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List of Officers of Warehouse Companies as Reported in Annual Reports filed with

the Railroad Commission for Year Ending December 31, 1922.

A. B. C. Transfer and Storage Company.

Edward Malde, Proprietor, 1077 Howard street, San Francisco, California. Alpaugh Warehouse and Milling Company.

A. L. McCulloch, President;

W. T. Holton, Secretary. Alpaugh, California.

Adams and Armstrong.

877 Monadnock Building, San Francisco, California. Albers Bros. Milling Company.

332 Pine street, San Francisco, California.

Allendale Warehouse.

S. Long, Owner;

Rocky Long, Manager.

Dixon, California. Allenworth Warehouse.

P.O. box 23, Kentfield, California.
Associated Terminals Company.

J. L. Barneson, President;
H. S. Scott, Vice President and General Manager;

H. E. Chambers, Secretary.

240 Battery street, San Francisco, California. American Warehouse.

D. W. Griggs, Manager, 762-766 North Spring street, Los Angeles, California,

Arbuckle Warehouse.

Griffin and Hornall, Owners, Arbuckle, California. H. Arendt and Company.

Pleasanton, California.
Atascadero Service Corporation.

Wm. Ahrens, President;
Louis Cohen, Secretary;
U. O. Rible, Manager;

A. H. Wheatley, Auditor.

Atascadero, California. Baker and Company.

Leslie F. Baker, President and General Manager;

Robert F. Baker, Secretary.

Modesto, California.
J. H. Brothers Warehouse.

Stratford, California.

Brown and Carter.

Bannister Grain Company.

H. A. Bannister, Owner P.O. box 555, Bakersfield, California.

Birds Landing Warehouse.

Arthur Engell, Manager, Birds Landing, California.

Batavia Warehouse.

H. B. Snyder, Manager, Dixon, California.

Baker-Bowers Warehouse Company.

Frank T. Bowers, President;
Warren G. Baker, Vice President;

Charles L. Brown, Secretary;

945 Battery street, San Francisco, California. The Blackie Company.

K. M. Swearingen, General Manager, Salinas, California.

Black and Gieck.

San Jacinto, California.

Besone's Motor Express.

Joe Besone, Bakersfield, California.
Belshaw Warehouse Company.

J. Bermingham, Jr., President;
C. A. Mittendorfer, Vice President;

W. G. Eckstein, Secretary, Treasurer and General Manager. 142 Beale street, San Francisco, California.

Biggs Barley Mills.

N. Stephenson, Proprietor, Biggs, California. Christian Blakemore.

Sacramento, California.

N. S. Boone.

R.F.D. 3, Haywards, California.

Caldwell Warehouse Company.

A. B. Caldwell, President and General Manager;

Stanley Pedder, Secretary.

310 Brannan street, San Francisco, California. Califa Warehouse.

Care Madera Mercantile Company, Madera, California. Calexico Compress Company.

T. J. West, Secretary, Calexico, California.
California Navigation and Improvement Company.

S. P. Elliott, President;
C. D. Clarke, Vice President and General Manager;

T. S. Louttit, Secretary.

Pier 3, San Francisco, California. California Farm Bureau Elevator Corporation.

E. A. Lindstrom, President, Box 338, Berkeley, California.

California Transportation Company.

A. E. Anderson, President and General Manager;
R. Herold, Jr., Vice President;
W. H. Metson, Secretary;

A. 0. Dorey, Auditor.

Pier 3, San Francisco, California. California Warehouse Company.

C. W. Small, Manager, 843-855 Traction avenue, Los Angeles, California.

California Wharf and Warehouse Company.

John Lawson, President;
H. W. Tomlinson, Secretary;

Balfour Guthrie and Company, Treasurer and Manager.
Balfour Building, San Francisco, California.

Cardwell Warehouse Company.

E. S. Cardwell, Manager, Chowchilla, California. Walter P. Casey.

Brawley, California. Caproco Warehouse Company.

Robert Hulme, President;

J. I. Sherrill, Secretary.

Fresno, California.
Capay Warehouse Association.

Chas. Orengo, Manager, 422 Cross street, Woodland, California.
Capistrano Warehouse Company.

Henry Vander Lech, Manager. Capristano, California.

