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learned and pious Professor of Di- From this imperfect glance at the vinity at Marburg, with other Catho- operations of the Institution in Eulic Člergymen, viz. Regens With- rope, on turning to its progress on mann, President of the Catholic Bi- the other side of the Atlantic, we ble Society at Ratisbon, and the find it equally gratifying. In the Rev. John Gossner, of Munich, have United States, where a National Sobeen indefatigably employed in edi- ciety was last year announced, the ting, printing, and circulating the cause is placed on the most permaScriptures amongst the Catholics in nent basis; and throughout the terri. Germany, to an immense extent. tory of the Republic, the whole field The good effects are so visible, that is nearly occupied by the most vigor. they have produced conviction in ous and systematic exertions. We the minds of some Catholic Clergy, cannot fail to observe the wonderful men, who, in the first instance, op- connexion of simple and unlookedposed the intention. Dr. Steinkopff for events, which conspire to aid this had the satisf ction to assist at the powerful machine. In Louisiana it. formation of the Societies at Cleve, has been set into motion by the most Osnabury, Nassau-Homburg, Frank- ardent zeal, and operates with a fort, Niece Wied, Wied Runkel, highly promising intluence on the and Koningsfield, supported by the heterogeneous population of that disRuling Authorities and Sovereigns of trict. The Spanish Inhabitants have the Countries. At Osnaburg, many been remarkably pleased with obof the Catholic Clergy subscribed to taining the New Testament in their the Institutions. To thousands of own language, and the strictest Ca'the Catholics in Germany, according tholics are willing to receive it. to Profe-sor Van Ness, the Bible is Louisiana is on the limits of an imonly known by name, and “ Old mense moral wild, which, with the men," it is said, “ who had never same facility that its plains are irrilearnt to read, are now desirous to do gated by the overflowings of its so, that they may read the scrip: majestic river, may be easily and tures." In various other parts of abundantly refreshed by the streams Germany, such as at Altona, uniting of American piety and benevolence. also Hamburg, Bremen, Lubeck, In the British North American ColoMecklenburg, Swerin, Pomerania, nies, Societies have been established &c. Societies have been formed, at the principal towns,and particularliberally assisted by the British Soci- ly at Halifax, under the patronage of ety; and various others are in con: Sir J. Sherbrook, which has fourtemplation. It is hardly necessary teen branches connected with it. In. to state, that Switzerland takes an the West Indies in Jamaica, Antigua, active and distinguished part in this and Berbice, Societies have been. glorious. labour of love. Societies formed, and liberal contributions are formed at Basle, Schaffhaaüsan, raised even at a moment of great Zurich, St. Goll, Geneva, Lausanne, public distress. Recent communi. Chur, Neufschatel, and at Berne, cations have also, in this quarter of patronised by the Ruling Authori- the globe, been made to the respecties. Protestants and Catholics in- tive Sovereigns of St. Domingo, and discriminately receive the Scrip- favourably received. In Africa, at tures, in the German, French, Italian, Sierra Leone, Goree, St. Helena, and Romanese Languages; and many the Cape of Good Hope, the Maa. Roman Catholic Clergymen have ritius, Bourbon, and its dependen been active in the distribution of cies, Societies have been set on foot them. A Bible Society has been for the most part under the patroformed in Piedmont.

nage of the Ruling Powers. While


in the northern divisions of the Version of the Bible and Testament Continent, the Arabic Bible has been in the Arabic character, and one of received by the Natives, in a man- the New Testamentin the Malayalim, ner which promises the most favour- or Malabar language and character, able influence; the new converts besides the Hindoostanee Testament, in the South have shown a disposition translated by the joint labours of the which cannot fail to fix our attention, late Mr. Martyn and Mirza Fitret, in with increased interest, on the spirits the Nagree, its proper character. of that region of darkness, which The whole Scriptures have been have now become irradiated by the published in the Bengalic and Orissa ! light of the Gospel. In India, the dialects. The Pentateuch, Historioperations of the Society, which are cal Books of the Old Testament, and of incalculable importance, have the New Testament, have been also been conducted with peculiar ac- published in Sanscrit. The Hagiotivity and intelligence. The work of grapha is in the press, and the transdistribution and translation, printing lation of the Prophetic Books nearly and publishing the Scriptures, has completed. The Pentateuch and been extensively and unremittedly the Historical Books in the Mabratta prosecuted by the Corresponding language, have been in circulation, Committee, with the co-operation of also the Persian Version of the New the Missionaries, and different auxi- Testament, and the New Testament haries lately established at Calcutta, in Vernacular Arabic. The intelliBombay, Columbo, Java, and Am- gence from Java respecting the acboyna. His Excellency Sir Evan ceptance of the Chinese New TesNepean, the Governor General attament, by the Chinese settled in Bombay, and the Hon. Sir Alex. that Island, is deeply interesting. It Johnstone, Chief Justice at Ceylon, appears that many of them not only particularly promoted the interest read the New Testament, but are of the cause.

