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of 696

Parliament 1708 meets 269 on 156. 254. Confederates fo- confederates surrender ib.
a member chosen for two pla- licit the affistance of the Five new confederacies form-
ces 270.

The speech ib. Grand Signior ib. fome of ed ib. , Peafánts of the U-
Parliament 1767-8, on impor- the confederates defeated ib. kraine punished ib. Pruflian
ration and exportation of Skirmithes between the Rur-. minister's declaration to the
corn 638. Supplies granted fians and confederates ib. K. of Poland ib. 435. A
641. Observations 639. Ways Further accounts of the trou- body of Ruffians enter Li-
and means ib.
bles in Poland ib. 255. Cler-

thuania 435

Peasants of
Parliament dissolved, and a gy have advanced four mil. Mozyr revolt 489. Confe-

new one to be chosen 162 lions of florins to the Popith deraits of Siradia defeated
Parliament, manner of aflem- confederates 255. Action at ib, also near Cracow ib. Cra-

bling 128. List of members Constantinople between the · cow taken ib. 490. Peasants

confederates and Ruflians of the Ukraine put in itons
Parma. See Italy
319. Confederates defeated

490. Diets, convention of
Patriotism, essay on 311 ib. Number of the confede- ib. Two new confederacies
Pea, remarkable increase from rates of Podolia ib. fome of ib. Two confederacies in
106. 501

their actions ib. Tartars for- Lithuania 540. Catule plun-
Peers for Scotland, election bid to join the confederates dered by the confederates of

86. Protest by the ib. they commit great difor- Bar ib. returned ib. Grie-
E. of Buchan ib.

ders in the K.'s hereditary vances to be redresscd ib.
Pen's fermon 94

estates ib. An officer of A skirmish at Brieck, and at
Pensylvania. See America Houlans insulted by a Ruf- Sloram ib. Coffacks, guilty
Perth, trials at 384

fian officer ib. Count Po- of murder, to be executed
Peru, Jesuits carried from 159 tocki to be attacked by the ib. Turkish troops march
Peter Ill. See Stephano

Ruffians ib. Confederates towards Poland 601,2. Three
Philadelphia, address receive reinforcements 320. confederacies difperied 602,
meeting at 685. representa. Zaleszickplunderedandburnt Confederates in Ozmania iur-

tives, instructions to 689 ib. Confederates defeated rounded by the Rulians ib.
Pictures at 251

near Buiracz ib. A fresh obliged to turrender ib. 7 rou-
Pirates and murderers, a gang body of Russian troops en- bles in Lithuania increate ib.

ter Poland ib.

Porte not to Confederaies harass the Dif.
Plato and Madetes, a dialogue aslift the confederates ib. fidents ib. 603. P. Martin's
Platonic love 281 (118 Great disorder at Guesna ib. manifesto ih.

Diet cannot
Play-house and church, dispute Count Potocki totally rout- be held ik. Refugees from
between 307

ed ib. Russians pu fue the Poland come to Koningiberg
Podolia, a confederacy in 136 confederates of Bar ib. Con- ib. Pr. Radzivii arreled by

federates lose by the taking the Rufhans 656. 40,000
Foland, affairs in last year 2. of Bar 365. Count Potocki's ducats fent to the K. of Po-
Popès nuncio withdrawn ha- advantages over the Russians

land ib. Ruflian troops to
stily 41. Treaty with the ib.

A new confederacy at be relieved ib. Contede-
Dillidents sent to Moscow ib. Kalisch ib. at Kien ib. rates under Malczewski beat
Attempt to abolith the fer- Samogitia ib. and at Pronf- ib.
vitude of the peasants ib. nowick ib. Pr. Repnin's Political manæuvres 684
State.prisoners confined ib. declaration to the relidents Pontecorvo taken by the Ne-
Pensions, G. 99. The diet from Moldavia and Walla apolitans 438
opened ib. Papers delivered chia ib. 306. Confederates Pope, orders a statue to be
to the diet ib.

