Bulletin, Թողարկում 72

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907

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Էջ 29 - ... of a scent that will attract wolves and coyotes to the traps and keep them tramping and pawing there until caught. Meat bait alone is of little use, and often, indeed, scares the animals away. Of the many scents and combinations tested the fetid bait has proved most successful. "Fetid bait. Place half a pound of raw beef or venison in a widemouthed bottle and let it stand in a warm place (but...
Էջ 29 - Fetid bait. Place half a pound of raw beef or venison in a widemouthed bottle and let it stand in a warm place (but not in the sun) for two to six weeks, or until it is thoroughly decayed and the odor has become as offensive as possible. When decomposition has reached the proper stage, add a quart of sperm oil or any liquid animal oil. Lard oil may be used, but prairie-dog oil is better. Then add 1 ounce of pulverized asafetida and one ounce of tincture of Siberian musk or Tonquin musk.
Էջ 26 - For wolves the best No. 4 double-spring trap with heavy welded or special wolf chain should be used. If the trap is to be fastened to a stationary object, the chain should have a swivel at each end. If to a drag, one swivel next the trap is enough. Always use a drag if possible. The best is a stone of 30 or 40 pounds weight, to which the chain is securely wired. A long oval stone is best. A piece of telegraph wire or smooth fence wire 5 or 6 feet long should be passed around one end of the stone;...
Էջ 26 - The regular 2-grain capsules should be used for coyotes. The capsules should be filled, securely capped, and every trace of the intensely bitter drug wiped from the outside. Each capsule should be inserted in a piece of beef suet the size of a walnut and the cavity securely closed, to keep out moisture.
Էջ 21 - ... be equally successful in breeding wild animals for the State market, In proportion to their tax levy, it would require a State tax levy of nearly $2,000,000 to pay the bounty claims).
Էջ 17 - A family of wolves will destroy about $3,000 worth of stock per annum." HORSES. A considerable number of colts and a few grown horses are killed by wolves, but the number is insignificant compared with that of cattle. Evidently this is not a...
Էջ 28 - Fine earth should then be sprinkled over the paper until all traces of trap and paper are concealed. The surface of the ground and surroundings should appear as nearly as possible undisturbed. The dust may be given a natural appearance by sprinkling it with water. Touching the ground or other objects with the hands, spitting near the trap, or in any way leaving a trace of human odors near by should be avoided. Old, well-scented gloves should be worn, and a little of the scent used for the traps should...

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