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Calhoun, vice president, his decision on

his duties and powers, i. 87. His ap-
Bank of United States. General state-

peal, ii. 81.
ment of, iii. 577.

Central America. Constitution of, i 172.
Bankrupt system, ii. 74.

Arce president, i. 172. Finances, i.
Battle of 8th of January, resolution in 172. Congress of October, 1826, ii.
house on, iii. 17.

173. Decree of president Arce, ii. 173.
Bavaria. King of, dies, i. 252.

Disturbance in Guatemala, ii. 175.
Bolivar, proclaimed president of Peru, ii. New government organized, ii. 176.

246. * Of Colombia, i. 179. Supreme War with Guatemala, ii. 177. Salva-
chief of Colombia. iii. 500. Conspi dor submits, ii. 178. Peace restored,
racy against him, iii. 503.

His de ii. 177. Canal of Nicaragua, ii. 181.
signs, iii. 513. Resignations, iii. 516. Charles X. His accession, i. 288. Crowned
Bolivia. Constitution of, i. 186. Sucre at Rheims, i. 233.

president, ii. 264. His address, ii. 265. Chili. Financial condition, i. 175. Sur-
Bolivian code sworn to, ii. 266. Su render of Chiloe, i. 176. Congress, i.
cre's address to the army, ij. 267. Ac 176. Blanco president, ii. 273. His
quisition of Avica, ii. 270. Bolivia not resignation, ii. 273. Finances, ij. 274.
recognised by Buenos Ayres, ii. 270. Freire president, ii. 275. His resigna-
Insurrection at Chiquisaca, iii. 535. tion, ii. 275. Resignation of vice pre-
War with Peru, iii. 535. Peace, iii. sident Pinto, ii. 275. Pinto installed
536. Velasco president, iii. 536. Ve president, ii. 276. War in the south-
lasco displaced, iii. 537. Blanco presi ern provinces, ii. 277. Remarks on
dent, iii. 537. Blanco killed, iii. 537. the government of, ii. 279. State of
Santa Cruz president, iii. 537.

parties, ii. 282.
Boundary, N. E., controversy respecting Clay, Henry, his meeting with Mr. Ran.
it, i. 6.

dolph, i. 87. His answer to General
Brazil. Independence of, acknowledged, ii. Jackson's letter, ii. 30.

199. Character of Don Pedro, ii. 200. Cochrane, Lord, admiral of Greece, ii. 408.
Invasion of Chiquitos, ii. 200. Banda Commerce, i. 54. i. 377. ii. 38. ii. 510. iii.
Oriental, ii. 201. Insurrection, ii. 202. 581.
Gen. Lavelleja, ii. 202. Battle of Sa- Colonial bill lost, i. 23. Colonial trade,
randi, ii. 203. Banda Oriental united ii. 42. Controversy about, ii. 42.
to Brazil, ii. 203. Var declared with Colombia, in 1825, i. 179. Bolivar presi-
Buenos Ayres, ii. 204. Progress of the dent, i. 179. Government in 1827, i.
war, ii. 205. Future prospects, ii. 206. 163.

Santander's message, i. 184.
Naval action, ii. 290. Invasion of Finances, i. 185. Army and navy, i.
Rio Grande, ii. 290. Battle of liu 186. State of things in Venezuela, i.
zaingo, ii. 291. Brazilians defeated, 187. Bolivar renounces the presi-
ii. 232. Negotiations for peace, ii. dency, i. 191. Proceedings in Guya-
294. Garcia's treaty, ii. 295. State of quil, i. 196. Suspicion of Bolivar's in-
the war, ii. 302. Naval superiority of tentions, i. 201. Decree of general
Brazil, ii. 302. Change in the minis amnesty, i. 211. Grand convention, i.
try, ii. 302. Emperor's address to the 213. Concordat with Pope Leo XII.
two chambers, . ii. 303. American i. 224. Devotion of the army to Boli-
chargé demands his passports, ii. 305. var,

i. 226. Earthquake at Bogota, i.
Collision with the United States, ii. 233. Proceedings in Venezuela, ii.
541. With France, iii. 541. Insurrec 188. Varlike operations, ii. 195. Tran-
tion of foreign troops, iii. 543. Insur quillity restored, ii. 197. Statement of
rection quelled, iii. 543. Change in finances, ii. 507. Convention at Oca-
the ministry, iii. 544. Peace with na, iii. 495. Bolivar proclaimed su-
Buenos Ayres, iii. 544. Bank of Bra preme chief, iii. 500. Conspiracy a-
zil, iii. 546. Relations with Portugal, gainst him, iii. 503. Hie absolute
iii. 547. Departure of Dona Maria, power, iii. 503. Trial of Gen. San-
iii. 548. Don Pedro's address to the tander, iii. 505. Designs of Bolivar,
Portuguese nation, iii. 549.

jii. 513. Historical account of his re-
Brazil, disputes with, ii. 12.

signations, iii. 516. His ambitious
Buenos Ayres. See United Provinces of projects, iii. 518.
La Plata.