No more

of Great Poland beaten 366. erected to St Januarius 606
nuncios from the Pope to be A pardon offered to the con- Fortland, D. cale of 194.-
aclmitted ib. Annual sums federates of Great Poland ib. Reply to it 198
granted to the King 155. Cracow blockaded ib. Con- Portugal, affairs in last year
Marshals of confederacies re- federates at Bar beaten ib. 72. Jeluits in irons arrive
tired to Rome ib. Ecclefiae Malice against the city of in the Tagus 47: Grievan-
Nical court to be erected ib. Thorn ib. Bashaw of Choc. ces of the Englith to be re-
Treaty with the Ruflians in zim arrested ib. Pealants of diefied 159. Brazil and Pa.
636. 10 he' confirmed ib. the Greek religion commit raguay to be reded to Spain
Transactions in Poland em. great outrages ib. Bishop of ib. Tribunal for centuring
barras the Pope's nuncio ib. the Greeks massacred 434. books 259. Pope's briet fup-
Treaties with the courts of Cruelties committed by the pressed 323. Decree con-
l'etersburg and Berlin to be insurgents ib. Most of the cerning the sale of actions
renewed ib. 156. Deputies feditious peasants dispersed 544
of the Disidents abolish their ib. Confederates of Podolia l'ox received by dresling 2
Confederacy 156.

dispersed ib. Troop of the patient 624
confederacy in Podolia, 66. crown who had joined the Presburg, earthquake at 157



A new

way 256


Primerose. See Douglas cause. fian declaration on the arrest cerning the condemnation
Printing-houses in the Otto- of its minister 626. Otto- of books 438
man empire 41

man manifesto thereon 627. Spice-trees found in Tobago
Prints, essay on 189. 240 Question concerning the pea.

Proclamation against riots 331 fants 603. Settlements per- Spinning, women, brought
Promises extorted obligatory mitted at Kola in Laponia from France to Glasgow 501

449. Queries upon 619 ib. 604. The Empress ino- Spring, eruption of in Nor-
Profperity and adverlity, an

culated 656
allegory 142

Sailors, &c. riot of 329. 096 Stair, E. of, memorial on his
Howard's thoughts on Salgo, a mount in Hungary, resignation 143

burst out into a flame 42 State-lottery 697
Prostitutes abandoned, pity Salop, eastero manner of pre- Statute-law of Scotland, fpe-
to 64
paring 8

cimen of notes on 225
Provencial language, proposal Salure, ceremonial of, ordi- Stephano, alias Peter III. said

for discovering 287. 415 nance for adjusting 349 to be taken by the Turks 99.
Provisions, 6c. causes of the Sarsaparilla root found in N. further account of him 155.
high price of 63
England 372

434. he takes refuge in the
Prullia, a trcaty with the States Savoy protest relating to the mountains 489. his best chiet

General 99. four regiments succellion to the Britilh crown killed 540
taken into pay 435. Men

Stirling, trials at 384
to be inlisted, and horses Scot, Capt. preaches at Had- Stump, Fr. murders commit-
bought, for the Pruffian ser- dingion and Muffelburgh ted by 159. 268. he is im-
vice ib.

prisoned 268. carried off
Psalm 146. paraphrastical ef- Scotland, queries concerning from prison 269. Compen-
fay on 457

fation to be made to the In-
Quebec, iron ore fent from Scurvy at sea, wort a remedy diaus ib.

368. Appeals from 699 for 30. Hulme's preventa. Sun's distance, by Dr Stewart,
Ratisbon, earthquake at 157 tive of 622

remarks on 510. 693
Rattlesnake, Witt's letter on Seduction, law proposed a- Sutherland, peerage of, disa
the bite of 89
gainst 119

pute about 163
Raybould, J. hanged 163 Seeds Canadian, catalogue of Sutton's practice of inocula :
Representation, virtual and 485

tion, c. 21. Extension of
actual, explained 284 Selkirk, violent storm at 499 his method proposed 32
Riors, late, and conduct of Seneka Indians, religious O- Sweden, affairs in last year 7.
the ministers 171. to be sup- pinions of 529

