Thesaurus of Horror; Or, The Charnel House Explored ...

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Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1817 - 175 էջ

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Էջ 57 - Greater than human kind she seem'd to look, And, with an accent more than mortal, spoke. Her staring eyes with sparkling fury roll ; When all the god came rushing on her soul. Swiftly she turn'd, and, foaming as she spoke,
Էջ 1 - I could a tale unfold whose lightest word Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, : Make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres, Thy knotted and combined locks to part And each particular hair to stand on end, Like quills upon the fretful porcupine : But this eternal blazon must not be To ears of flesh and blood.
Էջ 45 - Ne is there hauke which mantleth her on pearch, Whether high towring or accoasting low, But I the measure of her flight doe search, And all her pray and all her diet know...
Էջ 149 - A large quantity of manuscripts was also found among the ruins; and very sanguine hopes were entertained by the learned, that many works of the ancients would be restored to light, and that a new mine of science was on the point of being opened ; but the difficulty of unrolling the burnt parchments, and of deciphering the obscure letters, has' proved such an obstacle, that very little progress has been made in the work.
Էջ 75 - The bed clothes are immediately removed, and the body is exposed to the air. This, when cold, must extinguish any spark of life that may remain, and which, by a different treatment, might have been kindled into...
Էջ 76 - ... established, that we can scarcely suppose undertakers capable of distinguishing an apparent from a real death. Animals which sleep during winter, show no signs of life ; in this case circulation is only suspended ; but were it annihilated, the vital spark does not so easily lose its action as the fluids of the body, and the principle of life, which long survives the appearance of death, may re-animate a body, in which the action of all the organs, seems to be at an end. But how difficult is it...
Էջ 80 - All that saw her, looked upon her as dead, and the report was current through the whole place ; nay, a gentleman of the town actually wrote to his friend in the island of Scilly, that she was deceased. But one of those who were paying the last kind office of humanity to her remains perceived...
Էջ 57 - Sibyllae. ventum erat ad limen, cum virgo, 'poscere fata tempus,' ait ; 'deus, ecce, deus ! ' cui talia fanti ante fores subito non vultus, non color unus, non comptae mansere comae ; sed pectus anhelum, et rabie fera corda tument ; maiorque videri nec mortale sonans, adflata est numine quando 50 iam propiore dei. ' cessas in vota precesque, Tros,' ait, ' Aenea, cessas ? neque enim ante dehiscent attonitae magna ora domus.
Էջ 51 - I/ to the }) and let the Moone be in the Midheaven, if you can, and take * * * * of the powder of it in white •wine. If it be not thus gathered according to the rules of astrology, it hath little or no virtue in it.

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