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Jilin Callender, Newcastle , a plant of lat. 14. N. to be the most eligible Gtuaih Rņeum P:Imatum of Linnæus, or true tion for the purpose. The danger of voTuiky Rhubarb, which is remarkably, dertaking so hazardous a voyage, joined Strong, the flower-Item measuring above to the confideration of his advanced age, nine feet high, and the whole plant about obliged Mr Webster to decline taking it fifteen feet in circumference. • [xxix. 19.] himself, though he very readily gave his

London, Od. 18. There is at this advice on the subject." time in the Royal gardens in Hampton On the 27th of August, the surveyor court, the finest American aloe, in full of the navy, attended by the proper otti. bloom, that was ever seen in England." cers, examined a new.constructed pump, [xxix. 957 ]

the invention of Mr Cole, erected on board On the 22d of December, Miss Gare the Seaford man of war, at Portsmouth, diner, only daughter of Frederick Gardi- which appeared to be less cumberlame der, Esq; of Blofiemhall, in Wiltshire, than the chain-pump, and more efficacious, being dreadfully frightened by a bull, The experiments were as follows, was so strangely affe&ed, that, in the The new pump, wrought by four men, Space of four hours, her hair, which was threw out a fun of water in 42 seconds. of a fine brow'n, became as gray as that -The old pump, wrought by leven men, of a person of fourscore.

threw out a ton of water in 76 seconds. Berween five and fix in the evening of The new pump, when wrought with D-c. 21. a shock of an earthquake was two men, threw out a tun of water in 47 telt at Worcester, and the parts adja. seconds. - The old pump with two med çent. The Ibock was felt also at Glou. would not more. cester, where many people in a fright The chain of the new pump, broken left their houses. One who was in the by design, and dropped into the well, vas cathedral fays, the whole of that edifice recovered and repaired in two minutes, wa thaken. A gentleman passing through -The old pump, in two hours. the fields aförms, the birds were sensible The new pump, when choked with of it, and left the hedges in a kind of shingle balast, was cleared in four miterror.

nutes.-The old pump could not be clear. London, Ott. 18. A correspondent ed till the water was pumped out of the fays, that through a telescope of three hold. feet in length, about twelve or fourteen London, Nov. 29. About eighteen {pots may be seen on the fun's disk ; and miles fron) Brecknock in South Wales, en tuo spois, confisting of numbers of small the Tal, a company of opulent gentlemea ones, may be seen by the naked eye, aje ereding iron-works for making iron allisted only with smoked looking-glals, from pit.coal, (being there very plenty), the silver firaped off. They will be vie which, when finished, will be by far the able but a few ays."

most curious and completelt work in all “ London, Aug. 6. This merning Mr Europe. This making iron from pit-coal Banks, Dr Soleno, and Mr Green the is the first public attempt, and held by astronomer, kt out for Deal, to imbark patent to the inventors of such a fingular on board the Endeavour, Capi. Cook, and beneficial process, which has hitherto for the South seas, under ihe direction of engaged the attention of the most learned the royal fociety, to orrerve the transit chymists of the age." of Venus next fon mer, erid to make dir. " Extract of a letter from Wooluiche coveries to the south and west of Cape Sept. 1768. Belides the Queen and Prue Horre."--The Endeavour lailed before dent men of war, the latter of which the middle of September.

will be lanched here on Wednesday next, London, Sept. 19. Wednesday at a there is now building a sixty-four gun meeting of many afrinomical gentlemen Mip, called the Intrepid, the timber of of different nations, held at a tavern in which, by order of the Lords of the .4d. Fleet Itreet, Mr Edward Webster, of St rriralty, has been previously prepared Neot?, attended, and delivered his opi. under the ivipeation of Mr a cele non relative to ibe poft rrofer place for brated chymist in London, whose indephlarning ile expected ira: fit of Verus, fatigalle indofiry bas discovered a very wlich is to determine the Sun's parallax, cheap method of preserving timber in and leille the solar synem ; when he read general from speedy decay and rollen: a ledure on ifie globe, and proved the neis. This gentleman, it is said, is velt. ille of Guam, 'ore of the Grand Ladrones ed with such power in his art, as to re• in the great Easterp occasi, lorg. 140 E. duce oals wood to the sofipess of for, and


