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The Letters fent by P-g have been already in print.

R. to a young Lady thwarted in love-Addrefs to a Lady of Devonshire-ftreet-and
F. G.'s Ode, are unfit for publication.

The Lines on The Parfonage-houfe breathe more of the Spirit of envy than of poetry.
The account of the Foreign Academies in our next.

A review of the Hiftory of the Flagellants in our next.

Antique Anecdotes in our next.

We beg leave to return our acknowlegments to our numerous Correfpondents for thefe favours which are under confideration, particularly Z. Z.-Wilfon-Zeno-E. H. J. S. and Perambulator.

The truth of the Hibernia Anecdote is doubted.


A Letter from an American, now re

fiding in London, to a Member of Parliament. Pamphlet.

The Sale of the Houfe of Peers. Painphlet.

The Hiftory of the Cafle, Town, and Foreft of Kuarfborough, &c. By E. Hargrave, Efq. Pamph.

* Hiftory of the Disputes with America, &c. By John Adams, Efq. Pamph. The Rev. Thomas Pyle's Sermons, vol. third and laft, 8vo.

A Table flewing at one View the Merias of the most distinguished Speakers in the House of Lords. Pamph.

Effays on Suicide, and on the Immortality of the Soul, afcribed to the late David Hume, Efq.

* Chemical Reflections relating to the Nature, Caufes, Prevention and Cure of fome Difeafes. By James Rymer.

A Treatife on Foreft Trees. By William Boutcher.

Effays on Shakespeare's Dramatic Characters of Richard the Third, King Lear and Timon of Athens. By Mr. Richardfon.

* A Letter to Doctor Price. Pamph. A Syftem on the Practice of Medicine, from the Latin of Hoffman, by Dr. Lewis, 2 vols.

A brief and impartial Review of the State of Great Britain, at the Commencement of the Seffion in 1783. Pamph.

* A Letter to the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, by Major Scott. Pamph.

*A Letter to the Right Hon. Charles James Fox. By Major Scott. Pamph. The Complete Wall-tree Pruner. By John Abercrombie.

A Letter to a Country Gentleman. Pamph.

The Cafe of the East India Company. Pamph.

*The Effects to be expected from the Eaft India Bill. By William Pulteney, Efq. Pamph.

Practical Obfervations on Venereal Complaints. By F. Swediar, M. D.

An Addrefs to the Lords Commiffioners of the Admiralty. By a Sailor. Pamph.

A Collection of the Letters which have been addreffed to the Volunteers of Ireland.

An Effay on Mifanthropy. By Percival Stockdale. Pamph.

The Minifterialift. By Junius. Pamph. * Remarks on the Climate, Produce, and Natural Productions of Nova Scotia. Pamph.

A familiar Addrefs to the Curious in English Poetry. Pamph.

New Forms of Prayer, for the Ufe of Lancafler Chapel.

The Propagation and Botanical Arrangement of Plants and Trees, ufeful and ornamental. By John Abercrombie, 2 vols.

Those with this mark are noticed in our Review



N this period of extended intercourfe, when no great event in any of the European nations can be an object of indifference to the reft, a penodical publication that aims at general entertainment and inftruction, fhould take a wider range than any one kingdom or country, and expatiate with freedom on the theatre of the world. It was the original object of the EUROPEAN MAGAZINE and LONDON REVIEW, to make a monthly excursion into this ample field, and from thence to collect a mifcellany of greater variety than had been prefented before to the public. Literature, politics, arts, fciences, cuftoms, manners, fashions, anecdotes of great and eminent men, national and domeftic occurrences, and above all, whatever appears to contribute to the advancement of humanity, knowledge, and taite: Thefe were the objects which directed the choice of the PHILOLOGICAL SOCIETY, amidst that valt variety of matter which folicited their attention.

In this copious collection fomething will be found fuitable to every taste. And, although particular fubjects may be found to yield more fenfible delight than this various entertainment to particular minds; yet, it may be affirmed by the Authors of the EUROPEAN MAGAZINE and LONDON REVIEW, because it is allowed by the world, that no periodical production in Europe, of equal extent and price, is fo well adapted to the amusement and information of families, and other circles of fociety. The tone of this work, varying with its varying themes, at one time affumes the dignified and fevere air of Philofophy, and, at others, the gay mood of pleafantry and diffipation: but in no inftance will it be found to add fuel to impure and criminal paffion, or to encourage an indulgence in vicious levity. The year 1783, which forms the fubject of our two laft volumes, will be diftinguished in the annals of Europe, by the fingularity and importance of its events. Paffing over the natural phenomena of the new ifland in the Northern Seas, the meteors or fiery globes, feen at the fame time, by so many diftant nations in different latitudes, we fhall, on this occafion, confine our obfervations to the great revolution across the Atlantic, which, in the peace concluded at Paris in February laft, has confirmed the independence of the American States on England, and exhibited a great example f liberty to the nations.

[blocks in formation]

Or this example we every where trace the effects: In Ireland, in Scotland, in Holland, in almost every part of the world. This example has not yet spent its force. It will continue to roufe and to fofter a fpirit of liberty, which, ftimulating the energy of the human mind, will have the happiest effects on literature, fcience, commerce, the progrefs of civiltzation, and the general happiness of the world.

To trace this various influence, will be one of the principal objects of this PUBLICATION: But, while we are attentive to the progrefs of knowledge and of fociety, and careful to mark the reciprocal influence of government on letters, and of letters on government, we fhall, at the fame time, be happy in contributing our endeavous to afford amusement of a lighter kind, and to relieve the attentions and the cares of our readers, by objects which the human understanding may conceive without any difficult exertion, and on which the imagination may dwell with pleasure and with advantage.


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