Papers relating to foreign affairs [afterw.] Foreign relations of the United States, Մաս 1

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Էջ 43 - Length from the fore part of the stem, under the bowsprit, to the aft side of the head of the stern-post* 192 feet 7-10ths. Main breadth to outside of plank, 29 feet 6-10ths. Depth in hold from tonnage deck to ceiling, at midships, 14 feet l-10th.
Էջ 372 - I am directed by the Governor, to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of yesterday's date, relative to the Alabama.
Էջ 154 - An Act for the further amendment of the Process, Practice, and Mode of Pleading in and enlarging the Jurisdiction of the Superior Courts of Common Law at Westminster, and of the Superior Courts of Common Law of the Counties Palatine of Lancaster and Durham.
Էջ 342 - Congress, it being expressly declared "that the Constitution of the United States shall be the supreme law of the land, and the judges of every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.
Էջ 663 - Majesty, it shall be lawful for One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, or...
Էջ 323 - In all cases of rules to enter a verdict or nonsuit upon a point reserved at the trial, if the rule to show cause be refused or granted and then discharged or made absolute, the party decided against may appeal (Sect.
Էջ 690 - Orders apply as much to prize cargoes of every kind which may be brought by any armed ships or privateers of either belligerent into British waters as to the captured vessels themselves. They do not, however, apply to any articles which may have formed part of any such cargoes, if brought within British jurisdiction, not by armed ships or privateers of either belligerent, but by other persons who may have acquired or may claim property in them by reason of any dealings with the captors.
Էջ 684 - The arguments in favor of this opinion which have been drawn from the general inability of the judicial power to enforce its decisions in cases of this description, from the consideration that the sovereign power of the nation is alone competent to avenge wrongs committed by a sovereign, that the questions to which such wrongs give birth are rather questions of policy than of law, that they are for diplomatic, rather than legal discussion, are of great weight, and merit serious attention.
Էջ 35 - I pray your lordship to accept the assurances of the highest consideration with which I have the honor to be, my lord, your most obedient servant, CHARLES FRANCIS ADAMS.
Էջ 351 - On my pointing out to him that he had done so in neutral waters, he assured me that it was quite unintentional, and, being at a distance from the land, he did not observe that he had got within three miles of an imaginary line drawn from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Hanglip, but on discovering it he did not detain the vessel.

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