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sestore it again to a degree of hardness

IRELAND. and toughness much superior to any oak in its natural state ; that American oak Dublix, Sept. 10. Since the arrival can be prepared to last at least as long as of the Duke of Bedford, he hath been Englith oak unprepared ; that oak and treated with the highest honour and reelm plank acquire such an extraordinary spect. When it was known on Sunday pliancy, by varying the process, as to morning that his Grace was landed, the bend like a twig, without cracking : and bells of different churches were set as again that elm water.pipes can be con- ringing for joy. On Monday he was vi. verted to such a hard and tough condi. fited at the University by the Nobility, tion, as in all probability will remain Gentry, &c. to congratulate him on bis found for a century under ground ; that arrival in this kingdom; and dined that these properties are not communicated day with the Provost, where there was a by extracting the native juices of wood, most elegant dinner for his Grace, the but by altering their itate, and in- Ri Hon. Richard Rigby, and the compatroducing, by art, into the pores, where ny. On Wednesday his Grace was vilice nature seems to bave been defective, ed in state by his Excellency Lord Town. fimilar preservative principles; that shend, and dined with the Earl of Lawooden utensils, particularly such as de- nelbarough. On Thursday. his Grace cay speedily in bad cellars, can be pre. was presented to the Lord Lieutenant at served many years perfe&tly found; in the Castle, where there was a most Nort, that the invention is applicable crouded levee, who all paid their com, to all sorts of wood liable to decay in pliments of congratulation to the Duke open air, as wheel.carriages of artillery, of Bedford on his coming to this kingcoaches, carts, &c. Thus much is cer- dum. At the same time the Rt Hon. tain, that the elm keel of the Intrepid, the Lord Mayor, Sheriff, &c. of this after being prepared fixteen months, has citv, were presented to his Grace. And acquired a firmness almost equal to oak; yesterday his Grace was installed Chan, that the workmen in general complain of cellor of our University, in the grandest the hardness and toughness of the timber manner, in the College Old Hall;. at in hewing; that it defroys the edges of which were present his Excellency the their tools ; that the chips burn with Lord Lieutenant, Lady Viscountess Towngreat difficulty ; which are sufficient fhend, and their two eldest fons, the proofs, that the wood has received a conni. Lord Primate, the Lord Chancellor, the derable alteration ; and wbich is farther Duke and Duchess of Leinster, Lady confirmed by experiments made upon se. Louisa Conolly, many other ladies of veral pieces of oak, elm, ash, and beech, distinction, and several Lords Spiritual some of which have acquired an additio- . and Temporal. When the inllallinent nal weight of two pounds in six; which began, the Provost addressed his Grace in specimens ipay be examined here, by a very elegant Latin oracion ; to which those who are too prone to adopt incre. his Grace returned a most polite answer. dulity on such occalions."

All the Fellows, Students, &c. appeared “ London, July 6. As a proof that the in their proper habits. On this occasion use of the loom is not arrived to its ne fome degrees were granted to different plus ultra, an ingenious mechanic has gentlemen. After this the Duke went Jately produced two shirts wove from end to other parts of the college, where he to end, the one plain, the olher ruffled. was complimented by the different pro. But what is peculiarly surprising in this fessors of languages and sciences in cleproduction, is, that the most ininute gant speeches, and returned polite an. works of the semptress are really copied, fwers. The music for this occalion was as the collar, wrists, gussets, without a compoled by the Earl of Morcington, Single stitch of the needle throughout the and performed by a masterly band, both whole, but fairly wove, body, Neeves, vocal and iostrumental. In the &c. in the loom, from the web, without the company adjourned to the new hill, the least loss in cutting the cloth. An where a nost magnificent introduction of this loom will be of inti. was provided.” nite service, and a great saving in materials for the army and navy,


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4 2

Buried {Fcaeles 1152$ } 13639

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3 Gout

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47| Grief

Chicken pox


The LONDON General Bill of Christenings and Burials, from December 15. 1767, to De-

cember 13. 1768; with the diseases and casualties, 6c.
Males 8321)

Males 12134

Increased in the bo

rials this year 1927
Age. No. Age. No. Age. No. Age. No.

