Devonshire Scenery: Or, Directions for Visiting the Most Picturesque Spots on the Eastern and Southern Coast

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Էջ 50 - Orgarius; which apprehended by Ethelwold, he discovered the truth to his lady~ and earnestly besought her to save his life from the king's danger. But she shewing herself a woman, desired nothing more than the thing forbidden, decking herself with costly ornaments to attend the coming of the king, whom with an amiable grace she entertained; which so inflamed his desires, that, palliating his affection for the present, he went forth on hunting, and at a place there called Wilverley, since Warlewood,...
Էջ 27 - ... parts of Holland and Belgium; yet the cattle and general character of the scene immediately around the distinctly Dutch figures are very suggestive of Devonshire. In the journals of the Lords, March 20th, 1679, we read thus : " Ordered that John Siberichs, a Dutchman and limner of pictures, who, being a Papist, ought to remove out of the cities of London and Westminster, may have liberty to stay in town for some time for the recovery of some debts owing to him before his removal out of the kingdom.
Էջ 49 - Queene; but u sometyme it falleth out, theie is falshoode in fellowshipp, this Earle sued unto her for himselfe, and that with good liking of her father, so as the King would consent, unto whom he returned this answer, that ' the lady came farr short of such perfection as fame gave out, and in noe wise for feature fitt for a King :' whereupon Edgar, mistrusting no double dealing, soone consented, and Orgarius gave his daughter to Ethelwold in marriage; after which her beauty was more liberally spoken...
Էջ 49 - Tatyslott is the chief place upon Tavyes banke, where, in the dayes of Edgar, the first unresisted Monarch of this lande, Orgarius, Duke of Devon, kept his court; the echo of whose faire daughter Elfleda's beauty sounded so loude in the King's ears, that it caused him to imploy Ethelwold, his minion, to woe her in his behalfe, to be dignified with the title of a Queene; but...
Էջ 27 - ... (See Gentleman's Magazine, vol. xxix. p. 605.) Many of these I take to be the hunting pieces mentioned by Evelyn (Memoirs, vol. ip 438) : " 18th August, 1673. My Lord Clifford being about this time returned from Tunbridge, and preparing for Devonshire, I went to take my leave of him at Wallingford House. He was packing up pictures, most of which were hunting wild beasts, and vast pieces of bull-baiting, bear-baiting, &c.
Էջ 51 - VM slain. the possessions of the Abbey, with the borough and town of Tavistock, were given, by the King, to John, Lord...
Էջ 29 - Christ blessing little Children. Mark, 10 ch. 16 v. The inscription is " Peter Van Lint, 1643." 6. Christ presented by Pilate to the Multitude. John, 19 ch. 5 v. A curious specimen of the low Dutch School.
Էջ 29 - Lord Clifford, who died at Munich Jan. 15, 1793, aged 37. By Downman, 1780. 3 Sf 4.
Էջ 30 - Anne Clifford, Countess of Dorset and Pembroke, taken in 1670, aged 80. She is placed between her parent.;, George the 3rd Earl of Cumberland, and Margaret (Russell.) An Engagement with Banditti.
Էջ i - Devonshire Scenery ; or, directions for visiting the most picturesque spots on the eastern and southern coast, from Sidmouth to Plymouth ; by a Devonian.

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