Congress, 19th, i. 368. 20th, iii. 565.

Connecticut. Farmington canal, ii. 451.

iii. 21. Election, ii. 452. School sund,

iii. 21. Treasury, iii. 22.
Canning Mr., his situation, i. 326. His Constantine proclaimed emperor of Rus-

death, i. 332. And character, i. 333. sia, i. 253. Abdicates in favour of Ni-
Capo d'Istria elected president of Greece, cholas, i. 253.
ji. 407.

Constantinople, great fire at, ii. 398. De-

fences of, iii. 317. Blockaded, iii. 341.

Disasters at, iii. 353.
Constitution, amendment of, i. 59. Dis-

cussions on, i. 62.
Courts of United States. Process in, vi.

88. Bill thereon, iii. 91. Debates, iii.

91. Passed iii. 99.
Creek controversy, i. 42. ii. 24. 85.
Cuba. Political state of, i. 157. Finances,

i. 158.
Cumberland road, iii. 150.

in the Chambers, iii. 226. Choice of
president, ini. 227. Debates, iii. 228.
Abuses in the post-office, iii. 230.
Electoral and jury lists, iii. 231. Fo-
reign relations, iii. 231. Freedom of
the press, iii. 234. Charges against
the late Cabinet, iii. 234. Education,
iii. 236. Budget, iii. 238. Army and
navy, iii. 239. Recall of troops from
Spain, iii. 241. Expedition to the Mo-
rea, iii. 242. Departments and Com-
munes, iii. 244. Endowment of Cham-
ber of Peers, iii. 250. Foreign rela-
tions, ii. 254. Relations with the
Cnited States, iii. 255. Close of the
session, iii. 257. Dissolution of the
ministry, iii. 258. New ministry, iii.
259. Polignac Minister of Foreign
Affairs, iii. 259. Political state of
France, iii. 262 Statement of Fi.
nances, ii. 508. iii. 621.


Delaware, internal improvements, i. 336.

Elections, ii. 482, iii. 123. Finances,

iii. 124. School system, iii. 124.
Deibitch, Count, appointed general of the

Russian army, iii. 364.
District of Columbia, iii. 164.
Drawbacks, bill relative to, iii. 103.



Egypt, rise of Mohammed Ali, i. 298. He Georgia. Indian Lands, i. 344. ii. 489.

conquers Arabia, i. 299. His govern- Banks, iii. 141. Judiciary, iii. 142.
ment, i. 300.

Georgia Militia, ii. 141.
Executive offices, i. 362. ii. 503. iii. 557. Governors of States in 1825, 1. 372. in 1826,
Executive patronage, proposal to reduce, i. ii. 505. in 1827 and 1828, iii. 568.
77. ii. 15. ii. 31. iii. 115.

Great Britain. Ministers, i. 208. Parlia-
Exports, ii. 508. iii. 597.

ment of 1825, i. 209. Address, i. 210.

Catholic Associations, i. 211. iii, 169.

Finance and trade, i. 216. 221. iii.

160. Treaties with Brazil, Colombia,
Finances, i. 58.

and Buenos Ayres, i. 218. iii. 186. Par-
France. Death of Louis XVIII., i. 227. His liament of 1826, i. 220. Dissolution of,

character, i. 228. Accession of Charles i. 224. New Parliament, i. 207. Cur
X., i. 228. Ministry, i. 229. Cham- rency, i. 220. Slavery, i. 221. New
bers of 1925, i. 229. Civil list, i. 231. elections, i. 225. King's speech, ii.
Indemnity to emigrants, i. 231. Fi- 308. Joint stock companies, ii. 308.
nances, i. 231. Sacrilege laws, i. 232. Aid to Portugal, ii. 309. Death of
Arrangement with South American go- Duke of York, ii. 314. Criminal laws,
vernments, i. 233. Treaty with Hayti, ii. 315. Catholic question, ii. 315. iii.
i. 233. Coronation of Charles X., i. 173. Corn laws, ii. 317. Sickness of
233. Lafayette at Havre, i. 234. Lord Liverpool, ii. 317. Mr. Canning
Death of General Foy, i. 235. Cham- appointed Premier, ii. 317. Resigna-
bers of 1825, and king's speech, i. tion of six cabinet ministers, ii. 319.
235. Finances, i. 236. Religious dis- New cabinet organized, ii. 322. Par-
putes, i. 237.