Age. Na
Died under 2 8229 20 and 30 1910

60 and 70 1515

2 and 5 2441
30 and 40 2158 7o and 80 1091

5 and 10 963 40 and so 2192

80 and 90

10 and 20 874 so and 60

1714 go and 100
71 106

Diseases. Fever, Malignant Miscarriage 4
Abort. and Stillb. 900 Fever, Scarlet Fe- Mortification 182

1443 ver, Spotted Fe. Palfy

00 Broken Limbs
5 ver, and Purples 3590 Pleurisy

14 Bruised

Apoplexy and Sud. 770 Fistula

8. Quinsy

10 Burnt
Asthma and Phthif.365 Flux

22 Rath

2 Drowned


8 French Pox 64 Rheumatism 6 Excelsive Drinking 3

62 Rickets

2 Executed
Bloody Flux 5 Gravel, Strangury,

Scald Head

2 Found Dead
Bursten and Rupture17) and Stone 23 Scurvy

2 Fractured

8 Small Pox 3028 Killed by Falls, and
4 Headach

Sores and Ulcers several other Acci-
Headmouldsh. Hor- Sore Throat


Childbed 207 shoehead, and Wa-

St Anthony's Fire 2 Killed themfelves 31
Colic, Gripes, Twist- ter in the Head 20 Stoppage in Stom. 10 Murdered
ing of the Guts
70 Jaundice
126 Surfeit

Consumption 4379 Imposthume 4 Swelling

3 Poisoned

0038 Inflammation 66 Teeth
Cough, and Hoop- Leprosy

ing-Cough 262 Lethargy

3] Tympany

2 Smothered
859 Lunatic

69 Vomit. and Loofe. 6 Starved
409 Worms

General Bill of Mortality for 1768, in EDINBURGH, and WEST-KIRK parish.

Buried in the city. In the West- kirk-yard.

Males. , Femal., In all. Males. Femal. In all. Total. Age.
Fanuary 43 37

16 37

February 29 33


2 & 5
28 31

16 32


18 28

10 & 10

31 59


20 & 30
23 23

30 &




140 & 50 8


so & 60 IOI
September T3



70 & 80



(80 & 90 39


Total 295 315 610 146 169 315 925

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779 Scalded
90 Shot

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221 | Colic


11 Teething
Apoplexy 2 Consumpt. 175 Gout 1 Palsy 13 Water in the
Althma 35 Convulsions 1 Gravel

Bowelhive 28 Cramp

Iliac paflion

Cancer 1 Croup

Jaundice I Stillborn

Childbed 7 Dropfy 9 Measles

2 Suddenly

40 Fever

Mortification 3 Swelling 3
PARIS. Baptisms in 1768, 17,578; Burials 20,808; Foundiings received into the hospi-
mtals 6025.


ton 323


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N. B. When different pages are referred to at any article, if the numbers are disjoined by a com-
ma, the first figure or figures in the preceding numbers are supposed to be repeated in the subsequent.

[In most of the copies of two half-meets in November Magazine, signatures 4 D and 4 E, the
first figure of the number of the pages is 4 instead of s, i. e. 47?; 492. instead of 577
592. ; which the reader is requested to corred with his pen. In this Index these pages are marked
what they should have been printed.]

Berdeen, trials at 383. answer ib. Another message try. Refolutions to discou-

from the Governor 265. The rage trade with Britain 49, 9.
Acts passed 53. 104,60. ' assembly's answer 206. In- 103. 260. 328. 443, 95. 546.
161. 270. 663. Abstract dians barbarously murdered 630. Speech in a town-
of the canal-act_289. Ex- by Stump 159. 268. A talk meeting at Boston 48. A
tract from the smuggling-act on this fubject ib. Stump, fcindalous advertisement at

&c. rescued from prison 269. Newport 49. New York and
Address. See Glynn, Ireland, Compensation to be made Georgia to obey the mutiny-
King, Wilkes

to the Indians ib. Rock act 50. A linen-manufactu.
sfors Admiralty, memorial to 621 falt discovered in Cape Bre- ry set up at Boston 103. A.
Adverfity and Prosperity, an

Beaver illand on séritious paper at New York
allegory 142
Lake Ontario to be fettled 103.

