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Baron Bottetourt, Lord Lieutenant and 23. Hume Campbell, cattle deale a Cuftos Rotulorum of the counties of Mon. Ruicoe. mouth and Brecon, and of the Most No. 27. George Webster, merchant ia Padu. ble Order of the Garter. His Grace was Joho Glen, Grocer in Glofgv7. married April 2. 1706, to Elizabeth, 26. John Macneill, merch 2011 ia år. youngest daughter of the late Hon. Ad - Andrew and Joha Torrcace, men miral Bofcawen, and filter to George in Muirkirk. Evelyn Viscount Falmouth, by whom he - John Miller, Shoemaker in Dardes has left eight fons and three daughters, 29. William Wylie jaar. mapahan dow living. His eldest son, Henry Charles

in Pailles. Marquis of Worcester, fucceeds him in his 30. George Ken, merchaar in Doeder ritles and estates. His Grace was the fifth 08. 2. Joseph Potos, carele dealer i Duke of Beaufort, and his family have Upper Ruscoe, Kirkcudbright. been Earls, Marquises, or Dukes, Gince the -- Robert Smith, Drover, Sterantry reign of Edward III.

Kirkcudbrighr. Şir John William Rose, Recorder of the --Robert Murdoch, Nether Corloch. city of London. He went to bed in per 4. John Hewat, Baker in Edinburgh Lect health.

Soon after midnight, he -john Ross, Baker in Aberdeen. waked Lady Rose, saying that he telt him. 6. Robert Gray, merchant Kilwiaciz Telf extremely unwell, and that he thought 10. Janies Campbell, and James Corp himleif dying. Medical aslistance was bell Junr. cattle dealers in Galloway, imn.ediately obtained; brt human aflit - Anthony Heron in Hillhead, Sewuj ance was of no avail; for Sir John breathed of Kirkcudbright: his last between three and four o'clock in II. Duncan Campbell, merchant Tuthe morning.

bert, Dunbartonshire. Lately, near Cadleish, Devon, Mr j. 12. John Sandeman, merchant in Glles Pearce, aged 90, in a concealed part of 17. Sanuel Brown, catile dealer Camp the houte was found fix thousand guineas belown. and hali guineas, to the joy vi his executors, Robert Milligan, cattle dealer in Core He always pleaded want of mon.y.

bank. At the Moravian School, Mirfield near 18. John Neilson, cattle dealer in } Leeds, in his 17th year, Christain Mydowe, mingan. a native of the land of Otaheite, in the - William Mortimer, Bookseller, Ak South Seas.

The day before his death, he deen. was, at his own requeit, initiated into the --Martin Macadam, in Dillow. Church by baptism, exprefling bis faith and - Anthony Heron in Hillhead, and confidence in the animating hopes inspired William Macadam in Townhead, Cetri by the Chriftian religion.


19. The Leven Iron Company. SEQUESTRATIONS.

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Page RIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. ,,A tragic fragment, by the same ketch of the Life, Travels, Stu

Lovely Mary, a Song

799 dies, and Character of Sir An


799 drew Balfour, M. D.

747 IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. Tas ir ome conjectures respecting the

His Majesty's Speech

800 Origin of Stones which have

Lords on the address

80 been observed to fall from the Clouds

Commons on the address

801 Do the Edinburgh Booksellers

Usual Committees appointed

803 ome particulars relative to Sir

Adam Gordon of Auchindown 765

FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. 25. Do the manner of Hunting and

Sporting, by the English in Ben. France - gal

767 | Russia, Sweden LITERARY EXTRACTS Spain, America, West and Eaft AND NOTICES.

in Account of the Inand of Am. Egypt
v boyna, from the voyage of J. S.

Stavornius, Esq.

773 Account of the religion, and civil

Preparations to repel the threaten

ed invasion
institutions of the Birmans, from
Lieut. Colonel's Syme's embally

to Ava

790||Port of Brest ftill blocked up by Account of Lucknow, from Glad.

channel fleet

808 win's Asiatic Miscellany 784| Naval force at different stations 808 Major Allan's account of his in Review of the Volunteer affocia. terview with the Princes in the

tions of London and Westmin-
Palace of Seringapatam, and of
his finding the body of the late General orders on that occafion

809 Tippoo Sultaun


EDINBURGH. Literary Notice

790 POETRY. Review of first and second batta

811 To Sir David Carnegie, of South

lions ad reg. R. E. V.

