The Pleasures of Memory, and Other Poems

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R. & W. A. Bartow, 347 Pearl-street, Franklin-square, and W. A. Bartow, Richmond, (Vir.) J. Gray & Company Printers, 1820 - 142 էջ

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Էջ 99 - With many a fall shall linger near. The swallow oft beneath my thatch Shall twitter from her clay-built nest; Oft shall the pilgrim lift the latch, And share my meal, a welcome guest. Around my ivied porch shall spring Each fragrant flower that drinks the dew ; And Lucy at her wheel shall sing In russet gown and apron blue. The village church among the trees, Where first our marriage-vows were given, With merry peals shall swell the breeze, And point with taper spire to heaven.
Էջ 117 - The pair arrive : the liveried servants wait; Their lord receives them at the pompous gate. The table groans with costly piles of food, And all is more than hospitably good. Then led to rest, the day's long toil they drown, Deep sunk in sleep, and silk, and heaps of down.
Էջ 120 - Wild, sparkling rage inflames the father's eyes, He bursts the bands of fear, and madly cries, ' ' Detested wretch ! " — but scarce his speech began, When the strange partner seem'd no longer man: His youthful face grew more serenely sweet; His robe turn'd white, and flow'd upon his feet; Fair rounds of radiant points...
Էջ 118 - That cup, the generous landlord own'd before, And paid profusely with the precious bowl The stinted kindness of this churlish soul ! But now the clouds in airy tumult fly ; The sun emerging opes an azure...
Էջ 122 - The mean, suspicious wretch, whose bolted door . Ne'er moved in duty to the wandering poor ; With him I left the cup, to teach his mind That Heaven can bless, if mortals will be kind.
Էջ 93 - True as the needle, homeward points his heart, Through all the horrors of the stormy main ; This, the last wish with which its warmth could part, To meet the smile of her he loves again.
Էջ 115 - FAR in a wild, unknown to public view, From youth to age a reverend hermit grew ; The moss his bed, the cave his humble cell, His food the fruits, his drink the crystal well : Remote from man, with God he pass'd the days, Prayer all his business, all his pleasure praise.
Էջ 75 - And cheaply circulates, through distant climes, The fairest relics of the purest times. Here from the mould to conscious being start Those finer forms, the miracles of art ; Here chosen gems, imprest on sulphur, shine, That slept for ages in a second mine ; And here the faithful graver dares to trace A Michael's grandeur, and...
Էջ 35 - Than when the shades of time serenely fall On every broken arch and ivied wall; The tender images we love to trace, Steal from each year a melancholy grace ! And as the sparks of social love expand, As the heart opens in a foreign land; And, with a brother's warmth, a brother's smile, The stranger greets each native of his isle...
Էջ 117 - As one who spies a serpent in his way, Glistening and basking in the summer ray, Disorder'd stops to shun the danger near, Then walks with faintness on, and looks with fear ; So seem'd the sire, when far upon the road, The shining spoil his wily partner show'd.

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