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Ordered, That the minor privileges be placed under the control of the Treasurer.
Adjourned to meet at the call of the President.


AGRICULTURAL Rooms, August 1, 1878. Members all present, in pursuance to the call of the President.

On motion, proceeded to the nomination of awarding committees for the ensuing fair.

Agreed, That for the live stock departments, committees shall be appointed who shall receive compensation for their services, and tbat one member of each of the live stock committees shall act as reporter and write up for publication the interests of his department.

For the live stock departments the following appointments were agreed upon, and compensation fixed at $20 for committeemen and $30 for reporter:

Horses.--T. H. Bagley, Tiffin; Jas. Campbell, Gallipolis; Walter Morrison, Columbus; L. G. Delano, Kinnikinnick. The last named to act as reporter.

Catlle.-Jas. Fullington, Irwin Station ; R. Baker, Elyria; Jno. Scott, Middletown; D. S. King, Wilmington; Peter Ilitchcock, Burton. Mr. Baker to act as reporter.

Sheep.-Andrew McFarland, New Athens; J. C. Gist, Independence; Thos. Chapman, Navarre; Thos. Reber, Upper Sandusky; Geo. Stearns, Republic. Andrew McFarland to act as reporter,

Swine. --Luke Bradley, Hamilton; Thos. Young, Marion ; Chas. H. McCormick, Gallipolis; Senator Benson, Mt. Gilead; Major J. M, Millikin, Hamilton. The last named to act as reporter.

The following nominations were made for the other departments :

Poultry.—Norman Julian, Circlevillo; 0. P. Sharpless, Marion; Chas. Woods, Newark; Dr. Beeler, Hamilton; 0. P. Buckingham, Remingham.

Machinery, Engines, etc.--Henry Barnbart, Marion; Dr. Karshner, Republic; B. T. Enos, Gallipolis; A. T. Barnes, Toledo; Geo. Lutz, Lancaster; Wm. Powell, Prospect.

Shop Machinery.—Thos. J. Young, Bryan; C. C. Park, Tillin; Jno. S. Snyder, Lancaster; David Miller, Batesville; J. M. Richardson, Wilmington.

Hay and Harvesting Machines and Tools.-T. B. McMullen, Bellefontaine; Geo. Nelson, Delaware; James Zaner, Louisville Cross Roads; C. A. Howe, Milford ; Jas. Campbell, Gallipolis.

Agricultural Machines (First Dirision).-Wm. M. Dunlap, Delaware; J. T. Labold, Attica; Moses II. Hensinger, Republic; Isaac Carnes, Carroll; Jno. Kerns, Gallipolis; Richard Thew, Caledonia.

Agricultural Machines (Second Division) - Jesse Kirk, Wilmington; E. Canfield, Woods; Baxter Dairs, Prospec ; H. C, Dawson, Dodsonville.

Drills and Cultirator8.-B. Fullon, Wilmington; E. B. Monnette, Bucyrus; John Hammitt, Carthago; Felix Reber, Marion; A. S. Beecher, Mantau.

Plou's.—John Robinson, West Beaver; R. N. Taylor, Upper Sandusky; IIenry Alspach, Hooker's Station; Thomas Hazard, Wilmington; Christ. Wiest, Little Sandusky.

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Worked Metals —G. M. Flenner, Hamilton; Samuel Whiloy, Lancaster; John M. Lane, Zanesville; Allen Levering, Mt. Gilead ; A. Pontius, Canton.

Stores, Castings, etc.-W. H. Hills, Cincinnati; H. J. Walls, Columbus; F. R. Sater, Marion; Mrs. W. L. IIamilton, Republic; Mis. T. W. Jones, Columbus.

Vehicles ---J. T. Grey, Riley, Butler Co.; William H. Shatf, Wilmington; T. D. Petty, Barnesville; Mr. Riddle, Ravenna; James Vanden, Gallipolis; Watt Watkins, Prospect.

Household Implements.-David Furnas, Waynesville; Ierman Groschner, Napoleon; Jno. Haley, Kenton; Mrs. M. Vandenbark, Westerville; Mrs. Wm. Harrison, Columbus; William Smith, Richwood.

Glass, Crockery, etc.-W. B. Law, Cadiz; Mr. Love, Mt. Vernon; P. T. Tarpin, Linwood; William Parr, Newark; Samuel E. Bay, Logan.

Minerals and Chemicals.-J. D. Poston, Logan; B. B. Shellield, Floodwood; Elsa Scott, Cambridge; General Thomas, Columbus; J. $. Elliott, Coshocton.

Household Fabrics.—I. M. Riley, St. Clairsville; Mrs. Ervin Moore, Canal Winchester; Mrs. Andrew Sayler, Carroll; Mrs. James Fallington, Irwin Station ; Mrs. David Furnas, Waynesville.

Needle Work.–S. Harmount, New Philadelphia ; Miss Gussie Strilletz, Marion ; Mrs. Van Cleaf, Circleville; Mrs. M. Godman, Columbus; Miss Ella B. Rose, Quaker City; Mrs. T. H. Hodder, Columbus.

