The Reality of Prayer

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Whitaker House, 01 մյս, 2012 թ. - 144 էջ
Has prayer become just another complicated ritual?
Is it a struggle to spend time in prayer?
Does God really answer prayer?
E. M. Bounds shows us that prayer is not difficult. It is a privilege and a blessing. By examining how Jesus prayed, Bounds helps us to pray boldly and expectantly. When we pray with the confidence of a child, we will find that God is eager to answer us, and we will discover the reality of what Jesus knew—prayer works!

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Title Page Copyright Page Introduction
A Sacred Privilege
Mans Poverty and Gods Riches
The Essence of Earthly Worship
Gods Part in Prayer
The Divine Teacher of Prayer
The Lesson of Prayer
Jesus Our Example in Prayer
Learning from the Prayers of Jesus
Our Lords Model Prayer
Our Lords High Priestly Prayer
The Gethsemane Prayer
The Holy Spirit and Prayer
The Holy Spirit Our Helper in Prayer
The Two Comforters and Two Advocates
Prayer and the Holy Spirit Dispensation About the Author

Insights from Prayers of Our Lord

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E. M. (Edward McKendree) Bounds (1835–1913) has given us a powerful legacy of prayer, believing it to be the strongest link between God and man. Bounds was a pastor and editor who spent many years reading, writing, praying, and taking part in revival ministry. Deeply concerned for the world, Bounds would rise at 4 a.m. to pray. Since the time of the apostles, no man besides Bounds has left such a rich inheritance of research into the life of prayer.

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