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Printed by W. SANDS, A. MURRAY, and J. COCHRAN,

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To each article is annexed the number of the page of this volume in which it is to be found.

4767. Sepi . 26. The forces of Nizam Ally and Hyder Ally defeated, near Trinomally, by the

East-India company's forces under Col. Smith. 216. Der. 18. Prayers begun to be read in the mass.houses in Dublin, for K. George III. and

all the royal family. 108. 1763. Jan. 10. Order issued for shortening court mournings. 51.

28. The Queen of Denmark delivered of a Prince-Royal. 54. Feb. 11. A circular letter fent from Boston to the other provinces. 464.

16. The royal affent given to the Irish octeonial bill. 109. March 8. The Forth and Clyde canal-act passed. 160.

11. The parliament of Great Britain dissolved. 162.
16. Mr Wilkes loses his election as a member for London. 217.

29. Mr Wilkes chosen one of the members for Middlesex. 218.
April 7. The Archduchess Charlotte espoused to his Sicilian Majesty. 278.

20. Mr Wilkes appears voluntarily before the conrt of king's bench. 219.
21. Lord Hillsborough sends a circular letter to the colonies. 470.

Mr Wilkes committed to prison on an outlawry, 221.
May An application for augmenting the army in Ireland refused. 380.

10. The new parliament of Great Britain opened. 269.
13. The Princess Louisa-Anne of Great Britain dies. 278.

28. The parliament of Ireland dissolved. 382. June 8. Mr Wilkes's outlawry reversed. 333.

10. A Noop seized, which occalions a mob at Boston. 368, 72.
14. A town-ineering at Boston petition Gov. Bernard. 309.
18. Two sentences pronounced against Mr Wilkes. 373.
20. A proclamation for a new Irish parliament to meet. 383.
21. Lord Hillsborough's letter communicated to the Boston assembly. 439.
24. The Queen of France dies. 335.
25. The Duke of Cumberland enters as midshipman on board the Venus. 347.

30. The Boston assembly refuse to rescind. 441.
July 1. That assembly diffolved 443.
Aug. 10. The King of Denmark arrives in England. 548.

18. Gen Amherst, ip disgust, resigns his two regiments. 400. Sopt. 13. Warm refolves at Boston on the present state of affairs. 588.

14. A circular letter, calling a convention to meet at Boston. 591.
21. The Elector of Saxony takes on him the reins of government. 541.
22. A convention met at Boston, and admonished to separate. 592, 3.

29. This convention, after finishing their business, separate. 598. ca. 1. Troops land at Boston from on board a fleet before the town. 607. 8. War declared by the Porte against Russia, and the Russian minister committed

to the Seven Towers, 601, 27. 12. The King of Denmark takes leave of the British court. 554. Nov. 8. Two regiments restored to Gen. Amherst. 614, s.

A declaration of the court of Russid, on the arrest of its minister. 626. 8. The Queen of Great Britain delivered of a princess, Augusta Sophia. 613,.71.

To the BINDER. the blue covers, and advertisements stitched in with any of the Ma

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page, the Chronological Series of Events, &c. before the Magazine for January.

Place the PLATES so as to front the following pages respectively. Hogarth's farcastic print of Mr Wilkes

217 The print of the new-discovered Astragalus

344 The prin of the improvement on Hadley's quadrant The sketch of the river Carron, and the plan of the Canal






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Pag. col. lin.

56. 5. for Burns, read Barges,


1. 33. in art. 11.4. 3. for acceder's inarriage read acceder's death ;

46. in art. 19. l. 7. read, for the accommodation of such of them as


may suit, he will open, bo.


48. for gool. read 5000 l.

384. 2. 2. b fege. The report of the committee of the royal boroughs did

not proceed, as is here said, upon the representation of the
merchants of Edinburgh, which we afterwards learned was
not laid before the convention, but upon a report given in by Mr
Chalmers, respecting his conduct at London while the canal-bill
was before the parliament, feff. 1766-7, he having gone thither

in 1767 with instructions from a committee of the convention,
430. 1., 51. for patribus read partibus, Read and point the sentence thus :

In omnem fortunam liber semper et intrepidus, trucidato a per-
ditiffimis hominibus Rege, acta in exilium Regina, a principum

partibus, majorum more, semper conftans stetit.

32. for SETONIUS, read SetonUS, fo in the marble.

47. for Louthianæ read Louthoniæ

65. for ciorbox. read ciɔrɔcx. the last c inverted by a mere e-


Two correspondents are of opinion, that the initials at the end

of this inscription, A. S. F. C. F. F. stand for « Alexander
“ Setonius, Fermelinoduni Comes, fieri [or filius] fecit.”