Capital-Sacramento Transfer Van and Storage Company.

Fred C. Warren, President;
W. E. Burgess, Secretary;

W. L. Dosch, Auditor.
1800 Twenty-first street, Sacramento, California.

Central Warehouse.

U. Nolin, 518 Brannan street, San Francisco, California.

J. W. Charge and Son.

Chico, California.

Chinn Warehouse Company.

R. 0. Deacon, President and General Manager;
F. M. Parrish, Vice President;

I. B. Robison, Secretary.

P.O. box 1297, Fresno, California. Chrisman and Clements.

Clements, California. Citrona Warehouse.

Citrus Belt Milling Company.

F. E. Whyte, President;
J. L. Tomlinson, Secretary;

T. K. Temple, Manager.

Pomona, California.
City Transfer and Storage Company.

J. H. Meldrim, President, 144 Pacific avenue, Long Beach, California.
Coe Warehouse Company.

M. Coe, Owner, Hanford, California.

Cloer Brothers.

Terra Bella, California.

Cone and Kimball Company.

G. K. King, General Manager, Red Blusi, California.

County Line and Hersey Warehouses.

E. II. Peake, Vanager, Dunnigan, California.

C. C. Collins Company.

Santa Ana, California.

Corcoran Mill and Warehouse.

S. C. Dunlap, Owner, Central Building, Los Angeles, California.

Colyear's Van and Storage Company.

C. C. Colyear, Proprietor, 415-419 South San Pedro street, Los Angeles, Cali


Commercial Transfer.

R. O. Somner, Manager, 922 II street, Fresno, California.

B. F. Conaway.

Care Conaway Ranch, Woodland, California. Consolidated Warehouse Company.

C. A. Yordi, Manager, Reno, Nevada. Consolidated Milling Company.

Richard Van Hoosear, Owner, 1821 Harrison street, San Francisco, California.

Cressey Warehouse.

L. H. Mover, Cressey, California.

Crows Landing Warehouse Company.

H. C. Tucker, President;

F. S. Stanley, Secretary and Treasurer. Crows Landing, California.

Cutter Brothers Warehouse.

Geo. II. Cutter, Manager, Corcoran, California

C. K. Dam Estate.

A. K. Dam, Manager, Wheatland, California. Danville Warehouse and Lumber Company.

A. M. and E. C. Weister, Owners, Danville, California.

Dadami Estate.

Pauline A. Whitman, Manager, Collinsville, California. Davis Warehouse Company.

Chas. T. B. Jones, President and General Manager;

J. M. S. Jones, Secretary. 413 East Second street, Los Angeles, California.

Davis Warehouse.

Alfred J. Davis, Manager, Sycamore, California.

Davis and Frey.

H. M. Davis and W. F. Frey, Owners, Madera, ('alifornia. Deacon Lumber Company.

R. (). Deacon, Vice President, P.O. box 1297, Fresno, California.

Dealers' Grain and Warehouse Company.

A. E. Nicholls, President;
A. M. Thaver, Vice President;
J. E. Loomis, Secretary;

C. C. Walk, Treasurer;
2505 Santa Fe avenue, Los Angeles, California.

Dufour Warehouse.

H. Richter, Manager, Yolo, California.

Dunnigan Warehouse.

Thomas, Stephens and Mattei, Proprietors, Woodland, California. Delta Warehouse Company.

J. W. Schuler, President;
A. J. Ames, Vice President;

E. D. Wilkinson, Secretary;
4 West Weber avenue, Stockton, California.

Dixon's Warehouse.

T. H. Dixon, Owner, Grafton, California.

De Pue Warehouse Company.

Mrs. Rowena H. De Pue, President;
A. C. Worthington, Vice President and General Manager;
J. Delamore, Secretary;

K. D. Dickinson, Auditor.
527 Merchants Exchange Building, San Francisco, California.

Diamond Milling Company.

R. A. Hansen, Owner, Livermore, California.

Doty Brick Warehouse.

W. M. Doty, Owner, Biggs, California.

Ducor Warehouse.

Heiskell and Bulock, Managers, Ducor, California.

Dodd Warehouse Company.

M. S. Dodd, Manager, 190 Lombard street, San Francisco, California. East Nicholaus Warehouse Company.

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