Views of the govern- liament in May, ii. 324. Coalition
ment, i. 238. Views concerning Spain with the whigs, ii. 328. Budget, ii.
and Portugal, ii. 335. Opening of the 329. Treaty for settlement of Greece,
chambers, ii. 336. Petition against the ii. 332. Mr. Canning's death, ii. 332.
Jesuits, ii. 338. Law concerning the Lord Goderich Premier, ii. 334. He
press, ii. 338. Dissolution of the Na-

resigns, iii. 155. New Cabinet, iii.
tional Guards of Paris, ii. 339. Debates 157. Lord Wellington, Premier, iii.
on the Budget, ii. 340. Censorship of 157. Mr. Huskisson and his friends

ii. 342. Maubreuil's assault resign, iii. 163. Opening of Parlia-
on Talleyrand, ii. 343. Burial of M. ment of 1829, iii. 170. Commercial
Manuel, ii. 343.

War with Algiers, policy, iii. 183. Canadian affairs, iii.
ii. 346. Dissolution of the Chamber


British West Indies, iii. 219.
of Deputies, ii. 347. New election, ii. East India Company iii. 220. Reve-
347. Massacre in Paris, ii. 349. Pros- nues, Expenditures, Finances, Debt,
perity of France, ii. 350. Revenue, Trade, &c. iii. 613.
ii. 361. Creation of new peers, iii. Greece. Government of, i. 263. Insurrec-
223. New ministry, iii. 224. ^ Meeting tion in the Morea, i. 264. Missolonghi
of Chambers of 1828, iii. 225. Parties invested, i. 266. Siege of Navarino, i.


266. Events at Missolonghi, i. 273. United States vs. Juan Galberto de Orte-
Egyptian fleet burnt at Modon, i. 276. go. Assaulting a foreign minister, i.
Massacre at Hydra, i. 278. State of, in
1826, ii. 399. Naval action, ii. 400. Jackson and others, vs. James Carver.
Fall of Missolonghi, ii. 403. Assem Validity of a will, iv. 45.
bly at Epidaurus, ii. 404. Capo d'Is Martin, vs. Bank of United States. Cut
tria elected President, ii. 401. Sir bank notes, i. 190.
Richard Church appointed General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, ts. Mi-
and Lord Cochrane Admiral, ii. 408. chael McGarvey. Murder, iv. 58.
Loans, ii. 409. Athens invested, ii. Lippincott & Co. vs. United States. 651
412. Surrenders to the Turks, ii. 416. chests of tea, i. 193.
Cochrane's movements, ii. 418. Treaty Law of Divorce in Tennessee, i. 206.
of London, ii. 424. Battle of Navarino, Root vs. King and Verplanck. Libel, ii.
ji. 428. Inauguration of government,

ii. 405. Expedition to the island of King and Verplanck vs. Root, iv. 1.
Scio, iii. 406.

French expedition to State rs. John Brewer. Trial for per-
the Morea, iii. 411. Navarino taken jury, ii. 270.
by the French troops, iii. 413. Confe Duel. Scotland, ii. 274.
rence of 16th November 1828, iii. 418. Burcle, Brothers & Co. vs. Ship Tapper-
Boundaries of Greece, iii. 419. Pacifi heten. Libel for wages, &c. ii. 282.
cation of Greece, iii. 420. Amnesties, Piracy and murder, ii. 289.
iii. 420. Peace of Adrianople, iii. 425. The King vs. W. E. Ball, on Habeas

Corpus, detention of Joseph Fisher at

Montreal, ii. 297.

Conspiracy against William Morgan, ii.
Hayti. Government of, i. 159. French 307. iv. 68.

ordinance, i. 160. Nature of it, i. 161. Jackson, ex dem. Fowler os. Carver.
Accepted by Boyer, i. 161. Loan, i. 161. Astor claim, iv. 45.
Disturbances, i. 162. State of, i. 165. Smith ts. State of Tennessee, iv, 76.

