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DINICHERT, Paul, Chief of the Division of Foreign Interests and Internment of

the Swiss Political Department; presiding officer at the American-German

Prisoners of War Conference at Berne, September 24-November 11. DJEMAL PASHA, Turkish Minister of Marine. DODGE, H. Percival, Special Agent to Serbia (at Corfu) of the Department of

State of the United States. DRESEL, Ellis L., United States War Trade Board representative at Berne;

an Assistant American Commissioner at the American-German Prisoners of

War Conference at Berne, September 24-November 11. EKENGREN, W. A. F., Swedish Minister at Washington. ELIZALDE, Rafael H., Ecuadoran Minister at Washington. ELKUS, Abram I., United States Ambassador to Turkey from July 21, 1916. ESTRADA CABRERA, Manuel, President of Guatemala. EWING, John, United States Minister to Honduras. FOSTER, John G., United States Consul General at Ottawa. FRANCIS, David R., United States Ambassador to Russia. FREYRE Y SANTANDER, Manuel de, Peruvian Minister at Washington. GARRETT, John W., United States Minister to the Netherlands (accredited also

to Luxemburg) ; Chairman of the American Commission to the American

German Prisoners of War Conference at Berne, September 24-November 11. GARY, HAMPSON, United States Agent and Consul General at Cairo. GERARD, James W., United States Ambassador to Germany, July 28, 1913, to

May 15, 1917. GODING, Frederic W., United States Consul General at Guayaquil. GONZALES, William E., United States Minister to Cuba. GOTTSCHALK, Alfred L. M., United States Consul General at Rio de Janeiro. GRANT-SMITH, Ulysses, United States Counselor of Legation in Denmark; Chargé

d'Affaires. GREGORY, Thomas W., Attorney General of the United States. GREW, Joseph C., United States Counselor of Embassy in Austria-Hungary,

February 19 to May 23, 1917; Chargé d'Affaires, April 7 to April 14, 1917; assigned to duty in the Department of State of the United States May 23, 1917; Acting Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs of the

Department of State from March 14, 1918. HARTE, A. C., International Secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association. HERTLING, Count Georg F. von, German Imperial Chancellor to September 30. HOHENLOHE LANGENBURG, Prince zu, German Military Inspector of Volunteer

Nursing; Chairman of the German Commission to the American-German

Prisoners of War Conference at Berne, September 24-November 11. HOOVER, Herbert C., Chairman of the Commission for Relief in Belgium ; United

States Food Administrator. HORTON, George, United States Consul General at Saloniki. HOUSE, Edward M., Special Representative of the United States at the Inter

Allied Conference at Paris, November 29-December 3, 1917. HÜBSCHER, Carl P., Swiss Secretary of Legation at Washington; Chargé d'Af

faires, July 23 to August 27, 1917, and June to September, 1918. HYMANS, Paul, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs. IGNATIUS, Kaarlo, Finnish Commissioner on Special Mission at Washington. JEFFERSON, Benjamin L., United States Minister to Nicaragua. JOHNSON, Stewart, United States Secretary of Legation in Costa Rica; Chargé

d'Affaires. JUSSERAND, Jules J., French Ambassador at Washington. LANSING, Robert, Secretary of State of the United States.


LAUGHLIN, Irwin B., United States Counselor of Embassy in Great Britain;

Chargé d'Affaires, May 18 to July 17, and October 3 to December 17. LEAVELL, William H., United States Minister to Guatemala. LEFEVRE, Ernesto T., Panaman Minister of Foreign Affairs. LEFFINGWELL, Russell C., Assistant Secretary of the Treasury of the United

States. LINDSAY, Ronald C., British Counselor of Embassy at Washington from June

11, 1919; Chargé d'Affaires June 11 to October 1, 1919. LONG, Boaz W., United States Minister to Salvador, July 29, 1914, to December

30, 1917. MACCHI DI CELLERE, Count Vincenzo, Italian Ambassador at Washington. MACMURRAY, John V. A., United States Chargé d'Affaires in China, July 1 to

