pleasure of the nothing herein contained shall prevent President.

the said inspectors from employing the Szct. 4. And be it further enacted, That said convicts in labour for the United said inspectors shall hold their first meel. States. And if the said Penitentiary shall ing within ten days after their appoint. fail to support itself, it shall be the duty ment; they shall appoint one of their of the said inspectors to state, in their number to be their secretary, who shall annual report to Congress, what they supkeep regular records of their proceedings; pose to be the reason of such failure. a majority shall be a quorum for the trans Sect. 5. And be it further enacted, That notion of all business, and all questions the warden shall receive a salary of twelve shall be decided by a majority of those hundred dollars a year; the other officers present; they shall hold regular meetings and servants of the Penitentiary shall of the board, at least once in every month, receive such annual or monthly pay as and oftener, if they shall find it necessary; the inspectors shall direct. they shall, singly, in turns, visit and in Sect. 6. And be it further enacted, That spect the Penitentiary, at least once in it shall be the duty of the warden to keep each week, upon some stated day, to be accurate accounts of all materials bought fixed by their by-laws; they shall direct or furnished for the use or labour of the in what labour the convicts shall be em convicts, and also of the proceeds of their ployed; it shall be their duty to prepare labour; he shall make all coutracts and a system of rules and regulations, mi- purchases for the supplies necessary for nutely providing for the discipline, health, the penitentiary; he shall have power to and cleanliness of the Penitentiary, the let out the labour of the convicts by conhours of labour, meals, and confinement, tract, subject always, however, to the the governinent and behaviour of the rules and discipline of the Penitentiary ; officers and convicts, so as best to carry he shail, under the superintendence and into effect the several directions and re inspection of the inspectors, oversee and quisitions of this act; they shall take care manage all the affairs of the Penitentiary, that these rules and regulations be made and shall be responsible for the due enknown to the officers of the prison, and forcement of its rules, by-laws, and disthe convicts, and that the strictest obe- cipline; he shall make out and deliver to dience be paid thereto; they shall pro the inspectors, at each of their monthly vide that the strictest attention be paid to meetings, an account of all moneys re. preserve cleanliness throughout the build ceived and expended by him on account ings, kitchens, cells, bedding, and as far of the Penitentiary, during the preceding as may be, in the persons and clothing of month, specifying from whom received, the convicts; they shall appoint, and at and to whom paid, and for what, which their pleasure remove, such keepers and account shall be sworn to by the warden, other inferior officers and servants, as may and carefully filed and preserved among be required for the service and govern- the papers of the board of inspectors. He ment of the Penitentiary; they shall, from shall, also, on the first Monday of Janutime to time, inspect the accounts of the ary, April, July, and October, in each


year, make out and exhibit to the proper is founded be made in their name, or accounting officer of the treasury departe ment, an account of all moneys received Sect. 11. And be it further enacted, That and paid on account of the Penitentiary, the male and female convicts confined in for the last three months, specifying from the said Penitentiary shall be kept, and whom received, to whom paid, and for shall labour, wholly separate and apart what, and shall settle the same with the from each other. Every convict shall be said department.

confined singly in a separate cell at night, Sect. 7. And be it further enacted, That and at such times of the day as he or she the warden, before he enters upon the may be unemployed in lahour, except at duties of his office, shall give bond to the such hours and places as may be specially United States, with sufficient security, lo assigned, by the rules of the Penitentiary, be approved by the inspectors of the Peni- for roligious or other instruction, or for tentiary, in such sun as they shall direct, meals, or when transferred to the infirconditioned that he wiil faithfully per- mary on account of sickness, upon the form the duties of his office, and truly ac- recommendation of the physician. Each count for all goods, money, or other arti- convict, immediately upon being received cles belonging to the United States, or to into the Penitentiary, shall be thoroughly individuals, which may, in the discharge cleansed with warm water and soap, and of the duties and trusts of his office, come shall have the hair cut close; and the into his custody, and pay or deliver the warden and other officers shall take the same over to the United States, or such strictest precautions to guard against the persons as may be legally entitled thereto, introduction of any infectious or contawhenever he shall be lawfully required; gious disease, froin ilie persons or clothing which bond may be sued in the name of of such convicts; which precautions it the United States, for the use of the United shall be the duty of the inspectors to reStales, or any individual who may have gulate and prescribe in their by-laws. A a claim thereon, as often as the said con- descriptive list of the names, ages, perdition may be broken ; provided such suit sons, crimes and sentencesof the convicts, shall be brought against the security shall be kept by the warden, and such within six years of the time when the description shall be entered immediately cause of action accrued.