Hickie vs. Starkie. Jurisdiction, iv. 81.

Briethoupt vs. Bank of Georgia. Juris-

diction, iv. 87.
Minois. Finances, i. 360. Election, ii. D'Wolf vs. Roland. Jurisdiction, iv. 87.
501. Lead mines, iii. 163.

American Insurance Co. vs. Canter.
Indian affairs, i. 43. Relations with them, Florida treaty, iv. 87

iii. 70. Plan for their removal, iii. 80. Fullerton vs. U. S. Bank. Constitution-
Indiana. Taxes, i. 359. Emigrants, ii. ality of state law, iv. 90.
500. Lands, iii. 161.

Wilson vs. Blackbird Creekmarsh Co.
Internal improvements. Amount expended Constitutionality of state law, iv. 94.
in, i. 51, ii. 35, iii. 577.

Foster vs. Neilson, Florida treaty, iv. 96.
Ireland. Trade of, iii. 621.

Kentucky Bank rs. Wister. Suability
Italy. Political condition of, i. 250.

of a state, iv. 106.

Satterlee rs. Mathenson. Constitution-

ality of state law, iv. 107.
Java, deplorable situation of, i. 292.

Weston rs. City council of Charleston.
Janissaries, massacre of, ii. 397.

Exemption of U. S. Stock from taxa-
Jefferson, Thomas, his death, i. 20.

tion, iv. 111.
Jackson, General, nominated President, i. Buckner os. Finley. Jurisdiction, iv. 115.

20. His address to the legislature of Wilkinson vs. Seland. Constitutionality
Tennessee, i. 21. His letter to the of state law, iv. 118.
public, i. 27. Elected President, iii. 31. Louis XVIII. his death and character, i.

Judiciary System, bill to extend, defeated,
i. 130.

London, Treaty of, iii. 290.

Lord Liverpool, his sickness, i. 317.

Louisiana.' Legislature, i. 349. Exports,
Kentucky. Judiciary, i. 351. Valuation,
ij. 496. University, iii. 155.

ii. 494. iii. 151. Elcctions, iii. 150.

Lafayette, his visit to United States, i. 20. Maine. Banks, i. 306. Meeting of Legis-
Lanman, his seat vacated, i. 67.

lature, ii. 435. Treasury, iii. 4.
Larche, Francis, his claim for loss of a Manufactures, ii. 37. Depressed condition
slave, i. 148.

of woollen, ii. 101.
Law Cases. Corfield vs. Carral. Alleged Manufacturers, convention of, ii. 125. iii.

interference with the rights of oyster 39.
men, i. 174,

M'Carthy, Sir Charles, killed, i. 297

Maryland. Finances, i. 337. Elections,

ii. 482. Legislature, ii. 483. iii. 125.
Banks, iii. 127.

Obituary. Charles C. Pinckney, i. 207.
Massachusetts. Reception of Lafayette, Alexander of Russia, i. 211.

i. 314. Banks, i. 316. iii. 11. Manu- General Foy, i. 218.
factures, 1. 317. ii. 445. iii. 15. Fi- M. David, i. 220.
nances, iii. 11.

General Sucket, i. 222.
Mexico, Victoria President of, i. 167. Con- Count Rostorchin, i. 223.

gress of, 1825, i. 168. Surrender of ship John 4th of Portugal, i. 224.
Asia, i. 168. St. Juan de Ulloa, i. 169. John Adams, i. 225.
Texas, i. 171. Political condition in Thomas Jeilerson, i. 240.
1826, i. 172. Congress of 1827, ii. 157. Marquis of Hastings, ii. 331.
Foreign relations, ii. 158. Ecclesiasti- Malte Brun, ii. 332.
cal affairs, ii. 160. Persecution of the Duke of York, ii. 333.
Spaniards, ii. 160. Trial and execution Pestalozzi, ii. 337.
of Padre Arenas, ii. 162. Disturbances

