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FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. subjected to the views of the French,

yet a temporary quiet prevails. The FRANCE,

latest accounts say, that the French The introduction of the British Am- troops have received considerable reballador, and the favourable reception inforcements; and that it is the inten.. he net with from the First Consul, no. tion of the First Conful to unite the ticed in our laft, have not been fol cantons of Leman and Balle to France. lowed with any marked fymptoms of more amicable dispositions towards

SWEDEN. this country. We do not see that any commercial treaty is likely to be ad Dec. 22. A dreadful fire broke out jufted soon; and the differences said at Gottenburgh about two in the to have arisen regarding our evacuat- morning of the zoth, which continued ing Malta, and withdrawing our troops burning twenty hours, and consumed from Egypt, are still obstacles to a almoft a fourth part of the town. The cordial agreement.

The interior of middle and fineft part of the town is France appears to be pretty tranquil, laid in alhes, as are the Free-mason's though, it is said, the augmentation of Lodge, and the houses of the Directors the military does not go well down. of the Eaft India Company; but the The finances are in a miserable ftate, warehouses of the Company have escaand new taxes must be feverely felt. ped. About 300 families' are burned There can neither be any security in out; but the greater part of the hou. property, nor the due motives to exer. fes, it is said, is insured by a London tion in the acquisition of it, while their Insurance Company. Fortunately no system of jurisprudence, bad as it is, lives were loft. The damage occafionis so wretchedly administered. Le- ed by this disastrous event is estimated clerc's death, and the disasters in St at nearly two millions of dollars. Domingo, will probably aid the opening of their eyes to the abuses of arbia trary power, if the real state of matters can be made known to the country at The first reports of the damages large. New levies from Holland, and

done by the earthquakes in October a forced loan of money will not long last appear to have been exaggerated; varnish the evil. Paris continues to

the greater part of the houses, how. be the resort of a considerable uumber

ever, in the vicinity of the seraglio, of our fasbionables. Lord Whitworth and the houses and mosques in the gave a grand dinner on the 18th, the

suburbs of Galata was destroyed. The anniversary of our Queen's birth-day; Grand Seignior, with an immense and the Dutchess of Gordon gave a number of people, took refuge in the magnificent ball and entertainment in mosque of St Sophia, from a superstithe evening in honour of the same oc tious opinion, that it is indestructible. cafion.

Accounts from various quarters agree in ftating, that the Turkish troops

have been completely defeated by the Though all the cantons of this once Beys in Egypt. happy republic do not appear to be



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the troops, waits the expected reinExtract of a Letter, dated 27th De- forcements from France. cember 1302.

EAST INDIES. The second battalion of the Roy An overland dispatch from Bombay als having made too free with li. brings the unplealant accounts of the quor (in consequence of having their death of the Persian Ambassador by a balances paid them,) on the evening mulket ball. The attendants of the of the 24th of December, forced open Ambassador were ufing improper lithe barrack gates, and seizing their berties, it is said, with some sepoys arms, vowed vengeance on the Adju- his guards. A general affray ensued, tant, who had ordered that they should and both parties having recourse to not be suffered to go into the town. arms, a random shot from one of the To this officer, it appears, they had an

soldiers entered the apartments of the inveterate hatred; not finding him, Ambassador, and taking place in his they ran to the barracks of the 25th Excellency's neck, proved mortal. regiment, and endeavoured to per. suade that corps to join them. Failing

BRITISH INTELLIGENCE. in this attempt, they sent a large party to the 54th regiment, where they were received by the grenadier company of We are sorry to see accounts of some that corps with a pretty smart and disturbances in Ireland, particularly in galling fire, which wounded five of the provinces of Munfter, and Lime. them. In less than an hour all was rick, Some depredations have taken quiet, and the next day they appeared place, and several robberies have fi perfectly contrite, that his Royal been committed. The has Highness the Governor, after animad, been several times attacked. Meetverting forcibly upon the enormity of ings of the gentlemen of these countheir conduct, forgave it. But on the ties have been held to devise proper 26th of December, the 25th regiment plans for their protection. The fol(which had behaved so well on the lowing quotation from Mr BARON 24th of the month,) having now re George to the Grand Jury at Clon. ceived their balances, and having got mel on the urth inst. has a marked redrunk, behaved in the same manner ference to the state of the country:as the Royals had done on the 24th. “ He, who would seep quietly in his A party of the artillery, in firing upon bed, ought, in times like these, to some of them, who were diforderly prove that his bed was defended, and and mutinous, unfortunately hit a de- step forth in support of the laws by tachment of the Royals, who were ap which he and his country, and the proaching to allift the artillery in safety of both were identified.