Number of persons there 41.
prefied by magistrates 181. Serpent, a monstrous one 673 Expences at christenings and
described ib. 182. Laws a- Shelburne, E. his letter to burials diminished ib. Pro.
gainst then 182. by whom Gov. Bernard 261

hibited merchandizes seized
promoted 287. In the Tham. Sheriffs appointed in S. Caro- 42. 9000 crowns assigned
60. 328, 9, 30. A procla-

for observation of the tranfit
mation for fupprefling 331. Simmonds, J. punished for of Venus ib. A triple al-
Some of the rioters punished decoying men 666, 7 liance between Denmark,
376.699. Trials of others Slugs, method of destroying Sweden, and Prussia 99. 100

children inoculated at Stock.
Rivers, swelling of, damage Smart's parables 251

holm 604. A trunk belong-
done by 378

Smith on the connection of ing to the K. íeized 656.
Robertson, Mr, Letters con- soul and body 501

Swift's lunacy, E. of Orrery
cerning 84, 5

Smith and Ferrier, Meff. case on 136
Robber makes restitution 693 of 644

Switzerland, mob at Neuf-
Rock-falt discovered in Cape Soul and body, connection of chatel 256, 7. Sieur Gaudoc
Breton 323

murdered ib. Troops to
Royal Society receive a medal Spain, affairs in last year 70. march thither 258. 322.490.
from Warsaw 106

A treaty with France 43. City of Nevenburg punished
Ruflia, affairs in last year 7. Circular letter by the Bp of 491
Empress's letter to the Pee Cuenca 46. Schedule by the Tanners, foreign agent im-
terburg academy 10. Ra: K. to him ib. Disgrace of prisoned for enticing 100
moulki's letter to Mr Short the Cardinal de Carduc ib. Tbeaue founded at Edinburgh
21. Treaty with Denmark Number of officers to 162
42. Garrisons on the fron- be reduced 159. Council of Thunder and lightning, da-
tiers of Turky to be reinfor- Castile's opinion of the cdict mage done by 378
ced 156. Recruits (80,000,) of the D. of Parma 116. Tobago, spice-tices found in
to be raised 255. Infurrec- Manilla ransom to be regu• 373
tion in Muscovy 435. Rufa lated 252. Ordinance con. Toulon, carthquake at 2.50

lina 443




Prullia 99.

lands at 322


Treaty between Denmark and bany and the Morea ib. Wilkes, John, papers rela-
Ruflia 42. France and Spain Hostilities committed by the ting to 130. et seqq. Freedom
43. Sweden, Denmark, and Perfians ib. Amount of the of the city of London given

Prusia and the Turkish army ib. Grand 10 257. A subscriptioa for
States General ib. the Eng- Signior's manifefto with re- paying his debts ib. his ad-
lith and Corsicans 101. Spain fpect to Poland ib.

drefs to the livery ib. his
and Portugal 102. France United provinces. See Hol- speech at closing the poll
and Genoa 258. Pruflia, land.

218. his address to the elec-
Denmark, England, Swe- Universities, origin of 648 tors of Middlesex ib. is c
den, and Poland 057 Varela, Carmelites purchase lected member ib. The mob
Trial of L. Baltimore 200

The govern- outrageous after the election
of Mr Dempler 337. ment take possession of the ib. 219. his speech to the e-
Arguments 401.–406 In- lands ib.

lectors 219. his speech in
terlocutor 406. Extract from Venice, religious orders of the court of King's-bench is.
the criminal letters 407 mendicants forbidden 42. A 220. is ordered to the King'se
--about a stranger's getting difference between the Holy bench prifon 221. his ad.
into a mason-lodge 107 Sec and the republic of 215. dress to the freeholders of

between a lady and a Regulations of monasteries Middlesex 221, 2. Extract
gentleman about marriage and convents in 544 from his letter to the D. of

Venus, transit of, prepara- G. 222. Riotous mob on his
of Samuel Gillam 376 tions of observiog 20, ! account 330. his outlawry
of Capt. Fularton 497 Vermine, recipe for destroy. reversed 334. further pro-
of James Wilson 497 ing 458

ceedings against him is. his
Trials at circuit-courts 383. et Veluvius, Hamilton's account fentences 374. his address to

of 29. 30.

A marble Atatue the county of Middleses ib.
for riots at St George's crected in memory of the 375. Legacy left him by
fields 699

ceffation of the eruption of Sir Andrew Chadwick 375.
Trinity, doctrine of 472

Letter trora Aylesbury in his
Tun of gold explained 139 Vienna, earthquake at 157 favour ib. 396. he is hanged,
Turky, affairs in last year 1. Virgil, transpofition in 409 and burat, in effigie, at E-

The plague near Constanti- Volcanoes in Bohemia 42 Edinburgh 385
pople 41. Mr Montague, Voltaire, anecdotes of sio Wilson, Peter, banished Scot-
the celebrated traveller, ar- to the K. of Denmark land 163
rives at Constantinople ib.