Braiding and Embroidery.-Josiah Laughlin, Cambridge; Mrs. H. H. Kimball, Columbus; Mrs. E. T. Jones, Columbus; Mrs. E. K. Stewart, Columbus; Mrs. L. L. Pope, Chagrin Falls.

Crochet and other Ornamental Work.-W. C. Hayward, Gallipolis; Miss Caddie Conrad, Columbus; Mrs. Amos Layman, Columbus; Mrs. A. B. Gillett, Carroll; Mrs. Charles Wetmore, Columbus.

Cabinet Ware.-David Taylor, Jr., Columbus; A. Hlumbarger, Lancaster; P. B. Osborn, Wilmington ; Mrs. Rodney Foos, Colombus; Mrs. L. Backus, Columbus.

Factory Goods.-J. Mooney, Port Clinton; Asa Shuler, Hamilton; J. T. Halliday, Gal. lipolis ; Mrs. W. B. Brooks, Columbus; Mrs. J. C. Stevens, Konton.

Stationers' Iare.--J. C. Tuthill, Lancaster; J. Hildebrand, Wilmington; S. R. Dumble, Marion; Hon. Lewis Green, Logan ; L. I. Pope, Chagrin Falls.

Merchants and Dealers' Cla88.-C. Hills, Delaware; Joseph H. Close, St. Clairsville; 8. Alex. Lockey, Sidney; Mrs. W. Y. Miles, Columbus; Mrs. R. F. Burt, Columbus.

Boots, Shoes, and Leather Manufactures.-Henry Loresh, Wilmington; Hon. W. H. Stokes, Waynesville; Allen Beech, Mt. Vernon; J. C. Stevens, Kenton; Jonathan Rose, Quaker City.

Flour, Grain, and Seeds.- Isaac Stanley, Athens; R P. Canvon, Aurora ; Ervin Moore, Canal Winchester; James Davis, Wilinington; Morgan D. Hayes, Bloomingsburg.

Cheese.-W. B. Strait, Hudson ; C. B. Chamberlin, Medina; S. S. Warner, Wellington; C. R. Harmon, Aurora; D. W. Brooks, Columbus.

Butter, Bread, etc.-Andrew Bauman, Lancaster; Dr J. B. Williams, Summerfield; Mrs. T. F.Joy, Delaware; Miss Ellie Morrow, Marion; Miss Lizzio Sutton, Mt. Washington.

Honoy, Preserves, Pickles, etc.—T. F. Joy, Delaware ; Mrs. F. P. Vergon, Delaware; Mrs. Reed Golden, Athens; Mrs. Sidney Moore, Delaware ; Miss Mary Clark, Belle Center.

Potatoes and Vegetables.-Sol. Bador, Basil; Ed. McGary, Urbana ; J. S. Leaming, Wilmington ; Samuel Coobly, Mt. Washington.

Summer and Fall Appies - Dr. Harst, Williamsport; Geo. H. Miller, Norwich; Frank Ford, Ravenna; Harvey Kello, Toledo ; G. S. Ianis, Colu:ub:ls.

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Winter Apples.-J. J. Harrison, Painesville; J. S. Sutton, Mt. Washington ; R. J. Black, Bremen; F. M. Black, Darbyville; H. M. Chapman, Cleveland.

Plate Apples.-S. R. Moore, West Zanesville ; Francis Granger, West Toledo; Jas. W. Ross, Perrysburg; S. H. Hurst, Chillicothe; M. E. Dreesbach, Circleville.

Peaches, Quinces, and Plum8.-M. B. Bateham, Painesville; Lyman White, Tiffin ; J.T. Busby, Lancaster; W. K. Tipton, Barnesville ; Asa Toberin, Defiance.

Pears.-Henry Gulick, Bevis; Geo. H. Coulson, Bucks; 8. B. Marshall, Cleveland; Chas. Carpenter, Kelley's Island ; U. Keenan, Quaker City.

County Fruits.-Dr. J. A. Warder, Cloves ; Dr. S. S. Boyd, Wilmington; F. R. Palmer, Mansfield ; N. Ohmer, Dayton ; Jno. A. Fetters, Lancaster.

Grape8.-G. F. Newton, Millersburg; T. B. Fisher, Marion ; Hon. Wm. Bundy, Barnesville ; Addison Kelley, Kelley's Island ; Wm. H. Mills, Sandusky.

Native Iines.-Theodore Mithoff, Lancaster; Wm. Van Heyde, Lancaster; Col. F. F. Remple, Logan.

Plants and Flowers (Professional list).-Frank Pentland, Lockland ; S. 8. Jackson, Cincinnati; Wm. McKellar, Chillicothe; J. W. Penney, Newark; Aug. Sunderbrook, Corryville.

Plants and Flowers (Amateur list).-Frank McGregor, Springfield ; J. L. Stelzig, Columbus ; Mrs. Col. Blount, Columbus; Jno. R. Hall, Quaker City; Mrs. D. W. Brooks, Columbus.