But quelling the mutiny, killed one man, this is not to be done by two or three, and wounded five; besides killing two much less can it be effected by indivi of the 25th regiment. On the 27th of dual, unconnected existence :--Tbe December, thirteen of the ring-leaders Gentlemen of the country, to ensure its were taken up in order to be tried for peace, thould unite in its cause every mutiny. The garrison was then pes man who has character or property to fectly quiet, and a general sentiment value. As long, said he, as you sup. of abhorrence for what had passed fèem- port yourselves in the maintainance ed to prevail.

of order, with the arm of a regular, The riotous conduct of the 25th re mild, and firm government at your giment when they got their balances, backs-if ye will use your own strength was brought about by the infinuations in such a caule, 1 koow not what yo of a number of discontented foreign- have to fear. To do this with effeét. ers, who have found a place in its review your police, and see that sanks.

man around you supports the law of ST DOMINGO.

the land-determine yourselves to fes Since the death of General Leclerc, your faces against every criminal of eve who died after a few days illness, the py kind, and the populace round you French, it is said, have acted altoge- and the tenantry under you, will cover ther upon the defensive. General Ro- you with their bleffings for saying them chambeau, who is in the confidence of from deftru&tion.”



the London Tavern, the great object It is probable, that in the course of

of which is the extermination of the next month, something will transpire

finall pox. A large and very respectregarding our political situation with able body of gentlemen assembled on reipect to the continental powers. Our

this occafion. The Lord Mayor, by ministry have not ordered the troops

his very able conduct and polite attenhome from Egypt, nor have they eva

tion in the chair, contributed effential. cuated Malra, It is said, that the

ly to the general effect. A very liberal First Consul of France has refused to

subscription was entered into, in purgive assurances, that he will not send

suance of the design. troops to either of these places, the Yefterday being the day appointed treaty of Amiens being filent upon

for opening the Special Commission, that subject. He also refuses to treat

for the trial of Colonel Despard and his with the Court of St James's, regarding associates; about half pait eleven, the German Indemnities, the settle Lord Ellenborough, Mr Justice Le meat of Italy, or indeed upon the af.

Blanc, Mr Baron Thomson, and Mo fairs of the continent at all. Several Juftice Chambre, came in procellion to accounts agree in ftating, that the

the Court. After Lord Ellenborough Spaniards have given the British sub.

had concluded his charge, the Grand je&s, in the Bay of Honduras, and Jury immediately withdrew. About parts adjacent, a sudden notice to quit half-past seven o'clock in the evening, their settlements without delay, under

the Grand Jury returned a true bill for certification of being expelled by high treason, against the thirteen fol. force.

lowing perfons : We are truly concerned to state the

Ed. M. Despard Jas S. Wiatten loss of the Hindoftan East Indiaman, John Wood William Lauder on the with inftant, in Queen's Chan Tho. Broughton Arthur Graham nel, Margate Roads.-It is reported John Francis Samuel Smith that about thirty have perished, in Thos Newman John Macnamara cluding three Midshipmen and a Ca- Daniel Tyndall Tho. Philips det. Most of them were lost in a raft John Doyle 1 which they had constructed, and a few more were frozen to death in the rig The prisoners heing taken from the ging. The Hindoftan was 1248 tuns bar, the Court was adjourned to Saburden. She was destined to Madras turday the sth of February. and China ; it was her fourth voyage,

Mr Drummond has been appointed and the firit of her Commander, Cap- to succeed Lord Elgin at the Porte; tain Balfton. She had on board private and Mr Garlike is to replace Mr Drum, bullion, to the amount of 75,000 ounces.

mond at the Sicilian Court. She was one of the finett fhips in the service.

