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The great success of various London works, similar to the “PARLOUR SCRAP Book," as well as the increasing demand for them in this country, has induced the Publishers to this undertaking.

The literary part of the Work, it is hoped, will not be found inferior to any of its competitors, and the attention of the reader will be drawn more particularly to the poetical portion of it, where the effusions of a highly cultivated female mind, which has already contributed to the literature of our country, may be recognised.

In regard to the mechanical part of the Work, it will be at once observed, that the Publishers have spared neither pains nor expense to make the volume as worthy of approbation as possible. Circumstances beyond their control, and not likely again to occur, have rendered the embellishments less various than was intended. The beauty of the designs and excellence of their execution will however, they trust, make amends for this; and should the present volume be favourably received, a greater variety shall be obtained for those which may follow.




BENEATH her frail and flowery shade,

Listening the insect's idle humming,

All day the pensive Indian maid

Silent awaits the traveller's coming.

Heaped at her feet in golden store,

Her smiling treasures well repay

The toil that weary seemed before,

The patient search of yesterday.

Betwixt the jungle's tangled boughs,

Or on the parched and sultry plain

Or where the mountain streamlet flows

All foaming towards the greener main

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