Lord Moira arrives to take the Esk, Bart. by Dr H. W. Tytler,

chief command

811 when engaged in translating the Punics of Caius Silius Italicus

Grand military review on Porto 796 Bello Sands

811 Vertes written under the portrait of Pergusson the Poet, by the

Incidental occurrences

812 celcbrated Robert Burns 7981/ LISTS.–Marriages, &c. 814-16




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IR ANDREW BALFOUR was then, a tafk of extreme difficul.

was born at the family estate ty and labour ; and Balfour held in of Denmiln*, near Abdie, in Fife, contempt the fuperticial intormation hire, on the 18th day of January with which many of his contem1630. After acquiring at schools poraries were satisfied. he elementary branches of learn At London he commenced his ng, he was fent to St Andrews, studies under Sir John Wedderwith indications of a rising genius, burne, a celebrated practitioner, and and a remarkable attachment to physician to the King. He enjoyletters. He there studied philofo- ed also the acquaintance of the phy, under Thomas Gleig, D. D. principal medical characters in that afterwards a celebrated physician, city, and ealy access to the best and had conferred on him, the de- books. Thoroughly instructed in gree of M. A. having published as the ancients, he foon became fami. usual, a specimen of his abilities. liar with modern wiiters; and

WHEN he had made fome pro- eagerly cultivated an acquaintance gress in the study of Botany, and with every author who had advanNatural History, he resolved to

ced medical science, by studying embrace the medical profession, but his works. At firll he was directed in order to improve himself by in his choice of books, by men of travel, spent fifteen years abroad, learning and experience; but as. before venturing to practise The he advanced in years, he became acquisition of medical knowledge, master of all the catalogues printed

in Europe, from which he selected. * An account of the ancient and such as suited his purpose, and be. respectable family of Denmiln, is pre- gan the formation of a very valu. fixed to the memoirs of Sir James able and useful library. Balfour of Kinaird. Scots Mag. Oct. BALFOUR attended upwards of Vol. LXV.

5 K


twelve months, at each of the prin Ar different times he performa! cipal Universities, in Europe, viz. what was called the grand tow sf Oxford, Montpelier, Caen, and France, having chiefly in het te Pavia ; ' at Paris he remained fe- investigation of Natural History veral years, and proceeded through But, besides noticing every remai à regular course of education. able production of the animal

, e That metropolis he found peculiar- getable and mineral "Kingdoms; ly inviting, from its containing he studied the geography and are a numerous afsemblage of learned quities of the country, and the men; anatomical dissections, the vari- manners and customs of the people ous hospitals, and the collection of of which he gives an accurate de valuable plants in the royal garden ; cription, in an use!ul and entertas and from the fimple and approved ing account of his travels. Of method of practice, which was a the interesting natural curiosita dopted, and to be learned there. that engaged his attention, the

BESIDES this lectures of eminent following is a sketch.t teachers, he frequented the hofpi In the neighbourhood of Bloe tals, and the shops of the surgeons near Orchaise, formerly calle and apothecaries. He attended the Cæsar's granary, he discoverd in th laboratory of the chemift Bartlet; vaults a kind of earth, resembla performed under Gayant a cele. in quality Terre Sigiliate. brated surgeon, with whom he In the country of Orleans, had frequent directions of the hu- describes a spring of water, fos man body; and to the country he bundant, that it forms a river aan made excursions in search of Bota. gable to its source. nical specimens. These objects,

NEAR Tours, a cave cut is. however, important and multifari- rock, in which the drops of wate ous as they were, did not wholly become petrified. engage his comprehenfive mind; In the flave quarries; at sa he devoted a share of his attention mur, à quantity of stones, cos to the study of antiquities, in which his access to the cabinets and libra. ries of the learned, afforded him

* Printed at Edinburgh, in the ya He also studied

1700. closely the practice of medicine

+ In there and the subsequcat 20 at London, under the celebrated

counts of Bilfour's travels, ine di terchers of that city, viz. Harvey, criptions of Sir Robert Sibnaid, ! De Mayerne, Gutton, Wharton, biographer, are clolely followed. M Bate, Scarbrugli, Wedderburne, of the objects here mentioned , or and Charleion. For Botany, lié kn?"to the Audent, and to th: repaired to Blois, where he became reader of modern cravels, by more to

Gint a id familiar names; which mit acquainted with his very ingenious have been given in iliuitraliubu countryman Morison, and laid the would have twelled this part of it foundation of an intimacy which fubject to an immoderate lcrigth. increated with years, producing

From this account of the discoverio many reciprocal acts of friendship. and observations of Dr Balfour, tome At this place also he firit faw idea may be formed of ibe state of Marchant, who was

knowledge towards the clofe of the afterwards

17th century, and of his zeal and a manager of the Botanical Garden civity in the pronotion of science and at Paris, and continued one of letters. Balfour's most valuable correspon | Public quarries, in which offeaders dents.

were condemned by the state te labour.

many facilities.

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