upon the reception of each convict. The Sect. 8. And be il further enacted, That convicts shall be clothed at the public if the warden of the said Penitentiary expense during the whole term of their shall have any interest himself in any confinement, in habits of coarse and cheap contract made by him touching the affairs materials, uniform in colour and make, of the Penitentiary, with a view of gain- and so striped or otherwise conspicuously ing for himself, either directly or indi- marked, as may clearly distinguish them rectly, any profit or advantage thereby, from the ordinary dress of other persons. he shall be deemed guilty of a misde- Their bedding, and other personal accommeanor, and he shall, on conviction modations, shall be of the cheapest and thereof, be punished by fine, not exceed- coarsest kind, consistent with use and ing two thousand dollars, and be dismissed durability. The convicts shall be fed on froni office, and every such contract may the cheapest food which will support be declared void by the said inspectors. health and strength, with as little change

Secr. 9. And be il further enacted, That or variety in the said diet, as may be the said inspectors shall not be concerned consistent with the health of the convicts in any contract touching the affairs of the and the economy of the Penitentiary. said Penitentiary; but if any such con- They shall be kept, as far as may be contract shall be at any time made, in which sistent with their age, health, sex, and the said inspectors, or any of them, have, ability, to labour of the hardest and most directly or indirectly, any interest, the servile kind, and as far as may be, uniform same, so far as relates to that interest, in its nature, and of a kind where the shall be wholly null and void.

work is least liable to be spoiled by ignoSect. 10. And be il further enacted, That rance, neglect, or obstinacy, or the maleall suits that may be necessary to be rials to be injured, stolen, or destroyed. brought for any matter or thing relating They shall not at any time be permitted to the affairs of the said prison, shall be to converse with one another, or with brought in the name of the United States, strangers, except by the special permigwhether the contract on which such suit sion and in presence of some officer of the

prison, as may be regulated by the by- any such relaxation of the general dislaws. They shall be made to labour cipline of the Penitentiary, as may be diligently, in silence, and with strict obe- required for the sick. dience.

Sect. 14. And be il further enacted, Sect. 12. And be it further enacted, That That the inspectors shall have power, and the warden of the said Penitentiary shall it is hereby made their duty, to provide have power to punish any convict in the for the separate labour and instruction of Penitentiary, who shall wilfully violate or any convict under the age of fourteen refuse to obey the rules of the Peniten- years, and to make and enforce soch rules tiary, or to perform the work assigned and regulations therefor, as may in their him, or who shall resist by violence any judgment most conduce to the reformaof the officers of the Penitentiary in the iion and instruction of such youthful exercise of their lawful authority, or shall convicts, any thing in this act to the con. wilfully destroy any property, tools, or trary notwithstanding. They shall also materials; and it shall be the duty of the have power, and it shall be their duty, to said warden to inflict such punishment, provide for all the convicts the means of either by confineinent in solitary cells, by religious worship, and religious and moral diet on bread and water, by putting such instruction, subject, however, to general convict in irons, or in the stocks; but all rules, not inconsistent with the discipline such punishments shall be regularly re- heretofore prescribed. ported to the visiting inspectors at the Sect. 15. And be it further enacted, next weekly visitation, and to the board That no person shall be permited to visit of inspectors at their inonthly mreting; the said Penitentiury, without a written and it shall be the duty of the inspectors order from one or more of the said into adopt and enforce special rules and spectors, except the President of the by-laws, regulating the times, measure, United States, the secretaries of the seveextent, and mode of such punishinents, ral departments of the government, memin relation to the several offences against bers of Congress, and the judges of the The discipline of the Penitentiary, and to courts of the United States. report the same in their annual report to Secr. 18. And be it further enacted, Congress, whenever they shall be adopt. That if any keeper, assistant keeper, or ed, altered, or ropealed.