Branch Bible Socie- anxious to obtain explanations of ties have been also formed at Ma- passages which they do not underlacca, and the Prince of Wales's stand. Some of them, according to Island, in connexion with the Cal- Mr. Supper, have already turned cutta Auxiliary. The general result their Idols out of their houses, and of the intelligence from the East, are desirous of becoming Chrisshows a progressive activity in pro- tians. moting the circulation of the Scrip- In Great Britain, it has been retures, both among Christians and marked, of Bible Societies, that, in Heathens; and the success which some districts, they excite no intehas attended these exertions, affords rest, and obtain no support. This an encouraging hope, that they will, has occasioned some surprise, when, in time, produce the most beneficial in connexion with the character of effects. The Calcutta Auxiliary So- the nation, and the facility and freciety has printed and published Ver- quency of its internal intercourse, sions of the New Testament, in we consider the means for some Tamul and Cingalese, for the benefit years employed, to awaken a geneof the Natives on the coast of In- ral attention to their nature and imdia and Ceylon; Malay Testaments portance. But, it has been said, to what in the Roman Character, for the use is this owing? is it owing to the people of the Amboynese; and it is now themselves to their want of Chrisengaged in printing the Bible in the tian sensibility, or liberality, or zeal! Malay, Armenian, and Tamul lan- Have they ever testified, in one guages; an edition of the Malay way or in another, an hostility to

It is ow

the cause? Have they ever refused their nature, or what is equally mistheir aid when it has been requested chievous, a spirit of indifference of them? Have they ever been about them? called upon to associate for the Far be it from us to stigmatize purpose, and rejected the call? To the conduct of such persons, which this it has been answered, never. may originate in the want of satisThe people of Britain have been factory information, or misconcepalways liberal and open-hearted, tions which not unfrequently warp ready to embark in any cause, in the most amiable and excellent minds. which the happiness of others, even wherefore, if there be no open act of their enemies, is concerned; and of hostility, charity requires that we in all matters, which involve an ap- refrain from every criminating impupeal to their religious zeal, they are tation. The rapid increase of Bible forward, sometimes to a degree of Societies, which has taken place withenthusiasm. To what then can it be in these few years, encourages us owing? It is to be attributed to those to entertain the most flattering exwhom they are accustomed to regard pectations, that their nature and with deferencein all public questions, practical importance will be better which require plan and management, understood, and their adoption more and whose rank or office, give them generally prevail. both intluence and opportunity to The object of the Bible Society take the lead in such as that now is not, as some of its opponents under our consideration.

have justly perceived, to promote ing to their not giving the people the exclusive interest of any

Church that countenance, that encourage- or sect as Partisans in the Christian ment, and those facilities, which in warfare: but thus we may feel the matters of a mere civil nature, al- most cordial respect and attachment most never fail to bring their ener- to any national or particular estab-gies into action. It certainly would lishment, and render our exertions be very unjust to throw out a gene. subservient to such interests, if within ral allegation of this kind; for in our power; yet we may be allowed many parts of Christendom persons also to direct our views in a sphere of extensive influence, as well as of charity, into which no particular Ministers of the Gospel, have emi. preference of sex can enter, and nently distinguished themselves, not unite with our fellow Christians only by giving the patronage of their throughout the world, in a system names, but by personally and public- which operates with equal energy, ly advocating the cause. But this is both at home and abroad. No Sonot the case every where, and in ciety, it is affirmed, has ever existed those districts, where Bible Societies so perfectly calculated to effect its are least known, and excite least great purpose, which is thus admirainterest, it will be found that the bly described in one of its last reports: allegation is not without considera- Having but one object in view, and ble foundation. When those persons, that not only simple and intelligible, therefore, who are pointed out by but also involving a duty, which their rank, consequence, or official Christians of all denominations must situation, to act a prominent part, admit to be of paramount obligation; stand aloof, apparently indifferent this Catholic union requires no comwhether these Societies prosper or promise of its members, and ex. perish; what is to be expected acts no sacrifice of principles: and from the population around them, hence it is less liable to be disturbed what but either total ignorance of by the collision of human passions and VOL. IV.No. VI.



prejudices. Consolidated and enli- population. In such a population, vened by a constant reciprocation of the true glory and security of a Christian Hopes and Feelings, it country consists, and in it the best exhibits and encourages those en- and most effectual support of legitidearing sympathies, which mark the mate government will ever be found. source whence they spring, and Such, it is affirmed, upon an intelwhich, if universally cultivated and ligent and candid survey, is the reimproved, would render the Nations sult of the historical evidence; and of the Earth, what the Gospel was testimony so convincing cannot fail designed to make them, a Holy to predispose us in favour of a SoBrotherhood, a community of Love ciety, which holds out the greatest and Peace.”