- James, trial of 497
Printing-houses in Turky ib. Vossius, I. Lewis XIV. bis Witherspoon, Dr. his fermon
Janisaries to hold themselves generosity to 175

300. He arrives at Phila-
in readiness to march_254. Vox populi vor Dei explained delphia 546. his reception
The divan disgusted at the

in America ib.
proceedings of the Rullians Wager's crew, distresses of 357. Wist on the bite of a rattle-
in Poland 319. Preparation 472

snake 89
to secure the frontiers 489. Wagstaff

, Jeoffry, specula- Wort a remedy for the scurvy
War declared against Rullia tions of 86

at sea 30
ib. 601. Grand Vizir remo- War, secretary of, on the be- Wrecked ships, cargoes of
ved 540 is sent to Tenedos haviour of the soldiers in St them stole 107
ib. Stephano di Montinero George's fields 332 Wright, Mr, collector of seeds,
beat 60. Mountains of Water-spout falls on Dunga- letters from 24. 134
Montenegro furrounded ib. vel hill soo

Writers and musical instru.
The Rullian minister arrest. Welford, carthquake at 186 ments, analogy between 86
ed ib. Troops in motion to- Wells, Mr, riot at his settle. Yarmouth, seizure at, bad
wards Poland ib. 602. Plague ment at Shotts 445. some confequences of 107
at Constantinople 603. Grand of the rioters tried 499. Yate on the Hebrew notation
Signior's message to the K. Difpute concerning the obli- of oumbers 5!3 (384, 5
of Poland ib. Manifesto on gation of a promile extorted Yest, new method of making
the arrest of the Rullian from that gentleman 449. York, New, and Massachu-
minister 624. Advantages 619

sets bay, salaries of the go-
gained over the Montene- Whale - fishery, account of vernors of 48. New-York
grins 655. Stephano Piccalo

petition 515. Rejected 517.
appears again ib. Peace with Widows, a proposal to provide Merchants not to buy or fell
the Montenegrios ib. Dal- for 57

goods from Britain 443. Go-
matians beat the Turks ib. Wife, advertisement for one vernor's speech in the assem.
Troubles in the Lower Al. 188

bly of N. York 660



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voters 210

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537, 8

ser's 539


triotism 537

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on IT

Ddress to the Middlesex Eton boy, epigram by 539 Patriotism modern, to the
Ewe and Courtier 98

memory of 537
to the voters for Mr Garden, verses written in 34 Pipe of tobacco, verses on 36
Wilkes ib.

G-me, Miss, epitapla by ib. Poems on the K. of Denmark
America, North, a song in Grace after dinner, ao á mi-
vogue in 488

Pritchard, Mrs, her farewell
American hearts of oak ib. Hounds in couples 233 (432 to the theatre 212
To Amoret, the figh 487, 8 Husband dying, to his wife Prologue at closing the theatre
Anacreon, ode 1. imitated 154 Infcription to the memory of 318
Angelina and Edwin 252 A. Skene 96

- for the lying-in hospital 654
Apollo disappointed 34 for Andrew Millar 285 The Races 488
April fool 362

- for a column at Runemede Reflection, moral 36
Arts, triumph of 654


Ross, Mrs, epigram on 538
Aspalia, madnefs of 363 - on a burial-vault 489 Runemede, inscription for a
Ballad on the general election to the memory of pa-, column at 363
Beauty real 538 (153

Rubrilla, true beauty 60
Brown on his own birth-day Inands discovered by the Dol. Seton, epitaph at 539
phin 43

Sickness, ode in 598
Bulfinch, verses stuck in the Ladies, stanzas to 364 The Sigh 487, 8
mouth of 96

(487 Lady, a song written to 487 Sister, on the death of 363
Burial.vault, inscription on Lady's fan at church, on fee. Skene, An inscription to the
Carouselle at Edinburgh, poem ing 317

memory of 96
Liberty and Wilkes 153 Song, written to a lady 487
Clancy's Rubrilla 600 Liberty deposed 209 -in vogue in America 488
to L. Townshend 212 The Lost sheep 251