Christopher Gore, ii. 339.
in Durango, ii. 163. In Texas, ii. 164. Rufus King, ii. 341.
Expulsion of Esteva from VeraCruz, ii. Marquis de la Place, ii. 346.
165. Attack on American Minister, King of Saxony, ii. 347.
Poinsett, ii. 166. Navy, ii. 169. Mon- General Caulaincourt, ii. 338.
tano's plan of reform, iii. 481. Bravo William Tilghman, iv. 125.
declares in favour of it, iii. 482. Mon- George Canning, iv. 130.
tano and his associates banished, iii. John E. Howard, iv. 137.
483. Pedrazza elected President, iii. 484. Thomas Addis Emmit, iv. 139.
Santa Anna revolts, iii. 485. Revolu. Prince Ypsilanti, iv. 149.
tion, iii. 487. Guerrero declared Presi- Helen M. Williams, iv. 150.
dent, iii. 488. Expulsion of the Spa- De Witt Clinton, iv. 151.
niards, iii. 489. Invasion of Mexico, Dugald Stewart, iv. 166.
iii. 490. Texas, iji. 491. Finances and Count Lauriston, iv. 170.
commerce, iii. 491. Navy, iii. 492. Duke of San Carlos, iv. 172.
Statement of Finances, ii. 506.

Judge Peters, iv. 174.
Militia men, debates on the execution of, Doctor Gall, iv. 180.
iii. 171.

John T. Gilman, iv. 182.
Mississippi. Elections, i. 345. Cold plague, Earl of Liverpool, iv. 194.
ii. 493. Statistics of, ii. 149.

Timothy Pickering, iv. 199.
Missolonghi, captured, ii. 403.

Sir Humphrey Davy, iv. 204.
Missouri. Legislature, i. 360. Elections, John Jay, iv. 215.
ii. 501.

Ohio. Canals, i. 356. iii. 158.
Mix, his contract, ii. 81.

Valuation, ii. 499.
Morocco, great epidemic in, i. 297.

Census, iii. 156.

Opposition. Systematicand organized, i. 38.

Sectional character, ii. 17.

Principles of, ii. 22. iii. 9.
Navarino, battle of, ii. 428.

Materials of, ii. 22.
Navy promotions, i. 367. ii. 504. iii. 564.
Netherlands. Opening of states general,
i. 254.

New England States. Internal naviga-
tion in, i. 306.

Panama mission, i. 79. 88.
New Hampshire. Manufactures, i. 313. Parties, dissolution of, i. 19.

ii. 441. iii. 7. Legislature, ii. 440. Violence of, ii. 30.
Finances, ii. 441. Ships of war built Paraguay. Dr. Francia, i. 276.
in, iii. 7.

Remarks on the government of, ii. 306.
New York. Canals, i. 324. ii. 461. Pennsylvania. Internal improvements, i.
Schools, i. 327. iii. 30.

332. ii. 468. iii. 117.
Controversy with New Jersey, ii. 455. Coal, ii. 333. iii. 119.
Morgan's abduction, ii. 457. iii. 29. Manufactures, ii. 480. iii. 119.
Elections, ii. 460. iii. 25.

List of governors, iii. 111.
Revised statutes, ii. 463. iii. 39.

Penal code, iii. 112.
Salt, iii. 23. Banks, iii. 25.

Peru. Battle of Ayacuhco, i. 181. Castles
Nicholas, emperor of Russia, i. 256.

of Callao, i. 183. Olaneta, i. 183. Ro-
Danger of shipwreck, iii. 331.

dil capitulates, i. 184. Congress at
North Carolina. Finances, i. 342. iii. 134. Lima, i. 184. Bolivar, i. 185. State of
Canals, i. 342.

parties in 1826, i. 187. Insurrection, i.
Gold mines, ii. 487.

187. Manifesto of the government, i.
Internal improvements, iii. 135.

190. Celombian garrisons in Peru, ii.

237. Congress of 1826, ii. 237. Their
address, ii. 238. Acts of the province
of Lima, ii. 243. Bolivar proclaimed,
and constitution sworn to, ii. 246. Go-
vernment a military despotism, ii. 246.
Conspiracy of the patriots, ii. 247. Ci-
tizens of Lima renounce the Bolivian
code, ii. 253. Santa Cruz proclaimed
provisional president, ii. 253. Colom-
bian troops leave Peru, ii. 257. Con-
gress meets, ii. 257. La Mar chosen
president, ii. 258. Proceedings of con-
gress, ii. 259. Conspiracy at Lima, iji.
518. Dreadful earthquake, iii. 520.
New constitution, iii. 521. War with
Colombia, iii. 523. Overtures of peace,
iii. 524. Battle of Tarqui, iii. 526. Con-
vention of Icron, iii. 528. Renewal of
hostilities, iii. 530. Revolution, iii. 531.

Peace with Colombia, iii. 532.
Portugal. Brazil independent of, i. 246.