EDINBURGH. 17. Yesterday being the anniversary of the fettival in honour of her Majetty, who completed the s6th year of her

Representation of the City. age on the 19th of May last, the same Dec. 25. At an extrordinary meeting was observed with the usual fplendour of the Lord Provoit, Magistrates, and and magnificence.

Council of Edinburgh, a letter way tiad The new carriages were numerous, from the Right Hon. Lord Viscount and many of them displayed great taste Melville, announcing his elevation to and elegance. The Court broke up at

the lecrage, and thanking them for :he a quarter before five o'clock, when honour they had to repeatedly confertheir Majesties returned to Bucking- red on him, in chusing him their Re. ham-house to dinner. There was no prelentative. A letter was also read ball at the Palace, or Buckingham-' from the Right Hon. the Lord Advohouse. The illuminations were, as

cate, announcing his intention of offerusual, confined to the public places, ing himself a candidate to represent subscription houses, and the residences the city in parliament, in the room of of her Majesty's trades-people.

Lord Viscount Melville.--A letter was On the 19th, a meeting was held at voted to their late Representative, Vol. LXV.


thanking him for the great services on the high honour conferred on you done by him, both to his country and by his Majesty. But we cannot allow native city, and congratulating him on the parliamentary connection between the honour fo deservedly conferred on us to be dissolved, without exprefling him by his Sovereign.

to you our feelings on this occasion. Mr Dundas's promotion to the Peer • After this proof of his Majesty's age is a tribute juftly due to his long, approbation of your public conduct, abie, and faithful services in the cause we should only take from the effect of of his couutry. His great attention, it, were we to pretend to express our while Treafurer of the Nary, in cor own opinion. We have already exBetting many of the abuses and imposi- preiled it in a manner the moft honourtions to long practifed upon our gallant able for you, by repeatedly re-electing famen, and the facility with which you to Parliament during times when thev, their families, and relations now your public conduct was the subject of sceive their pay ard prize money, en much difcullion, and when the value of Title him to the greatett praise. His it was best understood. You are now great attention to the aifairs of India, receiving, in part, she reward which and by his wise councils having raised is due to you ; the rest you can only. the British power and influence in that anticipate in the gratitude of pofterity, country to an unparalelled elevation and in the reputation which will be atand prosperity, mark in a diflinguished tached to your name in the annals of manner the vigour of his mind. When Great Britain. With regard to ourMr Dundas came into the management felves, we can with truth say, that we in 1984, India bonds were at 5 per look back with much satisfaction to the cent, discount, but in March 1801, connection which this city formed with when he retired, they were at one orly. you fixteen years ago. We think it The Proprietors and Directors of the honourable for the metropolis of ScotCompany, fully fenfible of the advant- land that we selected, as our Represenages they had derived from Mr Dun- tative, a man to whom Scotland is so cas's labour, embraced the opportunis highly indebted. tv, when he withdrew from his often While we regret that, amid the mul. lille situation in that department, to ex- tiplicity of your public duties, the press in strong terms their sense of the businefs of this great city, has unaobligations under which the Company voidably given you much trouble, we Jay to him for his very judicious con muft acknowledge with gratitude, the duct, and voted resolutions of pecuni- ready access we have always had to any rewards during his life, but which you, the attention you have paid to Mr Dundas, in part politely declined our business, and the important services accepting. With regard to Scotland, Mr you have rendered to the city. Dundas brought forward many humane Although the more immediate conand falutazy laws, which have been of nection between us is now diffolved, the greateit utility.--Among others we hope, that you will permit us to itiat may be mentioned were, the act resort to you, on all important occafions, for restoring the forfeited estates, and on which we may with for the benefit ile act for supplying the Highlands of your abilities and experience. with evals carried coast wise at a cheap We trutt that you may long enjoy the rate.

honours, which your Sovereign has The following answer from Lord bestowed on you, and your country Melville, was, transmited to the Lord the advantage of your counsel. Provost.

