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We desire especially to call the attention of our subscribers and the public to the following announcement of the issue of a new and superb likeness of the



To be distributed gratuitously to all Subscribers complying with the terms.

Since the great perfection to which we have been able to bring the artistic department of The American Review, it has been a matter of much regret to the proprietors that they have had no worthy portrait of our great statesman, Mr. ClAy; and it is therefore with much pleasure that they can now propose to remedy that deficiency in a most satisfactory manner.

Our Engraver, Mr. Ritchie, is now engaged upon a head of Mr. Clay from a very spirited painting by Mr. Jarvis, which we propose to offer to our subscribers without any additional cost to them, on the following conditions, which we are sure they will gladly comply with.

The terms of subscription to the Review are “five dollars per annum, payable early in the year.” Now we propose to send to each of our subscribers for the coming year, who will remit to this office the amount of their dues up to the end of 1849, during the first two months of the year, a copy of this splendid picture. Our friends will perceive that the compensation which we propose to ourselves for this expense, is simply the saving to us of the cost and trouble of collecting, and the gratification which we are sure we will confer upon them. The size of the engraving will be 8 by 6 1-2 inches, printed on large paper for framing. It will be in Mr. Ritchie's best style, and we think will prove to be the finest engraved portrait yet executed in this country.

When we mention that the publishing price of this plate will not be less than two dollars, we think our proposition will be considered liberal.

Returning our most grateful thanks to our early and more recent friends, we would beg their compliance with this proposition, and request each of them, as an especial favor, to call the attention of some one at least interested in the cause, to this and the Prospectus for 1849, to be issued next month.

Ir Please direct how the Plate is to be forwarded when sending remittance.

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