Stanzas to the ladies 364
Cobler and patriot 053 Love, man in 36

State-coach 35

(of 600
Colin and Sylvia 538

Madness of Afpafia 363 Tavistock, M. on the death
The Contrast 153
Map in love 36

Tobacco-pipe of on g6
A Conversation 211

Martinico, ode on the taking Triumph of arts 654
Courtier and Ewe 98

of 431

Vacation 33
Creation, wonders of 362 Mallon, Mrs, epitaph on 539 Verses written in a garden 34
Death of a fister 363

Miser's, grace after dinner at - stuck in the mouth of a
Denmark, K. of, poem on Moral reflection 36 (ib. bulsinch 96
Munro, Col. to 153

on a pipe of tobacco ib.
verses to by J. Elphinston Newcastle, D. on the death from a tomb-stene 302
of 600

- on a lady giving a sprig of
verses to by an officer ib. Ode to the new year 1968 34 myrtle 487
Edwin and Angelina 252
Ode 36

Viátory, ode to 317
Election, ballad on 153 to patience 154

Volunteer toast 537
Elegy 97.652

--for the birth-day 317 Wedding-day, on a precep.
Elm and Vine 487

to Victory ib.

tor's 318
Elphinston's verses to the K. - on taking of Martinico 431 Wilkes and liberty 153
of Denmark 538
- in fickness 598

address co the voters for 219
Epigram on Mrs Ross 538 Officer's verses to the K. of - on his standing for Middle-
by an Eton boy 539
Denmark 538

sex 211
Epitaph by Miss G-me 34 Parody on American hearts of Winifreda 154
- on Mrs Masion 539

oak 599

Wonders of the creation 382
- at Seton ib.

parodised ib.

Year pew, odę to 34
Effex, verses from a tomb. Patience, ode to 154 Yorrick's death, to the author
stone in 362

Patriot and cobler 653 of the lines on 212
N. B. When a name occurs oftener than once in a page, the number of times is denoted by numerah
letters immediately after ihe number of the page.

Barclay Maitland Brunswick, P. 5o2 Charlemount, E. Cunnynghame

Built 110

Cheer 613

Daly 165
A Bingdon, E. Beaucham?... s4 Butler 559. ii

Cochran 446

Dennistoun 50%
Alexander 278 Bertie, L. 671 Campbell 165. Cockburn 671 Dickinson io.
Austria, A. ib.
Blair 105

334. 446. 502 Colquhoun 613 Douglas 446
Baillic 334. ii.
Bofville 223
Chalaters 278 Culrofs, L. 502

Duff 671




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54. ii

Berry 166

P. 502

Elliot 55

Walker 334

L. 559


Wilson 223

Ford 54

Kerry, E. ib.

Bubb 54

Duno 502

Donald 233
Rosehill, L. 613 Home, C. 671

Athton 223
Freach 110

Rothes, E. 165 Hope, L. 54.671 Baird 334 Dorset, D. 335
Gibfon. Wright Rowley 334 Hopeton, C. 559 Bake 166 Douglas 390. 447
Ruat ib.

Jocelyn, V. 389 Balcarras, E. 110 Drummond, 54,5
Glassford 446

Scott so2. ii Johnson 278 Balfour 389. 671 Duffus, L. 447

Sherlock 334
Gordon ib.

Killern, L. 110 Bamford 613 Duggan 279
Gower, E. 278 Sicilies, K. of 278 Labourer's wife Bampton ib. Dumfries, E. 389

Bane 502

Dunbar 110. Som
Græme 334

Simpson 389 54
Groset 446
Spencer 165 Lindsey ib.

Barnard 54

Dunbar-Bruce 613
Hall 110 Stanhope 671

Lockhart-Ross Bathurst, L. 335 Duncan ib.
Hampden 334
Sta well 559


Beauclerc, L. 278 Duncanson 5oz
Heffe-Darmstadt, Stuart 54. 278.
Maitland 559

Dundas 279
Manchester, D. Bertie, L. 503

Dunn 54
Sutherland 334
Hickman 339

Bertram ib.

Early 389
Hillsborough, E. Sutton, L. 110 Maxwell 389.559 Blackburn 447

Elmslie 54
Trotter 223

Montgomery 110 Blackeny 5oz
• 559

Blenthall i.

