A Geographical and Historical View of the World: Exhibiting a Complete Delineation of the Natural and Artificial Features of Each Country: And a Succinct Narrative of the Origin of the Different Nations, Their Political Revolutions, and Progress in Arts, Sciences, Literature, Commerce &c. The Whole Comprising All that is Important in the Geography of the Globe, and the History of Mankind, Հատոր 5

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Thomas B. Wait and Company Sold by them, and by Mathew Carey, Philadelphia, and Samuel Pleasants, Richmond, 1811

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Էջ 153 - From that time, like everything else which falls into the hands of the Mussulman, it has been going to ruin, and the discovery of the passage to India by the Cape of Good Hope gave the deathblow to its commercial greatness.
Էջ 466 - In this book," answered Valverde, reaching out to him his breviary. The Inca opened it eagerly, and turning over the leaves, lifted it to his ear : " This," says he, " is silent ; it tells me nothing : " and threw it with disdain to the ground. The enraged monk, running towards his countrymen, cried out, " To arms, Christians; to arms, the word of God is insulted; avenge this profanation on those impious dogs.
Էջ 537 - LORD, who hast taught us that all our doings without charity are nothing worth ; send thy HOLY GHOST, and pour into our hearts that most excellent gift of charity, the very bond of peace, and of all virtues ; without which, whosoever liveth is counted dead before thee : Grant this for thine only Son JESUS CHRIST'S sake. Amen.
Էջ 330 - Avenues of direct communication, have been devised, to connect the separate and most distant objects with the principal, and to preserve through the whole a reciprocity of sight at the same time. Attention has been paid to the passing of those leading avenues over the most favorable ground for prospect and convenience.
Էջ 425 - There appeared first two hundred persons in an uniform dress, with large plumes of feathers, alike in fashion, marching two and two, in deep silence, barefooted, with their eyes fixed on the ground. These were followed by a company of higher rank, in their most showy apparel, in the midst of whom was Montezuma, in a chair or litter richly ornamented with gold, and feathers of various colours.
Էջ 274 - The view of this extensive city; the numerous canoes upon the river; the crowded population, and the cultivated state of the surrounding country, formed altogether a prospect of civilization and magnificence, which I little expected to find in the bosom of Africa.
Էջ 426 - Spaniard had been surrounded by the enemy and taken alive ; that the head of this unfortunate captive, after being carried in triumph to different cities, in order to convince the people that their invaders were not immortal, had been sent to Mexico'.
Էջ 275 - Tombuctoo, the great object of European research, the capital of this kingdom being one of the principal marts for that extensive commerce which the Moors carry on with the Negroes. The hopes of acquiring wealth in this pursuit, and zeal for propagating their religion, have filled this extensive city with Moors and...
Էջ 274 - I was anxiously looking around for the river, one of them called out, geo affilli (see the water); and looking forwards, I saw with infinite pleasure the great object of my mission; the long sought for, majestic Niger, glittering to the morning sun, as broad as the Thames at Westminster, and flowing slowly to the eastward.
Էջ 363 - Certainly no part of the judicial power of the country was conferred on them; because the Constitution expressly vests it "in one Supreme Court and such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish," and it is not pretended that the commission was a court ordained and established by Congress.

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