other officer or servant, employed in or Sect. 13. And be it further enacted, That about the said Penitentiary, shall convey the inspectors shall appoint one regularly out of or bring into the Penitentiary, to practising physician, to be the physician or from any convict confined there, any and surgeon of the Penitentiary, whose letter or writing, or shall bring into the duty it shall be to visit the Penitentiary said Penitentiary, to sell or give away, at such times as may be prescribed by any spirituous or vinous liquors, or any the inspectors, and to render all medical other thing whatsoever, without the conand surgical aid which may be necessary. sent, in writing, previously obtained, of One apartment, or more, as may be need- the said inspectors, every such person so ed, shall be filled up as an infirmary, and offending shall be deemed guilty of a in case of sickness of any convict, he or misdemeanor, and shall, on conviction she, upon examination of the physician, thereof, be punished by fine, not exceedshall upon his order be removed to the ing five hundied dollars, and imprisoninfirmary, and the name of such convict ment in the jail of the county for any shall be entered in a hospital book, to be time not exceeding one year. kept for that purpose; and whenever the Sect. 17. And be il further enacted, physician shall report to the warden that That the inspectors shall prescribe, and such convict is in a proper state to return it shall be the duty of the warden rigidly to the ordinary employment of the prison, to enforce, such rules for the government such report shall be duly entered in the of the subordinale officers of the Peni. same book, and the convict shall return tentiary, as may prevent all tyrannical to the ordinary discipline of the Peniten- or violent behaviour to the convicts, or tiary, so far as may be consistent with all conversations between them and the his or her health and strength. Special convicts, or with each other within their rules for the order and government of hearing, except for necessary purposes, the infirmary, shall be made and enforced and may best preserve order, silence, by the inspectors; and nothing in this act and gravity of deportment, throughout contained, shall be construed to forbid the establishment,

SECT. 18. And be it further enacted, work for and during the succeeding ConThat in case of the death of the warden, gress ; and the person having the majoor the temporary vacancy of his office, or rity of all the votes given, shall be consihis absence, sickness, or other disability, dered duly elected; and that so much of such keeper or other officer as diay be the resolution, approved the third day of especially designated by the inspectors, March, one thousand eight hundred and shall have power to exercise the autho- nineteen, entitled " A resolution directing rity and discharge the several duties of the manner in which the printing of Conthe warden, as prescribed by this act and gress shall be executed, fixing the prices the rules of the Penitentiary.

thereof, and providing for the appointSect. 19. And be it further enacted, ment of a printer or printers," as is altered That the sum of twenty-seven thousand by this resolution, be, and the same is dollars be, and the same is herehy, appro- hereby, rescinded. priated out of any money in the treasury

Approved 5th February, 1829. not otherwise appropriated, for the pur. pose of carrying this act into effect, and

No. 2. A Resolution in relation to the survey and for completing the said Penitentiary, and

laying out a Military Road, in the state of

Maine. preparing it for the reception of convicts. Approved 3d March, 1829.

Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the

President of the United States be, and he RESOLUTIONS.

hereby is, authorized, if it shall seem to

him necessary for maintaining the rights, No. 1. A Resolution amendatory of a joint reso

and not inconsistent with the engagelution, passed third March, one thousand eight menis of the United States, to cause to hundred and nineteen.

be surveyed and laid out a military road, Resolved, by the Senate and House of Re- to be continued from Marshill, or such presentatives of the United States of Ame- other point on the military road already rica, in Congress assembled, That within laid out in the state of Maine, as he may Thirty days before the adjournment of think proper, to the mouth of the river every Congress, each House shall pro- Madawaska, in the state of Maine. eeed to vote for a printer to execute its

Approved 2d March, 1829.

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