October 11. McAdoo, William Gibbs, Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. McCORMICK, Vance C., Chairman of the United States War Trade Board. MÉNDEZ, Joaquín, Guatemalan Minister at Washington. MICHAÏLOVITCH, Lioubomir, Serbian Minister at Washington. MORGAN, Edwin V., United States Ambassador to Brazil. MORRIS, Ira N., United States Minister to Sweden. MOSHAVER-OL-MAMALEK, Persian Minister of Foreign Affairs. MURPHY, Dominic I., United States Consul General at Sofia. NAON, Rómulo S., Argentine Ambassa dor at Washington. OEDERLIN, Frederick, Commercial Adviser of the Swiss Legation at Washington;

Chargé d'Affaires, September to November. PADEREWSKI, Ignace Jan, representative in the United States of the Polish

National Committee at Paris. PAGE, Thomas Nelson, United States Ambassador to Italy. PAGE, Walter Hines, United States Ambassador to Great Britain to November 21. PALMER, A. Mitchell, Alien Property Custodian of the United States. PASHITCH, Nikola P., Serbian President of the Council and Minister of Foreign

Affairs. PEÇANHA, Nilo, Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs. PENFIELD, Frederic C., United States Ambassador to Austria-Hungary from

July 28, 1913. PERSHING, Gen. John J., Commander in Chief of the American Expeditionary

Forces in Europe. PHILLIPS, William, Assistant Secretary of State of the United States. PICHON, Stephen, French Minister of Foreign Affairs. POLAND, William B., Director for Europe of the Commission for Relief in

Belgium. POLK, Frank Lyon, Counselor for the Department of State of the United

States. PRICE, William J., United States Minister to Panama. QUINTANA, Federico M., Argentine Counselor of Embassy at Washington;

Chargé d'Affaires, January 16 to July 10, 1918, and November 20, 1918, to

March 3, 1919. READING, Earl of (Rufus Daniel Isaacs), British High Commissioner and

Ambassador on Special Mission at Washington from February 13. REINSCH, Paul S., United States Minister to China. RIAÑO Y GAYANGOS, Juan, Spanish Ambassador at Washington. RITTER, Paul, Swiss Minister at Washington, June 11, 1909, to July 23, 1917. Roussos, Georges, Greek Minister at Washington. SAMMONS, Thomas, United States Consul General at Shanghai.

SCAVENIUS, Erik, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs.
SHARP, William G., United States Ambassador to France.
SIMS, Admiral William S., Commanding United States Naval Operations in

European Waters.
SOLF, Wilhelm, German Secretary of State of the Colonial Office in the Cabinet

of Count von Hertling, and of the Foreign Office in the Cabinet of Prince

Max of Baden. SONNINO, Baron Sidney, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs. SPRING RICE, Sir Cecil Arthur, British Ambassador at Washington to Feb

ruary 13. STIMSON, Frederic J., United States Ambassador to Argentina. STOVALL, Pleasant A., United States Minister to Switzerland. SULZER, Hans, Swiss Minister at Washington from August 27, 1917. SYMON, Charles, Belgian Counselor of Legation at Washington; Chargé

d'Affaires, March 7 to September 11, 1919. VÁSQUEZ, Mariano, Honduran Minister of Foreign Affairs. WADSWORTH, Eliot, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the American

Red Cross. WHITLOCK, Brand, United States Minister to Belgium. WILLARD, Joseph E., United States Ambassador to Spain. WILSON, Hugh R., United States Secretary of Legation in Switzerland;

Chargé d'Affaires to March 4. WILSON, William B., Secretary of Labor of the United States. WILSON, Woodrow, President of the United States. ZIMMERMANN, Artur, German Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, November

21, 1916, to August 4, 1917.


(Incoming papers are listed chronologically under date of receipt. Unless otherwise specified, the cor

respondence is from or to officials in the Department of State.)