practicable means of diffusing reliIn an historical survey of much gious knowledge, the world has ever respectability, published on this sub- yet known. It might be conceived, ject, it has been asserted, on the that some of the great ends which testimony ofexperience derived from the Society has in contemplation, modern history,* that a Scriptural might be attained through the exknowledge has increased the im- clusive agency of the Ministers of provement of Society, and the bless. the Gospel. But the Bible Soings of civilization have become pro- ciety proposes only such a comoted—"where it most abounds, the operation as will best facilitate greatest degree of these blessings is the exercise of their pastoral funcenjoyed, and where it scarcely ex- tions. It cannot be denied, that ists, the inhabitants are debased by experience has abundantly proved superstition, and become slaves of the incompetency of any individual despotic government.” For an il- exertions, to the Herculean task of lustration of these facts, we need our complete reformation. But in the only refer to the History of Great present state of Society, every true Britain, compared with that of the lover of his country and mankind, Catholic States of Europe. The phi- must at least feel an anxious hope losopher and politician no doubt as- for the success of any scheme wbich cribe this superiority to other causes, can raise the great mass of the combut the enlightened Christian will munity from their present apathy to never hesitate to trace such moral a higher tone of moral and Christian and political improvement to the in- feeling, or put a stop to the influence of that Word, which teaches dulgence of all the most malignant Kings and Rulers how to govern; citi- propensities of our sinful nature, zens and subjects how to obey. We amongst the professors of the sublime have no hesitation in affirming, that morality of the Gospel. Bible Socithe reign of vice, superstition, and eties, wherever they have been slavery, is utterly incompatible with established, by first unitingand bringthe general diffusion of the sacred ing together the professed friends of volume. The enlightened States- the Institution, have excited the man, Philanthropist, and Patriot, curiosity and feeling of others, by a ught therefore to feel deeply in- view of the successful progress of a terested in the circulation of the cause, in which all are invited to Scriptures. They alone can pro- participate; an interest, wherever duce an enlightened and virtuous they have been established, has been

generated with many, who from mere * Historical Sketch of the Translation and spectators have become its animated Circulation of the Scriptures, by the Rev. friends; and never was any instituW. A. Thomson, and the Rev. W. Orme. tion more calculated to inspire the

hopes, or gratify the heart of every events, they are naturally led to a sincere Christian, than the Parent of more intimate acquaintance with that those assemblies, where we so often book, to which so much efficacy is witness a multitude of the siucere ascribed; and from being readers, friends of religious truth listening become inspired with its sentiments, with devoted attention to the won- feeling their paths in life, in whatderful intelligence the progress of ever direction they may lead, illuthis Society affords from every quar- minated by the rays of divine wister of the globe, of the successful dom, and a balm infused into their efforts of piety in accomplishing its hearts for the evils of the present magnificent designs. From the con- life, with a sublime anticipation of templation of such extraordinary the future.

Art. 6. Annual Address to the Medical Society of the State of New-York ;

by John STEARNS, M. D. President of the Society


tbey respectively supported and proTHE

HE by-laws of this society re- mulgated to the world.

quire every member to present Ist. That the earth was created all proper information, respecting from the atmosphere of one comet, the geology and diseases of their and deluged by the tail of another. respective counties. As far as may 2d. That the world was an extin. be consistent with the brevity of this guished sun, on which the vapours, address, I shall suggest a few general condensing, formed seas. reflections upon the subjects recom- 3d. That man and all terrestrial mended to your attention by this law. animals, were originally fish, and

Geology is a modern science. gradually emerged from the sea as Among the distinguished pbiloso- they assumed their present form. phers of antiquity, we look in vain 4th. That the earth, and all the for any correct theory of the earth. planetary system, were struck from Unconscious of the necessity of in- the sun, by a violent blow from a vestigating all its component mate- comet. rials, to render their theory perfect, 5th. That the globe possessed they directed their attention exclu- living faculties; the mountains were sively to the study of mineralogy. its respiratory organs, the veins of From this partial view, therefore, minerals, its abscesses, and the menecessarily resulted opinions, which tals its diseases. their respective authors would have It is a subject of surprise, that blushed to own, had they possessed opinions so absurd should have been the knowledge which subsequent re- embraced by men who had devoted searches developed. Theirs may much time to the study of geology, be emphatically denominated the age and had traversed a great part of of speculative theory,

the globe in pursuit of a correct It is from this consideration alone, knowledge of its structure. But that we can ascribe to such men as although they did not apply this Burnet, Woodward, Whiston, Leib- knowledge to the most useful puruitz, Descartes, Demaillet, Kepler, pose, they accumulated a treasure of and Buffon, the hypotheses which facts, from which posterity drew im

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