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Էջ 562 - ... and may take possession thereof, either by themselves or by others acting for them, and dispose of the same at their will, paying such dues only as the inhabitants of the country wherein the said goods are shall be subject to pay in like cases.
Էջ 486 - ... in the sum of five thousand dollars, for the faithful performance of such duties.
Էջ 326 - The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years : Yet is their strength labor and sorrow, for is soon cut off, and we fly away.
Էջ 563 - ... and further until the expiration of two years after either of the High Contracting Parties shall have given notice to the other of its wish to terminate the same...
Էջ 449 - That below such rate discrimination may be made descending, in the scale of duties; or, for imperative reasons, the article may be placed in the list of those free from all duty.
Էջ 96 - ... to the superintendent of customs, who, in order to prevent fraud on the revenue, shall cause examination to be made, by suitable officers, to see that the duties paid on such goods as...
Էջ 96 - All which being done, on the arrival in port of the vessel in which the goods are laden, everything being found on examination there to correspond, she shall be permitted to break bulk, and land the said goods, without being subject to the payment of any additional duty thereon. But if, on such examination, the Superintendent of Customs shall detect any fraud on the revenue in the case, then the goods shall be subject to confiscation by the Chinese Government.
Էջ 96 - It shall be lawful for the officers or citizens of the United States to employ scholars and people of any part of China without distinction of persons, to teach any of the languages of the empire, and to assist in literary labors ; and the persons so employed shall not, for that cause, be subject to any injury on the part either of the government or of individuals : and it shall in like manner be lawful for citizens of the United States to purchase all manner of books in China.
Էջ 56 - The object of this institute is, as stated in its constitution, " the promotion and encouragement of manufactures, and the mechanic and useful arts, by the establishment of popular lectures on the sciences connected with them ; by the formation of a cabinet of models and minerals, and a library ; by offering premiums on all subjects deemed worthy of encouragement ; by examining all new inventions submitted to them ; and by such other means as they may judge expedient.
Էջ 255 - During the general lassitude of mechanical exertion which succeeded the American Revolution, the utility of steam-engines appears to have been forgotten; but the subject afterward started into very general notice in a form in which it could not possibly be attended with success. A sort of mania began to prevail, which, indeed, has not yet entirely subsided, for impelling boats by steamengines.

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