We beg you to believe, that your “ My Lord,

interest, and that of your fairily, can “I have received your Lordiliip's never be in different to us, and we have letter acquanting me that his Majesty the vanity to flatter ourselves, that has been gracioudly pleased to to raise your conitituents of Edinburgh, will you to the dignity of the Peerage, continue to hold a distinguished place which I have communicated to the Ma- in your remembrance. In the name of giftrates and Council.

the Magistrates and Council, I have * We take the earliest opportunnity the honour to be, with the greatest of conveying to you our congratulation cheem and regard,


My Lord, your Lordhip’s most o Alexander Stirling, minister of Tilli. bedient and faithful humble servant, coultry. (Signed)

8. At a meeting of the Magiflrates, NEIL MACVICCAR, Prosoft. Lord Melville addreffed them nearly in January 1. Yetterday in pursuance the following words: of instructions from the Magistrates, a “My Lord Provost, number of the carts with coals were “I have been honoured by the reexamined and weighed, and, we are ceipt of your congratulatory leiler, sorry to say, that only one out of many which your Lordhip has addrell d tv was found juft. The magiftrates for me in your own name and that of the feited the coals in eight of the moft Magiftrates and Town Council of the faulty, and sent them to the Charity city of Edinburgh. I would have inWorkhouse, and directed the names of mediately acknowledged the receipt of the drivers to be published.

it, if I had not thought it more respect This is an abuse which calls loudly for ful to wait the earliest opportunity I amendment, and we are happy to see

could have of your being assembled tothose in power, now serious in having gether in Council

, when I might be it corrected. For many years past, the permitted to make my personai acInhabitants have been most thamefully knowledgments for the very Aattering imposed upon in the weight of coals, terms in which you have been plearedi and paid many hundred pounds annually, go adress me, on the occasion of his Mafor coals which they never received.

jelly's late mark of favour to me and! On Wednesday, at a meeting of the

to my family. I can assure you, with Presbytery of Edinburgh, there was

great truth, that the acquisition of a laid before them a presentation from his Peerage was never an object in my conMajesty to the Rev. Mr David Dick- templation with the view of gratifying fon, minister of the chapel of Ease, any perfonal varity of my own, por Kilmarnock, to be one of The ministers

could I have any wish to change the of St Cuthbert's or West Church, in

name I have hitherto borne, descendid room of the Rev. William Paul deceaf

as I am from a family which, for ages ed, with that Gentleman's letter of ac.

polt, has been distinguished in the ifceptance, both which were read, and of that time bas enjoyed many, signal

timation of ils country, and in ccuile unanimously full ained.

A call was ordered to be moderated on the 24th

proofs of the good will and attachment

of its fellow (ubjects. In my own pero of February next, the Rev. Mr Anderson, one of the ministers of this city to

fon, I was, at a very early period vi preach and preside.

my life, fulded by the partiality vi

my native county to be their repreInvincible Standard,

sentative in Pariiament, and their uit

ginal choice was ratified by many fuc. A Glasgow paper published yester. Cellive unanimous clections at a more day, contains the following para advanced period of my public progres. graph.

I was, as you to obligingly obterve in Forty-Second Regiment.

your letici, fixteen years ago, Calicui We have the authority of an officer

upon by the metropolis of my salivi: of rank, now in this city, who was an land to undertake the important trert eye witness and bore a part with the of representing them in Parliament, 42d regiment, in the engagement in and in many fuccefiive and unanimous which the Standard of the French In

elections, you have given public tcltivincibles was taken, to contradict the

mony that no part of my conduct had report circulated in the English papers, drawn upon nie your displeasure or that it was taken by one Lutz, a French disapprobation. Under these circumemigrant, a private in the Queen's Ger. fiances, and with a perfect consciousman regiment. The Invincibles were nets in my own breast, that however all taken, killed, or destroyed, by the unavailing my exertions may ai any 42d regiment, a full quarter of an hour time have been in the public fervice, before the Queen's regiment came up. there had been no want of zeal or

On Thuriday laft, the Senate of the anxiety on my part to discharge my University of Glasgow conferred the duty; I was fully prepared, without degree of Doctor of Laws, on the Rev. further reward, to spend the remainder

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