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and pray

have seen and known during the past more, and the hand of God is seen work. year, both among Romanists and con- ing out his gracious purposes through verts, that we have special cause to praise the humble instrumentality He has em.

ployed in it, it is but natural that I Our schools generally have been well should be able to say that my confidence attended, and well taught. One hundred and pleasure in it largely increase, and and seventy-eight children have this year that the place and people have become been under education in my parish, and of to me, objects of very great interest. these a good average have been promoted For them, I ask only God's increasing in the late inspection.

blessing, and for the work among them, I In the Islands especially, within a ask, through you, the continued support few years, so entirely destitute of civili

of his people. zation, the school work has been carried Iar Connaught.- Again has the on with great vigour and success. The tide of emigration borne away to America priests' schools being virtually closed, two of our most promising convert and the children (untaught in them even youths. There was a time during the while they held out) advancing so favour- early years of my ministry, when this ably under the system adopted in the constant absorption of the fruits of MisMission Schools, that nearly every child sionary labour would have disappointed has this year been qualified to rise to a and discouraged me; now, however, it higher class in the scale for the year to is far otherwise, for such cheering tidings come.

are continually being received of the sucWe have this year sent two young cess in life and Christian usefulness of men to the Dublin Training School for many who have emigrated, that I am schoolmasters, both, formerly, children in driven more than ever to realize that my the schools, and one young woman bas master's field for labour is the entire left school to be employed as an assistant world, and wherever his providential mistress in another district.

tokens seem to direct any of my congreFrom those of whose departure I gation, I feel bound to encourage rather spoke last year, I continue to receive than oppose their desire to follow where most cheering accounts, both as regards the “pillar of cloud

appears to direct their spiritual and temporal well-being ; their way. Just as I was about to write and of the four boys who entered the this report, three letters reached me, navy, (three from the Orphan Nursery which illustrate how happily the results and one from the school here,) the testi. of Irish Church Mission work, transmony received from their officers, both as lated from this parish, are in course of regards conduct and ability, is extremely development in America. One of these satisfactory.

letters was to myself from a convert Three grown-up members of the con- young man, a native of this parish, who gregation have left for America, and four has just been ordained a member of the young people gone to various places of American Church in the State of Virservice, where the training they have ginia, after having completed the rereceived will be carried on and developed. quired course in Fairfax Theological

Three clergymen, educated when chil- Seminary. Another letter from the same dren in the schools of the district, have young man to his uncle, a Scripturethis year returned to preach that word reader here. In both letters he expresses of life which first they learned here. deep gratitude to God for his great

The Sunday services, the morning mercies to him, and thankfully acknowservice in our new church, the afternoon ledges the benefits conferred on him by in the Islands, and the evening in Bally- the Irish Church Mission Society. To conree, are well attended; the average use his own words, “ God indeed” (he numbers being.110, 30, and 73.

says) " has been merciful to me, and A “Mothers' Meeting” has been es- blessed me, to Him be all praise. May tablished, and bids fair to be an useful his presence go with me and make me & means of gathering in the women (the faithful minister of the New Testament darkest and least accessible part of the through Christ Jesus. Since I came to people) not only to the meeting itself, America, I had to struggle hard, part of the bu also to the prayer.meetings and Sun- time, still I keptadvancing; I landed withday services,

out one cent in my pocket, and have never As the work opens out more and wanted since. God's name be praised.”

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