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431. Royal volunteers, in. 434. Ca-

lamarde, Intendant of Police, iii. 436.
Ferdinand at Barcelona, iii. 439. Re- United Provinces of La Plata. War with
moval of French troops, iii. 442. Brazil, ii. 285. Folly of the war, ii.
Debt to France, iii. 442. "South Ame 286. Disturbances, ii. 287. Bank of
rican affairs, iii. 444. Earthquake, iii. Buenos Ayres, ii. 288. Imbecility of

the government, ii. 288. Mines, ii. 289.
Spanish American States, general view of, Progress of the war, ii. 290. Naval
iii. 475.

actions, ii. 290. Battle of Ituzaingo,
Statistics of the world, iii. 606.

ii. 291. Brazilians defcated, ii. 292.
Stewart, Captain, his trial, i. 50.

Admiral Brown's successes, ii. 293.
St. Lawarence river, free navigation of, Negotiations for peace, .i. 294. Gar-
ii. 11.

cia's treaty, ii. 295. Justly rejected by
Stocks, exchange of, bill defeated, ii. 134. the republic, ii. 295. Rivadavia resigns,
Sweden, treaty with Great Britain, i. 252. ii. 298. Lopez elected, ii. 298. GO-
Switzerland, political condition of, i. 250. vernment of Buenos Ayres, ii. 300.

Dissolution of the republic, ii. 300.

Buenos Ayres and Cordova unite, ii.

301. State of the war, ii. 302. Peace

with Brazil, iii. 542. Dorego deposed
Tariff, of 1824, ii. 101. ii. 103. Malla and shot, iii. 552. Civil war, iii. 553.
ry's report thereon, ii. 104. Passes the

Expedition to Santa Fe, iii. 553. Dis-
house, ii. 122. Rejected in the senate, tress of the country, iii. 545. General
ji. 124. Tariff of 1828, ini. 35. Passed Brown resigns. iii. 555. French fleet
in the house, iii. 58. In the senate, iii. takes possession of Buenos Ayrean
61. Remarks on it, iii. 61. "

squadron, iii, 556.
Tennessee. Election, i. 350. Cotton crop, United States. Independence of, 1. 8. Vi-
ii. 495. Legislature, iii. 152.

sit of Lafayette to, i. 20. Inaugura-
Thermometrical table U. S. i. 380.

tion of president Adams, i. 29. Meet.
Tonnage, i. 374. ii. 509. iii. 586.

ing of Senate, i. 36. Treaty with Co-
Treasury report, i. 131. ii. 129. ii. 117.

lombia rejected by Senate, i. 38. Open-
iii. 143.

ing of 19th congress, i. 57. 2d session,
Turkey. Janissaries, ii. 393. Attempts to ii. 72. Dignity of Senate violated, i.

reform them, ii. 394. Artillerymen, 87. Session concluded, i. 150. State
ii. 395. Insurrection of Janissaries, of parties, iii. 9. Principles of the ad-
ii. 396. Massacre of, ii. 397. Fire at ministration, iii. 10. 20th Congress,
Constantinople, ii. 398. Battle of Na iii. 16. Character of president Adams;
varino, ii. 428. Ambassadors leave

administration, iii. 32. 2d session of
Constantinople, ii. 428. Manifesto of

20th congress, iii. 103. Adjournment,
the Sublime Porte, iii. 309. Natural iii. 116.
defences of Constantinople, iii. 317. Upper Peru. (See Bolivia.)
Armenian Catholics expelled, iii. 345.
Treaties with Spain, Naples, and Den-

mark, iii. 317. Preparations for war,

. 347. Council at the house of the Vermont. Population, &c. i. 309, Elec-
Mufti, iii. 318. The Sultan consults a

tion, ii. 454. Legislature, iii. 17.
fortune teller, and decides for war, iii.

Treasury, iii. 18.
351. Levies of troops, iii. 352. Dis- Virginia. Internal improvement, i. 340.
asters at Constantinople, iji. 353. Grand

130. University, ii. 454. ii. 130.
Vizier departs for Varna, iii. 355. Sur Legislature, ii. 485. ii. 129.
render of Varna, iii. 357. Grand Vi- Voyage of discovery, iii. 148. Bill passed
zier displaced, iii. 357. Izzet Mehemed

the house, iii. 149. Defeated in the
appointed Grand Vizier, iii. 357. Ar scnate, iii. 150.
mies retire to winter quarters, iii. 369.

Kalè and Toumotaken, iii. 365. Events
of the war in Asiatic Turkey, iii. 366. Ways and means, committee of, i. 133.
Events of the war in European Tur- West Indics. Erropean colonies, i. 153.
key, iii. 375. Battle of Pravody, iii. British West Indies, i. 153. Order in
378. Silistria surrenders, iii. 382. The council relating to slaves, i. 153. Pro-
Russians pass the Balkan, iii. 386; and ceedings in Jamaica, i. 155. Cuba, i.
capture Bourgas, iii. 387; and Slivno, 156. Hayti, i. 159.
iii. 390. Surrender of Adrianople, iii. Wine, duty on, reduced, iii. 88.
392. Peace of Adrianople, ini. 396. Woollens, bill lost, ii. 23.

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