Broad cloth made at
-Howard's thoughts on 169 ib. White-iron ore discover. Perth-Amboy 159. A com-
Advertisement for a wife 188 ed in Quebec 368. St John's mittee appointed at Boston
Affairs last year 1–8.65—74 iland to be settled ib. to consider the state of the
Africa, orders relieve der of council concerning province 259.

Gov. Ber.
James's fort 445. The town this scilement ib. Sarla nard to the house of Repre-
taken, and burnt ib. The parilla root found in New sentatives of Massachusets-
Q. of Baragh 'taken pri- England 372. Mefl. Occum bay 200. The Earl of Shel-
soner ib. Commotions with and Whitaker return to Bo- burne's letter to Gov. Ber-
the kingdom of Barrack 661 stor. 373. Mr Occum's coo- nard 201. Monies arising
Agent, a foreign one com- ference with the secretary of

from customs not to be sent
mitted 106

state ib.
Circuit courts apo

to Britain 262. Massachusets-
Agrimony, Hill's preparation pointed in South Carolina bay Representatives petition
of 690


Sir W. Johnson's a- to the King 324. Their let-
Algiers, a caravan set out greement wit the Indians ters to inc Earl of Shelburne
from 214

Murders by the In- ib. Mr Secretary Conway 325.
Alienation, power of in the dians near Detroit ib Col. Lord Camden 400. Lord
crown 308

Crogan fooths the Indians is. Chatham 401. Mr de Berdt,
Allen, W. killed in a riot The Cherokees make peace their agent at London 462.

with the northern Indians ib. to the other provinces, the
America, North, Public af- Families from Scotland to circular letter 464. Pensyl-
fairs there last year 73. An settle in America 446. Lands vania joins in foliciting a re-
advantageous tur-trade 47. granted to Fraser's highlande peal of offensive :cts of par-
A nation of white men dif.

An Indian put to

Jinment 328. The Earl of
covered ib. Salaries of go. death by his own people for Hillsborough to Lord Charles
vernors 48. Demand for La- murdering fome EngliM 496. Greville Montague, Gover-
brador tea ib. io3. An In- St John's ille settled 545. bor of South Carolina ib. A
dian war dreaded so. An Tea-plants thrive at Boston loop leized by the custom-
engagement between
the ib. Dr Witherspoon arrives

houte officers at Boston 368.
Chocławs and Creeks ib. lu- at Philadelphia 540. Regu- 372. A riot occafioned there.
dian chiefs have an audience lators troublesome in South by 368, 72. Boston town-
of Gen. Gage 103. Diltur. Carolina ib 010. Disturban- ' meering to the Governor 369.-
bances in Carolina 104. Ten ces in North Carolina 609. His Excellency's answer 370.
Jodians murdered 159. Grind- Vines thrive in South Caro. The town's instructions io
stones and precious stones lina 010. Delawares and its represeniatives ib. An
found in New England 259. Shawancse get ground at l'bio impresed man restored 372.
A weed for dying purple ladelphia 660. A congress The commiftioners of the
found on the Labrador coast for fertling the boundary customs retire on board the
262. Gov. Penn to the af. with the Cherokces 661 Romncy ib. Feirs of Epi-
sembly of Pensylvania on · Proceedings relating to scopacy in America 373. The
the apprehenfion of an Indi. the difpute between the co- Earl of Hillsborough to Gov.
an war 262. The ailemily's lonies and the mother coun.

Bernard 439, 40.


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ers it


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between the Governor and The King's council's address, B-... ----- See war
the assembly of Massachusets and his Excellency's answer Beaver island, families gone
bay 439.-443:
The af- 633, s. Facts alledged a-

to settle at 323
fembly vote not to refcind gaioft the Americans 635, 6. Bedford, D. of, Chancellor of
92 to 19, and are diffolved The Governor of New

Dublin university 703
443. Names of the seven- York's speech to the assem- Bees, keeping of, without
teen 495.

Salem town on bly 660. Assemblies of S. honey 568 Sting a horse,
the conduct of its represen. Carolina and Virginia diffol-
tatives 495. 523. Number of ved 661. Addresses from Beech oii, samples of

men in New England ib.495. Bermudas and Tobago 695 Belisarius censured 42
Massachusets - bay intended Papers, bc. relating to Benevento taken 216.438
petition to the King 456. the dispute with the mother- Berwick county, concerning
Lord Hillsborough's circular country. Historical facts 25.

notes sor
letter to the provinces 470.