Mr Turcan informs us, that the inscription consists of 52 lines ;

and that it is 5 fect 6 inches in height, and 4 feet 8 inches in


511. 7. for on read in

512. 5. for 4127532 read 4127532X35731

27. for que read 6"

So the number will be 363° 4' 6" 59" }

45. et seqq. See p. 612. col. 2. & p. 670. col. 2.

559. 9. from the bottom, read O&. 10.

626. I. 12. See p. 667. col. 2. note.

In most of the copies of two half-thects in November Magazine, signatures 4 D

and 4 E, the first figure of the number of the pages is 4 instead of 5, 8. c. 477–

492. instead of $77. 592; which the reader is requested to correct with his pen.
In the Index these pages are marked what they should have been printed.

In the preceding volume, the 29th, that for 1767, p. 677. col. 1. the 4th and
sth lines from the bottom are transposed. The sentence should be read thus : “ as
co the case just now mentioned furnihes a notable example, that ought to be copied,
“ I beg you to insert complete the proceedings," 6c.

And in making out the general Index for that volume, the Observations on

the advertisement prefixed to the trial of Helen Watt and William Keith, have

been inadvertently omitted : which therefore the reader will please to mark onder

the words Advertisement, Keith, Observations, and Watt, thus :

Advertisement. See Observations,

Keith. See Observations.

Observations on the advertisement prefixed to the trial of Watt and Keith 479

di fega.

Watt. See Observations.

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1 768.

C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S. HISTORICAL ÁFFAHRS. A fummary of||The weight and bulk of the National the public affairs of last year 1.-8.

Debt computed 22. Foreign affairs, Number of people in Four new species of PLANE-TREES 24. Sweden 41. A dangerous kind of enthu- | An essay to find the distance from the FIRST fiasm in Denmark 42. The King of Spain

MERIDIAN 24. to the Bithop of Cuenca 46.

FACTS relating to America 25. American affairs. European goods dif-Eruption of VESUVIUS 29. couraged 48. and irregularities 49. MACERIDE's remedy for the fcurvy at sca

Englife affairs. On thortening court- 30. mournings 51. Addresses ib. Order for SUTTONIAN method for fevers 32. fix smugglers to surrender ib. Extract from || NEW Books, with remarks, 6c. 37. the act on which the order is founded 52. Poetry.

Vacation 33:

The new year Acts passed 53.

ode 34. Epitaph on a mother and after Manner of preparing SALEP 8.

ib. Apollo disappointed ib. Lady M. W. 'The DOCTRIN E and DISCIPLINE of the M.'s verses in a garden ib. The state

church of Scotland defended, in answer coach 35. Want, an ode 36. Lady M.

to A. B. S. D. and Philanthropos 9.20. W. M.'s man in love ib. A inoral reflecPreparations for observing the TRANSIT of tion is.

VENUS. The Empress of Russia to the Lists, doc. Marriages, Births, Deaths, and Petersburg academy 20. M. Ramousky Preferments 54, 5.

Number of patients to Mr Short 21.

last year in the Edin! gh and Aberdeen Authentic opinion concerning INOCULA- infirmaries 58. Amount of linen stamped TION 21.

for sale last year in Scotland ib. EdinHARVEST-SURVEYING proposed 23. burgh mortality-bill ib. Prices of corn ib


A summary or recapitulation of the PUBLIC AFFAIRS of the year 1767.

Uring the last year we heard they wilhed to have thut custom abolishlittle of the rebellion in the ed, as scandalous to their religion, and island of Cyprus, and nothing Docking to those concerned in the girls

about that in Egypt, which on whom the unhappy lot fell of being two gave the TURKISH government a made such vidims. Prince Heraclius, a good deal of unealnels in 1766. Ano• man of an enterprising genius, having ther rebeliion had been set on foot by tirit learned the art of war bimielf by Heraclios, one of the chief princes of travelling in Europe, and lent a number Georgia, betxeen the Catvian and Black of his beit vaffels Thither for the faine feas, where the inhabitants are profetlors purpose, took the field in 1965, with a of the Christian religion, according to powerful army. In 1766 he gained conthe principal ienets and practices of the siderable advantages o:er the Turks, one Eltern or Greek church. Having been of which was the taking of Trebisonde, long obliged, as a part of their tribute, a city of Natolia. When that year was to furnila the Grand Signior's seraglio well advanced, : here were accounts of a yearly with a number of beautiful vir. Turkilh army of 60.000 men being on gins, for which their country is famous, march against him through the Lefer AYOL. XXX.



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