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the public a distinct service by means of informal adjustment of claims made against carriers. Where the aid of the Commission was sought, the carrier was notified by letter or by telephone of the filing of a complaint, and was requested to make a statement in the matter. Usually there was willing compliance, with the result that many complaints were settled without rancor or appeal to the courts. The complaints generally covered refunds, damage to, or loss of baggage. In all instances the carriers displayed a desire to give to the public a maximum of service. This was particularly noticeable in the matter of courteous treatment of the public. Any complaint of incivility brought prompt action by the carriers, and punishment for the offending employee, if after investigation he was found to be at fault.




Names and Business Addresses of Automotive Transportation Companies.

Tables 1 to 4, Inclusive.


List of Auto Stage and Truck Companies as Reported in Annual Reports filed with

the Railroad Commission for the Year Ending December 31, 1922.

Atlas Mail and Stage.

C. H. Biggs, 510 North Brown street, Napa, California. Angels Camp and Murphy's Auto Stage Line.

Nativo Celayo, Angels Camp, California. Alpaugh-Angiola Stage.

E. T. Ryker, Alpaugh, California. Auto Transit Company.

Geo. H. Higgins, President, 5 Seventh street, San Francisco, California, Arroyo Seco Stage Line.

N. A. Webb, 610 Elizabeth street, Pasadena, California. M. Anderson Truck Service.

666 East Ninth street, Pomona, California. Alturas and Cedarville Stage Company.

Delmas and Frailey, Cedarville, California. Almaden Stage.

W. H. Robbins, New Almaden, California. The Alpha Company Auto Truck Service.

F. F. Cassidy, President;

Geo. A. Legg, Agent, Nevada City, California. A. M. Atkins and Sons.

Lower Lake, California. Aetna Springs Stage Company.

W. B. Twitchell, St. Helena, California. Anderson's Auto Passenger Line.

W. H. Anderson, Randsburg, California. E. L. Askin Truck Line.

Lemon Cove, California.

Auburn-Forest Hill Stage.

M. C. Langstaff, Forest Hill, California. Avila-San Luis Obispo Stage Line.

Antone Nelsson, Avila, California. The Ambler Truck Line.

Gleason Ambler, Mesa Grande, California. American Transfer and Auto Delivery Company.

Hudson, Hudson and Githin, 141 American avenue, Long Beach, California. Allison Auto Express.

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