Hutchinson's history of Maf- Bible, advantages of collating
Bostonian remarks on his fachusets-bay 350.426. An

ancient MSS of 141
Lordship's conduct 453. De abstract of the American Bills of exchange, of 120
Berdt's justification of his

contest 393:

A calm ex- Bischoffwerder, earthquake
Lordship 454. An explana- postulation 454. Extract from

at 157
tion of this required ib. Gov. the Bihop of Landaff's ser. Blackstone's opinion of par-
Sharp's message to the Mary- mon 476. Chauncy's re- liaments, remarks on 128.
Jand assembly, and their an-

marks on this sermon 477. 174. 233
fwer 467, 8.

Apswers to Reprisals proposed against Blindness cured by a barbel-
the Massachusets circular let. the Americans with regard gall 514
ter, from Virginia 406. Ma- to trade 631

Boat, uncommon, cast ashore
syland, New Jersey, and

West Indies. Gen. Mel. at Shetland 385
Connecticut 469. Georgia vil's speech to the council at Bohemia, volcanoes in 42
ib. In general approved of Grenada 104. Spice-trees. Books, tribunal for censuring,
495. Hatfield answer, dif- in Tobago 373. Barbadoes in Spain 438
approving 632. Instructions petitions to be incorporated tribunal, bc. in Portu.
fent from Pensylvania to with Britain 445. A sale of gal 259
their agents in London be. lands in Grenada 497. Courts Boswell's account of Corsica
fore receiving the circular established in Dominica ib. 90. See Douglas cause
Jetter 496.
Address to a The assembly of Jamaica

memorial in behalf of
meeting in Philadelphia 685. diffolved, and why 661

the Corsicans 625
Instructions to their repre- American aloe 702

Boroughs, Royal, act con-
fentatives 689. New Jersey Anaconda, a monstrous fer- cerning the canal 384. Rc-
petition to the King 522. pent, account of 673 presentation to 386
Dickenson's address to a Antibes, earthquake at 250 Boundary-line, in America
meeting at Philadelphia 524. Archibald, J. tried for mur- 373. 444, 96
Celebration of the 14th of der 163. dismissed ib. Bread, aslize of 616
August at Boston 526. A Arts, academy of 063, 4 C. Breton, rock-falt discover-
tree dedicated to Liberty in Assembly. See General Assem.
Providence 545. Proceed. Astragalus, a plant, new spe. Bribery, remarkable instance
ings at Boston on a report cies of 344. engraving of ib. of 106
that croops were expected Astronomy 702

Bridge at Melross, c. 667.
there 588. Warm refolu- Auchlon, uncommon pheno- at Edinburgh ib.
tions 589. A circular letter menon at soo

Britain, a list of counties,
by the town of Boston, cal. Avignon taken poffeflion of cities, Gc. in 417
Jing a convention 591. The for France 321.436 Le Brun, Madam, conjecture
convention's petition to Gov. The Bachelor 86 (489 concerning 347
Bernard 592

His Excellen- Balta, taken by the Ruslans Buchan, E. of, his protest 286
cy's return, and admonition Baltimore, L. trial of 200, 47 Bugs, Cook's recipe for de-
for them to separate 593. Bank-notes, resolutions con- stroyiog 344
Convention's message to the ceraing 499. sor

Burnet, qualities of 629
governor ib. Notice of two Banks issue guinea.notes 446 Bute, E. of, embarks for
regiments ordered for Boston Baragh, Queen of, taken pri. France 695
595. Opinion of the King's foner 445

Byron's narrative 357. 47*
council as to quartering them Barbadoes, scheme to incor- Caledonians ancient, Mac-
ib. Result of the consulta- porate with Britain 445 pherson on 238
tions of the convention 597. Barbel-gallcures blindness 514 Calves, petition of 140
Journal of the proceedings Barley fown in October sos Canadian feeds, catalogue of
at Boston 607, 59. Gen. great increase from one 485
Gage arrives at Boston 609. grain ib

Canal, Forth and Clyde, ab-

ed in 323

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