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her glorified soul joined in fellowship with the ministers of heaven, formerly her invisible attendants. Now swift as thought they carried her to the blissful regions of eternal day; where she was received with joyful acclamations by all the hosts of the heaven of heavens: and the ever-adorable Redeemer pronounced her blessed, saying: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord; thou hast been faithful over a few things, therefore thou shalt be a ruler over many.' On which I thought a crown of righteousness was put upon her head by the pierced hand of the Redeemer; a palm of triumph given to her, and orders issued to put her in possession of the mansions near the jasper throne; where she strove to outdo Magdalene in praise, and to exalt her voice even above that of Mary, the mother of our Lord. Here was emulation without anger, the most earnest contention without any tincture of pride. Who should be least in their own esteem, who should most glorify and exalt sovereign free and distinguished grace, were the springs of all their heavenly debates. Here Manasseh vied with the sweet singer of Israel, the man after God's own heart; the crucified thief, with Enoch and Abraham ; Ruth, the Moabitess, with Deborah, the mother of Israel ; Jairus, the jailor, contended with Paul the apostle ; and babes from the womb claimed a right to sing louder than Solomon, the wisest of men. Here parents strove to surpass their children, and children to exceed the praises of their parents ; masters their former servants, and servants their masters; ministers

their people, and people their ministers : and every one urged his claim by rational and consistent arguments. As I was listening to the sweet contention, and gazing on the unutterable glories of the heavenly world, my beloved sleep departed, the unwelcome morning rushed in upon me, and bereaved me of the precious delights I had enjoyed in the night. So I awoke to disappointment and sorrow, finding myself still in the tents of Kedar, possessed as heretofore of that unclean nature whence every evil to me proceeds, and still go burdened and groaning, because of a body of Death, while in this tabernacle. Yea, after all, perhaps, to be tired of this world, and yet afraid to venture into another.


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