Drawings, Paintings, etc.-Reese G. Richards, Steubenville; Lindsey Kelly, Ironton; H. W. Curtiss, Chagrin Falls; Chas. Martin, Lancaster; Jas. W. Owen, Newark.

Sculpture.- Hon. Mr. Thorpe ; John Kirkpatrick, Cambridge; Sam'l McBride, Zanesville ; Jas. Cox, Zanesville ; Dr. J. M. Wheaton, Columbus.

Philosophical Instruments.—Dr. Jas. Lytle, Logan; Dr. Toland Jones, London; Dr. P. E. Blesch, Columbus; Dr. F. M. Black, Darbyville.

Musical Instruments.—The leaders of the bands furnishing music during the fair.

Agreed, that the Board contract with E. K. Stewart in the sum of $20 for sprinkling the entire fair grounds and Broad street during the fair.

Messrs. Renick and Fuson, of the Franklin County Board, agreed to make any and all needed repairs on the fair grounds, but not to put up any new structures.

Ordered, That the Secretary invite proposals for furnishing the necessary amount of hay and straw to be used during the fair.

On motion of Mr. Carlisle, it was agreed that Mr. Coman should make such improvements in Domestic Hall as he deemed necessary, provided uch improvements shall not incur an expense to exceed $20. On motion, adjourned to meet at call of the President.


COLUMBUS, September 4, 1878. Executive Committee all present except Mr. Pope. The following communication was ordered:

COLUMBUS, September 4, 1878. His Excellency Governor R. M, Bishop :

DEAR SIR: The undersigned respectfully invite you, with your Staff and Guard, to attend the Ohio State Fair, at Columbus, at such time during its progress as will suit your convenience.


J. M. Pugh,


Executive Commitlee Ohio State Board of Agriculture. The invitation was accepted.

COLUMBUS, September 4, 1878. MESSRS. J. M. Pugu, B. W. CARLISLE, AND L. B. WING, Executive Committee, etc.:

GENTLEMEN: Your polite invitation to name some day when it will suit my convenionce to attend the State Fair at Columbus is received, and in reply beg leave to say it will afford me great pleasure to be present with you on so interesting an occasion, and hereby name Wednesday, September 11, as the earliest day it will be possible for me to attend. I will be pleased to refer your communication to my staff and the Governor's Guard.

Very respectfully yonrs, etr.,


Capt. Phisterer replied to the communication received from the Governor, accepting, on behalf of the Guard, stating the company would give a short drill, followed by dress parade, in accordance with the wishes of the members of the committee.

The Secretary announced the following communication:


COLUMBUS, September 3, 1878. J. H, KLIPPART, Esq., Secretary State Board of Agriculture:

DEAR SIR: The Board of Police Commissioners last evening petitioned the City Council for means to supply the special police protectio: required during the State Fair, which petition was not granted.

The Police Commissioners being without means, of course will be unable to police the fair, anlegs means are supplied by your Board.

Very respectfully,

Chas. G. LORD, Secretary. On motion, Agreed, That in order to give the Board time for consultation, the matter of policing the grounds be deferred for the present.

The Secretary presented an invitation to the State Board of Agricul. ture and the Franklin County Board to visit the Ross County Fair, at Ohillicothe.

Adjourned to meet to-morrow, September 5.


Executive Committee, in consultation with Mr. Luther Donaldson and other citizens of Columbus, completed arrangements for policing the grounds, Mr. Donaldson having taken charge and raised sufficient money to defray the expenses of the same.

The Secretary was instructed to address a communication to the Mayor of Columbus, asking that he invest Capt. Alexis Keeler with the proper authority for discharging the duties of chief of fair ground police.

Agreed, That the following bands be employed to furnish music during the progress of the fair: Marion band, for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; Lancaster, for Tuesday ; Tiffin, for Friday; Circleville, for Thursday; Hemmersbach's, for Thursday and Friday; Xenia, for Wednesday.

On motion, adjourned.

STATE FAIR GROUNDS, Friday, September 13, 1878. Members all present for the purpose of considering a request from quite a number of prominent citizens of Columbus to continue the fair for the first three days of next week.

After due consideration the Board proposed that if citizens would raise the sum of $1,200, being $300 per day for current expenses, that it would continue the fair as requested.

T. Ewing Miller and George D. Chapman went to the city as a committee to consult with other citizens in regard to furnishing a proportion of the requisite amount necessary to continue the fair—Mr. W. Morrison and S. N. Fields a committee to canvass the grounds for a certain amount of that required—said committees to report to the Board not later than three o'clock P.M.

There being a deficiency in the amount to be raised on the grounds, Mr. Theodore Comstock supplied the deficiency.


. The committees reported to the Board that the necessary amount had been raised, when it was

Resolved, That the Ohio State Fair be continued until Wednesday evening, September 18.

Resolved, That the gates be closed and no visitors allowed on the grounds during Sanday, September 15.

Agreed, That the following extra premiums be offered:


Commercial List, to be examined Monday, September 16, at 1 o'clock P.M.
Best collection of cut flowers.....
Second best collection of cut flowers


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