Maroon and White: Mississippi State University, 1878-2003

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2008 - 418 էջ
Mississippi State University was founded in 1878 and opened its doors in 1880 as a land-grant school de-signed for teaching agriculture and mechanical arts. Building upon the work of John K. Bettersworth, Michael B. Ballard traces the evolution of this institution. From the beginning, first president Stephen D. Lee wanted to expand the university\'s vi-sion beyond agriculture and engineering. While admit-ting that these should be the focal points, the school gra-dually introduced studies in the humanities. The university evolved around the expectation of being the \People\'s Col-lege, \ drawing students from rural areas and poor back-grounds and giving them a chance to succeed in higher education. There remains a broad cross-section in the student body from many backgrounds, including a substantial number of African American and international students. This kind of mix, which extends to the faculty, has strengthened the research capabilities of the university and broadened the academic landscape in ways Lee never dreamed. The author covers many other facets of MSU, such as how it has been affected by national events through the years, including the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Michael B. Ballard is the university archivist and coordinator of the Congressional and Political Research Center at Mississippi State University. He is the author of numerous books on the Civil War, including Pemberton: The General Who Lost Vicksburg and Civil War Mississippi: A Guide, both from University Press of Mississippi

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CHAPTER 1 Roots and Birth
CHAPTER 2 The Formative Years under General Lee 18801899
CHAPTER 3 Hardy Expansion 19001912
CHAPTER 4 Hightower Smith and World War 19121920
The 1920s and the Dark Years 19201934
War and Peace 19341953
A University and Racial Challenges 19531966
LowKey High Results 19661976
Seeking a Balance 19761985
The Starship Years 19851997
Big Business and Steady Hands 19982003
Addenda Miscellany
Bibliographic Notes
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