King John dies, i. 247. Constitution
and regency, i. 247. Incursion from
Spain, i. 248. Aid from England, i.
248. Marquis of Chaves, ii. 353. Ne-
gotiations at Madrid, ii. 356. Session
of the cortes, ii. 357. Invaded from
Spain, ii. 358. Military operations,
ii. 366. Arrival of British troops, ii.
361. Battle of Carraches, ii. 362. Last
effort of the rebels, ii. 363. Cortes pro-
rogued, ii. 364. Mutiny at Elvas, ii.
365. Change of ministry, ii. 367. State
of parties, ii. 367. Don Miguel's re-
turn, iii. 447. Swears to maintain the
charter, iii. 453. Tumults, iii. 454.
Charter abolished, iii. 459. Revolt at
Oporto, iii. 461. Cortes convoked, iii.
465. Don Miguel proclaimed king, iii.
468. His tyranny, iii. 470. Reduction
of Madeira, iii. 470. Proceedings of
Don Pedro, iii. 471. Arrival of Donna
Maria, iii. 472. She lands in England,

iii. 473.
Porter, captain, his trial, i. 150.
Postmaster general, salary of, ii. 139.
Proclamation of president closing the ports,

ii. 72.
Public lands, statement of, i. 602.
Public Documents. Treaty with Colom-

bia, i. 1.
President's message 19th congress, 1st

session, 1. 9.
Concerning Panama mission, i. 49.
19th congres, 2d session, ii. 1.
President's proclamation prohibiting

trade with West Indies, ii. 18.
20th congress, 1st session, iv. 1.
20th congress, 2d session, iv. 15.
Boundary of United States on Pacific

ocean, i. 26.
Treaty with the federation of Central

America, i. 41.
Convention with Great Britain, ii. 16. iv.

109. 113, 114.
Convention with Denmark, ii. 19.

Treaty with Sweden and Norway, iv. 102.
Letter, Mr. Rush to Mr. Anderson, minis-

ter to Colombia, i. 61.
Mr. Clay to Mr. Middleton, i, 83, 90.
Count Nesselrode to Mr. Middleton, i. 89.
Mr. Salazar to Mr. Clay, i. 92.
Mr. Canaz to Mr. Clay, i. 96.
Mr. Rush to Mr. Adams, ii. 22.
Mr. Clay to Mr. Gallatin, ii. 46. 69. 103.
Mr. Canning to Mr. Gallatin, ii. 54. 67.99.
Mr. Gallatin to Mr. Canning, ii. 61.91.
From the secretary of treasury on the in-

undated lands of the Mississippi, iv. 82.
Mr. Gallatin to Lord Dudley, ii. 115. 119.

Mr. Gallatin to H. Clay, ii. 121.
Lord Dudley to Mr. Gallatin, ii. 123.
Panama documents, iv. 20.
Letters on the navigation of the St. Law-

rence, ii. 137.
Letters on the north eastern boundaries,

iv. 58.
Convention between Great Britain and

Brazil, iv. 143; and treaty, iv. 144.
Treaty between Brazil and the Hanse

Towns, iv. 150.
Treaty of indemnity between Brazil and

France, iv. 154.
Circular of Bolivar, i. 97; and replies, i.

101. His address to congress of Peru,
i. 131. His address to congress of Bo-

livia, ii. 196.
President of Mexico's address to con-

gress, i. 103; and reply, i. 105. ii. 174.

iv. 134.
Proclamations of president of Mexico, i.

107: and his address, i. 103. i. 114.

i. 123.
Messages of vice president of Colombia,

i. 125. ii. 181. * ii. 193.
Capitulation of Ayacuhco, i. 133.
Message of government of Buenos Ayres,

i. 135. iv. 165.
Brazilian documents, i. 143.
Chilian documents, i. 147.
Central American documents, i. 147.
Treaty between Colombia and Peru, iv.

Treaty between Peru and Bolivia, iv. 141.
Haytien documents, i. 148.
Speech of the king of Great Britain, i.

150. ii. 209. iv. 169.
Treaty, between Great Britain and the

United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata,

ii. 153.
Between Great Britain and Colombia, i.

Convention between his majesty and the

infanta regent of Portugal, iv. 173.
Despatch from Mr. Huskisson to licut.

gov. of Jamaica, iv. 175.
Speech of the king of France, i. 162. iv.

Law relative to journals, iv. 189.
Manifesto of the emperor of Russia, i. 163.
King of Sweden's speech, i. 170.

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