[blocks in formation]





May 15, From the Postmas-Order No. 211, suspending
1917 ter General

mail service for and via Ger-

many, does not apply to mail May 16]

to or from prisoners of war. 616 May 29, To the Minister in | Proposes centralized organiza1917 Switzerland (tel.) tion in Switzerland for relief

of U.S. prisoners of war in

991 June 2, From the Minister in Report on organizing in Swit-

1917 Switzerland (tel.) zerland relief work for U.S.

prisoners in Germany.
June 4]
2620316 June 16, From the Secretary Functions of National Com-
1917 of War

mittee on Prisons and Prison
Labor. Privileges of Swiss

2055 June 16, From the Minister in Organization of the American

1917 Switzerland (tel.) Prisoners Central Committee.

June 17]
2418 July 5, To the Ambassador Question of free entry and
1917 in France (tel.) transit through France of

supplies for U.S. prisoners

and interned civilians.
2330 July 26, From the Ambassa- France is disposed to grant

1917 dor in France (tel.) transit facilities for U.S.

prisoner supplies; arrange-
July 27]

ments therefor.
822 Aug. 8, | To the Minister in U.S., French, German, and
1917 Switzerland (tel.) Swiss negotiations for recip-

rocal free transit of parcels
for U.S. and German prison-








Aug. 9, To the Secretary Grounds upon which negotia-
1917 General of the War tions are being conducted for

Council, American reciprocal free transit of par-
Red Cross

cels for prisoners.
613 Aug. 22, To the Ambassador Howland of American Red
1917 in Spain

Cross to set up in Europe sup-
ply system for U.S. prisoners
in Germany. Spanish coop-

eration requested.
1494 | Aug. 22, From the Minister in French delay in permitting free

1917 Switzerland (tel.) transit of parcels through

France for German prisoners
Aug. 24]

in America.
1650 Sept. 15, From the Minister in French Line boats transport

1917 Switzerland (tel.) limited number of parcels to [Rec'd

U.S. prisoners in Germany Sept. 17]

at fourth-class rate.



[blocks in formation]









IX Sept. 18, From the Swiss Min- German request for Swiss in-
Prinz 6 1917 ister

spection of camps where offi-
cers and crews of Kronprinz
Wilhelm and Prinz Eitel Fried-

rich are imprisoned.
506 Sept. 21, To the Swiss Min- No objection to Swiss inspec-
1917 ister

tion of war prison camps, as

requested by Germany.
Sept. 24, To the Swiss Min- Limitation of privilege of pos-
1917 ister

tal correspondence of prison

ers of war in America. 988 Oct. 3, To the Chargé in Limited number of parcels per1917 Switzerland (tel.) mitted on French Line is sat

isfactory for the present.
Oct. 9, To the Swiss Minis-German prisoners in America
1917 ter

will be permitted to receive
visitors under certain restric-

Oct. 19, From the Secretary Suggested commission to deal
1917 of War

with affairs of U.S. and Ger-
man prisoners is not ap-

1921 Oct. 25, From the Chargé in Suggestion that U.S. Ambassa-

1917 Switzerland (tel.) dor in France be directed to

request of France free transit
Oct. 26)

of parcels. 877 Nov. 12, From the Chargé in Quotes Spanish note verbale 1917 Spain (tel.)

stating Germany refuses to (Rec'd

permit inspection of prison Nov. 13]

camps by agents of American

Red Cross. 1143 Nov. 21, To the Chargé in French Line is taking measures 1917 Switzerland (tel.) to insure transportation of

postal packages for U.S. and

German prisoners.
3016 | Nov. 26, From the Chargé in Spanish report on camp condi-

1917 Switzerland (tel.): tions at Brandenburg.
[Rec'd Dresel to Red Cross

Nov. 28]
46 Dec. 1, To the Swiss Minis- Proposed reciprocity with Ger-
1917 ter

many regarding privilege of
permitting prisoners to con-
verse with prison-camp in-

spectors without witnesses.
Dec. 3, To the Chairman of Plan approved for censorship
1917 the War Trade and transmission of mail and

parcels to and from U.S. and

German prisoners. 6121 Dec. 26, To the Ambassador Instructions to secure informa1917 in Great Britain tion from British escaped (tel.)

prisoners regarding U.S. pris

oners in Germany.
Dec. 31, From the Chargé in German assent to transmission
1917 Switzerland (tel.) of parcels for prisoners in Ger-

Jan. 2,

814 Jan. 4, To the Ambassador Report of proposed ill-treat-
1918 in Spain (tel.) ment of U.S. prisoners in

Germany. Investigation re-








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