The Safeguard of the Sea: A Naval History of Britain, 660-1649

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W.W. Norton, 1998 - 691 էջ
Throughout the chronicle of Britain's history, one factor above all others has determined the fate of kings, the security of trade, and the integrity of the realm. Without its navy, Britain would have been a weakling among the nations of Europe, could never have built or maintained the empire, and in all likelihood would have been overrun by the armies of Napoleon and Hitler.Now, for the first time in nearly a century, a prominent naval historian has undertaken a comprehensive account of the history and traditions of this most essential institution. N. A. M. Rodger has produced a superb work, combining scholarship with narrative, that demonstrates how the political and social history of Britain has been inextricably intertwined with the strength -- or weakness -- of her sea power.From the desperate early military campaigns against the Vikings to the defeat of the great Spanish Armada in the reign of Elizabeth I, this volume touches on some of the most colorful characters in British history, among them Sir Francis Drake. It also provides fascinating details on naval construction, logistics, health, diet, and weaponry.

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THE SAFEGUARD OF THE SEA: A Naval History of Britain: 660-1649

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A comprehensive thousand-year chronicle of naval history around the British Isles and of the vital importance of sea power in safeguarding a realm that provided an inviting target for marauders ... Read full review

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While I'm really not qualified to judge the historical content--that's why I read this book, after all--Rodger is more transparent than many authors as he weighs the available sources, deciding what ... Read full review

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Հեղինակի մասին (1998)

N. A. M. Rodger is professor of naval history at Exeter University and a fellow of the British Academy. He is the author of The Wooden World and the highly acclaimed volumes of his naval history of Britain, The Safeguard of the Sea and The Command of the Ocean. He lives in England.

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