Erskine sit. 223
Home, L. 110 Udney 671 Moray, C. ib.

Mountflorence Borremans 54
Houston 334

Farquhar 279
Wardrop 502
Howard 223

Boswell 110 Fauquier 223

Warren 389
Howison 502

Bowman 165

Felton 110
Bridget 446

Finlay 335
Justice-Clerk, L. Watson 110
Whytt 334
Nassau-Weil. Bruce-Carstairs

Fludyer 55
bourg, P. ib.

Forbes 671
Kelly 559

Ker 105
Windsor 54

Northelk, C. 110 Brudenell 559
Wurtemberg, P. Pomfret, C. 54

Fothringham 359
Layard 671

Fournieur 110
Portland, D. 334. Buchanan 446
Buchan 614

France, Q. 335
Lindsay 502

BIRTHS. Pringle 559

Burton 503
Lockhart 298.389

Frankland 54

Fraser 503
Longford, V. 334 B Arrymore C. The Queen 613, Butler, V. 671
Lucas 559


Cadogan. L. 279 Fullarton 166
Lyon 389 Beaufort, D. 671 Ranelagh, V. 54 Calder 223 Fyfe 670
Maccartney 54
Blair 165

Reay, L. 110 Campbell 54. 111. Galet 54

Robertson ib. 614
Macdonald 223 Blayney 502

Garioch 110
Seymour 278

Gordon 123. ii.
Bolton, D. 389

Carnarvon, M.

Britain, Q. 613, Shaftsbury, C. 671 447
M'Carty 502

Gorton 503

Shelburne, C. 502 Carne 440
Macie ib. Brunswick, P.278 Sinclair 389. 502 Carnegie 502 Goffing 671

Sonds, L. 110
Buccleugh, D.

Carter 671

Gouthie 502
Mackay 334
Mackenzie 165.

165. 223
Stewart 446
Chisholin 110

Grabam 10

Clephan 279 Grand son, C. ib.
Buckinghamshire, Strathmore, C.

Grant 446
Maitland 105
C. 165

Clerk 278

Burghersh 559
Meadows 502

Stuart ib.

Cockburn 390. Gray 223

Grosvenor 335
Mecklenburg, P. Cathcart, L. 278 Thanet, C. 278
Carruthers 165 Townshend, V. Collinson 447 Haddington, c.


Colquhoun 165 223
Miltown, E. uro Constable 446

Haldane 335
Milner 502
Courtenay, L. ib. Townshend 559 Colville 334

Hamilton 111,66.
Molyneux, V.670 Dalhouse, C. 298 Tuscany, G. D. Connolly 223

Confit 54
Moncreiffe 110
(502 110

355, 89.613

Cooke 389
Moore 671.ji Darlington, C. Wemyss 278

Harley 389
Cranston 223

Harriton 110
Morehead 389

Darnley, C. 389 Weyniouth, V.
Myrton 559
Denmark, Q. 54 559

Creighton 278 Hay 55. 110
Donegall, C. 279 Winterton, C. 110 Crighton 613 Haynes 559
Oddium 559
Downe, V. 446
York 334. 446

Herbert 54

Cuming 54
Dundass 671

Cuthbert 559
Ord 278

DEATH s. Dalhousie, E.'s

Packingham 334 Egremont, C. ib.
Paterson 502

Elgin, C. 54 A Bergaveny, L. daughter 502 Hoight 54
Peart 110
Eflex, C. ib.


Dalkeith, E. 279 Holt 110
Potts ib.
Gairlies, L. 165 Adams 671 Dalrymple 279. Home 279

Howie 503
Radcliffe 168 Gordon, D. 502 Anderson 335 502
Raillie 613

Huxham 447
Graham 110. 223 Archer 559 Davenport 671

Hamilton, D. 5o2 Areskine 223 Davis 166
Ramsey 110

Inglis 335. 614

Innes 111.223.
Rannie 671

HefTe-Cassel, 2. ib. Arnot 335
Rattray 223

Hinchinbrook, L. Arundel ib. (671 Desmaretz 503 502.613, 71
Reay 278


Arundel, L. 503. Doig 110

502. ii

Daly ib.

Nisbet 502

Day ib.


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